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1 Area Description: Upper Yard on Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:04 am

The Janitor


Area Description

Those not chosen are forbidden to enter Upper Yard. Unlike Angel Island and Shandia Village Upper Yard is made of solid land and not clouds. Those above the Blue sea are unaware that this piece of vearth originally was part of Jaya Island. The place has two names Upper Yard and God's Garden.

A Milky Road that can be taken from Angel Island. It leads directly to Upper yard. It is only used for when the Mayor sends over tribute to God. It is guarded by White Berets up until a certain point, to ensure it gets through the gate. How the tribute gets to God directly is currently unknown. As like everything that get to the mid way point of the Milky Road they must pass through the Entrance of Ordeals. In total the gate has five entry points that lead to their respective ordeal. Each takes you through a long tunnel, for about thirty minutes. Each tunnel simply taking you away from the location of the others. Each Ordeal rarely changes. But if you pass them you will make it to the area that they lead to.

Ordeal of Balls:
This trial has many cloud spheres called "Surprise Balls", which hold random tricks such as snakes and explosions, though they sometimes hold harmless things such as flowers. Navigating a boat on the Milky Road that winds through the forest is the only way out.

After the ordeal is dealt with arriving to the Giant Jack is next. This Ordeal is also where God's attendants take the tribute they receive from Angel Island. At the Giant Jack is the upper level of the Golden City, though it is not covered in gold. It is heavy guarded by the Divine Soldiers as it is the first line of defense against anyone that dares wish to get close to God. They are overwhelming combat wise and excel at Dial combat. They are unforgiving unless you prove to be extremely strong. As if you prove yourself they may even suggest you give up on everything and join their ranks.

Ordeal of Iron: Battle City
Shortly after getting through the tunnel will you make it to a somewhat ruined city, around the same size as Angel Island. The Ordeal here does change but the layout of the location stays the same. The Man that looks over this city is considered someone extremely close to God. He calls himself the Father. He is a battle hungry Man who needs constant conflict so that is why this city is covered in a iron cloud cage. The most viscous of animals from  Upper Yard are brought here and those that aren't sent to the sacrificial altar are brought here as well. As those that enter Battle City are said to never leave.

Ordeal of String:

Long strands of String Cloud, an almost invisible, but very strong material, throughout a large area of forest and the Milky road that goes through the area. Travelers through the area are slowly entangled in the Cloud, and do not notice it until they can no longer move. The danger lies in the large insects that prey on those snared by the strings.

After your get through the Ordeal you will make it to the Sacrificial Altar where criminals come to pay their life. Here are the most loyal of God's followers. Here they have a large Python said to be the largest that they take care of. They feed anyone not supposed to be here to this Python as well. It isn't the fastest of the Python's but it's durability(P) has proven the test of time, as it is over three-hundred years old. The one that looks over everyone here is God's High Priest, he does not stop speaking about the Holy Spirit.

Ordeal of Swamp: Python Bay
The area is filled with sinking clouds, making it difficult to navigate around. But that isn't the most troubling thing about this Ordeals.
Unlike the other Ordeals no one really overlooks this place as much. Due to the quantity of Pythons that roam around the milky road and forest in this area. And if you pass through the Ordeal you will be met with over a thousand Pythons, but they were placed here for a reason. It is said that the most valuable of God's treasure is somewhere in the heart of the area.

Disembarking your ship can be done at anytime. During one of the Ordeals or before any of the tunnels are entered. But, in doing that will make anyone lost as their are no updates maps of the forest. Also, compared to the Ordeals the Forest is not controlled in anyway. The creatures can range from the size of their normal counterparts to the size of even skyscrapers.

Golden City/God's Shrine

Getting to the Golden City is simple as getting to the Giant Jack. It is broken up into two levels. This isn't commonly known and only those told by God know of this. The First level is considered the upper level as it rests at the center of the Giant jack. It though isn't as impressive as many would expect, as it isn't Gold at all. As it is the location that the Divine Soldiers of God live. But, to get to God's Shrine and the lower level of the Golden City you must go here. The Giant jack is the key to get two different locations as it has been hollowed out in certain areas so it can serve as a staircase. Going down them you will arrive to the fabled Golden City that is filled to the brim of life.

Most people here are truly chosen by God, and they make that known to anyone that is a outsider. Just like how the city is covered in Gold they also are covered in valuable materials. Also each of them have a crest at the center of their forehead. These people are mostly Shadian and even have someone 'acting' as King.

If you go up the Giant Jack you will eventually reach God's Shrine, where the being that rules over Skypiea lives. If somehow you make it up there you will be shocked to see that only a handful of people stay there. And they will tell you they haven't even seen God. But, that he stays within his Shrine all day and night.

God himself is a child, no more than Twelve. Even with being so young he is able to rival even the greatest minds within the world.  He is the reason the World Government nor Revolutionaries have allied themselves with the Sky Kingdom. His reach does not just stop at Skypiea as he is regarded as the God of every Sky Island within the world. But, just because he does not pick a side he is constant spoke to about it. As Both the Marines and Revolutionaries have agents in Skypiea just with the purpose of getting this super power on their side.  

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