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1Bounty: Bandit Gogo! Empty Bounty: Bandit Gogo! on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:51 pm


Mashyuu sat at the bar of the tavern he had been staying in, resting in the far corner, back against the wall. He was sipping on a whiskey and eating a breakfast of bacon and toast. The pirate was dressed in his white shirt, black suit jacket, red and black plaid pants and black boots with a pair of black rimmed glasses on his nose. The bell above the door rang as it swung open and the Pirate glanced to see who was coming in. A young boy who couldn't have been older than sixteen strode into the tavern. Slung over his shoulder was a large club, dressed in a pair of brown pants and a white tee shirt, the dirty blonde haired boy cast his gaze over the people in the bar who all seemed to look away from the boy in response, as if he commanded some sort of secret respect. Mashyuu looked at the boy, then the people with a confused look. Shrugging his shoulders, Mashyuu continued to eat when he noticed a looming presence near him. Mashyuu glanced out the corner of his eye and looked up at the boy who was looking down at Mashyuu with a hint of anger towards the winged pirate. "Can I help you kid?" Mashyuu asked, causing everyone in the tavern's jaws to drop from shock. "Do you know who I am? You better change your tone when talking to me. I'm Bandit Gogo and this town is mine." Mashyuu wanted nothing to do with this kid who thought he was a bandit and waved his hand dismissively towards the boy. The young bandt, seething with rage lifted his club up high and started to bring it down. Lifting his head up to see the club over him, Mashyuu started to lean back only to fall with wide eyes as his stool slipped out from under him and the winged man fell backwards onto his rear. The club came down and smashed into the stool and splintered it in a single smash, causing Mashyuu's hair to stand on end while his teeth ground together with shock at the boys apparent strength.

"...Don't cross me. If I see you outside this tavern, your life is mine, got it?" Gogo growled and turned to walk out, clearly loosing his apatite. A smile spread over Mashyuu's face and he ran his hand through his dark, messy locks. "Well, it could be worse, he could have hit me." He remarked as the boy left the tavern. Using his wings, Mashyuu pushed himself back up to his feet and smiled at everyone. "So, who is that kid?" He asked the bartender who was looking at the broken stool. "Don't worry about that, I'll make you a new one out of metal." The Bartender sighed and placed his forehead in his hand. "..Bandit Gogo, he's a kid who's parents went to Skypiea and never came back. He grew up to be a right bastard and pushes most of the town around. We don't do much to him since he's just a kid. But this is starting to get insane. He is going to kill someone soon." The Barkeep explained while looking at the door. "Is there a reward for bringing him in?" Mashyuu asked and as if on queue the Bartender pulled a wanted poster from under his bar and slapped it down next to Mashyuu. "Hey! This guy is worth almost as much as me!? No way, I'm gonna take him down." Mashyuu growled and ran upstairs to change into his pirate garb, black vest, black pants, with matching boots, a black long tailed coat and red gloves with his white mask. Mashyuu picked up his morning star and flew out the window to tail the young bandit.

Mashyuu flew high above the young boy and considered if he should kill the boy but everyone deserved a chance, some hard time in a cell would do the trick. Mashyuu flung his wrist out and let his dagger slip into his left hand and started to fly over the boy, eclipsing the sun from the boy's back. Just as Mashyuu started to turn and drift down towards the young boy, looking to hit him straight in the back with his dagger, the boy twisted and flung his hammer up, slamming it straight into Mashyuu's chest, knocking the winged pirate aside and into a stone wall hard. Mashyuu dropped his weapon and slid down the wall to land in a slump on the dirt floor of Mock Town...

2Bounty: Bandit Gogo! Empty Re: Bounty: Bandit Gogo! on Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:21 pm


There was a long pause of silence as people looked out their windows to see what the crash was, all looking on as someone was crazy enough to apparently attack Gogo in the daylight. Slowly Mashyuu shook his head and pushed himself up to his feet, using the wall of the building he crashed into to stabilize himself. Even without seeing the boy, Mashyuu could hear him getting closer as the bandit took his time to walk closer to Mashyuu. "I knew you would come for me after I smashed up your stool and ruined breakfast. It's a shame too. I would have liked to torment you a bit longer before I killed you. Still I bet I could make you scream before you die." Gogo boasted while while Mashyuu opened his mouth and blood poured from the inside of his mouth, a wound sustained from the blow he took to the chest. Quickly Mashyuu grasped his morning star and whipped it around and up to a fighting stance. Mashyuu couldn't hope to match the boy in strength but he was sure that he was faster than the boy was. Gogo aimed his club and jabbed for Mashyuu, attempting to pin him to the wall but with a beat of his wings, Mashyuu leap't over the club and landed on it. He took a few steps and across the club and drove his foot into the jaw of Gogo, knocking the boy back a step as Mashyuu flipped off the club and landed in a three point stance, morning star raised high above his head.

Gogo took a moment to collect himself and smirked wide while Mashyuu stood up and moved to square up against the crazy strong boy. "...You hit hard, but you don't have much in the way of speed do you? Ya know, it's easier to do more damage more often if your fast right?" Mashyuu scolded the boy while the boy moved to kick Mashyuu's dagger down the street. Mashyuu sighed, he needed a way to keep the dagger he carried from getting knocked aside so often. In three fights, he'd lost it twice and it was starting to get to him. Mashyuu glared at Gogo and the two started to circle one another while Gogo narrowed his eyes and focused on the fight, the first person in years to attack him so brazenly. "How many attacks will it take you to beat me, I bet I can beat you in less than three more hits." He boasted and glanced at everyone watching the fight from their homes. Mashyuu ducked down low and flapped his wings, charging the man head on but watching Gogo's feet placement carefully.

Just as Gogo started to move in order to attack, Mashyuu spun while folding in his wings and sprang off the ground, launching himself to the left while the club crushed the ground Mashyuu had been above just a moment ago. Mashyuu lashed out, all while Gogo side stepped, using his club as a counter balance and only took a grazing strike to the calf from Mashyuu's morning star. Mashyuu landed in a roll that found him on his feet in a crouched position while Gogo stretched out his leg to make sure he wouldn't need to keep weight off it. Mashyuu could feel the blood in his mouth welling up and spit the iron like liquid out onto the floor. He needed to get it looked at and quick. A second direct hit would likely take Mashyuu out no questions asked.

The pair squared up again and attacked, Mashyuu darting backwards in the middle of flight, keeping low to the ground he scooped up his dagger while Gogo charged, closing the distance quick thanks to the reach of his club. Mashyuu planted both his feet and kicked off the ground, springing back just far enough that the club missed Mashyuu's chest by no more than in inch. The Winged Pirate heaved a sigh of relief at his good luck, karma for falling off his stool earlier in the day. Quickly Mashyuu spun around and flung his dagger at the young boy, trying to drive it into his right shoulder to make the bandit bleed and make it harder for him to use the club but the man twisted the club up by the handle and managed to catch the dagger with the wooden weapon. "Damn it, he's good with that club. Spent a good amount of time learning how to use it." Mashyuu muttered under his breath while snarling with annoyance.

Did Gogo know Mashyuu only had one dagger? Mashyuu wasn't sure but he needed to finish the fight before it dragged on too long and the Winged Fighter was out cold. Mashyuu reached into the inside of his jacket with his left hand while he flipped his morning star in his right, gripping it just above the spiked ball, risking stabbing himself in the process. But he didn't want to kill the boy with what he had planned. Mashyuu suddenly broke into a full on flying charged while flinging his left arm out of his jacket to fake throw a dagger that wasn't really there at Gogo, in turn Gogo swung his club up to try and catch Mashyuu with it in the jaw. Thinking there was another dagger coming at him, Gogo winced, and pulled his strike a bit but still caught Mashyuu in the stomach with the club while Mashyuu swung his morning star down, the handle aimed true. The handle of his morning star smashed into the boys temple, not killing him but knocking him out from the force of the swing while Gogo's attack cracked Mashyuu's rib and drove the air from his lungs. Mashyuu flipped over Gogo as he hit the ground and the pair crashed to the floor in a heap of bodies and weapons.

... Mashyuu stepped back into the tavern, dragging Gogo behind him by the scruff of the boy's tee shirt, the club left in the street where it had been dropped. Mashyuu couldn't pull it with the injuries he sustained. He walked back up to his room, leaving the out cold Gogo at the steps and changed back into the attire he was wearing that morning then had the bartender contact the local marines.

When the marines arrived Mashyuu nodded his head towards the out cold boy and held up the wanted poster. "Turning him in alive, now if you'll pay me, I'm going to go find a doctor before I die." Mashyuu cracked a bloody smile and flipped his dagger in his free hand. The marines collected the boy and payed Mashyuu, leaving the man to find a doctor to tend to his wounds, and hopefully set off for Skypiea soon.

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