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1 Beli Began to Rain on Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:17 pm

Aku Soku Zan



Voyage Name: Bust Down
Location:Sandy Island
Participant(s): Solo(But others can join)

During his time searching for his target dealing with Fools Gold Hannibal is meet by one of the members of the Red Lotus Organization. Due to a incident happening on Sabaody Archipelago Hannibal is forced to dawn the mask given to him by the Organization sooner. A group had splintered off from the Organization and have taken residency in the town of Rainbase. At first they were under the protection of the Prince but that has changed. They have created a Casino of their own that rivals that of Rain Dinner. The Prince can't prove it but the Men in charge have not been paying all he thinks that they should in taxes to him. This being created due to current members of the Red Lotus putting these rumors in the ears of the naive prince.

Two tasks are needed to be done, but only one has to be done. The Prince wants the casino not only shut down but destroyed, but all the beli and other valuable items given to him before that. What the Red Lotus wants is only the death of those that left their Organization without permission.

Head of the Rogue group and Casino: His attributes are all Tertiary
Right Hand: Strength is Tertiary
Left Hand: Speed if Tertiary
Guards: Number are within the hundreds

+5 to Durabilty and Endurance
+5 to Perception

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2 Re: Beli Began to Rain on Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:23 pm

Aku Soku Zan



Two weeks ago

Today, was the final day of his three day self proclaimed vacation. He hadn't been assigned to any type of duties in that time, so he felt it was a vacation. Those three days were great; other than that time at the Brothel. That was passed him though and only the lesson he learned would stay with him. At this moment in time Hannibal was on the docks, inches away from the ladder that lead onto the ship. He still felt that the Enforcer wasn't that impressive as a ship. It was though he home, so he would kick himself mentally. Even though this ship was not a person it deserved respect. It would hold his life in it's hands when they were out at Sea.

He'd begin to do his ascension up the ladder but once he was on the deck of the ship he was meet with three men in black suits. It was as if they were waiting for someone. "Are you Men looking for Commodore Ricchi?"

"No, Captain Uchis. We are actually here for you." One of them would say. As he spoke Hannibal would move over to the mast of the ship. The three would also move so that the distance between them was less than a meter.

Another would begin to speak right after the first had spoken. "We are members of  Cipher Pol Six. They'd all reveal their badges so that Hannibal could look at them, if he doubted what they said. And your status in the Marines is in jeopardy."

He believed them but checked their badges. He felt a chill go down his spin after hearing the last thing the CP agent told him. He couldn't even say anything right away. Going right on the defensive was something he also threw right out the window. He'd reach, slowly, into his suit jacket. He'd then slowly pull out a pack of cigarettes that was in his dress shirt's breast pocket. He'd grab on and place in between his lips, before placing the packet back into his breast pocket. Finally, he'd reach in his left pants pocket and reveal a golden lighter. He'd use it to lit his cigarette before placing the lighter back into his pocket. 'If anything. They are here due to what happened on Baltigo. Or, because of my race. Whatever it is I need to relax.' Hannibal would think to himself.

"Care to enlighten me to what reason that would be?" Hannibal would say as he would take a short drag on the fag.

"We are aware of the situation you are in due to the incident that happened on Baltigo, in the Nil District. You are a dirty Marine, and you make me sick." The that had spot first would say bluntly. He seemed like he would go on a rant about how he disliked Hannibal. But, the CP agent that hadn't said anything yet would raise his hand to stop his comrade from speaking.

Hannibal couldn't say anything in response. By definition he could be considered a dirty Marine. That wasn't the case at all though, as it was more complicated than that. He had to save that girl. And the only way to do that was with doing what they said. He planned to man up for everything they would have him do, after he made sure she was safe. He felt disrespected that they said they knew about the situation, when they didn't.

"I am not dirty. After I handled the situation I was going to go right to you guys to turn myself in and give out any information I have on the Red Lotus Organization. As I deal with the shame of my actions since that day. But, the thought of saving a life that no one cares for keeps me going. Regardless if I am removed from the Marines on this day, I will save her." Hannibal would say. He didn't need or want to beat around the bush. If his aloof speaking made them feel some type of way he would not be taken down here. His body ready at any moment to react in ways that will ensure his safety.

"Both of you need to relax and not be so tense. Yes, we are aware of the situation you are in but we are not here to arrest you. If that was the case you wouldn't have seen us. What we are here to tell you is that you are being brought into our assignment. No, that doesn't mean you are a member of the  Cipher Pol. You do not have the proper training for that. But, you will be off you if you stay where you are. Under their thumb as if you are your lap dog. But, after each encounter with them I wish for you to send off a report. Detailing what it was they had you do. Who that person was. At the end I feel you should be able to tell us exactly who it is that runs the Red Lotus Organization.  Only when you do that will all your crimes be forgiven and swept under the table. You can live the rest of your life as a Marines, or even retire. But, only after you handle this task." He spoke clearly and at a pace a child could keep up with. He didn't speak loud enough for anyone not within their spot would hear them. None of them spoke too loud for unwanted ears. Their hushed tones were at a volume that only warranted those that needed to listen to hear. There are ways to listen in, but there was no cover in their spot. In the center of the deck they were, Hannibal leaning against the mast. The ship was thoroughly searched before they started their wait for Hannibal. And if they saw anyone they'd tell them to vacate the ship.

Hannibal didn't feel as if what was told to him was something he could argue against. Taking another drag on his fag and exhaling a plum of smoke he'd look at the Man. No longer leaning against the mast of the ship, he look down. Before he spoke he'd look up at the CP Agent to last speak. "I feel the only course of action I can take after this all is said and done is retiring. I will not document the actions that I took, as that is too incriminating. I will give you names and places as I gain them. If you want the Man in charge I will bring you him alive and also bring down the entire organization." Hannibal would say. He spoke the same way the Man spoke.



"He doesn't get to decided anything."

"I said it is fine. Though, he may be in a mess. He seems the type that will clean it up and then some. So, he can decided how he goes about it. As long as we get results I don't care what happens."

"But Director! H-"

"No, more. We leave you Captain Uchis, as my contact has told me they will be coming for you. I don't know when, but it will be soon.
He would begin to walk over to the ladder, the other two following behind him. He'd pause before descending. Be careful Mr. Three Eye." He'd say before he and the others would leave.

Hannibal felt like a ant. He should've expected that he knew so much about him. 'The Director of CP six. I extremely scary guy.' Hannibal would think to himself as he'd use his free hand to put out his fag. He'd head below deck, as he needed to get things in order. If they were coming for him sooner he had to get things in order.

3 Re: Beli Began to Rain on Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:33 am

Aku Soku Zan



Current Day

After that incident Hannibal would leave a note within his quarters on the enforcer. To summarize it he just detailed he would be leaving to take care of his part of the assignment Commodore Ricchi gave them. There was truth within that as he did plan on doing that assignment, but not first. Contact with the Red Lotus had been made on this day. They caught him leaving a pub in Nanohana. Supplying him with a Super Spot-Billed Duck outside of the city he was to leave to Rainbase. On the Duck were two pouches one was full of food and water for the journey. The second had instructions on where Hannibal needed to go. It wasn't straight to the put but rather done in a way that you will have to figure it out. There was also a map, compass, and other small things for the journey.  

'Hmm, I have to cross the Sandora Desert. And then the river.' Hannibal would think to himself as he would examine the map he was given. He stood right next to the Duck as he read the Map. He hadn't actually traversed a desert before in his life. He was ready for it though, as it could be a cool experience. His attire today was not his typical suit, as that didn't mess well with this Weather on Sandy Island. He wore  long white robe with blue star-like motifs on it and a matching hat. He has a big yellow necklace around his neck, and also sports striped socks under a pair of normal shoes. He picked this outfit around two days ago, and he was proud of his purchase. He also has a book-bag on that has another outfit, along with a mask, that he plans to wear once he arrives to Rainbase. He'd put the Map away and get on the Super Spot-Billed Duck.

"Okay, buddy. Lets move nice and ea-" Hannibal didn't expect the Duck to take off so quickly. If Hannibal didn't have the reigns gripped tightly he almost flew off the creature. 'He is a wild one.' Hannibal would think to himself as he would turn the creature in the direction he needed to go. He would be heading north-west. He traveled at a angle so that he could reach the river and then run up it parallel. Today was a beautiful day. Though, the sun was high in the sky a multitude of clouds blanketed the sky and shielded people from the harsh rays. Outside of the city there was  a gentle breeze that caresses the face of those traveling. It didn't take more than two-hours  to reach the location Hannibal wanted to get to. The Duck ran at top speed. But, once they arrive a break was needed. They both rested near the road that was thirty-meters from the river. Hannibal, gazing out at the River, could see ships traveling up and down the river. Though the river had some traffic the road was the opposite. Only person on it or even near it was Hannibal. There was pros and cons to that. But, that can change during his journey up the road.

Hannibal would stand to his feet as he started to walk away from the Duck, who was sleeping. It was fast but it didn't have any cardio. 'A weeks journey.' Hannibal would think to himself as he kept his gaze on the ships. He'd turn back to his duck, and sit next to it. He gently pet the creature as he had never seen one of such size before. He stay in this spot for around maybe thirty minutes. He was aware of his surroundings at all times, even though he doubted he'd be attack. Though, that didn't mean it was impossible.

4 Re: Beli Began to Rain on Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:03 pm

Aku Soku Zan



He scanned through all of the items he had with him. He needed to know exactly what he had. He should've done this before he left Nanohana. But, no need to dwell on what could've been done. He'd lean against the Duck as he went over his things. He had a decent amount of food for the week. And if he needed more his traveling beside the river would pay off. Fishing was something he learned as a lad. Water also wasn't a problem as he could get some from cacti or from the river.

"I wonder how the others are handling their tasks."
Hannibal would say out loud to himself. He never got to really speak with the Ensign or Commodore. He never got to speak with in depth. Their briefing was the only time they actually spoke to each other. The Ensign didn't say much to leave a impression of who he was, but the Commodore did. He carried himself a certain way that wasn't like Hannibal. Hannibal on one person though he showed we respect could act aloof around superiors. He spot a lot at times but only really when he had something to say. Other times he could say nothing at all. Commodore Ricchi though showed respected to everyone. He was someone, to Hannibal, that spoke in a reserved but open way. It was weird. Speaking many words but not truly saying anything.

It was around 12:00pm. Hannibal had made sure he put everything back and was ready to set off once again. The Duck, who he'd name Bingo, would be up and ready to journey out once again. Saddling up he'd ride out but not like before. He spoke to Bingo as they traveled. "Relax, relax."   He'd say as they continued on. He didn't want to take so many breaks. They will ride all day and rest at night, that is what he wanted. They rode and rode on without any stops. The sun began to set in the east. He'd stop, "We will start camp Bingo." Hannibal would say to the Duck as he'd pull it off of the road. He'd slowly get off and remove his backpack. Along with the outfit and mask in it he had a lighter and a pack of fags. They'd move themselves around ten meters from the road.

He'd put one fag in his mouth and lit it. Taking a small drag before stop lighting the fag. "I don't I need a fire tonight." Hannibal would mumble to himself as he would just plop to the ground, Bingo doing the same. The cloud no longer covered the sky. Being replaced by a abundance of stars. The Moon was not out tonight. Looking behind him he would see the Duck shivering, and felt bad. Though, he wasn't cold he saw the Duck was. So, he began to create a fire. 'I honestly can't remember the last time I've been cold or hot.' Hannibal would say as he'd got the fire going. He'd go over to his bag once it was lit and after grabbing something to eat out he somehow made his mask fall out as well. He placed the food down, he was going to use some stone as a plate, and reach down for his mask. He hadn't wore this at all yet and he would need to get used to it. So, he would place it upon his face. He would then, after the fire was done, change his entire outfit. As his current one didn't fit the mask.


5 Re: Beli Began to Rain on Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:14 pm




Private Villa - Iris's Cove

Rainy Dinners was the most famous hotspot for activity within the city of Rainbase, with it's buffet style kitchen and state of the art casino seen to be the main attractions. Sitting on the roof of a Desert Villa on the opposite side of the street from the establishment, Jackal had used his 'salary' from the last two Bandit Kings he'd squashed to make the down payment on the Villa for the next two months, though, he didn't plan to be there for much longer. He'd still have business to handle in Alubarna, and honestly this mission was like a puzzle he'd been working on since coming to the Sandy Isle, and it won't be finished anytime soon either. The Villa was tall enough to have a vantage point on Rainy's Main Entrance, standing at about three story's up, Jackal's safe-house was around twenty-five feet off the ground. Peering through a borrowed telescope, he'd watch the entrance of the Casino, as this was seemingly the only entry into the building. Rainy Diners had a staircase at it's Southern Entrance, and was surrounding by a moat at all other angles. With no outside balcony setup at the other Cardinal Points, not only was the Casino extremely secured, it was a one way in, one way out kind of gig. Jackal's objective was simple, he'd been hunting down another Bandit King, a man by the name of Regal who'd seemed to be tied up in the Casino due owning them a substantial amount of money. Removing his eyes from the scope, he'd hear the footsteps of human feet climbing the staircase to the roof, but there was only one other person he'd brought along with him and it was his guide through the Desert, Amalia. As she arrived on the rooftop, the woman's steps drew closer to Jackal's position about one meter away from the edge of the rooftop, which had been surrounded by metallic bars around it's perimeter. "You know... When a girl is told... 'Come with me to Rainbase.' The last thing a gal expects is to be locked up in the house for three days lounging around sleeping." Amalia said pouting.

"Shishishi... Good thing you're to old to be a girl now."
Jackal exclaimed teasingly, diverting his eyes from the woman's intense killer gaze. "What happened to robbing the Throne! I heard Jin wiped the floor with yer' geese." Amalia said rubbing salt into a fresh wound, pouting at the man's childish remark about her age, or at leas that's how she took it. "Indeed he did. That's why I've decided to build a name for myself hunting down these Bandit Kings. Roundabout way of doing things but it'll make sense in the end. I just need you to be ready to leave town on a moments notice." Jackal stated, unfazed as Jackal wasn't the harping type. "My Giant Sand Crab is but a moments away at the West of Town. Relax." Amalia responded. Finally making it next to Jackal's position overlooking the street, Amalia began to inquire about the next thought that was puzzling her. "What's with the get-up?" Amalia asked, peering Jackal from head to toe. The Mink's face was covered in several white calico scarves, leaving only his eyes and mouth exposed. His ears, head and neck (which was covered by his trademark black and yellow polkadot scarf) were covered in garments to conceal his identity. Instead of his usual bareback mid-section, he'd been clothed in a white robe with a black laced button up front, starting from his chest section down to his abdomen. Jackal was wearing a matching black laced Harem pants, which featured strings to it's front, stemming from the waist down to his ankles. Finally, he'd wrapped his dog like appendages in white medical cloth, and wrapping his tail around his waist underneath the bagging clothing to complete the suppression of his identity. Despite the outfit, Jackal was still able to move freely as per usual, and the scarves were fashioned by using a turban to hold the face aspect in place, so breathing and seeing would be optimal.

"I'm wanted. I can't just be happy-go-lucky walking around in public. Especially with my race. It's just easier this way, trust me." Jackal exclaimed, smirking underneath his head-wrap. "So what's the plan now? I get that I wait here until further notice but what about you?" Amalia asked. "Shishishi... Well I managed to steal one of Talibah's Royal Seal Crests that High Ranking Guards wear. I'm going to enter the Casino as a patron claiming to be of the Royal Court." Jackal said. "Wow..." Amalia stared with a blank expression exclaiming in awe. "You can actually think of some pretty nifty ideas. Where was all this when you were storming into Barron's Base!?" Amalia shouted. "Shishishi... Different times. Different measures. Barron had a base full of bandits. This place has a base full of trained soldiers and mercenaries. I'm just going to be laying low until Regal shows himself." Jackal said. The two would be alone on the roof top, and the only way to make it to their position would be climb the staircase of the locked Villa, which only Jackal and Amalia had entrance to. If anyone had overheard their conversation, they'd have to be able climb several feet into the air and keep their presence concealed from Jackal's extremely sensitive ears. Nonetheless, Rainy Dinners was about a five minute walk from his location, roughly ten meters away.

+1 Doriki Speed & Agility
Endurance is always regarded as +5 as if Doriki was allocated into it. Combat.

6 Re: Beli Began to Rain on Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:57 am

Aku Soku Zan



ooc: Since I'm a week out. I'll put a lot into this post and move time a bit forward. Since it isn't a GV I don't want to drag my journey to rainbase too much. In my post after this I'd be a day away from Rainbase.

The food was cooked and Bingo and Hannibal shared. He did remove his mask slight so that he could eat, but he kept it partially on. Time would pass and they would rest together near the fire, upon daybreak Hannibal would awake. The sun had just begun to rise, "Bingo get up." Hannibal would say as he'd awaken his ride so they could begin their journey. Just like yesterday they rode and rode with no problem. Breaks were taken here and there; which last no more than ten minutes at a time. Due to that they were able to keep traveling even through the night. Nothing truly eventful happened to them on this day till they took their last stop. Like before a fire would be made for Bingo so it could keep warm. After Hannibal would do that he'd venture away from their camp. What he wanted to do was find a cacti and get some water from it. Yeah, he could've just took a walk over to the River but he didn't want to. He had a sack with him so that when he did find the cacti, or anything else, he could put it in the sack. He didn't find a cacti, not a single one, but he did find some strawberries. Over twenty and he would pick every last one of them and place them in the sack. Soon he would also return to Bingo.

"Hey, buddy! I found some fruit!" He'd tell the duck as he pulled out one of the strawberries and tossed it over to Bingo, once in range bingo would catch it in it's mouth. Hannibal though wouldn't eat one, as he wasn't hungry at this moment. Once again the two would fall asleep near the fire.

Today, was the third day of their journey. Both were fresh as on the second day they made a great deal of distance. Enough to shorten the amount of time it'd take by two days. And if they kept it up they'd be able to make it to their destination in no time at all. That was something Hannibal really didn't want, as he didn't want to do this task he was given. Working with criminals heart his very soul, even though he had good reason. Who he was as a person was being soiled. What kind of Marine could he really be with this dark secret. Even though the CP new of his situation what were they really after with him. The first thing though is how Commodore Ricchi would take this if he found out. Someone that, Hannibal, feels truly is the future of the marines. "Bingo you okay?" Hannibal would say to he companion began to slow down. It was the sunset when this began to happen. Hannibal would take Bingo off of the road and remove all of the equipment from the duck. Hannibal was no vet so he couldn't see what was wrong his Bingo, all he knew that there was something wrong. And as time passed it seemed the creature would get worse. Feather began to fall off of the creature and it's exposed skin would show that it had something. As it's skin was no longer it's original color.

"Bingo....tell me what is wrong."
Hannibal would say as he'd remove his mask. He had grown attached to the creature, and was fighting back tears. As he wasn't able to help his friend. Even his third eye was revealed at this moment, but he didn't care. Though, their time was short Hannibal did not stop talking whilst he rode Bingo. And, to him, it seemed the creature spoke back to him. Though, not in a common tongue it's quacks gave Hannibal the feeling Bingo was listening.

"Goodbye Hannibal." Is what Hannibal would hear this time instead of a series of quacks. And then Bingo would close his eyes. Hannibal overcome with pain would lift the body of his companion and head further away from the road. With his bare hands he would begin to dig a hole for Bingo, as he would make him a grave. Hours would pass by and Hannibal would only finish when the sun had showed it's face once again. Hannibal would place Bingo gently into the sandy grave and then push sand over it's corpses. Hannibal wasn't a religious man but would say something in his native tongue to show his respect. Bingo deserved it. The Creature had taken him a great distance for his journey. And a Man who had already lost so much Hannibal couldn't help but get emotional. Hannibal wouldn't leave a marker to show this was the grave of his companion.

All the equipment would be loaded onto himself as he transverse the road, now alone. His Mask was back onto his face, but his third eye was not shut. Though, he had just been through something horrible it bore fruit to something new. As even though Hannibal has used his third-eye a lot during his life, before he joined the Marine, he never really tapped into all the abilities that it gave to him. Only using it in a offensive and defensive manner when in combat. But, now he knew there was another ability that it gave. Or well he hoped that it was because of his Eye. There also was good chance he just had begun to lose it.

What had happened to Bingo was the strawberry it was given. As it was a Desert strawberry. Which isn't a fruit but a poisonous spider. When eaten by humans it takes a few days to effect them, but on animals less than one. It also is about the quantity that you eat as well, as eating one gives you a chance to be treated. But, eating more than three will sign your death ticket. Hannibal still had nineteen of them in his sack, unknowing of this. He did plan to eat them, as he didn't waste food. But, he didn't know when he'd do so.

It was the fourth day, and he was not make as much progress s he wanted. His journey at one point had been cut by a couple days to now being pushed up with a couple weeks. He also couldn't just leave all of his bags to make it to his location, as he needed everything he had on his person. The only thing on his side was that, even with all of this stuff, he didn't get hot. Even with no clouds in the sky protecting him from the rays of the sun. Soon though his luck would turn up.

Behind him hear it the should of marching feet heading his way. Not created by man but by beasts. And turning back he would see a large assortment of different creatures heading his way. He would get out of the road as he did not plan on being trampled and would begin to watch them pass him by. The first thing he'd see was three F-Wani, two were leading the way whilst one was closely behind them. Next would be creatures that pull the heart strings of Hannibal, five Super Spot-Billed Duck. Their riders, such like those on the F-Wani, spoke royalty. Hannibal knew not all of them would be royalty and that most of them had to be guards. Before the rest could pass by the first two groups would halt, which would cause everyone else to. Looking down the line Hannibal could see they had two large desert crabs, and after that a large number of camel that pulled what seemed to be carriages. Who ever was in charge of this fleet had to be someone of importance or wealth, as Hannibal could also spot guards at strategic point to insure nothing would happen that they didn't want to happen. Hannibal was somewhat overwhelmed as he never really seen this many different types of creatures.

Hannibal didn't understand why they stopped, as they were in the middle of nowhere. But, soon he would understand when a group of ten guards began to move toward him with weapons drawn. Hannibal didn't have time for this so he would slowly began to remove his bags. Running away, even though shameful, was going to be his best option. He didn't know who these people were or what intention they had with him, and didn't want to find out. But, before he would do such a thing hear a voice.

"Lower your weapons. You are spooking the Man."
They would do as they were told and the one who spoke would reveal themselves. They still road on top of a F-wani as the guards moved aside. "A masked Man. You look sketchy, even if you are walking in the middle of nowhere."

"I travel with a mask to hide the world from the scars of my past." Hannibal would say in a raspy voice. He doesn't know when he'd meet this person again. And if he spoke like he normally does whatever action he does while wearing this mask will come to light .

"Oh? Then I won't ask you to remove it. But, who are you and why do you travel alone?"
They'd ask. This Woman spoke as if she was speaking down to Hannibal.

"I am simply traveling to Rainbase to meet with my employer. I travel alone because I have no need for traveling companions." Hannibal didn't see a way to get out this talk with lying, so he spoke only the truth. He said he had no need for traveling companions because he was still saddened by Bingo and didn't wish to ride with anyone.

"So, you travel to the same destination of me. And on my journey I run into you. You seem more sketchy, Masked Man."
She would say as she raised her right hand, which caused the guards to point their weapons back at Hannibal.

"I have no quarrels with you, my lady. If you wish I will travel a different way than you."
Hannibal would quickly say. But, he wouldn't move from his spoke. He no longer had a opening to move away from this spot. As he was surrounded by Guards now.

"What is your name?" She'd ask.

"I simply go by Bal."

"Well, Bal. Either you are a newcomer to this Island and do not know who you should so the upmost respect to or you are someone who wished ill-will upon my person." She would say as she allowed the guards to get closer and closer with their weapons.

"And who are you?" Hannibal would say.

"Wife of the Second Prince of Alabasta!"

Hannibal, even with the weapons inches away, would drop to on knee and lower his head. Bowing to the royalty that was before him. He was not familiar with the royalty of this Island at all, didn't even know the name of the King. And with him being in the presence of one of the Prince's Wives, he needed to show respect. As he has crossed nobility before in the past and it didn't turn out good for him.

"Guards grab his belongings. And escort him over to him, also cuff him. I still don't trust this Masked Man."

Hannibal was somewhat shocked, as he would be forced back to his feet. He wasn't sure of what he was to make of his current situation now. "May I ask what it is I have done wrong?"

"Nothing, I just can't trust you at this moment. And I wish to speak with you more as I travel. As I am on a strict schedule and we can't spend anymore time stopped. If I finish with our conversation I will simply have your thrown from my caravan. " She'd say as she would wait for the guards to place Hannibal onto her F-wani. It had remove for three people. She and her bodyguard took up the two spots and Hannibal the third.

The guards would not look through Hannibal's belongings, and would put it on one of the crabs. The group would then begin to move out once more, Hannibal being a new addition to the caravan.

In these cuffs he felt like a criminal, but wouldn't complain. "Why is it that you wish to speak with me?" Hannibal would ask.

"How many people have you come across dressed like you, travel in the desert with the sun beaming so? Also, we saw you from a distance and you didn't seem to be moving slow, even with all that luggage you carried. You are a strange but fascinating person. But, before I talk more. My name is Princess Alia. Married to the Second Prince of Alabasta." Alia would say.

"Nice to meet you, Princess."
Hannibal would say in quick response. He didn't like this situation he was in, as he was too vulnerable and much was at risk. Saying the wrong thing could lead to him being jailed. And they could easily remove his mask and plaster wanted posters of him. Only good thing was that Hannibal had a faster way to get to Rainbase.

"So, what work do you plan to do?" Alia would ask Hannibal. She looked him up and down as she spoke, examining him more and more. Her body language was strange as it was coming more off as seductive than formal.

Hannibal had to think as he wasn't sure what type of work he'd be doing. He was told where to go, but hadn't been properly brief to explain it to others. "If you don't mind, I'd like to keep that to myself." A large majority of his mind told him not to say that, as the Princess could take a offense to withholding information.

"So, mysterious." She'd say as she'd look over at the River as they continued to move. Before speaking again she'd turn back to Hannibal. "Can I look at your face?"

Hannibal didn't even know if that was a question. As she was close to remove it before she finished speaking. He never knew he'd b this close to a Princess again. As he felt her bosom gently press against his chest. He also was hand cuffed not only his hands but legs as well, vulnerable to anything that would befall him. "You can only look at my face on one condition."

She would stop pulling, as only Hannibal's mouth was visible at this moment. "And what is that?" She'd ask as they were face to face. Though Hannibal couldn't see her with his regular two eyes his third was still able.

"If you would bless me with a kiss."
Hannibal spoke in a whisper so that only Alia would be able to hear his request. He was in a bad position. He knew that but he needed to do something since his cover was close to being blown. And even if she accepted his request he could say he kissed a Princess before his downfall.


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Moving from his position on the roof, Jackal began to scale the staircase of the three story building. As he'd take his time leisurely down every step, he'd firmly attached the Royal Crest onto the chest segment of the robe he was wearing, making it very visible to all who'd observe the pendent that he was indeed a representative of the Royal Court. Jackal chuckled to himself when he thought about the look on Talibah's face when he'd realise the heirloom was missing but Jackal would be hoping to return it before the youngest Prince would even realise. Once making it to the bottom floor of the Villa, the imitation big baller would traverse from the back of the floor to the front about twenty-meters, opening the door into the street that stood in the middle between his location and the Rainy Diners establishment. Amalia who'd been trailing behind him would wait on the bottom floor, locking the door behind Jackal as he'd left the building. "Be Careful Jackal." Amalia said in a worried tone. "Shishishi... High risk. High reward." Jackal said, laughing at the subtle line of obscurity he was about to walk. The street he was standing at the hind off from the South was around forty-meters wide, and twenty-five meters in length. Jackal would proceed to traverse towards the main entrance of Rainy Diners, checking the strip for any incoming parties or strange arrivals. With his identity concealed, he'd already know they'd be a series of questions to exactly who he was in the court but he'd had his responses prepped and rearing to go.

Nonetheless, he'd begin to cross the street, approaching in a streamline manner towards Rainy Dinners, which he'd been facing to his front. As the man progressed, he'd take his time crossing the road, running over his identity and his reason for being in Rain Base over once again. Eventually after three minutes of walking, he'd arrive at the bottom of the large staircase that led towards a platform where the guards were screening the entrance. Climbing the stairs, Jackal would join the queue of about twenty-two people, him being at the hind of the line. They'd seem to be two entrances to the Casino, one reading 'General' and the other 'VIP'. If Regal was to be among these bougie high types, he'd definitely be spending his earnings in the VIP Section. Those who were made for the VIP usually didn't wait in line but walk ahead the normal patrons and were screened by the Co-Owner of Rainy Waters himself. However, Jackal waiting much like a general patron, until eventually, he'd make to the front of the line.

The screener had taken one good look Jackal from head to toe and automatically his first thoughts were 'Definitely General Admission.' until his eyes had stumbled across the Royal Crest on the man's chest. After noticing this fact, he'd simply usher the man with an extending hand gesture, directing him over to the right most entrance, which was the VIP Entrance. The Co-Owner took one look at the pipsqueak and drew closer to examine the crest. "It's legit alright." the Owner exclaimed. "Which faction might you be from? That seal is only given to those who are at the most elite of the Royal Court. It'd be delighted to inform the Prince that one of his consorts is-" the Co-Owner's speech was silenced by Jackal simply raising his arm, waving his hand from side to side in disapproval. "I support no faction but the Crown's. I'm not on official business today nor am I here to discuss politics with a doorman. I'm only here to play slots and try my hand at Black Jack. I am a gambling man after all." Jackal stated, not even trying to mask the sound of his own voice, the most common tricks lie in being able to hide in plain normality. "Psh. Damn Nobles wasting tax payers money." the Co-Owner thought.

"Right this way!" the Co-owner exclaimed, outwardly manifesting a fake smile from ear to ear. "All elites get a staring balance of 100,000 Beli in Chips to start.... That's 10 Wani Chips. If you need anymore added to your balance just head over to one of our many clerks at the Red Counters." the Co-Owner explained. "The Staring Bid in For Black Jack is 5 Wani Chips across the board. The further into the Casino you go on this level, the more difficult the rulings for Black Jack will be. It'll house rules the further along but more chances to win of course." the Co-Owner explained grinning."More chances to swindle you mean. Greedy Lesser Mink." Jackal thought to himself. "Though... I guess I'm greedy myself." Jackal concluded in his thoughts, bringing arise to an outward smirk, which wasn't noticeable since his whole face was concealed. "I understand. You wouldn't happen to know if Mr.Regal is around?" Jackal inquired. "Ah. A Noble of that kind. Yes, Mr.Regal can be found on the Second Floor." the Co-Owner explained, looking at the face concealed noble with much more curiosity. "Stellar. I'll find him eventually then... For now. I'll play a few slots." Jackal said, breaking away from the Co-Owner to head over to the slot machines which weren't too far from the entrance to the VIP Section, about six meters away to the West. Once arriving, he'd pick a seat that allowed him to keep his head on a swivel, to his right would be the rest of the Casino and the balcony to the next level from the Ground Floor, to the left would be the entrance he'd just been screened through at the door. Each Wani Chip cave him about ten tries, so he'd continue to exhaust these chips until any changes had occurred in the Casino or if Regal had showed himself. His mention of his name to the Co-Owner should've raised enough suspicions for either him to find Jackal or one of his grunts escorting him right to Regal's location. Now, it was a waiting game.

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Alice K


A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

"Dear God...."

A man said as he watched Nyx down her third large bottle of whiskey. The bar in the VIP section was incredibly stocked, but even the bartender was beginning to get worried and was hesitantly asking Nyx to slow down. The Marine commodore ignored these warnings and quickly ordered another bottle, placing another large pile of chips on the table. Nyx had an innate talent for the slots and never shied too far away from the casinos. Once being ordered to come to Sandy Islands to assist with a number of marine activities and missions happening on the islands, she knew she would end up at the casinos eventually.  

Rainy Dinners was not accustomed to people who looked like Nyx being in their VIP section. Dressed in her usual military jungle boots without socks, very short cut-off jeans, (which would usually be regular size on a human being without such long legs) fingerless black gloves, and a black crop top, she did not really looky like the many of the more nicely dressed patrons in the establishment, with her brown leather cross-draw shoulder holster which stored her gun not helping that image. Her hair, dun up in a messy pony tail swayed back and fourth slightly as she told the bartender to fetch her another bottle.

Nyx had originally come in through general admission with 5 of her men, but once her luck began to work its magic and she began to rack up chips after chips, the security guards had tried to take back her chips and kick her out. That clearly had been a mistake, as the guards ended up with a couple chipped teeth and apologizing profusely for the trouble they had caused, giving her free access to the VIP section and the bar as an apology. Nyx was happy to have a day off from work and had sent her men off around the casino to enjoy themselves at the slots as they saw fit. It was a day to party and nothing more.

As Nyx opened the next bottle, she saw a person covered in calico scarves with a some sort of strange crest move by the entrance to the VIP Section, which was only 5 meters away from the bar within it and move towards the closest slot machine to the VIP bar which was about 11 meters directly behind Nyx's seat at the bar. Nyx was naturally always on gaurd for someone trying to mess with her and ready to react to any situation that occurred within her surroundings, but hey a little party never killed nobody.

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A man of many vices and avaricious as ever, Bazil knifed his way throw the casino crowds, his eyes darting from one person to the next as he searched for his ticket into the VIP section. Unhappy with mingling amongst the so called trash of the general public, he preferred to take what he pleased from the rabble rather than gamble fairly with them. The peasants all gathered around the blackjack tables, throwing their hard earn wages right into the pockets of the casino owners. Places like this, where the greed of human is at its highest, these are the kinds of places where the demon like pirate feels most at home.

As he watched the door to the VIP lounge, the man noticed all sorts come and go. Like a patient predator he waited for the perfect prey, why hunt a calf when you can hunt a lion. Dressed in the finest of silks those who came and went through the lounge door all carried themselves with class, however among the those in attendance they were among the worst of all. Their affluence brought about through the suffrage of others, money made on the black market through arms dealing and the slave trade, these were the type of people who had no qualms with losing a few million beli at the craps table. His kind of people.

Through the door came a large man wearing his weight in and gold and silver, the man could described in a multitude of ways. Fat and wealthy were the two that came to Bazils mind, rising from his seat he followed the large man down into an empty stairwell. Drunk and confused, the affluent man questioned the intent of the demon with flaming red hair. Smiling, his razor sharp teeth wrapped in a sadistic smile, "Aint you a fat fuck?" He remarked, as he grabbed the mans throat. Gasping for air, the fat man tried pleading offering riches in exchange for his life, he made baseless threats using connections with the marines claiming they would hunt him. Bazils smile never once wavered, his conscious showing no sign of remorse as the mans body fell to the floor. Rummaging through his pockets, they contained only a few chips left, a few stacks of beli, and an access card for the VIP lounge. Leaving the body where it fell, the pirate left the staircase and returned to the entrance to the lounge.

Approaching the guard, he flashed the access card with confidence, the golden accents that adorned pirates body twinkling in the lights, his leather fur coat flowing behind him as his arrogant stride carried him across the casino floor.

Nodding, the guard took one look at the man and his opulent style and allowed him passage. "Good luck sir, enjoy your stay."

"Oh I plan on it." Bazil remarked in a foreboding tone as he crossed the threshold of the VIP section a smile erupted on his face, "Look at all these fat fuckers."

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Aku Soku Zan



ooc: Y'all all want to be VIPs. But you ain't special.

"If my husband heard that you'd be dead." She would whisper back quickly in response to his stipulation. She still had half the mind to take him up on his offer just so she could see who he was. But, would stop herself and think about her position here. She'd remove her hands from under his mask, even even move it back down so it was how it was originally. But, in doing that she noticed something that she knew the Man wouldn't want known. After she pulled the mask back down she'd sit back in her position before getting into Bal's personal space. Right across from each other they say. Alia had her back to the Guard controlling the F-Wani and Hannibal had his back to the caravan.

"What is the name of your Husband? What is he like?" Hannibal would say. He wanted to control the conversation and honestly just get her to start talking.

"Well, Seti is a strange Man to say the least. His name used to be longer but he only goes by Seit Nefertari now. He is adored by almost everyone, only person I know that openly detests him is his Elder Brother. For what reason...I don't even know. But, yeah the people love him. Rainbase used to be almost nothing until Seit had the casino Rain Dinners constructed. People from all over the country flocked there and it became a town that almost equaled the population of the Capital City. It was a place that you could without a doubt start a new life. He also didn't stop with his just creating the casino, he owns almost every shop within Rainbase. " More would be said about who Seit was and what he had down for Rainbase.

He gazed toward the magnificent building before him. The pride he felt from simply being near it caused a large toothy smile to be plastered onto his face. He arms were outstretched as if he planned to just walk up and hug the entire building. Though, that was impossible in the real world his imagination ran wild and allowed such a thing to transpire in his mind. Well, he thought it all was in his head. As he actually did begin to hug the side of the building. He would alert himself of the act he was commit in public, and would give a awkward chuckle as he backed away from the building. He'd turn around to look at his guards and advisors that just stood by and watched him. "So, you just let me embarrass myself?"

"No, no. We didn't know what you were doing."

"Oh, okay. We should be getting inside now."

"Yes, my Lord."

Who was this Man swaggering into Rainy Dinners? It was none other than the Second Prince Seit Nefertari. He was adorned with many jewels and gold pieces. Flaunting his wealth so that all could gaze upon him in awe. Not much of a target due to the marching guards that walked behind and to his side. Though, they were few(7) their skill collectively was almost imaginable. The protection of the Prince being their only concern. Not even allowing someone to get two yards near the Prince. They towered over most each being either nine feet tall or eight. Despite that their height couldn't overshadow the 5'9 Prince. He glowed and even though people couldn't get close they watched him, and no one could blame them for it. He was the one responsible for not only this casino but this City being so lively. He was the reason people were able to change their lives. Even though many also lost everything they risked.

Seit made it a mission to get his name and popularity up within not only this city but the entirety of Sandy Island. His reason were many but most only believed it was because he was just a good guy. Who helped him the most in this endeavor was his trusted Advisor that he has known the majority of his life. Birbal was the name of the limping man that followed behind the guards that followed Seit. Why he did not walk beside Seit was because of the rift that was between them. To further the public image of Seit Birbal decided it was a good idea to help someone not affiliated with the Prince create a casino of their own. It seemed like a good idea and Seit went with it. Well, that was four years ago. And the outcome of that was the, now rival, casino was taking away the business of Rainy Dinner. There were a few other things the Prince didn't want to accept but the main was their robbing of business.

Seit would make it to the VIP area. He didn't plan to stay long at all, he just needed to travel though it. As he walked through he gazed around as those that got in here were his type of people. But, he became a bit disgruntled. There were a few people in here today that he just didn't think fit in at all. Not saying they didn't belong in at the casino at all, they just didn't dress well. One Man had a weird hairstyle that the Prince just felt was unbecoming of anyone. Something a delinquent or street urchin would have. Another would just a Woman he felt was just a mongrel. The Prince already had a very low opinion of Woman and expected them to dress and act a certain way. And if they didn't he just couldn't be around them. The Prince had half the mind to get rid of both of them, and a few others currently within the VIP section. But, he would just ignore them. They didn't really do anything to him and he had other pressing business to attend to. The Casino also served as a Hotel. Here in the VIP section was the only way to get to the most expensive and luxurious suites. The Prince had his own that he personally used and no one else had access to without his permission.

He though would stop, the Prince changing his mind. "Birdal, what if I told you to have the entire casino cleared out?"

Birdal would push past the guards so that he stood before the Prince. Looking up at him Birdal would begin to speak. "It would be unwise, my Lord." Birdal would gaze around, to take his surroundings in for a second. He didn't know what was causing the Prince to ask such a question. He didn't see anything that really would want him to empty the entire casino. "But, if you wish  it I will have it done."

"No, no need. " The Prince would resume walking once again. He didn't really plan to leave the area he was in at this moment. He wanted to look around for a bit more. That bit more only being like ten minutes. After that he'd retire upstairs.

don't worry about this right now:

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The Minksman would remain in his position, slipping his Wani chips into the slot machine, racking up credits on the machines cogs instead of cashing out. This was all to kill time, as every now again so discretely, he'd rotate around the room, scanning for his mark. While searching the various sections briefly, he'd noticed elements to the room that he hadn't noticed before. About ten or so meters behind him, though not able to confirm the entire length of the fixture itself, they'd be a bar, in front of which, bar stools that lifted patrons exactly three feet off the ground to sit idle waiting on the bartenders to pay attention to their next lustful whim. Whether drinks or conversation, the denizens of spirits were light with their Silver Tongue. In between the assuming eleven metric difference behind him was a number of Roulette tables, Black Jack Tables and Texas Hold Em' setups, a total of three tables in a row, with three columns to fill up the empty space, this was a marketing ploy to get players interested in the high stakes as soon as they entered the casino, placing it right in eyes view. When he first entered the tables were empty and hardly noticeable since his ideal spot was the slot machine that give him clear vantage points of everything but behind him. However, this was about to change drastically. Low behold, entering into the famous Rainy Dinners was none of other than the Second Prince himself, Seti. Turning around to watch the Prince's majestic entrance, everything to his hind would now become apparent to him, in front him only being columns upon columns of neatly packed slot machines which trailed into general, only separated by a stretch of Red Rope Stanchion from the entrance all the way to the back of the room. The Prince appearance in the VIP Section was kin to that of celebrity appearing, and with that activity near the entrance of the Casino sky rocketed. Bodies upon Bodies of humans cluttered around the Black Jack, Texas Hold' Em, and Roulette Tables, creating a barrier of humans which concealed Jackal as a simple face in the crowd. Sitting at around five feet, already short as is, within seconds, the crowd completely blocked him out from seeing the Prince any longer.

After having to deal with one Prince, he certainly wasn't interested in meeting another pain in the ass. Royal Lesser Mink's seemed to be moody and entitled, and he'd already have a hard time dealing with humans as is. The crowd spanned from the entrance to the back of the room for about twenty meters. The average standing height was around 5'5, stemming to around six foot and more, so as long Jackal remain seated, he'd be lost in the sea of confusion of the persons watching from afar at the Prince's majestic air. Turning his head from the front view in the bar's direction, unable to see anything from that area and vice versa, he'd swing his chair towards the left, about six meters down, he'd taken one glare at the man's ugly mug and he knew exactly who it was, it was Regal one of the Twelve Bandit Kings, surrounding with about five men huddled around him in almost an American Football type formation. With the hut of bodies surrounding his seating in an almost semi-circle formation, leaving about half a meter space for 'personal space', Jackal would begin to contemplate how he could use this situation to his advantage. Sitting next to him, deeply concentrated in the game was a couple who'd taken up the two adjacent seats to his right, as they were no seats to the left, just Royalty Fan Girls and boys, waiting to nab a look at the Prince. Anyway, the elderly couple plays slots had seemed to be there the whole day, as they stank of bourbon and Grey Poupon, as if they'd been eating sandwiches from concessions area, not wanting to commit to anything too heavy to avoid losing their seats. "Shishishi... Hey Mums!" Jackal said, loud enough for only the couple to hear as Jackal titled his head towards the older woman, only those within a meter of the man could possibly eavesdrop. "Ah yes dear..." the old woman responded, shouting over the mass bodies that filled the air with murmur and chatter of rumours among various conversations. "What's the jackpot on that slot machine your playing there!?" Jackal inquired, maintaining the same tone. "Ah... Around 100,000,000 Million Beli." the woman responded, nearly damaging her ears from talking to loud, old age had it's quirks. Reaching his hand over to the side of the machine, keeping it low about waist level at his seated position, the distance between the machine and his arm being only about two feet, he'd tap the side of the machine releasing Electro into the machine, causing it to malfunction. In an instance, Jack Pot was achieved, thousands of Wani Coins came flooding out of the machine. The Old Woman's Eye-Sight was terrible, she was farsighted, so seeing things pass a certain distance was virtually impossible, but when the sound of the coins came rattling out, almost everyone in the VIP Section turned to spectacle of the loud machine rattling out, 'Winner.'

Turning back to his machine and playing as if nothing was going on, "Now we have a spectacle." Jackal thought. Jackal would then release Electro into his machine and standing up from his seat, using the neat one foot spaces in the crowd to navigate towards Regal's position to the West, away from the entrance area. After about three minutes of his departure from his seat next to the elderly couple, Jackal had made his way through crowd, standing as close to the slot machines in the row as he could, not deviating any further than one meter out from the slots, as he traversed in a snake like motion, navigating the human bodies. He'd do this in a slow manner, he wasn't in a rush to make it to Regal, just to see if the distraction would capture his attention, the murmurs of the 100,000,000 Million jackpot in the crowd would be enough for now. At this point, Jackal would be eight meters from his former position roughly, at this point he'd keep his senses keen for any further interruptions of his movement, and always on guard to respond. After this point, the second machine Jackpot (formerly Jackal's) would herald in, regardless of if Jackal advance towards Regal would be successful or not.

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Using the chips that he had taken earlier as a start, the young man was at a black jack table by the bar, the dealer slinging the cards across the table to each member playing. Bazil's poker face was something to awe at, confident eyes locked forward on the dealer and his razor sharp grin ever present as he mocked those playing at the table with him, his arrogance omnipotent not once did the thought of losing ever cross his mind. So much so, that when it came time for his turn the man didn't even glance at his two face down cards, instead he just confidently said, "Double down." The demon pirates smile never wavering as he placed his remaining chips next to the original bet, complying the dealer pulled a card from the deck and laid it face up on the table revealing a ten of clubs. Now, with two unknown cards and a ten in front of him, the other patrons of the table watched the man any sort of tell. Some of them sweating, unsure if the man was actually capable of winning or if it was all a bluff. The dealer owned a nineteen, meaning that only a twenty or twenty-one could beat him, with a ten already visible the chances of busting increased radically. But still, his face never cracked always displaying his cocky attitude. Reaching for the cards, he flipped them over, the first one revealing the ten of hearts. With this, the rest of the table let out a collective sigh, the high rollers feeling that the over confident young man had all but bust. But as he flipped his last card over, the faces of the dealer and patrons were horrified. The card was the ace of spades, meaning that it could be an eleven or in this case a one, bringing his total to twenty-one. The on lookers showed more excitement than Bazil, who was still wearing his poker face.

Suddenly, the entire room began to move towards the entrance, the commotion growing louder and louder. Then, from the crowd emerged a small man covered in gold, his person surrounded by seven much larger men who kept the mob of casino goers at bay. The pirates attention was solely on this little golden man, so much so that Bazil didn't even hear the dealer offering him his winnings. His eyes entranced by the gold, nothing else at this point mattered to him. Not the woman at the bar behind him who was depleting the casinos alcohol reserves, nor the older couple whom just struck a big win of their own.

"Sir!" Exclaimed the dealer, snapping his fingers in the pirates face as he pushed the mound of chips towards the young man. "Your winnings." The dealer said begrudgingly, sure that he would hear an ear full from the floor manager about letting that amount of money leave the table.

The chips worth sixty-million beli now sitting in front of Bazil, reaching down he stuffed the chips into his coat pocket and stood up from the table. Looking at the dealer he asked, "Who is that?" Referring to the man who's presence threw the whole casino into an uproar.

Looking at the man as if he had been living under a rock his entire life, the dealer answered his guests question, "Sir, that is the second prince, Seit Nefertari, he's the wonderful owner of this casino." You could hear the respect and admiration he had for the prince in his words alone, crediting him with the success of the entire area.

"A prince you say.." His avaricious personality flaring up, "Seems like today just got pretty fuckin interesting." The pirate said, his malicious laugh accompanying his ominous words. As he stood up, Bazil moved to take his leave from the blackjack table having found new, much more worthy prey to hunt. Before leaving he turned to the dealer and leaned in, his blood lust now flaring up. "Today's your lucky day friend, I almost killed you." His razor sharp grin now ear to ear, "Don't fucking snap at me."

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Aku Soku Zan



ooc: I'm going to have my entire set of posts before this one have been set in the past. And the day I arrive is when everything you guys are doing happens.

The long insightful journey had come to a end. Bal had lost a friend but had gained a new one, so it wasn't all bad. Princess Alia shared more things in common with him than he had expected. Even though they could all each other Friends for many reasons Bal could not remove his mask and show who he was. She understood and did not bother him about it; as the Princess could feel that one day she would get to see the Man behind the Mask. They would arrive to Rainbase in good time but separated once they entered the city. She had to prepare for many things that would come in the next few days and needed rest. Bal also had many things he needed to do but knew he would get no sleep till it was all said and done. He was granted a F-wani to make it over to Rainy Dinner with all his belongings. He would though not take anything within him inside other than the bag of strawberries he wanted to taste as they didn't go bad and smelled more heavenly by the day. Though, he could've sworn he didn't have so many within his bag before. But, with so many things on his mind he just didn't care that he had more. What else he brought with him was a letter that he would use to gain access to the area that he needed.

His hood would hang lower as he didn't want to walk around too proudly with his mask. Though, he towered over most people just seemed to walk by the man in the black attire. More focused on coming in or going out of the establishments. You can hear at times people curse coming here and stating they'll go to the other one. Others would spout they wished they could've stayed longer. Bal didn't gamble at all. Though, he had bad habits this wasn't one of them. He never liked how casinos were set up. He wasn't here to judge though and would keep it moving. He would ask around for where the VIP section was and would find it, but once he got to the entrance he'd see a large crowd. As he joined the crowed he stood taller than most, around twenty others were his size, and could also see into the middle with his excellent eyesight. From the looks of it the person everyone was trying to get a glimpse of was the Prince, Seit. Which Bal only realized upon respectfully pushing himself deeper to the front. He'd stop when he was around three meters from the area Seit was in. He didn't move or need to as he was spotted by Birdal.

"He is here my Lord. I will take him to the meeting place and tell the others it is time. Please, grace us with your presence when you can. "
Birdal would say before he would weasel away and navigate through the crowd. As he did so he spoke into a Den Den Mushi. He didn't speak clearly so that anyone trying to listen in would understand what he was talking about. He'd finish his two calls before he would stand right next to Bal. He was like a child when he tugged at Bal's pant's leg to get his attention.

"Follow me Bal." Birdal would say as he would begin to make way to the elevator. Trying to keep up with him and not knock anyone down was hard, but Bal was able to do so. They'd make it to the elevator and both would enter alone. "Fuck! Finally, someone from the Red Lotus has come. Are you to replace me and stand by the Prince?"

"No, that is not why I am here. You know that." Bal with a raspy deep voice would say. He didn't look at the guy as he spoke. Bal did not respect anyone within the Red Lotus Organization at all.

"Ah, I know. That brat Fuentes was supposed to before he decided to go rogue...You are just here to clean up a mess. So, I will explain the situation to you while we have no eyes on us. Years ago I was able to get the foolish Prince to help open up another Casino. That Casino would be handled by my Son. A place the Red Lotus could not only make more beli but do our dealings under the protection of the crown. Things changed though as a man named Regal, a simple fucking bandit, smooth talked my Son into being a partner with him. They no longer paid up and stole all clientele we gained from Monaco. Right when the amount of beli they began to make increased exponentially.

Simply, you kill Mato. If you see that Bandit take him out as well, but he isn't a priority. With Mato gone I will have someone else, that I can trust, assume the head of the other Casino.

There though something you need to keep in mind. The Prince has been feed another story of why you are here, so play along. I doubt what he says will sit well with any of the higher up within the Red Lotus, so fail his request. Don't worry I will stage your death as I know he will call for it once you do fail."
Birdal would speak fast. It didn't even seem as if he would breathe the entire time he spoke. Bal would be able to keep up with it all.

"Then I leave now." Bal would say.

"No, there is a meeting to be held."

"What meeting?"

"The Prince feels he can settle the problem that is going on by having both parties speak. He has invited Mato and Regal here. I believe both are already around. And the Co-owner, who actually is the owner will be bringing his two advisors, who are more like his goons. I'm not sure if Mato and Regal will bring anyone else, but they might."  Birdal would say and finally the elevator would stop. Birdal had only pressed the button once Bal asked to leave. Once the elevator would stop Birdal would lead Hannibal to the Princess suite. Upon arriving Bal could tell this was only a place royalty would be able to own. It was spacious and full of valuable items.

The Co-owner was flustered as his 'advisors' were no where to be found. And the meeting was to taking place soon, and he didn't want to go in there alone. If he did he knew how they would look at him. He was weak and to try and hide that he always had those guys with him, or at least someone that took the attention away from him. "Go just find me two people that stand out. Quick! Quick! And meet me at the elevator." The Co-owner knew any idiot would do and would pay them for their time.

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Jackal remained on his current course towards Regal's position but the time he'd made it to his general area, the Mink wouldn't have noticed the arrival of another major player for the events that were about to transpire behind the scenes of the Casino that day. The Prince would've been escorted to the next level of the VIP area, and as he exited, the crowd disbursed. Though, in Jackal's mind none of this mattered, now about eighteen meters away from his former seated position by the slots, he'd be standing side by side to Regal's position, just off by about two meters. Underneath his bandages which were still intact, a devilish grin filled the man's face but his introduction with his mark would've been delayed just a bit longer. Approaching from the same area the Prince was just escorted into, walking with a brisk flare to their step, the men would traverse the staircase and make a B-Line towards Regal's position. Jackal noticing the men's approached walked to towards Regal's position, not making eye-contact with the Bandit King or his security, heading to the slot machine three feet away from their position, acting as a normal patron of the casino was. From this distance, Jackal's ears could've definitely picked up on the conversation, and it'd be safe enough range for him to launch an attack if needed be. As Regal's security intercepted the two black suited men, the five men began engaged in a conversation that peaked the curiosity of all present.

The blue haired bandit sighed scratching his head in frustration as he'd turned to talk to this new 'friends'. "How may I help you gentlemen?" the Seven Foot Bandit King inquired. Adjusting his red jacket which covered his commando upper body, finely chiseled with a six back to boot. "I know your not blind Regal. The Prince is here. He wants to have a meeting with you and the Co-Owner." the private agent stated. "You fucking Red Lotus pricks you can boss us around huh?" Regal inquired rhetorically. "Why you-" one of the other agents took to frustration folding his fist, only to be interrupted by the sound of Regal's own men hoisting their pistols in the man's direction. "Everyone relax. I'm just fucking around. Look. I'm here to do good business. If the Prince wants to meet us, then let's go put on a good show, neh?" Regal announced, sticking out his tongue playfully, similar to that of a dog. After this conversation, the part of five would break into two, four, the former agent, Regal and his men heading towards a private area on the second level, and, the other agent remaining behind and scanning the floor. The man had been given two orders as head agent, 'Find Regal' and 'Find Replacement stand-ins to be disposed of discretely later.'. The man would look for a few more minutes before his eyes stumbled upon the face wrapped Minksman, whose traits had been concealed to appear more human. Looking at the shrimp from head to toe, he'd noticed that Jackal was wearing a Royal Court Badge, something that'd only be given to either the Highest of Soldiers or the Noblest of the Royal Families. Judging by his brash attire, the agent simply chalked it up to Jackal being a retire guard.

"Hey. Old Man with the bandages!"
the agent called, staring directly at Jackal's piercing conclave irises. "Old Man?" Jackal thought to himself smirking. "Do I look that old with this get up?" Jackal continued his trade of thought. Adjusting his Calico black and yellow polkadot scarf, the Bandit Mink stood up from his seated position and approached the agent. "How may I help you 'sonny'?" Jackal inquired, owning his 'old' man persona. "He sounds much younger than expected." the agent thought. "That crest your wearing... That's an old veteran soldiers badge of honour. How'd you like to make a quick 1,000,000 Beli?" the agent inquired. Chuckling, "Sure. I guess in human years I am older than you Lesser Minks." Jackal replied, not correcting the man's assumptions and playing along. Taking the Mink's statement as old school jargon, the agent gave Jackal a temporary security card that'd give him access to a private area located by the guarded elevators on the next level's floor. He'd been given instructions to climb the steps, show the the guards the card to the East, and take the elevator's to meet up with the Co-Owner he'd met at the entrance. "Tsk. Him again." Jackal thought in disdain. However, the whole experience would lead him to Regal's location, taking into consideration the former conversation he'd overheard. Many things still went unanswered from the conversation in his head, who was Red Lotus and what had Regal gotten himself tied into.

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In the corner of the casino floor sat Bazil, his eyes fixed on the prince and his guards as they moved across the room, carefully studying his prey. As the prince exited the room the large crowd dispersed, everyone returning to the tables and slots to throw away their hard earned wages in the hopes of a quick fortune. His sights now set on the hunt, the pirate had no interest in gambling with this trash, the once tolerable VIP lounge was now nothing more than a roach infested shithole. "Your shit will be mine, little prince." The words accompanied by an ominous chuckle.

"Hello! Would you like a drink sir?" A woman interjected, snapping him back to reality. His eyes looking at the young woman from head to toe, the young man took the drink from her tray and almost immediately pulled her into his lap.

Shooting the drink down his throat, relying on his natural charisma and confident demeanor, staring into the young womans eyes and leaning, "Why dont we find away to go upstairs?" The demon whispered into her ear. While the woman took it in the obvious way, she was nothing more than a bonus prize to Bazil, wanting access for no other reason than to get closer to the tiny golden prince.

Face flushed and covered in goosebumps, the cocktail waitress innocently began to fall for this terrible man and even though going upstairs sounded like fun. Someone like her wasn't privy to such a place, that was reserved for people of class and the women who fill their desires. "I-...I'm sorry sir, I don't have access to that area as an employee." She managed to say, still overwhelmed by the situation. But that wasn't the answer that Bazil wanted to hear, his expression now cold and laced with malice.

Livid with the response he was met with, the young mans true colors began to emerge. His grip on the woman tightening, his murderous gaze locking with her eyes. "Leave you worthless bitch." Overcome with fear the young woman ran into the crowd, doing her best to get as far away from this terrible man as possible. Resting his chin on his fist, the young pirate returned to his thoughts, planning out the best course of action to satisfy his greed. ".....Fuck it." Bazil sighed, slapping his knees as he stood up, the pirate twisted his body, releasing cracking noises from his back and neck. His hands quickly followed, finishing up with a quick look into windows reflective surface, "Show time." He said as his sadistic razor sharp grin reflected on the glass. Moving across the room his stride was slow and confident, not wanting to rush his favorite part.As the pirate strolled past the slot machines, he noticed a man staring at him, who stood around ten meters away from him, by a grouping of machines.

Taking this as an insult, the man cut through the crowd, his mohawk reminiscent of a shark fin as it stood above the surrounding people, his pace now quickened, heavy in his steps. The young man's temper was starting to get the better of him, already clouding his desire of reaching the prince. "You got two fucking seconds to tell me why I shouldn't blow ya to bits right were you fucking stand." Bazil barked out, grabbing the mans lapel.

"1,000,000 beli" His voice unshaken, the man was confident in his offer, not once showing a hint of fear to his aggressor. Bazil, releasing his grip and patting the mans collar back down began to smile, his temper seemingly vanished.

"I'm listening." His greed now flaring up at this new proposition that could potentially him closer to the little prince, the pirate backed down and allowed the man to speak.

The agent reached into his pocket, pulling out a key card, "You are to take this access card and show it to the guards over there." The man said motioning towards the eastern section of the casino floor. "From there you will take the elevator upstairs and receive further instructions from the co-owner of the casino." Handing the key card to Bazil, the agent took one last look at the extravagantly dressed young pirate and said one last bit before taking his leave, "I do hope you will control your temper."

"No worries, bub." Bazil smiled innocently as he placed his hand the shoulder he had grabbed earlier. "I will be on my best fucking behavior."

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