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1 Staff Application on Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:54 am

Become our Nakama

We are looking for a few dedicated and driven individuals to join us on our staff team. If you want to help out and see a position below that you are capable of doing apply and good luck!

Developer: Create NPCs, System Ideas, Plots, Mechanics, Events, and RP NPCs only when directed to. Obviously you must have a creative mind to carry out this job, but you are heavily valued. You must be pro-active and take building events, NPCs, plot devices into your own hands. This is a job that won't be monitored as heavily as a General Mod would be, just occasional check ups on progress to ensure work is being done. On the occasion you will be given specific things to work on, but for the most part you will work in teams and manage yourselves to keep the site's plot moving. An Administrator will give you direction as to where your creativity is needed.

General Mods: The main staff members, aside form Admins, that can grade applications. This requires a deal of One Piece knowledge, as though we are AU, Canon is our Bible and unless directed by an Admin or Senior Moderator we do not stray from the Bible's word. Be ready for on the fly changes and have a malleable mentality. We work with 1/2 approvals and approvals can be revoked. You can either be accepted as a Moderator or a Trial Mod. As a Trial Mod you work as a regular mod would, but you cannot give the final approval on things, consider it a test phase. It is given to those we feel can be groomed into a great moderator, but need training first. You have 2 weeks worth of time from acceptance to show promise or progression. From there your Trial Mod title will either be refreshed or you will become a General Mod. If two weeks come and we feel you made no progress, you will be removed, but may reapply again when you feel you are ready.

Battle Mods: Settle IC disputes that involve battling. This job involves a great deal of attention to detail and battle experience. You will also be first to be asked to take control of our NPCs in Events.

Coders: Must be familiar with the Admin Panel and Coding. Admin Privileges will only be given to you when you're needed and a task is given to you. Aside from that you are a regular member. Being a Coder for PN also includes having a small bit of graphic skills and a sample of your work, may it be a link to a site or anything is required upon putting in an application. You will also be sort of a maintenance team, should Forumotion come out of the blue with an update that changes things or anything goes wrong.

GFXer: A person who works graphics for the site. You will more than likely work in junction with the Coder(s) to ensure the site is aesthetically where it needs to be at all times. A sample of your work is required upon applying.

The only job I will allow someone to apply for without meeting the qualifications is a General Mod in reference to One Piece knowledge. You must still have GENERAL knowledge of the series, but having the whole thing memorized from front to back is not a requirement.

Staff is paid on the weekly as their work keeps the site running and they do not have the time a normal member does to participate in IC happenings. That said staff members do have special privileges with permission of an Admin. These privileges would be things like joining events after posting deadlines. With these IC benefits comes possible detriments. Should you be discharged from Staff for unruly behavior or for breaking any rules on this site to a point it becomes an issue or there is reason to believe you are exploiting things to your benefit, you can receive punishment beyond what a normal member would receive. Punishments can reach beyond the field you have tampered in, but by becoming staff, you should be aware that it is now justified.

Happenings from the past and your reputation as a person and rper will be taken into account when you apply for staff and during your duration as such.

Application Template
[b]Skype or Discord:[/b] (You don't need one but this will help us all be in contact with each other easier.)
[b]Experience:[/b] (Past experience staffing anywhere?)
[b]Reason: [/b](Why do you want to join our staff team.)
[b]Skills:[/b] (Any special skills, gfx, coding, event creating, etc)
[b]Activity: [/b](1-10)

Keep moving forward.
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2 Re: Staff Application on Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:20 am

Skype or Discord: dingdongditcher
Experience: Pirate nation. I went by the name, baconisfluffy. Did my job as a 1/2'er. Did my best to keep people moving along with their submissions, but didn't get along with the admins. Doesn't feel good listing them but it'd be dishonest to not.
Reason: The site lore is really malleable and has a lot of potential, especially when people do big things. There's a lot of stuff left undeveloped in every aspect of the world and I want contribute to that at least.(site plot/lore stuff)
Skills: Creative(or at least I like to think I am lol)
Activity: 0


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3 Re: Staff Application on Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:27 am

Skype or Discord: n/a but i can get one
Experience: None, but I'm a quick learner
Reason: I already read pretty much everyones threads anyway, also really like the buildable lore, got alot of potential ideas for it.
Skills: creative, i can draw, free time
Activity: Im not sure what the scaling is but i get on at least once day

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4 Re: Staff Application on Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:18 am

Skype or Discord: archangel0018
Experience:I was a mod OPN{Briefly}, Founded, and made other rpg games on a site call Byond,Icon, and gfx. I have ton of role playing experience in combat, and dispute topics. You can ask anyone in cbox who's from OPN that can vouch for my years of combat experience.
Reason: Because I wanna help.
Skills: In experience.
Activity: 9
Position:Battle Mod, or General Mod

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5 Re: Staff Application on Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:47 am

Skype or Discord: nom nom #9637
Experience: I believ I am a very creative person that takes great liking into making things. I've doneit all my life, currenly finishing up my 2 Year education in Graphic Design, done 1 year of Photoshop class and 3 years of Creativity/Handcraft classes.
Reason: Currently I don't have a true position as a contributor yet, I've been striving for a position to sue my knowledge and capabilities to help. So far I have been only doing Artwork Commissions and making Logos for groups/servers. But as a One Piece lover I believe I can settle down here for quite some time to help making this site a better place.
Skills: I know Photoshop almost fully through, currently learning fully up on Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Indesign and other Adobe programs. I sketch alot and been doing so ever since I have been a small child. I am passionate to make things look good so I always put great amount of time, even if it's just a small detail.

Going for a GFX spot, that's the spot I believe I can be most effective at.

Samples of my works---->

Activity: (Not sure how the scaling work) 5

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6 Re: Staff Application on Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:16 am


Approved for Trial Mod


Approved for Trial Mod

@Jui$y Crow

I we don't need a Battle Mod at this moment. But, when a debate comes up I will reach out to you to see what you say. And depending on that you may be asked to be our battle mod.


Approved for Trial Mod

Keep moving forward.
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7 Re: Staff Application on Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:05 pm

Skype or Discord: Skype: Battwebb (Contact me here first.) Discord: Batman #5066
Experience: I was a mod on a fairy Tail role play site as well as a chat box mod and on the creative team before I left. In addition I am a bi-weekly dungeon master for a few different groups and my actual job is managing people in a kitchen so directing work flow is a developed skill of mine.
Reason: First and foremost I like to help where it's needed, especially when I have nothing going on. (This is most of the time) One Piece is ever fluxing in my top 3 manga/anime list and since joining I've really found this place to be very enjoyable. If I can help make it grow or stay a good place I'd like to. Beyond that, I understand that a village is only as strong as the people make it so why not let me help? Very Happy Plus I've already been helped here so much and I'd like to pay it forward.
Skills: As I stated above, I'm a bi weekly dungeon master but my campaign is all home brew so everything I do is on the fly and as original as can be, thus I create events, scenarios and npc's all the time. Obviously not everything is going to be a home run but being consistent and trying new things is important so I've learned to not be afraid of taking risks.
Activity: 10? I'll be on daily as I have been since I joined.

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8 Re: Staff Application on Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:31 am

Discord: Devroux
Supermod on the Viz Naruto Discussion Forum while that was up and running. Have more than five years experience in a moderator position doing stuff like settling disputes, judging, general bookkeeping, and designing several role play systems from the ground up. The role play section was small, but tight-knit and highly active throughout its duration, which I maintained for the majority of its life.
I think that this site has a lot of potential. Most of the current members are decently active and receptive. I don't agree with some of the systems in place and can see areas where I have extensive experience and ability to critique to help refine what the site has to offer to role players.
Skills: Creative, constructive, and communicative.
Activity: 9 - Haven't been a member for long and am gearing up for my first GV, but I reload the page constantly just to see what's happening.

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9 Re: Staff Application on Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:57 pm

Okay you guys can be trial mods.

Keep moving forward.
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