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1 Enter Soju the "Red Fox" on Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:27 am

The Janitor


The Janitor
An ear-splitting explosion roared throughout multiple blocks of Ninth District. High above, a multistory building began to billow smoke and shower of glass began to rain down towards harmless bystanders. Pedestrians screamed and instinctively ducked down while trying to cover their heads with their garments. Over multiple Den Den Mushi radio frequencies one could hear shouting and panic in the foreground. "We're currently in Vielmount Towers and I've been informed a group of insurgents have broken in and begun to ransack the studio!"

From the perspective of the insurgents they continued to run up the spire of stairs in the stairwell until they reached a door with a red light sign above it that read "LIVE". "This is the one!" Lifting up his leg, the head of the group of villains spartan kicked the door causing it to buckle and fly off the hinges into the room. "Oh, my, it appears they've entered the studio . . . uh you can't be in here. This is-" The head of the group grabbed the Den Den Mushi that the radio host was speaking into and shoved the man to the side causing him to spill out of the chair onto the floor. "Oi! Can you hear me!"

One of the men who had a docile expression and a head of blonde hair began to receive a call on his personal Den Den Mushi and he answered it. "Speak." "Mercer, we can hear the boss loud and clear." Mercer nodded meekly and hung up. "They can hear you. Please get the Cameko* on the Captain. The Prokos* should be ready to project his image at any moment now." A pirate holding a small Den Den Mushi snail ran in front of his Captain and squatted down while aiming the snail at him. Pushing a button on its back, the snail's eyes opened and not only was this man's voice heard over various radio frequencies, but his image was being projected onto various surfaces around Paradise.

This pirate was known as Soju the "Red Fox", one of three recognized Super Novas. During his previous campaign he raked in gobs of Beli and spent them organizing this moment. On various islands, not just Baltigo, but also Jaya Island, Water 7, Drum Island, Sandy Island, and Sabaody Archipelago, he had installed hidden Proko Den Den Mushis in numerous spots. When they were activated they beamed to project the sight the Cameko in front of him was seeing onto the blank walls of various buildings. It'd be akin to a jumbo-tron or billboard.

"If you happen to live under a rock and don't know who I am, it's ok. But just so you know, I am one of the three sole pirates worthy of being titled a Super Nova; Soju the "Red Fox"!" In the frame one could see the radio host scramble up and high tail it out the frame and through the door the group had broken in from. Picking up the spilled over chair, Soju took a seat and lounged comfortably while on camera. "I'm not just broadcasting this for fun and games however. I have important news to share with the world! I'll supply my own drum roll." He repeatedly thudded his hands on the desk in front of him for a few seconds until dramatically stopping and leaning forward in the face of the Cameko. "I've come to discover I'm the son of the Red King! Ironic isn't it! I always had a fascination for him, but now it all makes sense!" "We found them! In here!" A few Marines came up from the stairwell and tried to enter the room, their presence could be audibly heard through the transmission.

Soju would only look at them for a shallow nonchalant moment, before returning his attention to the Cameko. Mercer however, would perform his duties as Soju's right hand and dispatch them in a quick combination of well aimed attacks. Their grunts and groans as well as the impacts from the blows could be faintly heard. "I sense there are more on their way up Captain." He spoke oh so very plainly as he always did, but Soju felt his dullness balanced out his often over-excessive reserves of energy. "Looks like I gotta wrap it up, but the real reason I'm hosting this broadcast for is to challenge you small fries out there trying to make a name for yourselves! Make it big and get some fame! I'm looking to build an expedition team that's interested in going to the very place that marked the end of my father's reign. The Beginning of the End! Maybe you want to join my team for a shot at taking my head off, or maybe you want to join to explore. I don't care, but I'm only joining ranks with those who gain enough traction to see me as an equal. That's right!" He reeled a hand back then thrusted it dramatically at the Cameko. What sounded like gunshots rang out in the foreground and the bodies of Marines tumbled down the stairs. "I'm challenging yoouuuuu to become a Super Nova! Until then, ciao!~" He held his cheesy smile at the camera for a few seconds, then stood up out the chair. His demeanor now was a lot less animated, but one could still tell he was a very livid and enigmatic character.

He'd stretch his arms high above his head and yawn a bit now facing the door as the Cameko's frame fumbled around a bit. The camera man apparently came to a stand and he'd turn the Den Den Mushi towards himself trying to turn the thing off. With a fraction of his dumbfounded looking face being shown on the projectors, the transmission awkwardly ended with static.

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