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1 Area Description: Knock up stream on Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:34 am

Area Description

Most inhabitants on Jaya Island regard Skypiea as a myth. And those that try to reach that place fools that just plan to die in a unconventional way. Asking about information of the place, or well how to get there, is simple but the methods are so outlandish that people give up once they find out.

There is only one way, currently, to reach Skypiea within the Grandline. The knock up stream being that way. Gaining access to that is easy as all you need is a Navigator who is familiar with the waters around Jaya and a vessel strong enough, at least a Caravel. This event only happens five times a month. Also, the journey upward only takes two hours before you reach the White Sea.

White Sea: Heaven's Gate and Cloud's End
The White Sea is the 7,000 Meters above the Blue sea and there are only two locations within it. That being the Heaven's Gate and Cloud's End. Heaven's Gate is the only way to head to the White-White Sea safely whilst Cloud's End is the only safe way to return to the Blue Sea Safely. The employees at both locations are both thirty. Each one of them have residents at their respected locations. A price of the services of both are the same; that price being 1,000,000,000 Extol per person. 10,000 Extol is equivalent to 1 beli. The cargo of ships are also searched before as well whether you are leaving or going up. This is to make sure illegal items aren't smuggled into the Country and others things not permitted are smuggled out.

Notice: In order to RP on Skypiea getting up the Knock up stream must be done first. It can be done within a regular topic, voyage, or Grand Voyage.  


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