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1 What is Justice? on Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:34 am

From the outside looking in Captain Hannibal Uchis seemed like a cool guy. He kept his emotions in check and followed not only what he felt was right but within the boundaries given to him by the World Government. That though was not the case at all with him, as he held many internal conflicts. He doesn't let them out to the world as he can't. Doing such a thing surely would make what himself seem too weak. So, as he sat within his room alone he fought with himself. The room he was within was the marine base located within the city of Alubarna. He was granted a private room only due to his rank of Captain and still it wasn't the lap of luxury. The floors weren't weak but every other step he took caused a screech to echo through the room. His weight not enough to push through the floor but enough to make it cry out. Within this room was nothing more than the bare necessities a Marine Officer would need in his daily life. The only thing that would be somewhat of a luxury item would be the mirror that covered the entire east side of the room. Hannibal would make sure to avert his harlequin eyes from it at all costs, as he couldn't stand the sight of himself.

Hannibal was tired and this place was his own personal solitary confinement. He even gave orders that he was not to be bothered unless it was of the upmost urgency, and if he was the last person able to assist. As with his current mind set he couldn't be of much use. Though he wouldn't be delving back into his attitude he held on Baltigo, he was in a similar way. The room smelled of not only tobacco but of another herb that could be purchased on Sandy Island. He had a cigar of both. He only held one with his left hand though, as the other would rest within a ashtray on the desk. It was lit as during his pacing back and forth he would switch them out. He has been doing this for over a hour now as there was already two put out ends within the ashtray. The two he was using now being the second pair. On that desk were a few other things. On on side lay a pile of papers around eight inches high. He had many reports to file and letters to send out, and hasn't started on them at all. Beside that was a, unopened, bottle of wine and a clear glass. The ashtray was at the edge of the desk more toward where the entrance was whilst the papers were within the opposite corner back toward the window. The window was large and if you wanted you could look out of it and peer over the surrounding area. There though was a blind covering this view. The room was located at the top of the five-story building. I wasn't the best but it was spacious and no one other than Hannibal wanted it. He was a large man so with the room being the way it was, even if it wasn't the cleanest, he would feel cramped. Even the furniture felt normal to him though it may be a bit big for those of a shorter height.

"How can I call myself anything but a Villain." Hannibal would mumble to himself as he'd stop right after he moved away from his desk. With his right hand he began to move around the small, to him, size marbles he held. He did it more and more furiously as seconds would pass. He'd stop though as he'd inevitability crush them within his hands.  He'd open his hand and see the crushed material and then let it fall onto the floor by over turning his hand. He'd close his eyes and let out a slow depressing sigh. He'd wipe the rest of the residue onto his pants leg. So many things had begun to happen since the world was changed. Finally, he'd turn to his left and see himself within the mirror. His Third Eye this entire time was showing and as he closed the small meter gap he'd stop once inches away from the mirror. He saw himself as what the world had painted his race, a calamity.

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