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1 Set sail to Jaya (travel ship) on Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:16 am



Dai sighed as he sat up against the wall. His plans for recruitment for this island had been a bust no one had seemed interested in coming to see him. Perhaps it was because he was still a rookie pirate in terms of his bounty. He was ashamed at his low level of the bounty he wanted it to get higher but his heart was still plagued with good. He pounded his hand against a brick wall once. The rocks crumbling as he walked away the wall giving way and falling into the street. he looked over after the crash of bricks luckily no one had been hurt. He shrugged and kicked a loose stone and watched it skip down the street into the canals of water seven.

It was the time he left this place he had been fortunate enough that he had acquired a log pose now he and his new navigator namely himself he could travel anywhere he wanted. He spotted his beautiful ship on the horizon and smiled at her. He quickly sped up his walking and didn't stop to pay attention. All he wanted to do was get out of here and go on a real adventure once again. He could hardly wait to get out of water seven and get the hell out maybe get some new sights to see.

2 Re: Set sail to Jaya (travel ship) on Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:25 am



Ahh, the open ocean at last. He just wanted to get the fuck off this godforsaken island and get out of this blue. Preparations for departure were such a pain to go through. Gather up the crew grab supplies. his mind still wandered about as he continued moving towards the docks. Not that he had a crew to speak of nor very many supplies. The ship was pretty full of them perhaps it was a parting gift from the mysterious disappearance of captain sweet. Either way, he was going to be bidding adieu to water seven this day.

But not for good oh no not by a long shot. He still had lots of things to do here and of course, the blade kokto to collect. He was just merely taking a slight detour. He needed men that was for damn sure. It was not going to be a picnic and not to mention that there was still the mysterious man he had met before who said he would assist him. He didn't trust him for all he knew he could be waiting until the very last moment and then bam stab him in the back and take the sword for himself.

3 Re: Set sail to Jaya (travel ship) on Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:39 am



With a final few steps, he arrived at the respected dock where his ship was docked. He smiled as he crossed over the gangplank savoring the moment. It was to be his maiden voyage with a ship he had gotten by by either swimming or by sea train. it was going to be a different experience now. Now he had the sea and his private mode of transportation. He sighed as he began to untie the ropes that lead tot he dock. the ship slowly beginning to pull away to an aqueduct that would eventually lead him out to sea.

He moved about the large ship unfurling the masts ropes and setting them up to catch the next breeze. he would then turn about and head towards the helm of the ship. His heavy footsteps echoing around him. It almost reminded him of a derelict ship but it was far too in pristine condition. He somewhat used to solitude but he reminded himself perhaps there would be new friends to fill it with on the next island. He stopped at the main mast and began to raise the old crews jolly roger. he raised his right webbed hand and saluted it honorably and continued to the helm of the ship placing his hands on it and steading the ship as it left the aqueduct system and to the open sea where he would leave water seven behind him and head for more pleasant and possibly more populated shores.

(Dai Exit and arrival at jaya)

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