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1 Baioretto Movie 2: Three Kings wip on Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:08 pm

Sabaody Archipelago: Downtown Alubarna


The dead of silence allowed the night light to burn bright, the crisp nature of the wind brought out an area of the silence which in a sense resonated with the art of the world, it painted a picture through it's sound.. or lack there of. A caravan which was being muled by camels had pulled up adjacent of a large building somewhere in downtown Alubarna, in the cart were five men, all wearing mask of former Alubarna leaders which were now deceased. "These mask, you could buy them wholesale for a gold chip, people in this damn city are just as dumb as the leaders." said one of the goons, the fifth man who sat at the back of the caravan between the two duo's cracked a smile "They say it starts at the top." spoke the man who featured a violet finish on his hair which his signature orange shades. Removing the shades placing them besides him it was Baioretto D. Fuentes, the famed assassin who sought greener pastures here on Alabasta. The two men on the right had standard pistols while their counterparts had rifles which were ready to gun down those who opposed them on their mission.

"Search and seizure boys."

Sliding his mask on Baioretto would stand as his men exited the caravan and there it was, the facility in question they were targeting. This placed housed the finances of a prominent crime syndicate here on Alabasta and Baioretto knew that which is exactly why he was sticking this place up. On the right wing where they exited the caravan there were three guards patrolling and two on top of the facility to have the high ground just in case the ground team failed to secure and lock down their targets. The plan was simple, the team up top got taken out to make the ground team easy picking, that was the part that Baioretto was going to take care of. One of Baioretto's men spoke "You're up boss." Looking up Baioretto would see the night sky soon reaching its apex, it was when his head had tilted back just slightly enough that he was seeing only above but not what was once forward that he activated his "Focus" skill which made every object and person which could have a charge attached to it become "Visible" to Baioretto. "Two up top, just as we scouted. I'll dispatch of them." Reaching with his left arm Baioretto would push his gold hilted katana Bori upwards with his thumb sending it into the nearby air allowing Baioretto to watch it with his right arm. One there Baioretto would throw said blade into the sky. once airborne the blade would begin to get higher and higher until Baioretto vanished and appeared at the handle of Bori.

A dash of purple lightning could be seen going upwards if you focused your eyes enough.

Before any of the goons could speak Baioretto was already leveled with the roof guards, throwing his blade forward Baioretto threw his blade at the first guard bringing it towards him at full speed ready to pierce his head but he saw the flying blade and moved his head out of dodge which is exactly what Baioretto wanted, another dash of purple and Baioretto was gone again, appearing behind the guard grabbing the blade as his solid form came back to him, before his lower half could even form Bori was piercing the guards neck causing him to fall down bleeding out. As he gasped for air the second guard came by shooting his pistol which caused Baioretto to start running which caused chase by the guard.

"So what's his deal anyway?" said one of the goons down below. "He ate a devil fruit, one that made him the lightning human. Needless to say, we don't need a problem with him." "Agreed" spoke the guards in unison.

Meanwhile Baioretto was still running on the roof where he threw his blade upwards causing the guard to look up for a slight second but when he put his eyes back on Baioretto he was gone, the blade was coming downwards towards the guard and Baioretto was essentially driving it into the guard. Piercing his shoulder the guard screamed in pain. Removing his blade Baioretto stepped on the guards throat crushing his windpipe before hurling his sword over the roof back down to his men, as the blade descended it was going hilt first until the purple electricity started to form under it, Baioretto grabbed the blade back on the ground level.

The foot soldiers looked at their leader impressed yet scared of what he could do, their mask couldn't hide how they felt about his abilities, he knew. "Well? Go handle your business." spoke Baioretto as he stared his men down with Bori in hand. The actions of the goons were swift and certainly not sweet as they executed the three guards before they could make sense of what was happening. Once they were dispatched Baioretto made his move into the structure, what was his business here you might ask? As mentioned before this place was ran by a local gang which was going to pay massive dividends in the crusade of Baioretto. They walked in and saw the jewels and the finances that had alluded many other gangs of the Alubarna lands and it brought a smile to Baioretto's face as he took his mask off. "Bring the bodies in, we'll put them on the right wall. By the time the winged guards from the other positions clear the space needed to get here we'll be gone."

Three of his men would go grab the bodies of the dead guards and drag would remained to the pillar inside the structure, as for the jewels and the beli? "Take it all." spoke Baioretto who turned around and placed his mask back on. Taking all the riches and loading it into the caravan was easy, after that the bodies were set on fire with accelerant's causing the structure to burn in a blaze. The caravan was three blocks adjacent to the structure and the building across from the structure within roughly 11 meters? It had a jolly roger, a smiling circular skull with orange sunglasses. It was the insignia of the King of Hearts Baioretto D. Fuentes.

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2 Re: Baioretto Movie 2: Three Kings wip on Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:41 pm

Sabaody Archipelago: Downtown Alubarna


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