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1Introducing Mashyuu! ... A fallen Angel? Empty Introducing Mashyuu! ... A fallen Angel? on Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:01 pm



The greenish grey water sloshed against the wooden docks of Mock Town as a small wooden ship slid into the docking bay on the far side of the skull shaped land. A few moments after the ship stopped the criss-crossed wooden door leading to the lower decks swung open and Mashyuu came out from below deck while covering the top of his eyes with his palm. His nostrils were assaulted by the scent of freshly caught fish, hanging near the docks by workers who had spent their early morning catching their meals for the day. A smile spread over his face he had seen this before and while he used his wings to fly out over where fish would circle at home, to catch them with a spear, he always admired the skill it took to truly fish with a rod or net. Slowly, as he came up to the main deck of the small sailing ship, Mashyuu removed his hand from his forehead to stop shielding his eyes as they adjusted to the natural light of the sun. "First thing I'm gonna do is find a place that sells some sun glasses." He muttered to himself while straightening the glasses on the bridge of his slender slopped nose. He only wore them because the people from the Ring Island, where he fell as a child gave the black rimmed glasses to him and he didn't have the heart to get rid of the things. "Hey, Mash! Here don't forget this..." A sailor from below deck came up and handed Mashyuu a long duffel bag that was zipped up. With a small smile and nod of his head, Mashyuu took the bag and slung it over his shoulder then made way for the gangplank of the ship.

His black shoes clopped against the wood as he made his way onto the dock where men and women rushed to take care of ships that were coming and going. Mashyuu reached out and grasped a worker by the arm and asked where he could find information about what was happening in town and where he could find a job or two. After getting some directions he headed off for the center of town. It was odd to Mashyuu, hiding his wings under the folds of his black suit jacket, even though they had slits in them for his wings to stick out from. He had been told all his life, after the fall that his wings made him special but the sailors he had traveled with feared that Mashyuu might draw unwanted attention with them if he wasn't careful.

Mashyuu walked past a small stall where a man was selling not only sun glasses but a few random keepsakes to people only visiting the island on their way to other islands, and stopped when the man started to talk to someone interested in something on the shop keeps counter. Without saying a word, Mashyuu reached his hand out and snatched a pair of red glasses while placing his hands behind his head to hide the folded glasses in his palm. As he locked his fingers behind his head, Mashyuu rounded a small buildings corner and replaced his normal glasses with the red sunglasses and smiled smugly to himself. "One less thing to worry about." He muttered to himself while heading to the local tavern where of course, people were looking for workers or starting trouble.

Just as Mashyuu started to cross the dirt road that led to the tavern, he spotted two men carrying spears with short wings strapped together on their backs with a binding that would take so much effort to cut that it wouldn't be worth it, even worse, Mashyuu recognized the straps and as the recognition hit him, he froze from sheer fear. Quinn's Slavers? Why are they here? They couldn't be looking for me... How would they even know what I look like at this point? I've changed so much. They would have come for me when I was a kid right? Crap, what do I even do? I gotta hide! He thought and quickly back stepped into the shadows of a near by building, only to press his back to the wall and wait for the two men to pass by. For a moment he was frozen in fear but when he realized that the men weren't looking for him, but others. Others for Quinn to enslave and ruin the lives of. Mashyuu wouldn't let that happen... not to anyone else if he could help it. Mashyuu's hands clenched at his sides and shook with anger for a moment as he released the bag from his shoulder, letting it clatter to the floor. A few moments later and Mashyuu was soaring up into the sky, a long black coat hanging from his arms and shoulders. On his left hip a Morning Star dangled, in his left sleeve a dagger was hidden, ready to slide out with the flick of a wrist. His black pants were trimmed and tailored perfectly to his legs to keep clinging to his ankles. When he managed to fly just high enough up over the buildings his red gloved hand placed a white mask over his eyes and Mashyuu took off after the slavers...

2Introducing Mashyuu! ... A fallen Angel? Empty Re: Introducing Mashyuu! ... A fallen Angel? on Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:19 pm


Soft beats of Mashyuu's feathered wings kept him afloat and drifting just high enough to move over the buildings that he used as cover while following the slave hunters from Skypiea. The Pirate's blue eyes narrowed and took in the men's details. black sandal like shoes that wrapped around their calves, white shorts that stopped at the ankles and white silk vests with gold trimming that had slits in the backs for the wings that were strapped to their chests and were locked in place by a pad lock with a snake eating its own tail, the symbol of Quinn. Mashyuu would know that symbol anywhere, never would he forget it, or the pain it caused him, the pain it caused others. Quinn wasn't stealing from others to survive, he was stealing from others to not have to do real work, to not have to try in life. It made Mashyuu sick and twisted the young man's stomach. The pirate followed behind and to the left of the men until the pair stopped at a small house on the edge of the islands village. It was good too, Mashyuu's wings were starting to cramp and he wasn't sure how much longer he would be able to fly at the pace the men were moving. He touched down behind a barrel and crouched low while pulling his wings in, and lifting his morning star. Mashyuu started to stand while placing his left hand on the barrel he hid behind just as the two men with spears started to flank the building they stopped at. Mashyuu's awkward weight on the edge of the barrel caused the rounded object to slip and fall, knocking not over the barrel itself but Mashyuu with it and caused a loud crash to echo at the edge of town.

The slavers both stopped in their tracks and winced due to the sound that echoed out from behind them and first looked at the door of the building they came to, then turned to face the sound. Slowly, Mashyuu pushed himself up with his right hand, the morning star still gripped tightly, while his left hand held his head in its palm. Slowly he shook his head until a shout from across the street drew his attention. "Get in there and get the girl, I'll deal with... Hey he's like us? Why is he here?" "Doesn't matter, I'll get the girl, make sure he doesn't walk ever again!" The two men shouted while Mashyuu pulled himself up to his feet and glanced at the two men. Quickly he assumed a fighting stance and started to grit his teeth together while watching the two men. One made a break for the door while the other charged Mashyuu.

Mashyuu's wings exploded out and flapped, lifting him off the ground quickly and sent him soaring up and at the man who was going for the door, completely over the other who had his wings bound, stopping him from flying altogether. Mashyuu started to twist mid flight while flicking his wrist and ejecting his dagger into his palm. Quickly Mashyuu folded his wings in as he came to fly above the intruding slave and spun down. The moment he fell to the man's shoulder height, his wings opened again and he dragged his dagger down the back of the slavers shoulder, following the side of his spine, leaving multiple, deep cuts. "Heaven's Wrath!" Mashyuu shouted as he connected with the ground. Just as quickly as he landed, Mashyuu took off again, lifting his morning star high over head in the process. As his morning star became level with the head of the man who was grasping in pain at his back, Mashyuu flipped the weapon so the head of the morning star was facing the back of the mans skull. Mashyuu gripped the hilt of the weapon and drove it into the back of the mans head, ripping through flesh and stabbing bone in the process. "Crown of Heaven.." He whispered as the man who was trying to get into the non discript house fell at Mashyuu's feet, either dead or dying.

The glare that came from Mashyuu's eyes as he looked at the other slaver, who had long since stopped to look at the carnage with a bit of terror, kept the man frozen in place. Mashyuu kept himself afloat with heavy beats of his wings, looking like an angel who had been sent to earth to punish the wicked, even if only for a second, and all in the middle of the day. Carefully he lowered himself on the ground while pointing his morning star in the direction of the stunned slaver. Step after step, Mashyuu found himself closer and closer to the slaver, and his rage boiling over in his soul. It took everything he had to not outright kill the man, but instead he had questions. "How many of you are there?... Where are they?....Who are you looking for on the island?" Mashyuu asked while making sure nobody came out of the house behind him. The slaver dropped his spear, instead of striking out, glanced at his likely dead friend then back to the masked Mashyuu. "Four more of us... oh god don't kill me! What? A large boat at the docks, we were just looking for people who wouldn't put up much of a fight to kidnap. We heard the lady that lives here has two kids and no husband. Wouldn't put up a-" He never finished speaking, Mashyuu pushed his dagger into the mans ribs and twisted hard, then pulled the blade out and left him for dead...

3Introducing Mashyuu! ... A fallen Angel? Empty Re: Introducing Mashyuu! ... A fallen Angel? on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:53 pm


... Mashyuu flew back to the alley he had changed clothes in and constantly looked over his shoulder to see if he had been followed after attacking and likely killing two men. Never in his life had he done that, and if they hadn't been slavers, he doubted he would have even attempted it, at the very least he would have felt bad, but those men didn't deserve life, they, in Mashyuu's mind, were the scum of the earth. As he touched down where his bag had been left he leaned against a near by wall and slid down so that his head rested against his knees. The flying had wore him out, he had never flown so much in his life and started to think he was a fool for considering flying from island to island. Maybe one day he would be able to, but not yet. Mashyuu reached out for his bag and slowly lifted his head when he couldn't find his pack. "...Someone took my bag!?" He shouted while growling with frustration. After a moment he let out a soft sigh and stood up to look at the tavern one last time. "Sorry tavern... I need to stop some slavers and find out where Quinn is."

Annoyed that his clothes had been taken along with his bag, Mashyuu folded his wings against his back and fastened his jacket around his chest to hide the morning star that was hanging off his hip then started back towards the docks. Hands in his pockets, mask off, and sunglasses on, Mashyuu kept his head down while thinking about what he was going to do. Can't take down four guys at once, got lucky with the last two. Do I get the marines? No, if the marines here are dirty than I can't trust them.
Plus telling them I killed two men will only get me arrested and won't help anyone who might get enslaved. I have to do this myself. Maybe there is a weapon I can use against them, or at least cause the men to flea.
He thought to himself along the walk.

When he arrived at the docks, Mashyuu made a few passes back and fourth as if he were simply walking for no other reason than to keep himself busy. It took a few hours and the sun was starting to set but he found it, the ship of the slavers, it was a smaller ship than Mashyuu expected, only able to hold maybe twenty men at most, and had a small wing painted at each side of the ship. The wood had been painted a deep blue and strange looking cannons made of large shells rested at each side of the ship. At first Mashyuu was unsure if the ship belonged to the slavers but after seeing one walk on board with a child sized sack over his shoulder, he knew he had found the right place. Now there is a hostage? Day just gets better and better.... He thought to himself while considering if he really needed to save the hostage or simply sink the ship.

Deciding it was best to simply walk on board, Mashyuu made his way to the ship and walked up the gangplank, his brows lifted over his red tinted glasses while he took in the sight of the ships upper deck. The ship wasn't anything special on the main deck but the pirates hair stood on end when he heard foot steps behind him. "Well well... if it isn't the fallen brat. You might not remember me, but I remember you." Mashyuu didn't know the voice, but he knew he was in trouble. Slowly Mashyuu turned around and looked at the slaver standing behind him. The man wore a set of white robes that clung to his massive body and kept his golden blonde hair in a high ponytail to stay out of his face. A large tattoo of tribal design ran from the right side of his face down his neck and ended at his fingers. In his hands was a long chain. The man was easily seven feet tall and even worse, his wings weren't bound, this was the leader of the slavers ship.

How long is that chain? If someone comes to stop us from fighting how do I explain why I was on the ship to begin with? Can I take this guy? I'm not gonna come out of this without some injuries... Shit! Mashyuu's mind raced with thoughts when the man pulled his arm back and swung the chain as hard as he could at Mashyuu. He didn't think the chain would reach that far but the length uncoiled and struck Mashyuu in the left arm hard, knocking the Pirate to the side in the process. Mashyuu fell to a knee as the chain was yanked back to the Slaver's body and the massive man started to swing the weapon rapidly, causing the links to cut the air with a high pitched whistling sound. Already Mashyuu's arm started to bruise under the sleeve of his jacket and the young man winced while pulling his morning star up into his hand. Once again the chain came slashing across the distance towards Mashyuu but this time the fast fighter managed to lift his morning star and cause the chain to wrap around the weapon and go taught. A wry grin crossed Mashyuu's lips as they glinted with a devious intent. "You're a one trick pony, you might be a big shot with Quinn but you're not as good as me." Mashyuu boasted while flinging his left hand out and launching his dagger from its hidden sheath into the Slavers shoulder cross guard deep and causing blood to spray out of the wound. The Slaver cried out in pain and nearly dropped the chain.

In the time it took for the man to recover, Mashyuu managed to unwrap the chain from his morning star. His gaze went from the dropping chain to the dagger that the slaver pulled from his shoulder as the wall of a man tossed the dagger to the deck of the ship. Mashyuu flapped his wings and caused a small pile of dust to swing up from the ground as he took off towards the dagger. Just as he was about to reach the weapon, the chain smashed into the dagger and clipped Mashyuu's fingers, causing the Pirate to dart up into the air to try and put distance between the two. Mashyuu looked up at the crows nest on the main mast then back down, only in time to see the large man flying right behind Mashyuu. Damn it all. I forgot he could fly! He thought while twisting in the air and folding his wings in, cannon balling down towards the ground. The sudden movement down caused the large man to stop, mid flight stunned. Mashyuu landed on the ground and bent at the knees and sprang forward at the dagger, scooped it up and twisted to face the man who landed back on the deck of the ship while slowly bleeding from his shoulder. "Well... I'll give you this, you're good at running. Unlike your mother. I killed her, tried to get you with the shot too but couldn't see you past her wings."

Never in his life had Mashyuu's grip on his morning star been tighter. His knuckles turned white under his crimson gloves. The Pirate charged fast, his superior speed carrying him quicker than the massive man thought possible. With a great heave, Mashyuu brought his morning star up while shouting. "Heavens Crown!" His morning star smashed into the Slavers Jaw, crushing a bit of bone and breaking teeth while the pirate flapped his wings hard, whirling to the mans right side in the process. His wings folded in while the man whipped to face his foe and tried to get a good angle to attack from. Mashyuu's wings swept open low, as if he were trying to trip his foe while at the same time, the Crimson Star swept his dagger at random angles towards the chain holders chest. The trick though was the morning star coming up to smash into the slavers hip and thigh, crushing bone and crippling the man greatly. "..Fall From Grace." Mashyuu growled through clenched teeth. The Slaver howled in pain and stumbled back to try to get away but couldn't outpace Mashyuu with the pain searing through the Slavers hip. Mashyuu started to swing his morning star rapidly in his palm while flying up high and around the ship as fast as he could. Mashyuu closed in on the man and drove his morning star straight into the man's chest, crushing it on impact and driving the slaver to the ground...

After some work, Mashyuu walked to the gang plank and pulled the wood up onto the deck then went to the door that led below deck. With a bit of a heave he pulled the heavy wooden gate up and revealed light to the bottom of the deck. Two small children in cuffs looked up, salty tears streaked their eyes while they backed away in fear. "Hey, no. Don't worry, I'm gonna get you out of here and someplace safe." He assured the kids while gesturing for them to come up. A few moments later, Mashyuu took off into the sky, one child under each arm. The Pirate dropped the children off in front of the local marine headquarters and took off for the tavern, ready to find a room to stay in while he planned his next move, witch was now, traveling to Skypiea..

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