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1 The Bandit of White [Grand Voyage] [Solo] on Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:28 am



Talibah relaxed with his head against the super sonic duck who was carrying across the desert, his eyes peering up at the endless stars. The stars spoke of an entire expansion beyond what he could reach, and showed how insignificant his worries were... It reminded him of when he looked into Nefertiti's smile. He wore a large white cloak that covered the entirety of his body, even when standing. His was bundled in its large swathes, keeping warm from the unforgiving cold. His only solace that he received now a days was the crook his wife gave him which leaned against his neck as he had his right knee propping up his elbow. The crook itself being wrapped in old dusty and faded red cloth that only allowed the gold and lapis lazuli peak through in tiny spots. It was only day before that Talibah was sent into hiding among the dunes of the fierce desert, hiding himself away because of threats on his life.

Snuggling himself deeply into his cloak, trying to capture more of the warmth that collected in the blanket. Talibah's sad eyes turned towards the back of the Duck that carried him, the duck being the largest and fastest one the Royal Family had raised in a long time. He was skilled enough in riding one that even if he fell asleep he would not fall. Talibah tried not to think of his loving wife who had believed him dead, he tried not to think of the tears that were no doubt falling down her face, and most of all he tried not to think of what she might do to herself in sadness... He failed on all fronts. The image of her on their wedding day flashed through his mind. His grip on his crook tightened at the memory. The smile she had on when he kissed her to seal the marriage. He could remember the day so clearly, and now he was plagued with thoughts of her.

He could remember her walking towards him down the ail of their wedding, Jin walking her down to him before taking his place as Talibah's best man. His father bawling his eyes out, his Brothers with smiles on their faces. He remembered kissing her to seal the marriage. Remembered when they partied afterword, Talibah showing off his wife to his brothers. Remembered when Jin tried to kill a party goer for knocking into Nefertiti. Remembered Jin having to hold back Anabella before she skewered the man with her knives. He remembered laughing about all of it. But the thing he remembered most, her smile that spoke of all the love and warmth he would ever need in his life. Normally such would bring happiness and laughter, but not brought nothing but sorrow...

His grip on his crook tightened his eyes beginning to water at the life he was forced to leave behind. Biting his lip, tears flowing down his face. Raising his left hand to his crook, he would cover his eyes, as silent sobs racked through his body, where they would continue until he fell into an unwilling sleep.

Talibah's wish in that moment, was to live to see Nefertiti again. After all. What was a Prince without his Princess?

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