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1 Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:39 pm

Poopy Face



Fidel D. Marx

He had been on Jaya only three days; and he was already having a good time. His cup hadn't been even empty at all since he had taken a seat within the bar he was currently within. Many different type of people came and went from this bar as it was quite popular. Only time anyone of any significance came was when a group of Marines, who tried to hid it, came in and started asking questions about certain "Hot" people. Fidel was asked but he didn't know shit so he couldn't tell them shit.

He was focused more on keeping his cup filled. Just how this place was filled to the brim with all sorts of people. Most were pirates. The diversity of people also was nice. As, no one seemed to care what the other was as long as they had a good time. Many people here were drunk, Fidel being one of them, and strangers became friends almost. Fidel had bought a room here but today was the last day he could stay. As he had no more Money to rent a room. Rather in the back Fidel was knocking back a few with a large brute with a blue Mohawk. Spending his Beli to keep his belly full and mouth moistened.  They had first met on the streets of Mock town. The Mohawk man talking down on Fidel's hairstyle, and Fidel retorting to talk about the Blue haired guy's hair. The two instantly wanted to fight but both their stomachs would growl before they'd throw down. Fidel suggested they first grab something to eat and drink before killing each other, and the Man agreed. Well, after the first ten bottles each they forgot about their want to kill each other. That was how Fidel ended most of his conflicts here on Jaya. Never really getting into a serious altercation once.

"Y-you...*hiccup* Know I don't even know yah name boyo. *hiccup*." Blue Mohawk would say. He'd shake his drink side to side as he spoke, spilling it onto the table.  

"Fidel....Fiiiidddeeellll D. Marx."
Fidel would say as he'd as he'd take a drink from his cup. Two more bottles would be brought to their table. He only had a swallow left in the drink that he had.

"F...Fidrel. You are a cool cat man. I respect I really do." The Blue Mohawk would grab the new bottle and begin to drink it all down in one go. he'd slam it onto the table after he'd finish, a fulfilled smile plastered onto his face.

"A-and *hiccup* what is you name Blue...B B Bluuueee Mohawk guy." Fidel would grab the other bottle. He wouldn't drink right from it, as he'd look like he was holding a bottle if he did. Rather he'd pour some into his cup. He spilled some on the table but that was okay, he got enough in his cup so that it was filled to the brim. These two weren't the only ways within this place shit faced, as over half were. And they'd keep getting served drinks as long as they could pay. Twas how things were on a Island that Pirates were the main customers. Keeping them happy also played a part in them being served.

The amount of people with the bar Fidel was at least sixty, maybe even more. The staff were busy as they ran around serving and collecting Beli. They made bank from all of this but they weren't foolish. They made sure they had guards ready and able to take care of anyone that wanted to try and run out of the bill or take what didn't belong to them. Fighting among each other was fine they didn't care as long as the place didn't burn down. They've been open for years and knew how pirates acted when they got intoxicated. Killing was the only thing that wasn't allowed. That along with other rules were plastered on a sign outside of the entrance, so everyone coming in can read them. And also in multiple places within the building. There were a few back-rooms as those with enough Beli could get a room, as prostitutes also creep around within the establishment. They paid a portion to the owner though. Fidel wouldn't get their services, as he was almost tapped out. He was paying each time they got a new bottle.

"Bill the Bull." Bill would say in response to Fidel as he'd sudden face-plant onto the table. He was done. He had enough and needed to rest just a little bit. Fidel would look at him for a few minutes before starting to drink once again. His drinking buddy was done but that didn't stop Fidel. No, the young Stalin would keep drinking till he couldn't anymore. They were in the back of the bar in the corner near the rooms. Drinking wasn't the only thing Fidel had been doing as he had a few plates, mostly empty, piled high on the table. When he wasn't drinking or talking he would be stuffing his face. Soon someone would get on a few instruments and begin to play a song, and it got Fidel feeling himself.


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2 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:01 am

Poopy Face



Fidel D. Marx

The bar erupted into song. Even with most of the bastards slurring the worlds or not even knowing them at all, they joined in. This was one of the bright side of being a Pirate or affiliated with them. This was why Fidel fucked with Mock Town, his people were here. He wished so much that he could once again brave the seas with a crew, and have moments like this. It wasn't a dream but a passion of his he held since being a youngin'. Even leaving the safety of his home to brave the seas at a young age. Even if he had other reasons that forced him to leave. The memories of his old crew filled his head just as his cup was filled. As his mind plunged further and further into them the piss, not actually piss, would fill his belly. Soon though there was nothing and just like when his crew was slaughtered he was alone. This would be ever so prevalent from the nightmare Fidel would experience. But, like most tough times there was light at the end of the very dark tunnel. A Hand would reach out and he'd grab it, and at that time he would also awake from his alcohol induced coma.

He had a bitch of a headache, his punishment for being a drunkard. Him being stretched over something that didn't stop moving didn't help either. "Oi...OI! Stop, all this damn moving." Fidel would say as he'd use his right hand to rub his temple. His eyes were shut but he could feel the breeze and the heat from the sun. He was outside, and that wasn't the last place he remembered being. With his eyes finally open he'd see that he was within the forest. He didn't usually black out and roam around, well he wasn't sure. So being like this was strange. He knew that wasn't the case though as, after looking to the left and right, he would spot a few people and ahead and behind him.

"Oh! The boy is finally awake!" Fidel would hear those words and also a firm hand on his head.

"WATCH THE HAIR! Ouch!" Fidel yelling like he did just made the headache he had even worse. He would also slap the friendly hand as that was doing too much. Messing up his hair was one of those things he didn't like at all. This wasn't the worst hangover he'd have but it still was something else. He'd push his head up to make the hand move and then slide forward and off of whatever it was he was riding on. He'd land right in a large puddle of mud, but that was okay. He'd stand up and see that it was Bill. And also the thing he rode on was a donkey. "Shit." Fidel would say as he got as much of the mud off of him.

"There should be a spring up ahead. You can wash up there if you want." Bill would say as he'd pat Fidel on the back as he passed him. The group would not stop their journey, and Fidel didn't ask about it. He didn't really care where they were going. If would ask what HE was doing here, but after he cleans at least his hair. He wasn't worried about having on dirty clothes. They'd arrive after around fifth-teen minutes of walking. Fidel wouldn't be the only one taking a break, as everyone would. Bill would fill his canteen before Fidel would dip his entire head into the spring. After a swish and swosh Fidel would raise his head back up, and get the rest of the mud out of it. He'd then proceed to shake his head to get the water off. Finally, he'd bring out a case that had a comb. He'd use that to fix his hair so that it was into its usual pompadour style. He'd check his reflection within the water to see if he was good. Once he was he'd speak again.

"Okay, okay. Now that my hair is handled. Bill, what the hell am I doing here?" Fidel would ask as he walked over to the sitting Man. As he had walked over to him he looked around to the others around. Known of them gave the impression that they were pals or anything like that. At most people would be in groups of two. One thing was for certain though. As most of them had some type of sword on their person.

"Well, brat. You seem to not be able to handle your spirit!" Bill would say as he'd pull out a flask. He thought about drinking from his canteen, but he'd save that for later. He'd drink a little bit before speaking again, wiping a bit of it from his bottom lip. "So, since I like yah. I brought you on my little trip that I do every...When do I do it again. Ah! My weekly trip. Today is Saturday, so yeah. " Bill was omitting the true reason that he brought Fidel. Fidel wouldn't sense this or known of the reason but at one point it will be brought up again.

'You passed out before I did.' Fidel would think to himself at the first thing Bill would say to him. "And the destination of this trip?" Fidel had to admit he was curious on where all these people were going. It couldn't be to rob some rich snob or anything like that. Because Bill said this was a weekly trip.

"Ah, you'll see the sign soon. Just get ready to watch a show boyo!" Bill would say as he'd stand up from the boulder he sat on. Putting away his flask, well after another swig, he'd whistle to get everyone attention. Unlike last time he would take the lead as the path they took to get here would end here at the Spring. Fidel followed near the Donkey that stayed within the middle of the pack. It seemed these things belonged to Bill, as he placed his canteen on the Donkey. Fidel began to wonder exactly where they'd be going and what show he'd be watching. He was curious so he wouldn't turn back and head to Mock Town. He was worried though because he couldn't read. So whatever the sign would say Fidel wouldn't know.

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3 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:03 pm

Poopy Face



Fidel D. Marx

Fidel barely trusted Bill, he didn't even know him. He kept his eyes on the others also, counting their numbers. In total there were seventeen of them. He needed to be aware of them as this could turn into some crazy sacrificial crap. Seven of them were around a few feet from Fidel whilst the rest followed Bill eagerly. Those in the front obviously were brutes their weapons and attire allowing such an assumption to be made. Those within the back though all wore some type of traditional attire that you'd see on Wano, along with a katana. One of them within the back though wielded a Bisento. He large amount of killing intent coming from him. Fidel felt it when he first awoke, but he didn't say anything. It wasn't really directed to him but it is consuming. The seven behind Fidel also seemed more reserved than those in front. Honestly, if you think about it Fidel fit perfectly within the middle. He was a mixture of both in many ways. He did have something that made him different than them though. Soon Bill would whistle once again, and the seven in the back would stop.

Fidel and the Donkey would make it to the front, as at a point the ten also would stop. Fidel would look at a run down shack. He had called such places, or even worse places, a home when his old crew got onto a Island to hide out It was, honestly, a piece of shit and hard to look at. Whatever sorry soul lived there had to be insignificant or trying to hide out. Well, that was what Fidel thought. He did hope this was not the place that Bill said a show was about to start. Fidel would look around and see that Bill had found himself another spot to sit at, that being a tree trunk. Fidel with the Donkey following him would go over to Bill. "What the hell is this?"

"Sit down and just watch kid, party doesn't start till someone makes a move." Bill would say as his flask was out again. Fidel would roll his eyes and shake his head; he already felt this was going to be a waste of time. Fidel would first unload all the crap on the Donkey, as the guy had been working hard. And though he felt he was hearing thing it was as if the Donkey asked to be given a break. So, if he was going to rest he wanted to make sure this Animal could as well. Once he did that he'd sit down, the Donkey sitting next to him. Fidel would spot the sign that Bill was talking about. But, Fidel still couldn't read so it didn't really matter if he saw it or not. His focus would be on the group of ten that would circle the hut. They all had their weapons drawn. Soon as the drew closer and closer to the hut the door would slowly creak open. Then a Man, shorter than Fidel, would exit. He'd look around eyeing each of them. Then he'd suddenly erupt into laughter.

"Kukukukuku. Bill, I told you if you brought me another shitty group I'd come at you next." Fidel's attention would be first brought to the Man's katana that was resting at his side. Then the tattoo of a white cobra that was on his check was the next thing to catch his attention. And this could only mean one thing. This was a guy with a sword and tattoo. Someone that Fidel didn't know anything about.  

Name: ‘White Snake’ Shoda
Bounty: 385,470,000
Description: An old man nearly 70 years old with very white hair down to his shoulders, and a small white cobra on his left cheek. In his prime he used to caused havoc all throughout the West Blue, and briefly in the Grandline. Many have fallen to his blade and even though he has retired, many still do. As those that have come hunting for him have never been seen again. It is also rumored that he wields an O Wazamono Katana. His location is actually known out of most bounties. He stays within a small hut outside of Mock Town on Jaya Island. Attributes: Willpower/spirit(P)
Bounty reward along with an O Wazamono Katana.

"HA! You know you won't attack me, Gramps. And besides they are a warm up for what is to come. The Main course just haven't shown themselves yet." Bill would yell out. Taking a swig from his flask once again. He'd then motion for Fidel to take a sip, and he would. Though the guy would look weak and fragile, he wasn't. Fidel could just tell from how he stood, he had no openings. Then he felt it as it swept over the entire area, even he would witness his own death at the hand of that Man. But, fear wasn't what would consume Fidel, nor those around, but rather excitement was the only thing within them. Fidel was going to stand up but a firm hand would be felt on his shoulder, as it was Bill. Bill was not letting Fidel get up and head out to fight that guy.  

What was filling this area was killing intent. Even more than that guy who had the Bisento. You could say it was hard to breathe let alone move from where you were. You could see the beads of sweat dripping from the Men who were circling around the White haired Man instead of circling the hut. Even Fidel was sweating from just sitting in the background. It seemed that they planned to attack the guy all at once, instead of fighting him one on one.

'So, a battle royal.' Fidel would think to himself as he watched. He wanted to witness how that guy fought, and wasn't really worried about the others. None of them gave off the aura of someone strong so Fidel knew the fate they were going to follow. The spiral of death was going to consume more people this day, but that was normal. Those that decided to fight, no matter if they gave up on it, will fall victim to this spiral. And even when they died they would go a hell where the fighting didn't stop. Where the life you lived on this Earth will be your reality for eternity.

Their bodies would slump forward or backwards. A thud from their bodies hitting the ground would be heard. The amount of time that would transpire would be no more than thirty seconds. The speed that the attack was done was something Fidel couldn't even see. As though he was faster than most he was like other beings with normal perception. And the fast movements that Shoda used weren't something Fidel could keep up with. Not with how he was now. Despite that Fidel would begin to sweat and his heart began to race. He needed to fight this Man, even if he was outmatched. He was preparing to stand up but something consumed him. A large force seemed to push down on him and breathing started to prove difficult. Moving in anyway was out of the question as the killing intent that he felt wouldn't allow such a thing. Soon the one exuding this toxic aura would creep into the view of Fidel. It was the Man with the Bisento who had seemed to show the true extent of his killing intent. He would not attack or anything but begin to place each katana he had done. The weren't within their scabbards but the blades were saturated in blood. Fidel felt confident in who blood that belonged to, but didn't understand the meaning.

"I've slain my Brothers to prove I am worthy to slay you. Shoda. And become the new owner of Shusui. The Blade that is rightfully my Fathers."

"Brothers in arms? Or your actual Brothers?" Shoda would ask the Man.

"They were of my Blood."

Shoda would begin to shake his head is disgust and would then spit on the ground. "You...*cough cough* Shoda would stop himself and begin to cough. It sounded as if he was going to drop dead from how he coughed. It was so feriouse and even a bit of blood would come out, but he would wipe it away. Soon he'd stop, a bit of blood with his palm. You are not worthy of my blade."  

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4 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:18 pm

Poopy Face



Fidel D. Marx

A firm hand would be placed onto the shoulder of Fidel, causing him to relax. Fidel would begin to control his breathing, closing his eyes for only a second before reopening them. The toxic killing intent still looming around heavily. Fidel felt at peace within it though as it just happening suddenly was what caused him to freeze up. Now that he was aware and back on guard he was back to his old self. The Killing intent turning from something that froze him but got him more eager to join into the fray.

"Is it strange that I want to join into the fight." Fidel would suddenly say. Only Bill would be able to hear him. One reason was because Fidel didn't say it loud enough that everyone could hear what he said. And the second reason is because those two no longer were focused on anything but their battle.

Bill would ponder on what to say because he spoke. "I wouldn't jump into that fight. And I doubt you'd be strong enough....well strong enough to fight that Old guy. Shoda isn't a joke even at his age. The other guy though is more up your alley." Bill spoke bluntly and without really holding back any of his words.

"Regardless of how strong he is. I will fight him." Fidel would say as he began to walk forward. He'd stop though as the two began their clash. Fear wasn't what stopped him but rather amazement at how the two of them clashed. It wasn't as fast as last time when Shoda took down that ground. Fidel was glad about that though as he'd be able to keep up more with he fight when they moved at their current speed. Every move they made was not wasted at all. Never has Fidel seen such a display of swordsmanship. In his life he had only fought around Pirates. There was only one other person that he knew of that fought like them. And that was his Teacher. Strangely watching Shoda more Fidel was reminded more about his Teacher. Their fighting style was so eerily similar it made Fidel feel strange. A lot of emotions began to overcome Fidel, and he didn't like it. Not at all. So, without anymore hesitation he'd push forward getting to his optimal speed after just a few steps. He didn't plan to head into the clashing of the two head on; no he went toward one of the swords sticking out of the ground. Firmly he grabbed onto the hilt of the blade and pulled it out of the ground. At this moment he was only a meter away from the two. That distance soon would be closed and this time Fidel would let them know he meant business. Even with his speed them being aware of him joining into the fray wasn't hard. But, the feeling that they'd feel upon him getting closer was strange. As the large amount of killing intent that began to burst from the boy was impressive. They weren't intimated at all by his killing intent. What alarmed them was this Boy's was a Monster.


Name: Monstrous
Description: Using the heavy presence of Killing Intent in the Assassination style, the user projects his murderous intentions in the form of a non-tangible vision of him executing the target. This can force a sight of precognition that Kenbunshoku Haki gives one onto the target whether it is active, awakened, or not. While it can be confused with Haoshoku Haki, it doesn't have the power to incapacitate anyone or anything and simply works to intimidate someone with killing intent to momentarily stun or paralyze someone. The vision can be project out from the user's own fram like seen in the gif above or the sight can be sheerly mental like when Luffy faced off with Dracule Mihawk and could foresee Mihawk would cut his hands off if he attacked him, etc. The image projected may not necessarily be the approach the user takes, so not only is this used to open the targets defense, but it can also be used to make the target think a certain attack is coming when in fact another will be employed. The stun last for 1.5 seconds and the skill can be inflicted  to anyone with with Spirit & Willpower lower than the user by one. The max amount of PCs that can be effected is one whilst a max of ten grunts can be effected.

Range: Short 1m-15m
Attribute: Spirit & Willpower: Secondary
Rank: Novice
Theme: (Which Theme is this Skill using.)

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5 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:03 pm

Poopy Face



Fidel D. Marx

He would be cut down seconds after getting into range. To think he, at this time would have any chance of taking Shoda down like this was not within his abilities. Who had done this attack was none other than Shoda due to him being the closest to Fidel. Fidel though wasn’t the only person to be cut down from this sudden attack, as the other Warrior had been cut down as well. His wound could be fatal whilst Fidel’s was only major. Luck was the only thing that had those two not in opposite places. Both honestly were lucky.

Shoda having bested all challengers would stand over Fidel who was lying there in a pool of his own blood. The katana within the hand of Shoda would only be inches away from the head of the downed Fidel, it would take only a bit of effort for the blade to be pushed into the skull of Fidel. As Shoda could and planned to kill these boys, as they were like the rest. Closing his eyes for a second as out of all the fighters he had faced Fidel was the youngest. And Shoda didn’t like to be the one to kill the youth. But when you pick up the sword and want to play with the big boys Shoda couldn’t hold back. Not unless he saw something special from that person, that was his only exception. He would’ve let the warrior that killed his brothers lived if he hadn’t only defeated them and left them alive. So, he would walk over to him and ease his blade into his skull. But not before hearing the words from the bastards mouth. Which made Shoda go back over to Fidel as he could see this boy turning into the others. They both gave off a disgusting aura. It was toxic. He'd leave fate to determine if he would slay Fidel as well today. Going with the same motion he did to the other Boy.

Bill had a serious look on his face but wouldn’t move. A mixture of fear and understanding there was nothing he could do being the reason for this. That didn’t mean he didn’t want to save Fidel, but he knew his limits. And something else was keeping him from risking his life for the boy. “I guess I failed the mission.” Bishop would mumble to himself as he’d close his eyes. He had seen a lot of horrors in his life and countless people have died before him. But, he couldn’t bring himself to see Fidel killed like this.

The blade would be pushed down the force cracking the ground below it. And once it was done Shoda would open his eyes but would be shocked. But, a smirk would creep along his wrinkled face at what he’d see. “Damn, you are special.” Him saying this also caused Bill to open his eyes and see that Fidel was back up and standing. The boy panting heavily from the large gaping wound that swiveled down his chest. The blood from the wound pouring blood on to the ground. The limits of a mere human being pushed due to his willpower.

“Is that really all you got? Should’ve killed me when you had the chance!” Fidel’s confidence and ego knew no bounds. Even with being faced against someone leagues above him he was not afraid. His weapon did not even leave his hands once, even when he fell. If he was to die his death would be one on his feet, not at the mercy of another.
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6 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:59 pm

Poopy Face



Fidel D. Marx

Fidel would wake up in a cold sweat, what had happened prior being fuzzy. Last thing he remember was that he was standing up continuing the "fight" against Shoda. He didn’t even understand where he currently was. All he knew was his body was in tremendous pain all over. Every fiber of his being was screaming out in pain. Letting him know whatever had happened to him kicked his ass. Fidel still coherent enough would take in his surroundings as he painfully looked around. Taking in every detail of the foreign area he was in. It was a small room that was poorly lit. There was a pit where a fire once was but at this time there were only embers that sparked and crackled here and there. The bed he was in was comfortable and on the floor were bandages, which he presumed were his. They were used and blood stained. As Fidel also would be able to tell his torso was covered in bandages, but they were fresh. Finally there was a window but it was too high for him to look out of it from where he was. And if he did the subry would be too much for him to look past.

Due to the pain and the poor lighting that was all he could see of any significance. Laying back to rest his body was his next course of action. He was weary of this place but felt whoever brought him here was looking after his well being. As he sat there he’d stare up at the ceiling on the room he was within. “How the hell did I get here.” He’d say to himself as he began to get familiar with the pain. His tolerance over time improving as he adapted. The last thing he remembered was standing out and taunting Shoda. Bill also came to his mind. He was the only person that would’ve saved him, if that was what happened. As the Man strange helped him when he blacked out. That though would mean owed that guy twice. And Fidel did no like being in debt to anyone.

He'd begin to bite his lower lip as he began to think. Trying his best to go over the events that transpired within his mind, but that wasn't working. So doing what Fidel did best he did what worked best with him. Slowly he would groggily sit up on the bed and look at the open floor before him. He'd kick the bandages on the floor over so that they'd fall into the fire pit. And slowly they'd catch a light and a fire, albeit small, would begin to dance. What he would do to fix the gaps in his memory was visualize what had happened before him. Placing himself somewhat out of body. As if he was just a spectator to what had happened. He'd start by imaging the environment that he was in. In his mind the wooden walls that were around him would slowly begin to morph into individuals trees and other small details: rocks, floral, animals, and the corpses. This was one of the main reasons that he always took in his surroundings.

He'd then invision Shoda and the Man he was facing. Then himself and Bill. With everything there he would move on to visiling himself getting up and to the spot he was at when he was about to charge Shoda and the other Man. "Damn, my form was horrible. I need to work on that." Fidel would say out loud to himself. Slowly he'd begin to move through what had transpired as if it was a movie.

It was strange but that was how his brained worked. And how he has learns from things. That and going through them over again physically. Though he hasn't been able to read this is also how he has, after the crew incident, has trained himself. Watching others and than using them in his imaginations to train. He learned this when he was unable to learn to read. The one to teach him this being Issho.

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7 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:51 pm

Poopy Face



Fidel D. Marx

The time of day was two hours before midnight. How many days had past was close to four. Though with the darkness that blanketed the island of Jaya you’d think it was later. The sun had set hours prior and no moon or star replaced it. The light of the town known as Mock town was ever bright tonight, and with a high enough vantage point you’d be able to see it and all its wonder. Not just a paradise for Pirates but a place that almost anyone could come. It though was just a stopping point for some. A supply point for their journey deeper into the world. This age where steam technology was going big! It created new opportunities for how buildings were built. Not only that but devices that were more strange helped. Away from Mock town and into the forest was a home that sat alone, hidden from the others. Outside a small fire would dance wildly but was under control by the two sitting by it. Close enough to steal it’s heat. But not too close that they won’t be burned. The house or rather run down shack behind them held no light. In the literally and figurative sense. The first that Fidel had made had been put out once the Boy passed out again.

“So, he is the son of Qari?” Shoda would ask as he’d pull something out of a box. The first thing you could see would be ice. Next would fish that was freshly caught. He stick through its mouth that would puncture out it’s back. He’d do this five times and place each one close to the fire so they cooked. They had already been clean.

“Yeah...crazy right? It was strange that Qari even had a wife let alone a child, but he has always been mysterious.”
Bill would say as he looked at the fire as he spoke about Qari. He seemed to think of Qari as a friend but sadly also as a stranger. And what was sad about that was Bill knew Qari for over twenty-years.  

“Why isn’t he with Qari? Actually, don’t answer that. Why is he with you?”
Shoda would ask Bill. Unlike Bill he saw Qari as just a friend, and somewhat a student. As he did in fact train Qari while the boy was in his youth. The Boy catching Shoda at the peak of his cargange within the world. A lot went into Shoda training Qari and at the end it was one of the main reasons Shoda was retired here at Jaya.

“Honestly, after we saved him I’ve been keeping tabs on the boy ever since. Our time on Jaya though is the first time we have actually spoken. Even now he doesn’t even know I know his Father”
Bill would say as he’d put his hands out to the fire. Not to close but enough to get a bit more warmth. It wasn’t unbearably cold out but they both had blankets resting over their shoulders.

“You do know I almost killed him.” Shoda would say as he’d grab one of the sticks holding a fish. He'd blow it and wait just a few seconds before biting down into the succulent fish. There was silence between the two as Bill would also begin to devour one of the fish. After at least one of them had finished eat their second one they'd begin to speak to each once again. "If I did kill the boy what would've happened?"

"Nothing, I am just around to watch what he does. Qari actually told me to not to save him. It.....It isn't like I could've stopped someone you like anyway if you were going to kill him." Bill would tell Shoda as he'd reach for his third piece of fish. There was truth within his statement.

"Why is he so cold toward his child?" Shoda would ask.

Bill would shrug and follow that up with a sigh,"Qari is strange." Bill would turn his attention back toward Shoda. "He told me that if the boy was truly had his blood coursing through his veins he'd die only after doing something great. And honestly speaking...I still don't know what his ass tried to say."

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8 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:23 am

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Fidel D. Marx

Strangely your boy Fidel slept for two entire weeks. He didn't eat nor drink anything at all on his free will. His dream, if you can call it that, was just him floating in a ocean. He didn't say anything nor feel anything, only watched. The night sky held no stars or even the moon within its grasp. Rather there was a large screen above him that displayed something he didn't wish to see. But, he would watch it intently as he was not afraid of what he hated. And though no one was here he pressured himself to keep looking. As if he turned away for even a second it would be as if he was being weak. He couldn't let any fiber of his being show he was afraid or act as if it was. Suddenly the replayed video above would end and darkness will fill the void of light. "WAKE UP!" Fidel would yell as he closed his eyes.

He'd slowly open his eyes and sit up in the bed he was in, he would see that he was hooked up to medical equipment. He had been able to stay alive due to this. As if he didn't have it he'd have died of either dehydration or starvation a while ago. He'd look around the room and see that Bill was in the corner sitting in a chair. He was sleep and he had a book on his lap. Underneath his chair was his flask. He didn't really see anything else worth pointing out, so he didn't.

Fidel would try to stand up and manage to after a few minutes of trying." Oi, Bill. Wake the hell up." Fidel would call out as he moved toward Bill, he didn't move too far as he didn't want to have anything he was hooked up to come loose. Just because he didn't know what would happen to his body if he did so, not because he couldn't. Bill though wouldn't wake up as he was gone, deep into dreamland.

"Shit down, boy. Your body is still weak." Shoda would say as he'd push the door open and walk into the room and spot Fidel standing up.

"Round two?
" Is the first thing Fidel would say to Shoda as he looked at the Ronin.

Shoda would shake his head before cracking a smile. "I save your life after putting you on death's door. And you ask for a rematch? Before you are even healed?"

Fidel wasn't hearing any of that at all as he ripped the instruments from his body. It didn't take long for him to begin to pant heavily, and feel weak all over. Fidel though would not be accepting anymore help. Only reason they were able to hook him up was due to him having passed out before.

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9 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:39 am

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Fidel D. Marx

Shoda would look at Fidel and than turn his back to him, "You want a round two? Sure, come outside while Bill is still asleep." Fidel would follow him outside, but they wouldn't fight in the area Shoda fought usually. As this was going to be a different type of fight. Shoda did not have the time or want to put in the effort to clean up the area around his home, not today. So, they would walk deeper into the woods until they'd arrive to a rocky area devoid of any life. It was a spot where all of the floral had withered and died. A black spot within the forest of Jaya Island. Animal skeletons also littered the area. It was a place of death.

"This is where you want to have your grave? Fine with me." Fidel would mumble to himself as he looked around the new spot. Shoda wouldn't hear Fidel as the young Man would mumble what he said. His attire was just a pair of short, and his torso was wrapped up in bandages. His body was not crying out to him but yelling for him to take it easy, but Fidel would not do so. This weakness he had showed he could grow stronger if he just kept pushing himself.

"Before we go at it. What even do you plan to accomplish from fighting me?" Shoda would ask Fidel. The gap between them as close to two meters. Shoda was sure he could close that gap in no time. It would be so easy just to end this now.

Fidel would begin to do stretches, as he felt stiff. He wouldn't answer Shoda's question right away as he needed to think about it. As the first thing he wanted to say was going to be a bit too complicated and might make Fidel come off as foolish. It wasn't like Fidel cared how the guy felt about him. It was just that Fidel might not get the chance to tell the guy once he kills him.  

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10 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:55 am

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Fidel D. Marx

"I plan to get stronger from this fight, simple as that. And with that strength I will be one step closer to defeating that "Man" one on one. "
Fidel would tell Shoda with a large toothy grin on his face. What he said was a bit anticlimactic but it was the truth. His main goal as off right now was to simply get stronger. You can't get anymore clear cut than that. Obviously just fighting others wasn't something that would garner more strength. He knew that there were many more things that should be done in order for him to increase his overall combat abilities. He wasn't that much of a fool. Also, he had other goals he has set for himself. But they aren't important at this moment.

Shoda would sigh, "Your Father. Qari" He would say the name straightaway. From his talk with Bill he came to understand Fidel had some sort of resentment for the Man. The situation was weird as Fidel actually was in the organization that Qari was running. From his standpoint he didn't understand it. Fidel loathed his Father but was working within his organization.

"Wow, how'da yah know?" Fidel would ask right away. He didn't go around saying he was going to fight his Dad, he actually hasn't told anyone. He kept it close to his chest since he doesn't know how his Dad would react to that along with how Fidel really felt about the Man.

"I know a lot about you, that is the reason you draw breath at this moment. I am not someone that went with your Father's cause but I did train him. He learned everything that I had to offer in only just a year, and at that time I was just outside of my Prime." Shoda would unsheath his Blade, showing the fine crafted masterpiece. Allowing it to glizen within the blaze sun above head. "He even gave me this sword, after breaking my Old one." Shoda would sheath the blade and get on top of a stone slab.

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11 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:11 am

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Fidel D. Marx

Fidel would listen to everything that Shoda would say. Absorbing all of his words as if he was a sponge. Fidel was good at discerning if the truth was being omit from someone's words; well that is what he thought he could do. And every word that left the mouth of this Elderly Warrior was truth, and it was somewhat impressive. He was speaking more about himself due to meeting someone that his Father trained under. As Fidel knew almost jack shit about how his Father got so powerful. As unlike what many think before these strange fruits started to pop up his Father already had been someone regarded as dangerous. Even the Captain of the crew Fidel belonged to knew of his Father and his dangerous ambition and skill. He didn't elaborate more on that as that is all Fidel wanted to know about Qari.

"Let us hold off on the round two." Fidel would say.

"Hmm?" Shoda was a bit taken back from what Fidel would say. He didn't see Fidel as someone who would back out of a fight without a really good reason. And health reason weren't one. Fidel wouldn't speak right away; as the boy seemed to be in thought about what he was going to say next. So, Shoda would begin to think about what the Boy thought process was. He was a strange one. Someone whose personality and demeanor was almost the complete opposite of what Qari's was.  After thinking he felt it had something to do with the Boy's Father.

"Yeah, I want you to train me."
Fidel would finally put the words he wanted to say together. How he spoke made it seem like he was giving Shoda a Father, when it'd be the other way around.

"No." Shoda was quick and blunt. He didn't want to train Fidel as the boy. It wasn't really because of how the Boy acted, but rather a bad feeling Shoda got about him. Something within his guy told him that this would be the worst decision he'd make within his life.

"What dah fuck yah mean...No. Train me like you did my Father you pervert!" Fidel was shocked from the quick response, but he didn't plan to take no for a answer. He was had his mind set on learning what his Father learned from this Man.

"W-what? How am I a pervert? And watch your mouth boy, no need for all of that." Shoda was confused on where the pervert accustation came from.

"I woke up shirtless." Fidel gave his response as quick as Shoda had told him no.

"We had to dress your wound."
Shoda would tell the Boy. Thinking he was dumber that he actually portrayed himself as.

"Mhmm. But, fine. Don't train me. But know I will make everyone on this crappy Island molested me whilst I slept." Fidel would say as he would turn his back on Shoda, prepared to leave and do what he said.

"Are...Are you serious right now kid? You are going to spread that type of rumor on this Island, Jaya. Where people come to kill me weekly?" Shoda was confused on the Boy's process of thinking. As Shoda didn't give a shit about what anyone thought about him. And this place was filled to the brim with criminals that did worse things than moleste dudes. The Marine, man-made, base a few miles away from the Island was there for just that reason. To capture any Pirates that they could that came near. Or to sneak onto the Island capture some.

"Yeah, and I won't stop there. Every Island I got to will known about your sick twisted ways! You scum!"

"Okay, stop. Just stop. After I saw your hairstyle I thought you were a delinquent, but now I am sure about it. But, if you shut the hell up about that shit. I will train you." Shoda wasn’t doing this due to what the boy said. He was about to do this out of respect for Qari. As his Son needed to guidance and structure. The Boy lacked discipline.

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12 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:27 am

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Fidel D. Marx

"Cool. Cool. So what is the first thing we do Master?" Fidel would say as he crossed his arms and in a way struck a pose. It wasn't anything flamboyant. But, he was trying to convey how cool he was. You could say it was corny and unneeded, as it was. Fidel was showing just how strange and different from his Father he truly was. From the weird immature rumor he was going to try and spread to just how he acted in his condition. Any Doctor would tell him that he should be resting up still. Shoda even had half the mind to do so, but wouldn't. As he knew Fidel would not listen to anything like he would jump into this "training" right away.

"Okay, Bill should be going to bring some people here to well...kill me. So, you will fight them in my place."
Shoda would tell Fidel as he began to walk toward him.

"Okay, simple enough. Let me get your sword. I usually use that to fight...but I don't have one of my own. "
Fidel would say as he held his hand out so Shoda could give him the sword.

"Pffft~! Wuahahaha"
Shoda would burst into laughter at Fidel asking for his sword. And from how funny it was he was tempted to do it just for shits and giggles. But, he would not do such a thing. As he walked past Fidel he'd begin to speak once again. "No, boy. Your Father didn't start with any weapon, so you will do the same."

"Ugh, you sound like Issho." Fidel would say as he would uncross his arms roll his eyes, and smack his lips.

For a second Shoda would pause at the name Fidel would say. "What was his last name?"

"Issho ugh I think Red Dog Sansuke. he used to wield a large crossed black blade." Fidel would say as he had to think hard about Issho's name, well the rest of his name. He'd never forget Issho but he never called him by his allies or last name, so those things he did have to think about. Honestly, just saying his name made him smile. As even though they are dead he focused more on the good times with Issho, as well with the rest of the crew.  He was walking right behind Shoda at this moment.

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13 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:45 am

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Fidel D. Marx

"Shoda, I've met new friend. And.....I will set sail with him and his crew in three days." Issho would say to Shoda who was sitting just a ways away from him. He wasn't far just a few feet. There being a a few animal carcasses within that gap. Hoisted up above a pan where their blood is being drained into.

"Stop the jokes and finish your task."
Shoda would say as he'd poke the fire to the left of him. Issho and the animals being to the right of him.

"No, Brother. I am serious, I truly will leave this place. " Issho would say as he'd not return to his work. But, rather look at Shoda till his Brother would acknowledged the decision.  Shoda would just nob his head and the two would get back to work.

The only thing that filled the silence was the sound of them working. Shoda was not cleaning or skinning any game but rather checking through a pile of weapons now. The fire was large enough that he didn't need to bother with it at all.  The assortment of weapons ranged from skillfully crafted to disgraceful. How they had come upon these weapons is due to simple killing the owners. They weren't going out to kill anyone at all, people just came to them. Seeking them out to gain fame from defeating the White Snake and Red Dog of Wano. They previously were retainers of one of the Daimyo within Wano. They had garnered fame from the school that they hailed from and also from accomplishments. One being the army of three hundred that only they took on alone. Living legends were these Brothers even at the ripe age of XXX. They though hit a snag in their life as their Daimyo was slain, along with everyone belonging to him. Well, aside from them. Now they just wander around Wano trying to keep to themselves, but always seeming to come under attack by someone that thinks they could take them. After each defeat Shoda had taken it upon himself to take their weapons, selling the good ones and just getting rid of the crap. Shoda, unlike his Brother, enjoyed the constant fighting they went through.

"So do you plan to stay?"

"Hmm, if you leave. I do not see a reason for me to stay."

-XXX Years later-

They would finally see themselves once again. It had been three long years. But, the two Brothers had finally reunited. Both had gotten a hefty bounty on their heads upon leaving Wano. Though, the reasons are drastically different. Shoda got his name out due to how much carnage he has left within his wake. No one knew the reason he did this. All that was known was he could not be stopped. The Marines could never catch him nor could any Pirates recruit him. Issho on the other had hasn't had such a bloody life. His Pirate crew did a lot of horrible things but most people lived to tell the tale. Issho was within the same league as his Brother. Their relationship was not known to the world though. Even this meeting right now was only known by those two.

"I see you've gotta quite famous."
Issho would say as he'd begin to walk over to a sitting Shoda.

"We've both become famous, Brother. Just not outside of I just had to make everyone know who I am. I wish people would stop trying to fight me though." Shoda, who was poking a fire, would say to his Brother. His gaze would shift from his Brother's face to the bottle of sake that he dragged behind him.

"Are you sure about that?"
Issho would ask as he placed the bottle down beside his Brother. Shoda had already begun to begin cooking it seemed. Issho had smelt the seductive aroma as he made his way up the mountain side.

"Yeah, I think so."
Shoda would say as he gave his Brother a grin. He wasn't entirely sure if he really wanted to stop fighting or not. Conflicts seemed to increase with him over time. And when he got this new sword they seemed to double.  

"New sword?"
Issho would say at the noticeable sword that laid beside Shoda. He'd even pick it up and unsheath it, to see what type of blade it was. He would be surprised at seeing it was a black blade like his. Issho knew of this blade after further inspection. When Shoda would begin to speak again Issho would sheath the blade and sit on the stone across from Shoda.

"Yeah, yeah. This Kid I'm teaching now brought it to me." Shoda would say, which shocked Issho.

"And here I thought you weren't a fan of the Meito. Or  fan of having students. " Issho would say in response to his Brother.

"I'm not. But, I have to honor the deal. Annnnnd I'm bored as shit, so I wanted a change." Shoda wouldn't go into detail about how the arrangement came to be. Well he didn't plan to at this moment. At some point they'd exchange the tale.

"I guess." Issho would say as he'd grab on of the morsoles cooking over the fire.

"What about you? Pirate life treating you well? Or do you want to go back to Wano?" Shoda would ask as he'd do the same thing. Digging his teeth into the meat as he asked the third question.

"You know we can never go back there. Especially with the things we've done since leaving." Issho would say. His happy expression and deamor turned to a bit of a saddened one. As if he regretted not have the ability to return to Wano.

"But can they stop us?"
Shoda would say to try and get his Brother back in the mood. After noticing he had changed after the question about going back home to Wano.

"I don't know."
Issho would say. He'd try to shake the sad vibes he was giving off. And focus more on how they were meeting with each other after so many years. Shoda's age showing with his streaks of grey hair. The age of his jet black hair slowly but surely coming to a end.

They spoke on small island within the East Blue. The only noticeable feature about it being the mountain shaped like the head of a dragon. Their reunion lasted a total of three days. The spoke about their journeys so far.

-XXX Years Later Part II-

"I think I'm going to retire."

"Waaah! Really, the White Snake Shoda is going to hand up his blade? No, No. That can't be true. You enjoy it too much."

"I am! Why do you think I am on Jaya now? Because I like Pirates?"

"That is the main reason I think you are pulling my leg. My crew has taken up capturing other Pirates and turning in their bounty for the beli. You do know someone people here would do that to you. Well, if they could. You are worth three-hundred Million Sho. I'm not trying to discourage you retiring, I'm all for it. But, at least pick a different island. What about going to Sk-" Issho would try to plead to his Brother to get him to leave Jaya, as it wasn't the best place to retire for anyone. All type of New Pirates came here to pick up a crew of get a name for themselves.

Shoda would raise his hand before Issho could finish. "I will retire but I won't go into hiding. I will let it be known where I am. The weaklings will stay away and I can have my peace. Annnnd if I don't know someone of skill did come they could help me....train. yeah, help me train."

"I guess. Just don't trust anyone, and I mean anyone. You may think someone is your friend but are only after on-.....HEY! Are you listening to me?" Issho would see that Shoda had closed his eyes and even begun to snore as he spoke. Him yelling though was enough to wake up his Elder Brother.

"I hear you. But enough about me, what about you? Pirate life still exciting?"

"It is fine. Other than us going after other Pirates we have actually picked up a scrappy little kid. At first I saw him as a little monster I didn't have time for, but i've come to enjoy his presence. He is kinda my student now. I've even got him fighting how you had me fighting when I was younger. Using random objects before using a katana.  And honestly he is something else. I call him a rampaging beast. I even thought about bringing him with me to see you. So he could learn a few things from you." Issho would say. He seemed happy to speak about his student. Shoda could really see that the boy meant a lot to Issho. Three days they speak and do as they did before. After that though they would never see each other again. The News Coo came in and Shoda would find out his Brother, along with his crew, had been caught and hung for their crimes.

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14 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:58 am

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Fidel D. Marx

"Fuck, BILL! Why did you bring so many!?" Fidel would say out loud at the crow of twenty that was now before the hut. As instructed to him by Shoda he was to take care of the people that came for him. Not a single person was allowed to enter his hut. This was part of his training. Shoda, even though he was smaller than Fidel, thought Fidel was lanky and inexperienced. To get his experience up he needed to fight more. And to build his muscle while doing so. To not focus on anything but getting stronger. Bill also had a strange look on his face and he also didn't say anything to Fidel at all. As after he brought the guys he left, not to the hut but back to town. As if he didn't even know who Fidel was. Fidel would just roll his eyes as he didn't want to make being ignored being something he sweats. Even though it bothered him somewhat.

"You ain't Shoda."

"Yeah, you don't even have white hair."

"That is because I'm not Shoda, you fuckin' idiots."
Fidel would begin to stretch and then he'd spit onto the ground. A cocky grin on the face of the Young Man as he looked them over again. "I am Fidel D. Marx! And from the looks of you poor bastards you don't even deserve to go up against the Old Man. So, I will be....probably killing you all here today. But, as there always is a but. I will let anyone leave now if they don't want to die."  

Laughter erupted from the group. None of them planned on leaving this place. Especially with Fidel being the one to tell them they could live alive if they left now. They planned to kill this boy here and now and look for Shoda. Fidel hadn't fought in a while since losing to Shoda, and this would help him get back into shape. His body was calling for him to kill them. And so Fidel would start doing just that. These Men weren't anything special grunts compared to Fidel. Thinking their sheer numbers would be enough to take down Shoda, when they couldn't even hold a candle to that Man. And so the outcome that would follow with them taking on Fidel would be expected.

After the fight Fidel would be panting harder than he expected. He wasn't even unscahted like he thought he'd be. A few cuts and bruises were on his body as he moved all of the corpse together. Also placing the weapons they had, after he looted them, in a pile of their own. He was drenched in sweat as well. Before he'd turn away from them he'd hear clapping going on behind him. Turning as quickly as he could he'd see Shoda had made it outside of the house.

"Wow, just wow. You have shown me that you are shittier than I thought."
Shoda would say. Fidel was about to say something but Shoda would continue on. "You did just wake up today so your body could just be sleep in some areas. But, since you are done I need you to sort out those weapons. Keep the ones with the best quality. The rest you put on the bodies and take them all back to town. There should be a well barrel around here somewhere." Shoda would finish before heading back inside. He was making tea and he liked to keep a eye on the food that he made. Fidel would smack his lips but would do what was asked of him.

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15 Re: Do what thou wilt[Bounty] on Fri May 04, 2018 6:47 pm

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Fidel D. Marx

-Five Months Later-

"Phew, things have at least gotten a bit easier." Fidel would say as he stood over a Man twice his size. He was panting but not that much. His Willpower was on full display as he had pushed his body passed it's limits. The only thing noticeable about him was his hair had grown longer. The amount of time that has transpired was five whole months, starting from the time he first arrived on Jaya Island. He'd grab the weapon of the goliath, it being a iron club, and he'd raise it high into the air. With gravity and momentum on his side he'd jump back, and slam the end of the club on the skull of the Man. Ending his life and truly putting a end to their bout. He'd push the club away and walk toward the back of the body, gripping the corpses leg. Slowly but surely he'd begin to drag the body back into town. He went to the spot he usually would drop off those he defeated. This has been a common thing and many had come to see Fidel return with a x amount of corpses. Every week he did this.

An onlooker, who was sitting at a table, outside would comment on Fidel dropping the body in the middle of the road and heading back into the woods. "It used to be that people went to see Bill so they could go and find the Legend Shoda. But, some time ago they have been going after that Kid. No, that Monster. No one even knows his name ...but when you see a kid with a shitty pompadour. You'll know that is him. Some even say he has killed Shoda and took his place up there." he'd sip from his drink as he'd turn away from the corpse and to the person that sat in front of him. "But, enough of that. You looking for a group to head up with your crew? To eh...Eh, Skypiea? Well, I could Hmm? You lookin' in the direction that Kid went. You want to ask him to join you? Nah, don't bother. He doesn't talk to anyone when he comes down." Who this Man was speaking to, at this moment, was no importance to anyone. Nor does his impact come into this story, well at this moment.

Fidel continued his journey back to Shoda's place. A path had been created that lead right to Shoda's place. Due to Fidel dragging bodies through the same path. No one went up this past everyday though. The day the came was the same each week, around the same time. Why? This was due to Bill. Even though the path to Shoda's home was no longer hidden and anyone at this point could go there they still went to Bill. As he bought the building right next to the path. And using his influence and beli him, along with those he hired, patrolled the area. Not allowing anyone to go up there unless they pay a toll and unless it was the assigned date. Those that got passed Bill though, as some did, would never return. No one knows why they don't return but know that if they did get up there the chance of them even being brought back as a corpse would not happen. If they were to fail in their hunt.

"Phew, finally." Fidel would say as he was still exhausted. He didn't see Shoda's place yet. All he could do was smell the a familiar aroma that filled this area; which allowed him to know he was close to being to his home. Well it wasn't his home home but he had been staying there this entire time. Soon though, around ten minutes, he finally see Shoda's place. And see that Shoda was outside near a fire with not just fish but other food that he had cooking over the fire. "Oi, Shoda! You need to me do anything?"

Shoda would poke the fire a few times before turning his attention over to Fidel. "No, come and sit down. The food is almost finished. I know a few fish are."

"Yah sure Old Man? Did you have your tea today? I know we ran out of the stuff you put in it! I can go look for some in the forest if you need! I know your back be hurtin'! I know! And who would I be to not help the elderly!?! I may look like a bad guy, but I got a little good in my heart! But you betta let me know now...Or I ain't getting yah shit till t'morrow. Soooo, what is it go-" Fidel would stop talking as he'd feel a sharp pain his his face. A rock would then slowly slid down his face and land at his feet. "AHHH!"

"SHUT THE HELL UP AND SIT DOWN!" Shoda would bark as Fidel yelled and held his face. He'd shake his head as Fidel made his way over and sat down across from Shoda. The Boy's nose was bleeding but Fidel seened to plug them up with some loose cloth he had.

"Yah didn't have to throw shit." Fidel would mumble as he'd reach out and grab one of the fish. When he first arrived to Jaya he wasn't a fan of fish. But, with this being the only thing Shoda cooked he got used to the taste.

"What have you learned so far?"

"Huh? A lot I guess."

"Walk me through it. Month by month. What did you learn."

"Ugh, story time at dinner? Lame....Don't yah want to know how I beat that last guy?"

"This is part of your training, so speak you brat."

"Okay, Okay. So.....month one was well boring and I went through hell. Only thing that happened was that I met you....BUT MONTH TWO! LET ME TELL YOU, MASTER!"

-Month II-

The weather had gotten worse compared to the one prior. Where as the first month there was rain it was only brief and light showers. But, this month it was the opposite. It rained everyday nonstop. There is only one day that there was only the sun in the sky, and that is the day this story starts.

"OI, Shoda! Why am I helping you gather herbs?" Fidel would say as he held a basket full of a variety of things. He wasn't picking anything but just holding it for Shoda, who was the one picking. There already being a few herbs and vegetables within the basket.

"Pay attention, boy. I can not always walk into town, even with a disguise. And the same may be said to you in the future. So, hunting and gathering your own food might happen. Like look here. These mushrooms are extremely poisonous. You won't die from eating them but even I wouldn't be able to stay awake for long after ingesting these. Three days you'd be out. You'd be aware of everything but your body will not listen to anything you say. So, you need to watch out for things like this. "
Shoda would tell Fidel.

"How would I know? Taste everything and wait and see what it does?"

"No, No, that is dumb. I have a book at my home you can read. It is a herbs and other vegetation book that has pictures and also descriptions of different herbs that can be found on many Islands. Won it in a game before I started secluding myself up in the woods." Shoda would say as he'd skip over the mushrooms and grab something else that was near it.

"Phew, I was going to say. If there aren't any pictures I wouldn't be able to help. I can't even read."

Shoda would stop after placing what he had in the basket. He'd just look at Fidel, a bit taken back. The son of the Most Dangerous Man within the world can't read, it was shameful. He knew Fidel had run away at a young age to become a Pirate; but he did not expect the boy to be such a stereotype. He already didn't clean himself a lot. He didn't have any discipline. He didn't know when to keep his mouth shut. And now Shoda is finding out the boy doesn't know how to read. Shoda would just shake his head in disappointment. If this boy was going to learn under him he'd need to change a few things. "Did you Parents never teach you how to read?"

"Yeah, I mean they tried. My Mom taught me A LOT of things and said my Dad was supposed to teach me how to read. But, he didn't do shit. And when she started to do it....I already made my mind to run away. And she was never got the chance to do it. " Fidel would tell Shoda.

"Well that has to change as you need to read. So, when you are fighting those people that come here you will be doing just that. "

"Nah, fuck that. Reading doesn't equate to strength. Even I know that."

"Oh? And how so?"

"Well....I can't say why b-"

"You will thank me later."

"Ugh, I guess."

Fidel would bend and allow himself to be taught how to read; he didn't have anything to lose anyway. And if Shoda felt this would benefit him he'd have to at least give it a try. Two hours would pass. And they'd return back to the house with the basket full of a multitude of things. Only herbs that Fidel could actually say the name were simple things. Carrots, Beets, Radish, and Mint. He knew this because Issho had always sent him to go get these items from the market whenever they stopped at a Island.

Shoda and Fidel st outside once they arrived back to the house. Shoda had brought the book out and placed it in front of Fidel; while he would sort the herb and vegetable he had picked. he had two baskets. They were smaller than the large one that held them all and would be used to separate them.  Taking a small break he'd look up at the sky. " Damn....I storm is going to come soon." Shoda would say as he looked away and went back to what he was doing.

"Hmm??" Fidel would look up at the sky. Back and forth he looked but didn't see a cloud in sight. He was confused as to what the hell it was Shoda was talking about. It looked like a good day that could only get better. There were a couple of clouds, maybe two, in the sky but they weren't storm clouds. He didn't question it though as he'd go back to trying to figure out what the hell was being said in this book. He had started to just look at the pictures as he couldn't read, and started to feel like shit because of it. After three hours he gave up. Finally, he'd swallow his pride and just say it. "Master I can't.....I-I can read one word of this....Help me." For the first time after meeting Shoda the sound of defeat was within his voice.

Shoda would chuckle as this is what he wanted. For Fidel to just ask for help. He already assumed the boy might try and do it on his own after being told to learn to read. And he knew that the boy wouldn't be able to do such a thing. Shoda felt Fidel wasn't someone that knew how to ask for help. A stubborn boy that needed to first learn how to ask for help before he could learn anything else from Shoda. Teaching him how to read was just a bonus honestly. And for the rest of the month learning to read took up most of the month. And due to the heavy storm that plagued the Island fighting wasn't really done. Except once. On the day that the weather was at its worse. When the winds felt as if they would send entire buildings into the air. And as if the sea was preparing to swallow the entire Island.

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