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Episode 1: Run for you life Mashyuu! Enter Dr. Ashes

Grand Voyage Details:

Blood trickled to the stone worked ground as the sun was setting. A dark, shaky shadow was cast by Mashyuu as he leaned weakly against a ramshackle building, not more than a story tall. His chest burned and ached with a throbbing pain and his left flank felt like it was swollen. In fact it was more than swollen, it was turning a darker purple with every passing hour. His blue eyes glassed over with pain and he glanced to his wings. They gave a pathetic beat that left Mashyuu cringing with pain. Ever since he came down from the high of his fight with Gogo, he found it harder to fly thanks to the pain in his chest. Slowly he pulled the fabric of his shirt out and looked down at his chest. He could tell that he had broken bone that wasn't set where it should have been but he had no idea how to fix it. He needed a doctor and quick, he didn't have much time left. Blood was pooling in his mouth at a faster rate and he found himself spitting more and more.

With a pained motion, he dragged his arm across his mouth, staining his jacket sleeve with his own blood then spit down to his side. I'm leaving a trail... They will be here any minute and there are too many for me to beat in this state. Hell I doubt I could take one on. Mashyuu thought to himself. Not an hour after turning in Gogo, his gang showed up at the tavern Mashyuu had been staying in and took the fight to him, forcing the winged man to run for his life. He couldn't find Klinghoffer, nobody seemed willing to step up and help the man and he was leaving a trail for the men to follow.

Slowly, cold wet drops of liquid started to hit Mashyuu on the top of the head and his eyes rolled in annoyance. Now it's raining? Just my crappy luck. Well on the bright side it might was away some of my blood and make it harder for me to be tracked by these guys... but who was that guy with the round glasses? He didn't didn't attack, just gave orders. Mashyuu wondered to himself. Everything happened so fast that the winged man didn't get much of a look at anyone but got enough of a glance that he knew who the second in command was when it came to Gogo and the gang. But why didn't he attack? Maybe he wasn't a fighter and instead was the brains? Maybe he was very good at fighting and just didn't get his hands dirty unless he had to. At the moment none of it mattered though, he had to get out of the area before it was too late...

Five Minutes Ago

...Slightly heeled shoes clacked down on the pavement as a brown haired beauty quickly padded into the poorer part of Mock Town, towards a two story building that she called home. Under her left arm, cradled against her hip and side was a medical bag. Her right hand came up and brushed a stray strand of hair out of her red eyes while she glanced over her shoulder. Her white sleeved shirt contrasted with the black, strapped dress she wore over it and her short brown hair. She had the feeling Gogo's gang had been following her, normally by now Gogo would have been around to collect their "protection payment" but Gogo and her men hadn't stopped by yet. Either something happened or Gogo forgot, if it was one thing Harley knew, it was that Gogo didn't forget.

She started to round the corner of a single story building when small drops of rain started to plop against her body. "Oh bloody hell. It would rain!" Harley shouted while stomping her foot on the pavement to make it splash softly. "Ughh... for the love of whatever god is out there. Please tell me you're not a thug." Mashyuu called out with a strained voice when he heard the sound of a woman's voice. Harley jumped from shock and turned around quickly, ready to either run or fight when she realized that she wasn't being followed. Slowly she backed up and looked around the corner of the building to see Mashyuu leaning with his back against the wall and a pool of his own blood at his feet. "Wow, you're in a bad spot. Hang on, I'm a doctor!"

Harley ran to Mashyuu's side and wrapped his arm around her shoulder then supported his weight with her shoulders and started to walk him down the street towards her home and office. "Since I can't examine you in the rain with the sun setting, I need you to tell me where you're injuries are." She stated with an urgency in her tone, not wanting to lose someone who had a chance of living. "Chest caved in with a club.. I think. Something's broken.... Ribs cracked at least, lost of bruising. Maybe broken as well... bloods welling up in my mouth. It's hard to breathe and I can't fly thanks to the pain. Lungs feel like they are on fire. Thank you for helping me." Mashyuu's head was lolling all over the place while he fought to not pass out.

To the person doing the NPC stuffs:
Hi and thanks for helping me out here! I'm just looking to get a feel for how things work overall here when writing pvp/grand voyage stuff so any guidance would be welcome and I'd be grateful for sure. As far as enemy npc's go, the only thing I know for sure is that I'd like for the new head of the Gogo gang to be a thinker more than anything else. Someone who manipulated Gogo from the shadows.
Again, thanks for any input and help. My PM box is always open.

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Episode One: Part Two

"Help you? Buddy I haven't agreed to do anything yet. But you're welcome." Harley responded while going over the apparent injuries in her head. He would likely need some sort of surgery. If he was having pain, the bone was likely not only broken but out of place. Fragments could be floating and risking harm to organs like his lungs. Harley didn't even get a look at his ribs yet but based on the amount of blood that he was spitting up and the fact that he was fading in and out of consciousness while walking, he wouldn't last long and she was going to make sure that he paid her well for saving his life. "Who jumped you to do all this?" Harley questioned while glancing over her shoulder as the pair approached her two story home that she practiced her doctoring out of. Gently she leaned him against the wall so he could stay standing while she fished her keys out of her pocket and set her bag down at her side. The rain continued to beat down on the two, wind blowing against them to pelt them with sharp, almost stinging drops of acid rain while Harley fumbled against the lock of the door with her key until the heavy wooden passage swung open. Quickly she tossed her keys inside and scooped Mashyuu up with one arm and her bag with the other, awkwardly, crab walking the two of them into the darkness of her home.

Quickly Harley kicked the door shut behind her and locked it behind her. In the darkness, Harley wandered with Mashyuu around the first floor of the house until she stopped to set Mashyuu down on a stiff bed for a single person. "Okay, sit and take off your shirt, then lay back, I need to get a look at you before I can for sure know what needs to be done. This is gonna cost you though." Harley ordered Mashyuu then ran off to start turning on lanterns in the house. Soon the entire building was lit up and Mashyuu could see where he was at. A simple first floor, large, lots of space. Desks against each wall, an examination bed at the far left side that Mashyuu was currently sitting on. The walls were lined with books and shelves that held various medicines and papers with writings on them. Behind a white screen, Mashyuu could see Harley changing her attire and by that, he could see her pulling a long sleeved white lab coat on and a pair of blue latex gloves over her hands.

"Okay, now let me get a look at you. What's your name?" Harley asked while walking up to Mashyuu who was laying back on the examination bed. She picked up a small clipboard from a desk and looked Mashyuu over, trying not to wince or show worry, keeping him calm was important. "Mashyuu Ishi... How bad is it?" Mashyuu looked at Harley's legs and let his eyes wander up to her face, easily the most attractive person Mashyuu had ever seen he would have hit on her if she wasn't talking about saving his life and he wasn't dying. "Doctor Harley Ashes. From what I can see just by looking at you, it's gonna require some surgery and bed rest. Now if you answer my questions truthfully we can get things on the way. First Question: Where are you from? Second Question: How long have you been on the island? Third Question: Where did you get these injures?"

Mashyuu propped himself up on his elbows and narrowed his eyes at Harley. Did he trust her? How did he know that she wasn't one of the gang members or a slaver who would turn him in if she figured out he used to be a slave to begin with? The normally non trusting man didn't have much to go on but he needed help or he was going to die either way. "Do you see the big angel like wings? I'm from Skypiea. I've been here for only a few days now and I got the injuries in a hard hitting fight that I really had no realistic hope of winning. I got lucky. Now if that's all the questions, can you put me back together?"

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No hope of winning? That could be any fight here in Mock Town. This guy could have fought anyone or any number of people. Odds of him fighting Gogo are slim to none. Okay, you can fix him and have him be on the way. Lets just take things slow and carefully... as slow as I can at least. Harley sighed and finished jotting down the answers on her clip board then walked around Mashyuu, examining the wounds carefully and pressing gently on the mans bruised ribs. The way he winced even without the bone moving was good. Nothing broken there, just bruised, maybe fractured but nothing requiring surgery, just some wrapping and time away from a major fight. "Mister Ishi, do you find yourself fighting a lot? Because if this is a normal thing you do, then I have to tell you that no matter how much I help you now, eventually you're going to get yourself killed." Mashyuu winced as Harley's blue rubber gloved fingers prodded his bruised ribs and sent a throbbing pain through his side. "I...gah. I've never really fought before coming here. Honest to god I didn't think that I'd be so battered. But I was just trying to help some people in need. I don't intend to fight every day or something." He assured her, even if he was only telling a half truth. "Mmm I see. Unfortunately for you, I am going to have to cut you open to take care of this chest wound. Really I just have to fish some bone fragments out and make sure that your breastbones don't push too hard on your lungs. That's what is causing most of the blood spitting. So... What I'm going to do is put you under so you don't feel a thing, tilt your head to the side in order to keep you from drowning on your own blood then I'll cut here to here and pull the flesh back to pull the bone pieces out and rest the rest. Then I'll sew you up and wrap your torso up in order to keep you from moving too much. Then all you have to do is stay in bed as much as possible for a month or so and all will be good." Harley explained while gently touching where she would cut so that Mashyuu understood exactly what was happening. Then she flashed him a friendly smile and walked to a small counter with tools on them.

Mashyuu's eyes darted around the room, landing on a stair case to make sure nobody was coming down the steps, somewhat putting him at ease. He had no idea if he could trust this woman and the idea of her putting him under some gas or drug to knock him out did nothing but worry him. The Pirate then glanced back at Harley who was cleaning some tools in order to start. His heart skipped a beat when Harley glanced back at him and her striking red eyes seemed to smile in his direction while her brow lifted. "You know that if you can't afford me, I'll go back in and put everything back the way I found it." Mashyuu cracked a smile and started to laugh only to stop and groan from the pain. "How much?" "Well lets talk about that after the job is done. I mostly charge for time so if things go smooth you will be on your way with most of your money in your pocket and all your bones in place." Mashyuu nodded his head and laid back, he would have to trust her if he wanted to be a pirate and who knew, if she was good maybe he could convince her to be his first official crew mate.

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Npc post:Enter Uncle GoGo

Uncle GoGo had spent most of that day at a nearby pub he enjoyed every now and then. Although he felt they were beneath him, there was still a charm Uncle GoGo felt whenever he drank among the commoners. It gave him an appreciation for what he had and how hard he worked. Most people in the bar stayed away from him due to his status on the island. He was known for taking a fella out just for looking at him the wrong way. Other rumors floated around that he was a monster who consumed whores left and right, sometimes taking the women of his enemies just to add injury to insult. Although he never appreciated such stories since it was as he put it, "God damnit it was just one time", he said holding out a finger to his drinking buddies. " Bitch was a whore anyways, was an unsatisfying fuck". The others laughed at him, some half nudging his arm because they didn't believe he actually had it in him. Most people didn't know how to judge him properly because he was a compulsive liar with little enemies who actually lived to tell the tale.

Tonight though, the usually fat and cheerful man dressed for the wrong occasion would actually find himself in an unfortunate situation. He'd glance at the marines who were making their weekly trip to the island, as their agreement of sorts. The world government would have the right to arrest who they pleased and make inspections whenever, for immunity and to be a relative safe haven. The truth is the trip was a waste of government dollars,but sometimes they'd have someone like Mash bring in someone on the bounty board and happily take em in. The officers gave mash his money and headed of Bandit GoGo. Uncle GoGo shook his head and continued to take shots while his friends stared in disbelief. " Ain't that yer neph--ew"? He stopped drinking for a second to look at the battered winged man and laughed, " Ofcourse not. My boy was the strongest man in our family. He could cleave houses on his own. No way some scrawny little brat could bring him in, that's someone else obviously....". Although he said that, he was staring at the marine officers take down a poster of Bandit GoGo. He shook his head and broke into a sweat, excusing himself to use the restroom.

He crashed through and pulled out his den den. He dialed its tone and expected his nephew to pick up. The kid was generally on point due to being on it all day to pick up women. So he never missed a call. However as the snail rang and rang with a low puru puru puru, his vision started to blur. He froze and stood at the stall clenching his fist at the realization. One of his men came in a few moments later to check on his boss. He tried to say something but Uncle GoGo turned and pulled out a pistol form his vest. His barrel pointed perfectly to his grunt's head, he cocked the barrel and said, " Gather up the boys. Go get my nephew". The man nodded his head and went to do so when Uncle GoGo erupted into rage. He fire and sent the grunt's brains flying. "I FUCKING HAD TO TELL YOU TO GO"?!?!?

The rest of his men bolted without a second thought. The bathroom door swinging back and forth to reveal a heavily breathing Uncle GoGo, dialing his den den to make another call. " hey slim jlim, got a job for ya. Find me any fucking flying freaks on this fucking island". The den den had a lanky face with boney cheeks. It just nodded like its owner before hanging up. Uncle GoGo's first instinct was to save his kin, but his second was to use the time to find the bastard who did this. He began to make calls for people who owed him favors. One of which was a lanky man said to hail from the New world, with arms as long as his body. These favors are precious in the underworld, but the boy was both family and an investment. Without the muscle he had, truth be told, Uncle gogo would need to find someone to replace him. Though that would come after finding the hapless bounty hunter who he had ignored coming into his little pub.

"Oh that's right, that bitch owes me money", Uncle GoGo said as he began to dial Dr. Harley's home den den.

OOC: Fights will initially be grunts if the situation calls for it. You may find someone stronger, in which case I'll give them a stat breakdown. This was just a story post to make sense of why mash didn't have people trailing him.The boss fight with Uncle GoGo or his main cronies with stats will be post by post,but for now I'll just send grunts to find ya.

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Harley pulled a drawer from her desk and withdrew a small clear bag with a tube running from the top that had a cap attached to it. She walked it over to a tall metal rig that had a hook on one end and wheels on the bottom. She hooked the bag to the cart and dragged it over to where Mashyuu was when her den den mushi started to ring. She glanced over at it, then to Mashyuu. Who the hell would be calling me at this hour? Harley wondered to herself. Deep down she knew who it was, she knew what was going to be asked, no demanded of her. But why wouldn't Gogo come get the money himself, that club was enough to get most people to do what he wanted, but no, he was calling for some reason or another. Maybe he was feeling ill or perhaps even he just couldn't make it and was calling to tell her to be expecting him. She looked at Mashyuu while kicking a small trash can to the side of his bed to let the blood drip from his mouth into the bucket without making a mess. "I have to take this, I'll be right back." She apologized and wandered over to the Den Den.

Slowly she reached out for it, afraid of the voice that might be on the other end. Taking a moment to look back over her shoulder at Mashyuu, Harley sighed and slapped the den den onto the floor as if dismissing it. Slowly she wrapped her arm around her waist and rested her elbow on her forearm and placed her fingers to her temples and rubbed them in slow circles. "Deal with whatever comes later... At least knock him out so he won't be in pain." Harley whispered under her breath and started to make her way back to Mashyuu.

Without saying a word, Harley reached out and grabbed Mashyuu's arm, feeling and slapping at it until a vein rose up in his arm. Locating it and marking it quickly with a near by pen she pulled the tube that was connected to the bag near Mashyuu and yanked a cap off it, revealing a small needle. She quickly checked it to make sure that there was no air bubble in it then stuck the needle in Mashyuu's arm. "Don't move..." Harley instructed and left him for a moment to grab some tape and return so that she could secure the needle. "This is going to put you to sleep so that you won't feel any pain when I cut into you. Now just count backwards from twenty..."

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Episode 1 Part 3: Dream Theater

Mashyuu winced as the needle plunged into his arm, he couldn't remember a time where needles didn't bother him but if it was keep himself safe and alive he would endure. A sense of panic took him over but Mashyuu did his best to remain calm while looking Harley up and down with a set of wide eyes. This was it, he had just put his trust in the woman but it could have all been for naught. Mashyuu took a deep breath and started to count backwards. "Twenty, nineteen, eighteen, sevvv...." Before he could finish counting, Mashyuu had fallen into a deep sleep and his head tilted to the side. Harley chuckled under her breath and tilted his head so that his mouth hung off the side of the bed and the blood he had been spitting up dripped into the waste bin at the end of the bed.

"Get him! Get the boy before he escapes! I want him to see his family killed. Dirty shits, they've been screwing me out of money since they became slave hunters! Well Quinn won't stand for it!" A voice echoed behind Mashyuu as the man ran. Everything seemed to blur around the man while he ran and looked down. Was he on clouds? Mashyuu stopped and looked around then at his hands. He was back home, and much smaller. "What happened?" He asked and turned to see three men with smaller wings chasing the young boy. Mashyuu's eyes narrowed and he reached for his dagger in his sleeve, except he wasn't wearing his normal gear. Instead he was shirtless, maybe four feet tall and his wings were strapped to his back. "Holy shit! I'm a kid again... I have to be dreaming!" He shouted, knowing something was very very wrong. The child like Mashyuu charged the two slavers that had given him chase, even if his family was dead, in his dream, he had a chance to see them again. Mashyuu dropped to his knees and slid across the cloud like ground while bending backwards all while his closest foe took a stab at him with his spear. The slaver stabbed, just barely missing Mashyuu as he moved under the spear and quickly snapped up to roll forward. What he wasn't expecting was to be struck by a hammer in his dream, sending the young boy sliding across the fluffy ground, leaving a trail of his slide in his wake.

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Harley set off to work, grabbing a small marker and placing it between her teeth then grabbed a bendable tape measure. She made small marks down Mashyuu's chest every half inch with the marker until he was marked from the collar bone down to his sternum followed by marks outline his breast bone. "Okay...That looks good. Or at least as good as it's gonna get on short notice and in a hurry. Now I know you can't hear me but try not to move." Harley warned Mashyuu while placing a large needle of adrenaline next to her on a small table with a series of other tools....

Slowly Mashyuu rolled onto his back and his legs kicked weakly as he dealt with the pain in his body from being smashed in the side and the burn mark that was left on his arm after the slide. Just as he was starting to sit up, a large arm grabbed him by the top of the head and lifted the small boy off his feet so that he had to grasp at this captors wrist with both hands just to keep from feeling like his head was being yanked off. His eyes went wide with worry, knowing that he was going to get captured again at this rate. Were his parents alive in this nightmare of a dream? The man with the spear walked up to Mashyuu and spun his weapon around so that the blunt end of the weapon was facing Mashyuu's face before slamming the weapon square into Mashyuu's nose....

In his dream, Mashyuu awoke with a terrible startle and shook his head to check each side of him. The room was blurry, something from his memory that he was starting to forget but not so much that he didn't know exactly where he was. It was the old slave house that he lived in as a child. His arms were tied behind his back and wrists locked to his ankles with a large stick digging into his spine, a punishment that Quinn used to give the slaves when they made a mistake. It was silent, he couldn't talk, try as he might, every time he opened his mouth not a sound would come out. Slowly he turned his head until he could glance behind him. Something smelled of salt and iron. Behind him, Mashyuu saw two large lumps covered with blankets but blood was under the two lumps. Then a sound of something solid smashing into the wooden ground in front of him drew his attention back. Mashyuu looked down at his knees and felt his heart skip several beats as fear and anger rushed through him. Laying at his knees were the severed heads of his parents, a look of shock and fear on their faces and standing behind the heads was Quinn.

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NPC post: Uncle is mad v.v

Uncle GoGo

Uncle Gogo waited a few moments while his den den kept ringing, Puru puru puru, before closing its eyes with a non response. He sat back down at his seat, in a nearly emptied bar safe for the barkeep cleaning his shot glasses. "Say Jerry, I'ma nice guy rite"? The barkeep looked to him with an incredulous expression, before shaking his head. " Ya know I don't ask for too much for fucks sake. maybe a little common sense? NAH ITS NOT COMMON IF THEY DONT HAVE---", he scream before doing a shot of hard liquor. "Any...geezus fuck what is with that broad? She's late and has the nerve to ignore my call"? Uncle Gogo would ramble on for a the better half of the hour while the only other person near the bar picked up his den den mushi.

Alpha henchman: (T) strength, Np everything else

When Gogo gets upset, he breaks down and becomes useless. His back up apprentice jotted down a few notes while the man cried and was drenched in alcohol. He checked the snail's call log and cross referenced it with his notebook's den den numbers. Normally he'd just ask GoGo who seemed to have a photographic memory,but he was currently incapacitated. The assistant made a call to the boys who were currently cowering outside of the special marine dock, watching Bandit GoGO get taken away. "Boss man knows y'all cant do it. Head over to Harley's place. She upset the boss.Bring her alive". The henchmen on the other side of the line snickered before bailing on Bandit in a heart beat. A few licked their lips, as if they were about to be presented with a juicy meal.

npc note:

Go ahead and make your posts as need be. They'll be there within the hour ic wise but I wanted to give ya time to finish the doctoring stuff. They don't know about the winged guy or probably don't care. Their only order is to bring in Harley.

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Episode 2: Harley's Payment.

Harley stood over Mashyuu, sweat beaded over her forehead constantly. She knew who was calling her, knew what he wanted and knew that someone would be there soon. How much time did she really have? Not much. And the man under her knife was capable of helping her but would he if she healed him first? Not likely. How could she possibly trust a thug like him? Harley pondered the question for a moment then quickly tossed her small blade aside and quickly yanked the needle out of Mashyuu's arm. Harley fell to her knees and covered her face with her palms, struggling to remain the calm and collected woman she had become since leaving her home. As Mashyuu started to stir, Harley quickly pulled herself up and glared down at the man.

"Eh? Did you patch me up already? I thought I'd be in more pain... Why are you looking at me like that?" Mashyuu asked while trying to figure out what was happening. Harley loomed over him, glaring down at the pirate with an almost sadistic look on her face. "...We need to talk about my pay before I help you. I don't want money and if you can't give your word, then I wont help you and you can die here on my table or in the street." Harley warned Mashyuu, causing the black haired pirate to swallow a dry lump that was caught in his throat. "Okay... what's your price? If I can pay it I will." Harley's smirk grew into a truly evil and pleased smile. "You beat Gogo didn't you? Only a club like his could deal that kind of damage to bone. Now, I have his uncle after me. With his uncle comes a large gang and I can't keep paying these thugs. Help me take them down, get rid of their hold on Mock Town and I'll be sure to keep you all fixed up." Harley offered.

Mashyuu's brow furrowed with annoyance. Of course Gogo had family, he did seem rather stupid. Someone had been directing him and Gogo was simply a large muscle. "Well Gogo and his family seem like some really bad people and not helping you means I'm dead. If I help you I might die too. So lets say you help me and if I can't pull through for you, I'm dead anyway. It seems like a win win for you. Alright. You win, I'll help you beat these guys so.. Can you put that needle back into me and get to work?" Harley's eyes grew wide with relief and joy. She didn't have much time but setting the bone back wouldn't be too hard considering it was damaged with a blunt club at the center and not shattered from repeated strikes.

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Harley nodded her head up and down and brushed a strand of loose hair from her face before setting back to work. First she inserted the needle back into Mashyuu's arm, promptly knocking him out again, then she set off to push a large bookshelf against her front door to make it harder to bust down. The ordeal took nearly five minutes to simply slide the thing over and Harley imagined it would be even harder to knock down. Next Harley changed her gloves and picked up her scalpel, spinning the small and precise blade in her palm before she caught it with her fingers and thumbs, the silver blade gleaming in the lamp light. "This won't hurt a bit, now be a good boy and stay still..." She cooed while pressing the blade against the center of Mashyuu's chest. Slowly she dragged the blade down in a smooth line, cutting flesh until it split. Naturally Mashyuu's body tensed from sudden pain but Harley pressed on, gliding the blade around Mashyuu's chest until she could peel back the skin that would heal naturally and peer into the muscle and bone of the body.

Harley placed the scalpel down and picked up a long and strong tool that resembled over sized tweezers. First she poked at some fragmented bone that had been forced to float along in the muscle of Mashyuu to make sure nothing had fused together. Carefully she picked the fragments out, a process that took the better part of thirty minutes to do so safely. "Now for the easy part." She muttered, almost sarcastically. She discarded the tweezers and picked up a large set of metal claw like tools. Luckily the sternum was a long and flat bone and would be easy to set back into place. Even with the small fragments missing. She took the two pieces the bone had been broken into and placed them together then reached for some metal wire and started to wrap the bone together. There would be mild discomfort for a month or so and a constant itch but the wire would eventually dissolve and the bone would be almost good as new. If things didn't heal correctly she would have to go in again later and use screws but the wire was the fastest and cleanest way to work at the moment.

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Once Mashyuu was stitched up, a process that only took about then minutes, she pulled the needle from Mashyuu's arm and set him upright and pulled a set of bandages from a drawer. Quickly she started to wrap Mashyuu's ribs and chest tightly, there was nothing she could do for his injured ribs and they would have to heal on their own, simple rest should do the trick but not before he helped her with taking care of the men who would be coming after her in no time. "Okay... while I'm bandaging you up, I really need you to wake the hell up!" Harley mused while glancing over her shoulder. Her red eyes flashed with anger and worry while her hands worked around Mashyuu's body until her roll of bandages were exhausted. She took a set of tape and secured the bandages to Mashyuu's abdomen then withdrew a second set.

Time was running out and Mashyuu hadn't woken up yet. Has he never been put under before? Ughh this is gonna keep him out for a while then. Okay, just gotta stall for time if they get here. Harley thought to herself while wrapping his chest. She knew there wouldn't be time to explain things if Gogo's thugs showed up to take her. Quickly she turned and jotted down a small note on her medical pad and shoved it under Mashyuu's knee so that when he went to get up the paper would crinkle, slide and draw his attention.

Mashyuu, your chest has been put back together with stitches wires and bandages. Lots of itching will occur, don't scratch! Ribs are busted up but only rest can heal them so try to take things easy, but first remember you owe me. If I'm not here follow the signs of struggle and announce you took down Gogo, someone will come for you. -Dr. Harley Ashes.

Harley turned to face her door, shrugging off her doctors jacket while snarling and getting ready for a fight. No more would she let anyone walk all over her, nor would she let someone hold a town in a stranglehold.

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NPC post: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle axe

The couple ultimately were the ones chosen to go. At the very last moment, the more malicious members of GoGo's squad were turned back around at the call of the boss himself. None of them were allowed to come back until his nephew was brought back into custody. Well only those he send to actually retrieve him. Uncle GoGo is a vindictive person and will expect perfection from those who are assigned tasks. Failure on THEIR part, is grounds for execution in some cases. The man though, was a mess and just lazing about with a drink in his hand as he lied on a stretcher. His men hoisted the portly fellow home as he made drunken calls to his subordinates, two or which were a brother-sister duo.

Tweedle Dee

Tweedle axe

Tweedle Dee was the son of a carpenter who was kicked out of the house at 18. He's not a mean fellow, but rather a bit of a dimwit. He lacks the capacity to leave Jaya, but doesn't have the drive to grind for any sort of goal. He's just a freeloader who hits people with a bat every now and then for a bigger organization. His sister was a grand line Anomoly. There's no scientific reason for why she can life with an axe lodged into her forehead,but she does anyways. It bothers Tweedle Dee,but he's too lazy to find help. The two of them form a rather laid back duo who are there mostly for shock value or getting coffee for Uncle GoGo.

"LISSTEN---n'uppp half-wiT ya gotta what cha call it, retrieve harley. Just uhhh fuck, knock her or something. I wanna hav'ah werd with 'er". Tweedle Dee scratched his chin as he looked onto the snail with a drunken hazy expression and said, " daww ey boss k got it. Will get the hot girl"! Meanwhile Tweedle axe was practicing throwing her axes in the air and catching them with her forehead. "ehhhhhhh? what about pancakes big bro"? Tweedle D stood up and towered over her, standing at 6 foot 5. He patted her head and said, "First work, then food k? boss gonna get mad at us". The little girl hid her face and squeeled, standing at only 5 foot 2, " no boss please dont please".

The older brother embraced his sister and held her out, "Just one job k"? The girl nodded her head and the duo was off to Harley's. Their trip should have taken only a few minutes,but they got side tracked by ice cream shops, toys, and in the end, pancakes. Which was fortunate for Mash, who was under the knife at this point in time. The duo though would find themselves at her door the moment the doctor had started to prepare for a fight. Using his size 15 boot, Tweedle Dee smashed the door down with a heavy boot and strode in to find harley ducking behind a couch. "Dawwww pretty lady Uncle GoGo wants to see u now come lets go", he'd say with a booming voice for the size of her house.

Tweedle axe would leap onto the couch before Harley could say a word place a cloth on her face. The doctor probably would have been able to dodge properly, but seeing the girl's bloodied head for the first time made her eyes bulge as the words failed to leave her lips. The sight of Tweedle axe against the dark room was a grisly sight to behold, like a zombie before it went for the kill. Though this fear was soon replaced by an overwhelming lulling which brought the doctor to her knees. Making her retrieval easy as pie.

"K now can we get pancakes brother"? The girl with puppy dog eyes accentuated by the street light lamps made her brother falter. " k but just one stack we gotta go". Tweedle axe in her excitement, would jump up and down and forget her axe that was normally lodged in her head.


K clue left behind. Name dropped if mash can hear it.

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Episode 3 Part 1: Hurry Mashyuu, find Harley!

Harley was ready for just about anyone to come through the door, or at least try, but when the door and the shelf fell in a single strike, she knew there was little she could do against someone that strong, and in Gogo's gang, only a few people were capable of something like that. Deciding to try and take cover behind the couch in case of a flying ax, Harley dove to her left and slid to her knees, just barley peeking over the sofa in time to see them. A breath of air caught in her throat as Tweedle Axe jumped up on the edge of the sofa and she promptly placed a rag over Harley's face. The rag had a drug on it that Harley instantly recognized but it was too late. Her red eyes started to flutter shut as she weakly reached up to try and yank the axe from the woman's head to use it against her until it was simply too late. Harley fell to the floor in a heap, helpless, her last action, reaching out to the still half asleep Mashyuu as he started to stir.

The sound of the door and bookshelf shattering from the impact of a boot awoke Mashyuu in quick fashion but he couldn't move, the Pirate could barely open his eyes from the drug that was starting to fade out of his system. He heard everything, saw what was happening between his eyes falling shut and struggling to open again. Gogo?....Ughhh....has to be a second Gogo. Gotta help Harley... Mashyuu thought to himself while the thugs carried Harley out of the room for Pancakes. After the building was empty Mashyuu threw himself off the table and fell to his hands and knees. The note crinkled between his thigh and calf. With a weak motion he reached and grabbed the note and started to read it. His blue eyes scanned the note a few times until he understood what was happening and a low growl slipped past his lips. "She was drugged, can't make a struggle like that... Two options, try to stop the pair that took her before they get back to their boss, or try to cut them off and take out the boss first. Either way it's gonna be slow going until I get the drugs out of me. I'll have to trail em..." Mashyuu pushed himself up to his feet and walked over to the axe laying on the ground and picked it up, knowing it would be a lead then walked out the front door...

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Shirtless, Mashyuu staggered out of the Doctors office and home, into the dark night. It stopped raining long ago but Mashyuu didn't notice due to the drugs, on top of that, he was confused about the nightmare he had, he was going to die in that situation and in his mind, Quinn hadn't aged a day. Was that because it was how Mashyuu remembered Quinn, or was it a warning about going to Skypiea? It didn't matter. Mashyuu stopped and turned around to grab his shirt and weapons, quickly placing them on his body and spreading his wings wide. His ribs burned with pain but it wouldn't matter in the long run, after he helped Harley, he was going to sleep until it was time to leave the island. Once again Mashyuu walked out of the building, starting to feel like himself again. He looked at the bloody axe in his hand and lifted a brow. The girl had it planted in her head and was fine, as if it didn't bother her in any way shape or form.  How could anyone who was a human survive that? Did she have a truly working brain? Why did she seem to be obsessed with pancakes? All questions for later, for now Mashyuu had to save Harley.

Mashyuu found himself standing in the middle of the street, looking down every avenue possible in order to see if he could find a trail to follow. Blood, a struggle, the sound of someone getting beaten, anything at all that he could use to help. Hell a sign that read "Eat Pancakes Here!" would have been the best tip but none of that seemed to jump out at the pirate. Mashyuu furrowed his brow with annoyance and flew up, as best as he could anyway. Quickly his eyes scanned the streets for someone missing a piece of their head or Harley, it would be hard to just walk around as if she wasn't knocked out cold and if the pair were getting pancakes there was every chance that the big guy would be waiting outside for the little one to return from her meal. "Come on... come on..." He muttered and started to fly off down a street randomly, hoping beyond hope that he would run into something that could help before it was too late!

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The winged man flew down the street for nearly ten minutes, but those ten minutes seemed like hours as sweat started to bead down his forehead. He promised that he would help Harley, and in a way he felt like she was his friend. Not only did Harley keep her word and patch him up, but she was someone who wanted to help people in general and that made Mashyuu want her on his crew. That was when he saw her, a young woman, maybe a few years younger than Harley, walk out of a small shop that seemed to be closing for the night. Mashyuu landed at her side and held the axe up. "Have you seen a woman with a wedge missing out of her head? Was with a big guy carrying a girl and a baseball bat?" The young woman jumped from the startle and twisted back to look at Mashyuu with the axe in his hand. She nodded slowly, clearly shocked and afraid of what was happening then pointed to a well lit diner. Mashyuu patted her arm and nodded with a smile then started to run towards the diner. One one side of the pillar holding the canopy above the door up was the man with the bat, Harley out cold at his side and against the wall. Perfect! I don't have to fight them both! Mashyuu thought to himself.

Quickly while the man wasn't paying attention, Mashyuu pulled his morning star from its loop on his pants, and ejected his dagger from the hidden sheath on his wrist. Mashyuu flew up high, just enough that he could get an edge over the taller bat wielding foe, his wings folded in and he twisted in a large circle as his dagger gleamed in the light and he caught the unaware man in the side. Mashyuu spun down his body, leaving a series of cuts down the man until Mashyuu landed at the thugs feet. "Heavens Wrath... Give up the doctor and you won't have to get hurt anymore!" Mashyuu ordered the thug while springing back to a respectable fighting distance.

Dee yelped in pain and jumped aside as the dagger made its slashes, and he countered by swinging his bat to the left to try and ward Mashyuu away but was too slow to hit the winged man. Quickly he twisted to face Mashyuu and the realization that Mashyuu had been laying on Harley's table hit him all of a sudden like a blind dog running into a clear door. Both fighters looked at the out cold Harley, then to the door of the building, knowing that if things carried on too long, Tweedle Axe would return to help. Dee smirked evily, trusting his body to be able to endure anything Mashyuu threw at him while the bandaged man likely couldn't take much of a beating.

In return, Mashyuu smiled back, seeing Harley start to wake up from the fresh air. With a sudden rush, Mashyuu sprang forward, knowing that the pillar was on his left, and would force Dee to jab with the bat in order to even try to hit Mashyuu. The pirate dropped to his hands and knees last second to evade a strike that would have leveled the pirate while Mashyuu's dagger slashed at Dee's ankle, cutting skin and drawing the slightest amount of blood. Mashyuu quickly pushed off the ground and rolled to the right as Dee brought his weapon up to smash into Mashyuu's skull!

As Dee missed his strike, he felt a heavy strike smash into the center of his spine, bone cracked and broke as he twisted to face his foe and saw Harley standing in a defensive posture, her fist quivering from the impact of her strike. "One Inch Punch..." She whispered just as Mashyuu jumped up with his morning star and flipped the weapon mid air while jabbing down. "Crown of Heaven!" Mashyuu called out as his weapons hilt smashed into the back of Dee's skull, causing his eyes to roll into the back of his head to knock the man out cold. He dropped down and released the bat as he passed out and crashed into the ground. Harley dropped her guard and jumped out, hugging Mashyuu tightly.

Mashyuu coughed from the sudden pain that rushed through his ribs as Harley hugged him and the brown haired beauty took a step back. "Sorry... we should take this guy and get out of here before she shows up." Harley nodded at Dee and together Mashyuu and Harley grabbed up Dee and his bat then dragged him around the block to dump him in a large dumpster. "So... does that mean we are going to see Uncle Gogo now?" Harley smirked and balled up a fist. "Of course, follow me!" United, Mashyuu and Harley made their way to Uncle Gogo's home to confront the leader of the Gogo Gang!

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NPC post: The GoGo manor

The GoGo manor was a place built on the lives of others, sporting 50 different rooms and a main vestibule which was as large as a city block. It has two diverging paths leading into an eastern sector for all his employees. Servants, thugs, and craftsmen all slept in the same wing. It was often a hazard for everyone involved, but GoGo was strangely strict. Any fighting not in defense of his manor would be dealt with in death. To the right was his armament stash, locked away on the third floor and guarded by 2 elite henchmen at all times. The second floor was the main dining area, and the first floor was where the security station was posted. All the den den communication was there due to it being optimal for reaching the outside world as well the mansion to a certain degree.

The manor was trap laden with many running on an electric current that was activated by a series of closed circuits. Trip wire would rise from the ground, land mines would be activated, trap holes leading to the basement, and many other explosives would be become active if need be. Toward the center of the manor if one were to walk up the main stairs, is a series of zig zags which to the untrained eye, is a small maze of rooms. Which one must go through in a certain order to find GoGo's one specific hallway that leads to his master bedroom.

GoGo sat upon one servant who was on all 4's to act as a chair while he rested his feet on a thug who was in a fetal position. With an array of closed circuit televisions maintained by den den mushi cameras, he would watch his place like a hawk. To the normal human it would seem like madness or maybe even savant territory, but for GOGo it was all in a day's work. He'd angrily kick the man acting as his footstool and say, " Eyy slob, lower down a bit". The man tried to lower,but lying down on his stomach was too low. With another kick, he'd growl and adjust the man the way he saw fit. " There, don't move retard", he'd say as the footstool was now in a position where if he wasn't diligent, he could slip back down at any second. Uncle GoGo smirked as he felt the trembling body beneath his boot.

He'd twirl around his revolver and simply wait for Harley. Licking his lips in the process.

OOC: Post by post fight when yer ready. The mansion has 50 grunts and the alpha waiting around. Place them how you want. Traps don't activate the next post

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Episode 3 Part 2: Assault on Gogo Mansion!

Harley had been to the Gogo Mansion before, sometimes because she was forced to meet there for an emergency operation, other times because she wanted to pay her "protection money" quick to get it out of the way. She led Mashyuu around Mock Town, taking back alleys and long routes in order to evade anyone who might be linked to Gogo and hopefully avoid any more fights than needed. Every block or so she looked over her narrow shoulder to make sure the injured Mashyuu was keeping pace. With the drug she pumped in him to put him out clearly wearing off, she was worried he might do something stupid to reopen the freshly stitched wound and that was half the reason the wrapped his torso tighter than a mummy. More than halfway there Harley stopped when she saw Mashyuu was holding his sides in pain. An annoyed huff of a sigh spilled out of Harley's non painted lips as she dug into the self sewn in pockets of her skirt and she produced a small handful of pills. "Here, take these, it will numb the pain so that you can keep going. Once we get there don't do anything crazy, I know how you pirates like to get. I'll deal with Gogo I just need someone to watch my back when his goons eventually swarm us. He's gonna have at least one or two heads plus we never dealt with axe head back there. It's only a matter of time before she finds her brother... Go on, swallow them." Mashyuu took the pills from Harley's smaller hand and looked at them for a long moment then looked Harley dead in the face. "I don't have any water for these..." A large vein atop Harley's head pushed out past her hair and throbbed with annoyance as she balled up her fists. "TAKE THE DAMNED PILLS BEFORE I GIVE YOU A WOUND THAT CAN'T BE FIXED RIGHT BETWEEN THE LEGS FLY BOY!" Mashyuu's eyes went wide and he threw the pills into his mouth and tried to swallow but no matter how hard he tried they wouldn't go down, that was until Harley grabbed his mouth and forced it shut while yanking his head back and plugging his nose with her fingers. Struggling to get air, Mashyuu flailed his arms wildly and swallowed a dry lump, taking the pills with him. "Much better, now if you will please follow me..." Harley returned to her normally calm status and turned to saunter around a corner, leaving Mashyuu drooling from the sight of her swaying hips and how forceful she had been. "Yes Ma'am."

The pair found themselves looking on at the manor from the cover of darkness a few meters away from the closest light to the front gate. "This place is massive, he has to be the biggest crime lord in town. Could do a lot of good if we took him down. What are we dealing with exactly?" Mashyuu asked while flipping his dagger in his left hand and drawing up the morning star, suddenly coming to realize that perhaps using more daggers or a chain would be a better weapon for his primary hand. "Not sure, I know he has a lot of men, and someone like Uncle Gogo who commands a lot of troops likely has a lot of traps or some way to watch his entire base while staying safe. He's a coward through and through. I bet if we beat his men he'd piss himself before growing a pair big enough to face either one of us. I'd say fly up and see if you can get a count, but with the moon above us, you would stick out like a sore thumb. Best bet is to just leap the fence in the corner and touch down, try to take down everyone one section at a time, without drawing too much noise. So... No big attacks and lets try to be tactical." Mashyuu smiled slyly at Harley and nodded up and down. "I'm not some crazy pirate and I happen to be fairly careful, the little Gogo just had better reach with his club than I expected. So.. Harley, I'll jump us over the gate and we can go from there... But before I do. Would you like to join my Pirate Crew?" "There is more than just you I though you were alone?.....Why am I asking, of course not. I'm not criminal!" Harley responded with a hushed tone. "Harley, are you kidding me? You were fixing up what looks like the most powerful mobster family on this island, and now you're coming with me to beat these guys down. Like it or not, you're a criminal but you have a good heart, just like me. Think it over."

With that quick conversation out of the way, Mashyuu wrapped his arms around Harley's waist and made sure his weapons were simply placed along the slopes of her hips so that nobody got hurt as his wings give a soft beat twice while he jumped up and carried the pair over the fenced gate and dropped Harley atop a guard that was by the front door. As Harley fell she aimed her knee for the back of the guards skull and drove her bone into the back of his head and neck, knocking him out in a single shot. Quickly the pair dragged the downed man to a small bush and hid him behind it while they crouched down low. "Okay, just like we planned. We go this together but try to let me do the heavy lifting until we get to Gogo, from there we will see what happens." Mashyuu nodded and the pair stood up straight and walked into the middle of the courtyard, fighting stances taken up. Harley clearly standing in a defensive posture while bouncing on the balls of her feet while Mashyuu raised his morning star to use to block and his dagger in his left hand was ready to make some quick swipes. Mashyuu moved to stand behind Harley so they could move back to back and keep each other safe.

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As the pair took a fighting stance, back to back, six guards came wandering from around a tall grass wall's corner in the courtyard, talking about something that had happened earlier in the day until they realized that there were intruders in Uncle Gogo's home. The sound of their voices caused Mashyuu to spin around and face the men. His left hand came up and took aim at the lead guard who was already reaching for a gun on his hip. Mashyuu hurled his dagger as Harley gave chase, following the path of the blade. As the guard started to draw his weapon, the dagger sank into the guards hand, electing a sharp yell from the goon while Harley followed up with a leaping knee to the man's jaw. As she came down and the guard fell to his back, her skirt fluttered up, giving the other guards a quick panty shot before she landed on both her feet, her foot came down on the dropped guards groin as she took up her defensive stance within melee range of the other guards. Using her sharp perception, Harley watched the men as they charged in with brass knuckles. Harley deftly ducked a jab for her head and countered with a short elbow to the side of the head, knocking one guard to the left. The guard stumbled into another, knocking him off course just enough to give him a view of Mashyuu flying at the group, morning star whipping through the air in a wide arc. Quickly he sent the weapon up into the shoved man's chest, ripping the mans suit, flesh and drawing blood as the momentum took the man off his feet and into a near by planted tree.

"I told you to watch my back!" Harley shouted at Mashyuu while putting her arms up to barely block a hay-maker from a third guard. "Yeah well, I didn't think six on one was a fair fight!" Mashyuu quipped in response as his morning star dropped down on a goon's foot, crushing bone with the weight of the weapon. Both Mashyuu and Harley took a step back while weaving their heads in opposite directions to evade jabs. Harley smirked as her right hand balled into a fist and launched only an inch or so forward, driving her One Inch Punch into the heart of the thug who attacked her, knocking the man off his feet while Mashyuu swung his morning star up at the jaw of his foe, then brought it down right on his shoulder. The man crumpled under the power of the blow leaving two men left who were both already aiming their guns at Harley and Mashyuu. Mashyuu folded his wings behind his back while dropping his morning star and raising his hands. His eyes went to the gun on the ground next to his dagger and in turn Harley took a step forward to stand in front of the gun with her hands up. "Okay guys, you got us... But you have to admit, it was a good try right? But really we were stupid to try and attack Uncle Gogo..." She said in an apologetic tone while drawing the guards attention. Mashyuu slowly bent his knees and as Harley stopped, Mashyuu dropped to his knees, picked up the gun and took aim, squeezing the trigger twice, putting a round into each guards left shoulders, dropping them to the ground quickly. A second shot to each of the guards left them lifeless and bleeding on the pavement of the concrete walkway. "Did you really have to kill them?" Harley asked while Mashyuu started to stand and check the gun. "No, but if I didn't, and they woke up... Well they would follow us and ya know what?..." Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! ....Blam! Mashyuu put a round into each man's head, including the one they had knocked out when they arrived. "Not only will these people not hurt anyone again, they won't shoot us from behind. Come on, grab a gun just in case and lets go." Mashyuu dropped the empty pistol and picked up a second and third, placing them in his waist band then retrieved his weapons. Harley grumbled at Mashyuu under her breath, still being a doctor she didn't really want to kill anyone if it could be avoided but she knew Mashyuu was right. Quickly she picked up a gun and flipped it in her hand so that if she struck, she would hit with the handle of the weapon. "Off duty guards will all be in one location though after you shooting, that will likely change..."

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Mashyuu could only smirk at Harley's comment about his shooting the gun would likely draw the attention of all the guards, making sure that they were armed. "You think that these guys don't fire their guns randomly from time to time? I know if I carried a gun around I'd do it." Mashyuu chuckled as the pair moved side by side and started to round the corner that guards had come from just a few moments before. Mashyuu glanced over his shoulder and at the same time tripped over an uneven piece of cobblestone, just before he crashed into the ground, Harley shot her arm out and gripped him by the back of Mashyuu's jacket and pulled him back to his feet. "Pay attention to what's going on. I need you on top of your game Mashyuu!" Harley snapped.

It didn't take long for a blush to cross Mashyuu's face while he rubbed the back of his head and offered Harley the biggest of smiles. "Relax, things have a way of working out for me so I'm sure everything will be fine. Besides, you're perceptive enough for the both of us." Mashyuu responded quickly while the two made their way up a flight of steps that led to a small garden with a paved walk way between the beds of flowers. At the center of the garden was a small fountain that flowed with a crystal clear blue water that was clearly cool to the touch. Lit by small lights planted in the ground between every different type of flower bed, the shadowed silhouettes of ten guards moved closer, slowly growing larger as they bent down around the opposite end of the fountain.

Harley grabbed Mashyuu's arm and tugged him back a step then dropped low. "They know we are close and are moving slow. I bet their weapons are already drawn, we need to be careful." She suggested while nodding towards the shadowed figures. Mashyuu in turn peeked up towards the figures drawing closer and nodded as if saying he understood and drew is dagger and flipped it into his right hand facing down towards his leg. "Okay, I'll sneak around the left, you go the right and we can flank the group." Mashyuu suggested then reached into the pocket of his jacket and withdrew his white and red mask, placing it over his face to hide a small portion of his features.

Harley went to protest but sighed as Mashyuu made his way to the left, vanishing behind a tall bed of roses as he dropped to his arms and knees, nearly army crawling towards the left flank. Harley bowed her head and let her dark brown locks fell in front of her face while she made a dash towards the right and scooped up a loose clump of dirt from a bed of tulips. Quickly she slid around a corner and tensed her arm, knowing that if things would go well, Harley would have to draw the attention of the guards so Mashyuu could get in quick and deliver finishing blows. With a strong gesture of her right arm, she hurled the clump of dirt at the shadow hidden men, causing them to turn towards the Doctor and take aim. In turn Harley dropped to her chest and slowly skirted the ground to try and work her way around the group.

In that time, Mashyuu had managed to get close to the men, he pulled himself up to his feet while his right arm came to rest towards his face. Slowly he stood while the ten guards in black suits turned to face the direction the clump of dirt had flown from. Mashyuu bent his knees and sprang towards the group, letting his wings beat twice to propel him forward instead of using his legs like he normally would have. His right arm slashed forward then cut the air at a sharp angle downward, cutting the back of the guard closest to Mashyuu. Shock set in the mans body as blood spilled down his back, he twisted to the right, all while his body tensed and he squeezed the trigger of his pistol, shooting his friend in the hip, dropping a second guard in the process.

Mashyuu used his wings as stilts, launching himself to the side as the guards twisted to face Mashyuu, the clear threat at the moment. The winged man's left arm pulled a pistol from the back of his waist band and he fired three rounds off at the group, forcing them to duck down before they could fire at him. In that time the sound of clacking heels echoed from the back of the men while Harley leap't into the air and delivered a flying kick into the spine of one guard, dropping him down onto his hands and knees. His gun skittered away while Harley lifted her leg and dropped her calf onto the man's shoulder, dislocating it and disabling the man in the process.

Blam! A round whizzed past Harley's head, just barely missing her but cutting the side of her head in the process, giving her a clean cut through her hair and leaving a mark that would result in a scar for sure. Harley dropped backwards with the gunshot while crying out from fear and sudden pain. As she hit the ground Mashyuu wrapped his arm around the neck of the man that had shot and shoved his dagger up into the back of the man's ribs, twisting the blade just enough to force the man to turn with Mashyuu. Two more shots rang out but sank into the man Mashyuu decided to use as a human shield. Five men started to move in around Mashyuu while the sixth stalked up to Harley, with his gun trained on her.

As the five men drew in on Mashyuu, he backed up, keeping the dying body in front of him as a shield, knowing he was too injured, even with the pills to stand a major chance against the group of five without getting the drop on them again. His eyes shifted from man to man while his arm around the neck of the man tensed and spun the gun around in his hand so that he could pull the trigger with his pinky. Can't aim right like this, but I can keep them pinned down... He thought while checking to make sure he wasn't getting surrounded from behind.

Harley laid motionless on the ground, hoping that her cry of pain and fall backwards would draw at least one man at the very least, and that it did. As the man looked down at Harley she made sure to make her breathing hard, labored so that her chest would rise and fall drastically. "Please... mercy. I'll do anything you ask!" She begged with a husky tone to her voice, trying to come off as alluring as possible, she slowly pushed herself up and sticking her rear out a bit with a cock of her hip. The guard let his eyes wander a bit too long and went cross eyed when suddenly Harley's leg shot up and slammed into the groin of the guard. He let out a soft squeak of pain as he dropped to his knees at the same time Harley stood up. "Pervert!" She shouted and smashed her foot into the side of the guards head, knocking him out from the delivered blow.

"Now guys, come on... I know I've killed some of your friends, maybe a family member or two. But lets be real. You guys have killed lots of people's family members and friends right? So, how about we let bye gone's be bye gone's and both just walk away?... No? Alright." Mashyuu tried to reason with the guards while taking what he considered terrible aim. He pulled the trigger of his gun with his smallest and weakest finger, shooting at the guards at random, until he had emptied the clip. While every shot missed completely and wandered off deeper into the heart of the stronghold, Mashyuu lifted his leg and kicked the man he was holding into another guard. The man stumbled backwards until he fell to his back, smashing the back of his head into the ground, dazing himself. As he opened his eyes and looked up he saw Harley standing over him before the sole of her shoe smashed down upon his face, knocking the man out. Quickly she moved in to the flank of a guard while taking careful aim then spun to face the guard head on. "Dance of the Dead!" She shouted, smashing her fists into the man's hip, heart and temple, the flurry of strikes so precise that the man dropped to the ground in a slump. Her body froze when she realized that she was about to be shot by an onlooking guard who took his aim off of Mashyuu when a body dropped from the sky and fell atop the guard, knocking both men out from the impact. Mashyuu carefully landed at Harley's side and smiled at her. "See, they aren't all dead."

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"...No I guess they aren't, but enough of them are. Come on, lets get out of here." "Okay but right or left?... Oh lets play rock paper scissors to decide where we go. Oh wait.. no coin flip." Harley sighed with annoyance and dug into her pocket for a small gold coin. She twisted it to show that the coin had a heads and tails. "It's as good as any other way to pick. Heads is right, tails is left." Mashyuu nodded in agreement and waited as Harley flipped the coin into the air. For a few moments time stood still as the coin flipped through the night sky and fell to the ground. pair looked down and both smiled, respecting the coin's landing. "Right it is. I bet we can bar the doors and stop anyone else from following us." Mashyuu thought out loud while the pair turned around and headed for the door on the first floor.

Quickly the pair started to make their way up a flight of stairs, that led to a large building that was at least three stories tall. But neither Harley or Mashyuu saw the trip wire on the top step, fit snugly between two pillars. As they rushed up the steps they pulled the wire tight, causing darts to launch from the inside of the pillars, digging into the pair's bodies, not only drawing blood but causing them to stop in their tracks for a moment. "...Damn it. Drugged..." Harley slurred as she fell to her hands and knees. Mashyuu fell against a pillar and cupped his head in his hands, drool coming from the corner of his mouth as he watched the ground under him spin. "How do we counter it?.... Gotta be a way..." Mashyuu slumped to a seated position while Harley feebly dug through her pockets, producing two needles in a metal hand case. "Adrenaline... It won't last very long...Ughhh. Stick it in your arm at the wrist... Gonna take a minute to kick in." Harley said with a groggy voice.

Mashyuu reached out and took a needle as Harley did the same. Both barely managed to look at one another as they stabbed the points of the needles into their arms and compressed the plungers. A warm feeling started flowing through the pair, not exactly picking them up but kept them awake, alert and aware of their surroundings. "Come on snow flake, we gotta keep going." Harley joked while she managed to pull herself up along with the winged man. "How long is this gonna last?" "Not long, but there has to be an antidote around in case of a trap springing by mistake."

Harley grabbed the doors handle and twisted the knobs slowly then pushed the door open while Mashyuu aimed his pistol into the open portal. Along the far wall was a row of tables with a mix of electronics and den den mushi's. Mashyuu fired his pistol at each set of electronics, causing them to spark and explode, while the man behind the desks dropped to the floor in order to take cover. Harley quickly swung her body into the room throwing her left arm out and caught a guard that stood behind the door in the throat as he drew his gun and started to move to see who was shooting the machines. The guard grasped at his neck and stumbled back, but Harley didn't give an inch, pressing forward she moved in on the guard, attacking with a left hook to his ribs, right jab to his jaw and finished with a solid blow to the side of the mans head with her sharp elbow. The guard gasped in short bursts of pain before he fell to the ground.

Just as quickly, Mashyuu slid into the room and took aim at the corners of the room, firing off two rounds, one into a shoulder of two guards who were rushing down a flight of steps to see what the commotion was about. The man who had ducked down from fear of being shot managed to sneak out from under the tables and charged Mashyuu, slamming into the winged man's side and forced him into the closed door hard. Mashyuu's face twisted with agony as he was pushed into the door and his head turned to face the thug. Quickly his left hand flipped his dagger to face the guard in the black suit. With a quick jab of his arm, Mashyuu pushed the dagger into the man's ribs. The winged Pirate watched as the light faded from the guards eyes, Mashyuu pulled the dagger free and let the man drop to the floor, clutching his wound. Harley came around the corner, pushing the door shut and glanced at Mashyuu, who was holding his side. "That's gonna require you to rest longer you know..." Harley chimed in while Mashyuu moved to the tables. "Just help me bar the door." Mashyuu commanded while pushing against the desk. Harley joined in and shoved, forcing the desk against the door. "For someone who doesn't want to join my crew, you follow orders well."

"Yeah well... Maybe following orders like this is a test run for us. Things go well, I might reconsider joining up. Besides, having someone to watch my back isn't such a bad idea." Harley responded while they pushed the desk against the door and moved to do the same with the second and third. Once the doors were barred Mashyuu nodded at the stairs where two guards laid at the bottom of and then the door atop them. "This is clearly a communication room. Whatever we do next is going to be dangerous and whoever is up there is going to know that we are here now. Gotta be smart about the next moves, considering there is only one way up."

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