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1 New Npc System [Non-Player owned Npcs] on Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:24 pm



Have you created an NPC, you think has enough presence not only in your personal story but on the world as a whole. Why not make them Offical.

Offical NPCs must meet the following criteria
1. Significant weight of development and Impact; created through topics they have participated in.
2. Must hold a clear position in the world; that can easily be used by others or staff.
3. They are not to be used as a means to use occupations
4. if you plan to kill off any of these NPCs, they must be controlled by a staff member via that of a grand voyage
5. Each NPC will require a small fee to be used once they are considered official
6. if a player wants an NPC owned devil they can, the NPC fruit will just be replaced with something similar.

3 types of Unowned Npc

Beneficial - An NPC that aids you in your voyage one way or another indirectly. Eg - Training you [Adds the possibility to earn a free skill [not guaranteed, still depends on your topic; Do not Fight.

Positional - These NPCs are likely to be highly ranked, and have more importance to the world than yourself. Can become friends, enemies however they have no OOC benefit what so ever.  These characters will gain plot armor points, each plot armor point will create a random event that saves them [Eg a random lightning bolt saving Luffy].  Gain 1 plot armor point per use; lose 1 each time they should have died [only staff, can make saving posts] Can Fight via staff control

[Forgot what the 3rd was going be]

Example Template

Name: Rosey Snaps
Type: Benifitional 
Role/ job: Tripple agent working within the underground broker society as an information agent. Taking photos of interesting parties in order to gain money; Sells information to Pirates, Brookers, and Marines. While primarily working for the Revolutionary Army. 
Bonus: If used in a topic that is somewhat secretive [Battled some famous person in a dark alley, for no one to see] you will still gain bounty or eqvilant. +10% in normal situations.
Cost: 3 Million per topic. /
Origional creator : ?????????  /maybe creator will get a fraction of cost.

Name: Admiral Sassy
Devil Fruit :
Type: Positional 
Personality : Will murder over a rose
Plot armor points: 6
Feats: Killed 10 pirate captains, decapitated 2 Player characters 
[spoiler]Plotter Template[/spoiler]
Currently based: MarineFord
Cost: 10 million
1 Million was given to creator, per feat gained via others.

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