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1 The will of nil (GV) on Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:29 pm




Nil District

Three months have passed since Leon had his last encounter with the kingpins of Baltigo, causing disturbances with shipments and acquiring the ledger of a kingpin.  This was of some use to Leon and gave him some information that helped him to obtain various items from shipments and deals on the black market.

Leon remained in the shadows as he gave tasks to residents in the nil district to obtain weapons and medicines.  These tasks had a very low risk cause Leon didn't want anyone to be hurt.  There have been various movements from within the nil district which targeted the kingpins.  Though Leon didn't know the players from the nil district personally he kept watch over them and instructed the tasks he gave the residents to shadow movements of other players so as to allow them to move around and completed assignments unnoticed.

Things have been going fairly well last few months but Leon couldn't just stay within the shadows, sooner or later he would have to take action again to deter certain actions of the kingpins ad well as to obtain more high risked supplies and information.  Every now and then though Leon thought back on the mysterious woman that followed him in the sewers three months ago, since he parted ways with her that night he didn't see or heard of her even when he tried searching for her to figure out who she might be.

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2 Re: The will of nil (GV) on Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:07 pm




Nil District

Leon was distracted from his thoughts as he heard a news coo calling from along the horizon.  Leon opened his eyes and focused on the news coo as it made it's way to the shores of Baltigo.  News coo are medium-sized seagulls that spread newspapers and wanted posters around the world.  They wear hats that signify their employment and carry bags over their shoulders to collect funds from persons interested in purchasing a copy.

Leon had laid in the grass located in a clearing within the small forest along the coast line of the nil district.  He rose to his feet and stretched out his hand signalling to the news coo his interest in purchasing a copy.  Upon seeing Leon the news coo glided down towards him in a slow decent till it was within reach, as the the transaction of beli and newspaper concluded it again rose to the skies to continue its task.

According to the news there has been a lot of incidents around the world but none of the incidents in Baltigo seemed to have been noted.  None except an incident from a few days ago with Soju the "Red Fox" an upcoming pirate that obtained the title of supernova for his deeds.  He had recently hijacked a radio station and broadcasted a message across various islands with Proko Den Den Mushi that were strategically hidden and placed to attract as much attention as possible.

When it had occurred Leon had seen the smoke from the incident in the distance and observed from a distance when he arrived at the scene.  As he watched from nearby he took note of what was going on and deemed it best to stay within the shadows.  In the broadcast that Soju held he claimed to be the son of the Red King and subsequently declared a challenge to pirates to make a name for themselves and become a supernova  and either compete against or join him if they wish to expedition The Beginning of the End.

As Leon continued to read the paper as it stated Soju escaped the marines and Cipher Pol he also took note of the many wanted posters and bounties accompanying them.  The effects from Soju's challenge seemed to have a great impact in the direction the world will be going.  As everyone is making their move it has reaffirmed Leon that he himself should not stay in the shadows much longer and make moves to secure those in the nil district and tip the balance of King Pins in the nine districts.

He folded the paper in half and retreated in the forest away from the coast line.  It was time he returned to the orphanage to check on the children as it was getting late and to go around to obtain reports from those he had conducting tasks throughout the day and acquiring items to assist the district.

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