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1 Racial Bonuses for Minkmen on Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:35 am



In the system thread on races it is explicitly stated that fishmen must include special abilities granted by their genetic base in their character application, and further goes on to include that while in water, fishmen have +5 doriki to their speed and strength attributes. Other races, such as the three-eyed, kuja, long-leg/arm tribes, and wotan, also get bonus doriki to their attributes. However, this is not stated for the minkmen, which have similar genetic diversity as the fishmen.

So the question is, do minks receive any buff to their attributes depending on the genetic base and are they afforded any special considerations in physical traits (hard skull, rabbit jumping power, etc.)?

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2 Re: Racial Bonuses for Minkmen on Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:16 pm

Minks/Giants/Winged/ and Humans all dont have a doriki boast like the other races. I’ll speak with the staff team about if we feel they should get something. Whether it is a doriki boast or something else special for their race.

And for the characteristics of whatever species of mammal you go with as a Mink should be elaborated on within your skillset.

Keep moving forward.
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3 Re: Racial Bonuses for Minkmen on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:57 pm



The minks were super hypey for me. There's certain things like Carrot's jump that would be understandably made into a skill, but there are other things like Roddy's head that don't necessarily do that. All minks are different, so while Carrot or some cat might be faster, things like Roddy would have an increased durability that others wouldn't have. Not to mention that they're all trained, so there's just that birthplace bonus.

I mean, it's immersion and just fun for me. I don't necessarily want to pick a mammal that'll headbutt things and some base human with a strength primary is going even with me with his face, because no doriki.

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