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1 Pulling the Strings [Gran Voyage] on Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:52 pm




With the snap of his fingers, Jax's men would roll up another body bag and drag it into the darkness. This was the fifth bod today, which wasn't a weird number but these were in such a rapid succession almost like these people were being targeted by something. Which brought up a thought that angered Jax. A competitor is trying to outsell him with shit prices and shady organs. Jax wanted to get to bottom of this and see who the idiot behind this was. But being on a new island Jax and his kid workers didn't know much about this place.

With the scratch of his head, Jax would make his way through the district. Moving people out his way trying to figure out where he was. He was looking for a shop that looked older than it actually was with the scent of 30-year-old candles. Jax's friend Wanda tried her hardest to make sure that her shop looked reliable even though it was probably the most illegal thing on the street. After one of his workers pointed out the scent Jax finally found the shop. It was inbetween a waffle tavern and a pancake house. Things must get heated in the morning.

He would push open the door and the sound of a woman would echo off of the antique walls. "Darling, darling! come come, I already know what you are here for." Jax would snarl "No bullshit Wanda" instantly the woman's inviting tone would change to one that was tired and grey. "What are you doing here Jax?" picking up one of her old ass candles, Jax would put his nose near it and would have his nose hairs burned by the smell of...Lightning...Storm? "Wanda what the hell are you selling here?" She would retort back with a hint of annoyance in her voice "None of your damn business shorty" This caused Jax to chuckle a little bit "Making fun of my height again huh?"

He would finally take a seat in front of Wanda, a dark-skinned woman around the age of 30. No one really knew of Wanda's age, probably not even Wanda herself. "Wanda, listen, I'm not gonna ask how you are or anything like that because we both know I don't care. But I do know that you know just about anything and everything going on the I need a bit of information..." Just the thought of Jax getting serious about something made Wanda interested.

2 Re: Pulling the Strings [Gran Voyage] on Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:01 am




"As you know i'm in the organ business, I retrieve organs and then sell them for a reasonable price. Butttttttt" Jax begins tapping on the desk. Making a small hole "Someone has been....." Thinking Jax would rub his chin "Let's say mucking it up. And I need who does it. And I damn sure know you know who it is." Jax would have a plain look on his face. He wasn't joking around here. He was really feeling like hanging this guy up from his balls and showing his whole body to the public. Jax would try to sweeten his proposal by showing a sweet and innocent smile with a puppy look in his eyes.

"Enough of the fake smile Jax, I know you, probably more than you know yourself" Jax scoffs at the idea of that. "Sure you do, and you were also going to help me find this person right?" Wanda sighs and begins rubbing her hands against a crystal ball that seemed to be nailed in the middle of the roundtable. It wasn't a large table since Jax could grab each end, only barely though. His legs also swung from the chair a bit, occasionally brushing against the carpet she had placed here. It was probably old, but there's no way to tell the smell of candles dominated the air.

"You are lucky I owe you from that time in Sabaody" Jax would tilt his head in confusion, this was merely a trick though. A trick signaling that they would be even with each other. "What time?" Wanda would smirk and would continue rubbing the ball until it began glowing. Soon the figures of 4 individuals would appear on the ball. All wearing mask of different shapes and sizes. Masks that resembled animals. "Hmmmmm" Jax would still be wondering what these people would have to do with the Black Market.

"These are the guys?" Jax questioned Wanda simply nodded and began rubbing the ball again until it showed a time and place. "They seem to be doing a deal in the Beauty plaza." Wanda would stop rubbing and would place her palms on the table. "Ok Jax, I did something for you. Now I need you to do something for me." Jax would lean back on the chair with a smirk on his face. "And what would this be?" Wanda would look around checking to see if her apprentice was around. It was a little girl but she was in the back fixing the candles. Don't know how her nose can handle that.

"These masked people you are going to be dealing with has stolen something from me. Something precious." Jax would quickly lean in "Oh-ho-ho! Something precious huh? How precious are we talking here." Wanda would speak up "Precious valued at human life..." Jax would be smiling cheek to cheek now. "People would die for this thing?" Now Jax was seriously interested in this "thing" Wanda spoke of. "What is this "thing" you are looking for?" Wanda would rebuttal quickly. "This "THING" is a fruit, a very special fruit. And I need you to get it from this cult"

Jax would lean back this time but slightly confused. "So, you want me to go to these guys, probably beat the shit out of them, and find the place where the fruit is. Then go to this place and get this fruit for you?" Wanda nodded "Then you must know what I want for such a task right?" Jax would signal with his hand that he wanted money. Mola. Cash. Wanda would sigh because she already knew that Jax would ask for. "10 million if you get this done for me." Jax would laugh, almost hard enough for a tear to surface in his eye. "10 million? You're funny. 15 or no deal" Wanda would slump down "Can't yo-" Jax would cut her off causing her to look up at Jax's face "15. Or. No. Deal" Jax had a very serious look on his face.

Wanda would sulk "fine.....15 million to get the fruit for me" Jax cracked a devilish smile on his face.  "Now that's my Wanda" Jax would exit the shop still smiling. It was time he found where this Beauty plaza is, and quickly. Wanda's apprentice would walk up to Wanda and asked her who the guy she was talking to was. With Wanda simple saying "A man, who I wouldn't want angry at me..."

3 Re: Pulling the Strings [Gran Voyage] on Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:13 pm




Kid after kid would come up to Jax, offering him foods and drinks of various colors and smells. Currently Jax was occupying an abandoned orphanage. From the outside it looks rugged and run down, while the insides looks something akin to a castle. Of course all bought by Jax himself. He was having the kids around the area here cleaned and able to work. Jax needed a few things before he headed to the beauty plaza. Opening the door and whole slew of voice would yell out "WELCOME BACK BOSS!" which Jax would just flick his wrist "yeah, yeah, get back to work" Listening to Jax's orders the kids went back to doing various things. From checking Jax's various accounts, to guarding the safe house to even cooking. These little devils do it all. Jax would enter the main hall.

Opening his Black Book, he would look within it. Pages filled with names and check marks or x's. Jax would flip to the newest page in his book. He saw that he had a place free and Jax had the perfect idea of who to fill this spot with. "Llyodd, blonde bastard where are you?" Coming from upstairs was one of Jax's workers, Llyodd would sprint down stairs ending off with a little hop landing right in front of Jax. Instantly Jax would put him in a head lock. "Little turd! You know what I want, so hurry and go get it." Llyodd would chuckle and bit and get out of the headlock. He would then run into the kitchen and would retrieve a bag from the counter.

He would land Jax the bag and would head back up stairs. Turning Jax would head for the door, his next destination being the beauty plaza. But right before he closed the door, a swarm of goodbyes would flood the air and finally silencing when Jax closed the door.  Walking out onto the street Jax would open the bag and check out it's contents, smirking when he notices what it is. Using this will make his plan so much more of a success. Jax would finally make his way to the Beauty Plaza and the people wearing mask would instant stick out like a sore thumb. Did they know where they were?

Jax would stay hidden within the crowd as he got closer and closer to these people. They were talking about and just like Wanda showed him, they were discussing the prices for organs. With their prices almost giving Jax a heart attack. How the hell could they sell a liver for only a million beli? Jax charges at least 10 mill for something as important as a liver. It was a quick deal, the shady looking doctor gave them the money and they gave him presumably a cooler with the liver within. Probably. Jax has played a couple people like that before. But Jax learned that with word spreading of someone that looked like him his business almost flopped.

There was a few years of him disguising himself and yada yada, those were the old times though. While the three made their way through a dark alley Jax would jump them. Slamming one of their heads into the wall, Jump Kneeing the second and slamming the third's head into the floor. "I want to keep you conscious albeit only for a lil bit." Jax would lift the poor bastards face to his and removed the mask. "There we go, the face I wanted to see!" Jax would chuckle a bit. "Alrighty, now, i've gotten word that you dickheads have been selling organs, my shit, lower than the price I usually sell my stuff for." The unmasked fellow would spurt out blood as he attempted to speak.  Jax slammed his head onto the ground once more and lifted him back up.

"c'mon, c'mon I don't have all day here..." Jax would slap the guy in the face. He would respond in short spurts "I-I don't......I don't know nothing." Jax's face would twitch as he was starting to get annoyed at this basic grunt ass mindset. "You really don't get it do you" Jax's smirk would turn into a face without sympathy. "I will make sure your lifeless naked body is displayed over this whole plaza....and with that scared look on your face i'm pretty sure you know I would do it too."

4 Re: Pulling the Strings [Gran Voyage] on Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:43 pm




The guy would begin to shake violently. Jax who was already annoyed had no time for his constant flailing. He would proceed to snap the right arm of this poor fellow. Like a twig. He would scream in pain, but Jax knew where he was. No one around would be willing to help him, no one would listen to hear his pleas for mercy."You obviously don't know what kind of situation you are currently in." The sad part about it was this guy he was "interrogating" wasn't really an interrogation more like a beat down but anyway, this guy wasn't older than 18. "Boy, I am a Broker, and we Brokers like our money like seriously like our money and we like to have a secure way of getting it. And in all fairness the one rule you mustn't break for a Broker, is Mess. With. Their. Money."

Jax would slam the lad's back into the wall while he kept a steady hold on his neck, just in case he tried anything funny. A swift death would follow. "Kid, i'm only going to ask once more. I don't feel doing any killing right now, so tell me who is in charge of you idiots before you snap your neck quicker than I did your arm." He would twitch at the idea of his life coming to an abrupt end. He would oddly twitch once more before having a change of heart....weird. "Ok! Ok! I'll tell you who's in charge. There's a church near the old Market Plaza. Look's run down, it is. There is a hatch under the priest's alter leading to our headquarters! Please! Please don't kill me!"

Jax would toss the young man on the floor causing him to start gasping for air. "I won't kill you...." Jax digs in his pocket pulling out a roll of Beli, about 10k beli. "IS THAT 10 THOUSAND BELI ON THE FLOOR?!"
Jax would yell at the top of his lungs. "They will." And instantly the sounds of trashcans moving and boxing being pushed aside would flood the streets until a rabid mob of homeless people would being to swarm around the area. Jax would toss the roll onto the body of the last conscious cult member and would walk away. Simply humming and his screams would be mixed in with the angry yelling and fighting of the homeless people for the roll of cash.

Jax would make his way towards the old marketplace. Soon places would be filled with fewer and fewer people. Until there are no longer people being spotted within the vicinity. He would sigh as he would gaze up at the rusted and eroded sign that read "Market Plaza". Jax would walk within the area and the distinct sound of rats scampering and crows cawing within the distance was the only thing that seemed to have some sort of life within the area. After a few more yards of walking Jax would come face to face with the church that the foolish cult member spoke of. Honestly, the chances of this not being a trap are as good as Jax's chances of growing beyond 7 feet tall. Nigh impossible.

But Jax loved walking right into people's traps and turning that right on its head. Just the look of pure despair on their face is like ecstasy to Jax. But enough of getting a semi-hard on for watching people fail. Eventually, the same thing is going to happen to Jax right? Statistically with how much Jax this sort of thing, its bound to happen that he dies in a situation like this. Jax didn't care though, and with a simple shrug would push open rusty doors. They obviously made that rusty door like sound. But Jax was expecting someone or something to be in here. But Jax was only left with silence and old church chairs. And all the way down the nave was a single altar. Edging and calling onto Jax to move it. Would Jax do it though?

5 Re: Pulling the Strings [Gran Voyage] on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:25 pm




Jax was face to face with the old and decaying altar. It looked as if it hasn't been in use for a few years now. Jax wondered how old this place was. He wasn't in the mood for getting crushed by an old building. Also, Jax didn't have his funeral plans set out yet. And with Jax's line of work who knows when he is going to go. Maybe Jax could get cremated and shipped off to sea in a small golden boat? Nah, because if a pirate finds the boat you know damn sure they are going to take it. Well enough talk of death. It's time to cause it. Jax would say slamming his fist into his open palm.

He would effortlessly push the altar aside and to Jax's surprise, there was an actual hatch there. But unlike anything in the surrounding area, this hatch looked new and strong. It didn't have a passcode or anything just a lever in which Jax pulled and opened the hatch. The hatch led to some descending stairs that would halfway through disappear in the darkness. "Well, i've already gone this far. No use bitching out now" Jax would step down the steps of the stairs until after the dim light that pierced through the hatch could no longer reach the stairs.

The stairs were old just like the church. So was the hatch the only thing new? Didn't matter as far as Jax cared. Suddenly a bright light would illuminate the hall that the stairs led to. There were two rooms. One where the door was opened partly while the other had 2 people in robes and mask. Jax would listen closely as the faint sound of music and whispers could be heard. Probably from the cracked the door. Hmmm, how is Jax going to get these two weirdos away from the door? Oh! Jax had the perfect idea to get these two away from the door.

Jax would take off his boot and would throw it against the wall to the front of him. The way the stairs come down there is a corner to the left, right after that leads them to the door so there is a wall, probably solid in front of him. Enough of the details though. Hearing this the two "guards" would rush towards the sound and both of them would catch a rear neck choke and a powerful leg choke. And due to Jax's strength, it was a few seconds and they would be out like lights.

Jax would stare at their clothes and would get the sneakiest idea he's had while on this island. Jax was going to dress up as one of these idiots and get some info before tearing this place down from the insides. Hopefully, these guys have kid members or he will stick out like a sore thumb. Jax would tippy-toe over to the cracked door and would see what's behind it. "This just gets crazier and crazier huh." What Jax saw was maybe around 100 people bowing down before a statue of someone...Jax didn't recognize him. Was he some sort of god that these guys worship?

People these days are so weird it makes Jax seem normal now. And instantly Jax would spot a few children on their knees and hands bowing down to the statue. The sound of a man beating on a drum while a fire was lit the room providing light. It wasn't some small fire either. This thing was huge, Jax could feel the heat himself. But Jax's train of thought was interrupted as he heard the sound of the hatch opening. Wait. If Jax could hear the hatch open why couldn't dumb and dumber on the floor hear him? For now Jax needed to blend in... and quickly.

6 Re: Pulling the Strings [Gran Voyage] on Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:07 pm




Jax quickly put on the obviously oversized coats carefully put on the mask, ripped off the parts that didn't fit him and quickly made his way into the worship room. He would find a place near a few kids and would crouch down to his knees and his hands like everyone else was. After a few minutes of doing so, the whole room would yell out. "PRAISE SHAKA, AND HIS BIG FEET. FOR HE IS MERCIFUL" Jax wanted to laugh so hard, that he had to quickly cover his mouth so he wouldn't make any sound. Something intrigued Jax though. How come the kid next to him didn't notice him laughing? Why didn't anyone in the small row he was in react to Jax's quick movements? Something indeed weird was going on here.

Suddenly everyone in the room would rise, causing Jax to match their movements. Jax looked around counting the number of people that didn't seem to move like a hive mind. In total there seemed to be around seven. Four people on the back wall while there was a quite old man sitting on a chair with two guards. His fingers seemed to move gentling like a puppeteer moves his fingers. But due to his old age, it seemed like he might have gone senile. Because from what Jax saw there wasn't any pu-...Jax would squint his eyes. No way that's what he's actually doing right? That impossible. This old fart had some sort of ability that allowed him to control all of these people like puppets? That wouldn't make any sense though. Jax would stand still waiting for all the controlled people to walk out of the room.  

Soon a voice would call out, from the back of the room. It was from one of the four guards who didn't seem to be under the mind control. "Who are you! You didn't leave the room, so that means that the Pastor doesn't have control of you. So who are you and what is your business here?!" Jax would remain silent. This seemed to piss the man off a bit as he began to walk towards Jax. "Don't you hear me speaking to you?!" As he got closer Jax would punch with all his force into the man's throat. Properly killing the man. The remaining members of the cult would take a step back seeing as one of their own was taken out so quickly. Jax would take off the coat and would begin to check the guy's body to see if he had any weapons.

But for some reason, he didn't have any weapons on him. Jax wondered why that was the case. Did they have some sort of security that Jax got past? "WHO ARE YOU?! HOW DARE YOU MURDER ONE OF OUR MEMBERS! YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!" Jax wouldn't pay them any mind. As he would reach into his vest pocket. Taking out the back from before and taking out a plastic bag from the first bag. What was revealed was a white powder? And as you could guess, from Jax's broker connections he managed to get himself a pure form of a hallucinogenic drug. Really strong and highly addictive. Jax would cover his face with his sleeve as he would toss the power all around him. Causing the members that came after him to be pelted with this powder and immediately begin to hallucinate.

Some of them would begin to kiss the floor. Others would scream out as they thought they were being chased by an oversized woman with giant lips, attempting to kiss them. But, one person was different. He had a different color robe than the others. His hallucination was that of him becoming the new leader of the cult. Jax saw that the old man on the seat was pretty close to croaking but was he that close? As in mere moments of croaking? Jax would look around as there would be an apple on a podium. Just a regular apple? Was that the fruit Wanda was so keen on getting? It didn't look like all that. Maybe when you bit into it, there would be a rainbow inside. Or maybe the flavors of the apple were so great it could bring you to tears. Or even cause you to pee yourself.

Jax would b listing off the reason of why the apple would be presented in the way it was. But while he was doing so the old man's head would suddenly groop. Causing Jax to go over and check to see if what he initially thought had come to fruition. When Jax turned back to the fruit he would see that it's form had changed. It had changed greatly in fact. It was new grey in color with an oddly colored stem. Jax would grab the fruit and observe its shape and why the apple was no longer there. Did this thing change from the apple? And why did it only change when the old fart died? Jax had a lot of questions that Wanda was going to answer. Whether she liked to or not.

Jax wondered about the taste though. He would sniff the fruit but for some reason, it didn't give off a bad smell. Even though the fruit didn't look ripe at all. "DON'T DO IT, PASTOR. IF YOU EAT THE FRUIT AGAIN YOU WILL BE CURSED! CURSED UNTIL THE DAY YOU HAVE TO GIVE THAT CURSE TO ME! AND ON THAT DAY YOU GIVE OVER THE CURSE, YOU WILL DIE! PLEASE DON'T DO IT PASTOR!" Jax would devilishly smirk at the man as he struggled to fight the urges of the drug that coursed through his body. And honestly, it looked kinda fun. Jax might want to try some of this drug at the hideout. Could end up being a hoot and a half. Jax would bite into the fruit and would instantly notice the fact that it tasted like shit. Almost throwing it up Jax would try his hardest to keep it down, almost passing out from the taste alone.

Jax wanted to chuck the thing across the room but remember that he was getting money to bring this back to Wanda. So he would tuck it inside of his vest and would walk out the room as the crying of the oddly colored robe man would echo throughout the hall. "AS YOUR SON, I WILL GET MY HANDS ON THAT FRUIT. IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!" Jax would look back with a disinterested look on his face. "You are and will always be a failure." Walking out the room. He would suddenly come across the same group of people that was in the room before but now confused as to why they were there.

7 Re: Pulling the Strings [Gran Voyage] on Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:11 pm




Jax would blend into the crowd putting on a similar confused face like the others. He would follow everyone out as they would go up the stairs and would open the hatch flipping over the podium. Dozens of people would flood the streets as they would call for the marines. Soon questions would fill the air. "What are we doing here?" Others would whisper "How did we even get here? I didn't even know that this place existed!" Jax would odd while trailing back. And after some time would be engulfed in the darkness. He wanted to head over to Wanda but he wanted a little assurance, just a little bit.

He would make his way over to his hideout and would order a 13-year-old sniper named Martha to watch the window of Wanda's place. He wasn't sure but he had a weird feeling about Wanda. Why did she want this fruit so bad? Just what was so special about this fruit and why was Wanda willing to spend millions to get it? So many question Jax was going to squeeze out of Wanda's slim body. As Jax's lone sniper would trail him from roof to roof Jax would finally come face to face with Wanda's door and even before his knuckle would connect with the wood of the door it would burst open.

Jax would be yanked in but before Wanda would close the door she would look left and right, surveying the street to see if anyone trailed him. She would even look on top of the roofs, but with Jax's order's Martha would remain hidden until the signal would be shown. Which was Jax flicking off Wanda. "So! So! Did you get it?!" Jax would tilt his head in disgust. "Where's my money first idiot. I'm not giving shit until I see the cash." Wanda would exhale heavily and would go to the back of her store bring out a briefcase, softly opening it and turning it to show Jax that all the money was in there. All. Fifteen. Fucking. Million.

Jax would smirk as he would sit himself down again at the roundtable. "Before I give you this thing, I want to know what it is." Jax would show the fruit but he wouldn't show the part that he bit into. Wanda would gasp and then would attempt to grab it before Jax would yank it back into his vest pocket and would make eye contact with Wanda. She really was desperate to get her hands on this thing. Jax was steadily becoming interested in what this fruit really was. "Either you tell me or I'm going to crush this thing and toss it into the ocean." "NO ANYTHING BUT THAT!" Jax would chuckle a bit. Messing with Wanda was quite an enjoyable thing to do. Jax would lean back while keeping a hand on the fruit. "Go on....i'm waiting"

Wanda would sink into the table slamming her head onto the table from frustration. "Fine, ill tell you everything. Just....just please....that fruit is everything to me right now..." instantly the biggest sickly smile would appear on Jax's face. He was honestly going to swallow this person up. Devour their everything. Jax would tip his head as he didn't want Wanda to see his face. Because if she did she would truly see fear. "That fruit you are holding is called a Devil Fruit. It's a fruit that gives special abilities to the person who bites into to. But at a great price. The price of taking away the user's ability to swim." Jax would raise an eyebrow. "The hell? This thing took away Jax's ability to swim? In a world like this? That's basically suicide." Wait a minute Jax thought. Wait, was my ability going to be hypnotism? Thinking about that now, this could be a great add-on for Jax.

Something like controlling people would allow Jax to spread his influence over the underworld quite far. Just the thought of Jax having the whole Black Market under his spell makes Jax feel all nice and warm inside, and not in a good way. "So....from what I hear, Someone gets something great and something terrible at the same time huh?" Wanda would nod "So please just give me the fruit...." Jax would sigh out. "" Jax would show Wanda the bitten fruit causing her to have a look of horror on her face. Jax would pull up his middle finger while sticking out his tongue with a truly evil smirk on his face. Wanda would scream "THAT FRUIT BELONGED TO MY FATHER, IT SHOULD GO TO ME. NOT MY STUPID BROTHER AND DEFINITELY NOT A CORRUPTED PERSON LIKE YOU. BALTIGO SHOULD BE UNDER MY CONTROL. BALTIGO SHOULD BE PEACEFUL AND WITH MY CONTROL THIS STUPID I-" And before she could finish her sentence a bullet would enter her right cheek and exit out the left. From the position, Jax saw the shot from it looked like an honest headshot. He would hold his head up and would flick his wrist signaling Martha to go back to the base.

"You just don't get it do you, Wanda, do you? Would this place be peaceful under your rule? And I knew something was weird about your attitude towards this fruit. You never told me you was related to the masked cult. And you didn't even tell me what this thing did." Jax would toss the fruit behind him and would grab the briefcase filled with money. "Oh well, I got what I came for and see Wanda, it's a dog eat dog world out there. And unfortunately for you, you happened to run into a Dragon" Smirking once more Jax would grab one of Wanda's candles, smell it and would toss it on the floor. It was late so Wanda's assistant went home. The candle would cause the drapes to catch on fire. "I hope for a safe rescue Wanda...." Jax would gently close the door and would whistle down the street with some newly, intriguing, found knowledge and a briefcase filled with millions.


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