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1 Protecting the Business - Voyage on Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:07 pm



Jack stroked his beard as he read over the latest letter from the Revolution. Apparently they had received intel that a Marine ship was bound for Baltigo to investigate the distributor of some poisoned weapons the Marines had taken from a crew of feeble pirates. While they couldn't be certain, the letter read that the Revolution doubted this crew of Marines were going to the island to arrest the distributor, one of the Kingpins of Baltigo, but instead simply to investigate further and build a case for the man's arrest. Still, the Revolution couldn't be sure and they didn't want to take chances. After all, that pirate crew wasn't the only Kingpin's clients and the Revolution didn't want their own purchase orders disrupted by this Marine investigation. Apparently this would be a great way to test Jack's usefulness to the Revolution as the new, claimed, 10th Kingpin of Baltigo. While it didn't state it outright, the large man knew if this were to be a success it would cement his footing in Baltigo and maybe even get him backed monetarily by the Revolution. He was sure many of the Revolutionaries, especially some of the old geezers at the top of the food chain were uncertain of his latest stint, but if Jack could prove his usefulness in this situation, it might pay off big in the future.

What are you reading? Whatever it is looks like it's got your panties in a bunch. Sally's voice interrupted his thoughts as he looked up from the letter before folding it in half and placing it in his cloak pocket. Nothing, just have some business to attend to.
Oh yeah? Good, I was getting pretty bored of being all cooped up in here this last week. It's been quiet since those crazy snow-freaks.
It's personal business, you're not coming with me. Jack said, rising from his large, worn leather chair as Sally flung herself over the bar top in the corner.
Oh come onnnnn. I haven't had any fun in days, I'm going crazy here MS.
I told you to stop calling me that.
And I told you I wanted something to do. Not fun when we don't get our way, is it? Sally said, sticking her tongue out as Jack walked past her.

He paused at the tent flap door and looked at her for a long moment before looking around the room. The tent had holes in the roof, luckily it rarely rained in Baltigo. The furniture was all covered by a thin layer of dust and grime. Even without the grime, the majority of the stuff in here was on its last legs and looked worse than that even. Fine, you want something to do, start looking for a new place for us to set up shop. This place is a shit show.
Sally groaned, clearly not pleased with this job and Jack turned back to her, Or you can go help clear debris in Old Baltigo like I have the others doing.
Just call me real estate Jan. Sally said, jumping to her feet with a mock salute.
Sally shrugged I dunno, first thing that popped into my mind. Middle age, white woman, sounds like a house showing lady, you know? Probably has two kids, three kids but third one was a mistake that she calls her "happy little accident" and her husband...
Jack stopped listening as he walked out into the streets of the Nil District, leaving Sally to her prattling.

2 Re: Protecting the Business - Voyage on Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:31 am




Captain James Teller stood at the helm of his ship, watching his crew of thirty (30) mill about, preparing to dock in Baltigo's Ninth District. He pulled lightly at his jet black mustache, threads of silver lacing their way through. Sir, we're about ten minutes from docking. The men are beginning to lower the sails and switch to oars to better guide us in. Docking ropes have been brought above ship and everything is ready for our arrival. A young Marine said, stirring Teller from his thoughts as he stared out at the large island looming in the distance. Teller turned to the man, a young one to be sure, no grey in his hair beneath that Marine issued cap, but a competent fellow, Very well, thank you McDonald. Teller said, watching the young Marine salute once more before descending the steps to the main deck with the others. Are there any concerns Mr. Reacher? Teller asked the man behind the wheel, his loyal Helmsman, and the only one aboard the ship actually older than Teller himself.
Nay Captain, the ole girl steers just as fine as the day she first dropped into the sea. Baltigo has some nice large docks, shouldn't be much of a worry at all. Reacher responded, idly correcting the wheel's slightest turns to keep the ship on a straight forward path to the dock. Excellent, I will be retiring to my cabin for now. There are a few matters I must attend to and prepare before we dock. Please send someone for me when the first ropes are cast. Teller said as he began descending the steps to the main deck and the entrance to his cabin in the rear of the ship. Aye Captain. Reacher responded, eyes set dead ahead.

In his cabin, Teller made his way to the large Oak desk that sat in the rear, just to the left of the door leading to his actual sleeping quarters. He sat down in the leather clad chair he had brought from home himself and opened up a moderate sized file sitting in the center of his immaculately organized desk. Opening the file he sifted through pictures and reports of a Pirate crew recently apprehended and incarcerated by a fellow Marine crew. Apparently the pirates had been terrorizing shop owners in Water 7 with their poisoned weapons. Each member's weapon had a different poison that reacted differently with the people it infected. One poison simply put whoever was scratched by the weapon it was slathered on to sleep, another was a neurotoxin, asphyxiating the victim in seconds, a paralysis agent was used, one literally corroded the skin it touched, causing it to melt and burn away skin and muscle tissue to the bone; pictures included of that particular poison. The pirates who had these poisons were dumber than a sack of rocks, combined, so it was quickly apparent they hadn't made them themselves. Realizing that they were going away for at least twenty years each, it didn't take much to coax out the true distributor of the poisons. They said the man who's company had synthesized the toxins went by the moniker of "Pestilence". Naturally the Marines had an idea of who this was from previous encounters with his work, a man by the name of Hassun Chu'a and he was one of the 9 Kingpins of Baltigo.

Teller leafed through the reports and the pictures before taking his reading glasses off and placing them on the desk beside the reports. He rubbed his eyes and looked out the window to see docks stretching out around the ship. He could feel the ship slowing and outside his crew ran about the deck to secure the lines. They had arrived in Baltigo and any minute now a young, bright eyed, bushy tailed Marine would be excitedly knocking on his door. They were children, all of them, unaware of the true harshness and savagery of the world. He of course hadn't shared the report with his crew, there was no need for them to see the images or reports of this poison and the savages who used it. In time they would learn, perhaps even today. Although Teller was instructed that this was a simple reconnaissance mission and that he nor his crew should engage the target unless absolutely necessary, some deep, darker part of him was hoping at least one of these young Marines would have a run in with some of the foul toxins this monster was distributing. Perhaps it would put some hair on their chest and prepare them to take over this vessel once he retired. A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts as he rose, placing his Captain's hat atop his head and sighed, Sixty...Sixty more days and then sweet, sweet retirement.

3 Re: Protecting the Business - Voyage on Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:25 pm




Jack had shed his bright crimson cloak for a more neutral, deep green one that would allow him to go unnoticed on the docks as he surveyed the area. Luck seemed to be on his side as the wind began to blow and, in the distance he could see storm clouds forming over the ocean. A man with his hood raised during a bright and sunny day would be noticed by an infant, but during a rainstorm? He'd be lost among the swell of people crowding the Baltigo docks, trying best to stay dry but still attend to their business at hand. As Jack walked the docks, he paid no more attention to the people around him than what was necessary so as not to bump into anyone or, with his large size, knock them over all together. The only thing he was concerned with were the bright white uniforms of the Marines, unfortunately for Jack the docks of Baltigo were a massive, sprawling network of wooden beams, human beings, and floating ships sitting idly for their crews. Baltigo wasn't exactly known for its Marine presence. Petty thieves were a dime a dozen, but Marines? They'd stick out like a sore thumb, or so Jack hoped.

Reaching the beginning of the seventh dock now, Jack peered down the aisle at some commotion towards the end of the dock. An impressive sized ship was docking towards the end, men and women jumping from the balcony railing and scrambling to tie it down to the pier. It looked well maintained, cared for and nearly pristine as it sat beside the dozens of pirate and merchant ships that surrounded it. Atop its mast flew a well known flag, a design known around the world, the flag of the World Government. There you are. Jack said with a smile beneath his hood as the first drops of rain splattered against his cloak. He watched as a gang plank was lowered to the dock below, more Marines filed out of the ship draped in ponchos and water resistant cloaks to keep out the rain, handing them to the few who had jumped ship to tie it down earlier. So far he counted six in total, but there was no telling how many more might be aboard and so far there was no sign of a Captain or Commanding Officer of any kind.

His first thought was to walk straight up to the ship and begin dropping Marines left and right. He had no doubt he could handle the six grunts, but there could be anywhere from one to fifty Marines waiting for him, all armed and ready for a fight aboard that ship. Jack turned and took in his surroundings, noticing a pub just a short walk off the docks. People were already making their way towards it to beat the rain and wait out the storm. It'd be the perfect place to wait and watch the Marines to see if they stayed aboard their ship or started moving into the city, regardless of the weather. Not to mention, if they were looking for information one of the best places to start in any city is the local watering hole. Jack turned and made his way to the front entrance of the pub, moving to a table with a young couple cooing over one another, clearly intoxicated already at one in the afternoon. Move. Jack said sternly, but the couple didn't even look up. With a sigh he grabbed them by the back of their shirts and picked them up from their chairs, placing them behind him in a heap. Hey man what the f- The young man began but stopped cold as he noticed the large man who had removed him and his girl of the week from their seats, N-not coool. The man slurred before allowing himself to quickly be whisked away by his lady. Jacked ignored them, taking his seat by the window to watch and survey the scene.

4 Re: Protecting the Business - Voyage on Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:01 pm



Looks like we brought the weather with us, aye Mr. Reacher? Teller asked as he stepped out of his room and stared up at the sky, the first drops of rain splattering the wood at his feet. He pulled up the collar of his Marine coat to better block his face and his cap down, blocking out the first rain drops of the day.
Aye Cap'n, seems that way. Never a good sign. Mr. Reacher responded as he oversaw the securing of the sails and tying down of the ship.
No it most certainly is not, but for who I wonder? Teller mused to himself, descending the stairs to the main deck. Mr. Reacher followed behind, content that the ship had been properly docked and waiting for his Captain's orders. Most of the sailors gathered around, waiting for orders from their captain while the six on the dock stayed where they were, guarding the gang plank and making sure the area was safe before anyone else rolled out. Scanning across his crew, Teller cleared his throat, Alright ladies and gentlemen, there will be three groups today. I need four of you to volunteer and stay on the ship with the other six down on the dock. Teller waited and watched four hands raise slowly, Excellent. I know it isn't the most exciting job, but it is arguably the most important. For without a proper ship,
There can be no proper crew! The rest of the Marines chimed in, finishing Teller's motto.
Quite right, glad to see you're all catching on. Now then, the rest of you will be divided into two teams. One lead by myself and the other Mr. Reacher. Reacher will take the larger portion of you, at least 14 others not including himself. I will then take the remaining five. My team will investigate the docks and make inquiries while Mr. Reacher's larger force will spread out into the city. We must maintain communication at all times and any missed calls on your Den Den Mushi will be seen as a distress signal in which the rest of us will respond to with the utmost haste. Understood?
Yes Captain! The chorus of voices responded. Teller nodded in silence and allowed Reacher to pick his fourteen troops, gathering the remainders for himself.

Captain, where shall we begin our questioning? One of the Marines in Teller's group asked as they disembarked the ship, having already allowed Reacher's group to go on ahead and begin their patrol. Teller scanned the docks, watching the locals and merchants scatter about the docks in a hurry. No one seeking to make eye contact with the Marines, but no one exactly scared either. There was an unspoken agreement between the two factions, don't bother me and I won't bother you. Remember young lady, the best place to get information when you're on a new island is the local cantina. Teller said with a smile beneath his mustache as he pointed at the pub at the end of the docks. The rain was beginning to pick up, a cold wind cutting through the coats and cloaks of the Marines so the decision to start their inquiry in the pub had a couple different contributing factors to it.

Leading the march into the pub and out of the rain, Teller took off his hat and beat it against a post in the entrance way, ridding at least some of the water from it. The pub was warm and noisy, numerous patrons had packed their way into the pub to get out of the rain and the staff was doing their best to keep up with all of the orders. I'll find us a table, you five take in the pub. See what people are drinking, see what they're talking about, who they're talking about. Get a feel for the area and then see if you can pry some information out of the locals. The Marines nodded and began to move into the crowd, Oh and one more thing, whisky, neat! Teller called after them before making his way to a table in the corner. He pat his jacket pockets before procuring an old pipe and a bag of tobacco from his pocket. Thankfully neither were wet from the rain, afterall a water resistant jacket was a sailor's best friend. Now where'd I put those damned matches? Teller asked through clenched teeth around the end of his pipe, patting his jacket in confusion.

Please, allow me. Came a gruff voice as a shadow descended on Teller. He looked at the large outstretched hand which held a lighter with an exposed flame. Teller hesitated a moment before leaning his pipe into the flame, giving a few short puffs to like the tobac before pulling it from his mouth and letting out a satisfied cloud of smoke. Thank you my friend. Afraid I don't have another pipe on me, but my tobac is all yours if you need some. The large man raised a hand, his other placing the lighter in a pocket beneath his cloak, No need, I'm not much of a smoker myself. You just never know when you're going to need a light in the darkness.
Ha, cheers to that my friend, cheers to that. Teller said as the large man took a seat opposite Teller, though the Marine Captain was thankful he didn't remember extending an invitation to sit. The stranger pulled back the hood of his cloak, revealing a mane of deep red hair both on his head and his face. The two stared at one another for a long moment before the large man reached back into his cloak. Instinctively Teller's hand twitched for his pistol in his belt, but he kept it on the table as the man pulled out a large metal flask. Liquor is my poison of choice. The man said with a smile before taking a large swig from the flask and extending it towards Teller.

5 Re: Protecting the Business - Voyage on Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:27 pm



This was going almost too well, Jack thought as Teller took a swig from his flask. The Marine Captain was literally drinking out of Jack's hands. Going up to him directly, especially with a bounty on his head, albeit a small one in the grand scheme of things, had been a bold decision but it was paying off handsomely. Besides, it wasn't as if every Marine Captain across the seas would be concerned and have memorized the face of a criminal with a measly 15,000,000 Beli bounty on his head. He was a small fish compared to the real giants of the world. Now that Jack had the Captain at the table, he wasn't entirely sure how to proceed. He had watched well over twenty Marines disembark the vessel and there were probably more still on the ship. That being said, only five had entered the pub with their Captain and that was a number Jack was more than happy to take care of. It'd be a nice warm up before he tracked down the other Marines across the city, though, knowing Baltigo at least two of them would probably end up beaten or stabbed in a back alley somewhere before Jack could get his hands on them.

Sir- A voice broke out amongst the din of happy patrons and stirred Jack from his silent planning. He turned to look at the young Marine recruit who had appeared behind him and was clearly addressing his Captain, Ah excuse me sirs, I'm sorry to interrupt. The Marine said, eyeing Jack cautiously, his face noticeably pale and eyes wide. Well, what is it boy? Unless you've stumbled across some top secret information in this shit hole bar, I doubt whatever you have to say can't be said in front of company. Teller said, looking at the young man between puffs on his pipe. The young Marine visibly hopped from foot to foot in thought and for a moment Jack was reminded of a young child needing to go to the bathroom. Finally, the man made his decision and leaned in closer to Teller, whispering in his ear. Jack had to hand it to Teller, the man did a good job of remaining perfectly placid while the Marine whispered in his ear. Had it not been for the fact that both Teller and the young Marine's eyes flicked to Jack's face at the same moment, Jack may not have even noticed he had been made.

Well gentlemen, if you'll excuse me. Jack said, standing up from his chair and placing his left hand on the back of it.
Now just a moment sir, I didn't even get your name. I'd like to thank you by name. Teller said, the young Marine now standing up right beside him.
That's alright, I think your little cabin boy here just told you himself. Jack said before suddenly whipping the chair around the table and into the face of the young recruit. Wood splintered, bones cracked and blood splattered across the floor and now broken chair. Teller reached for the pistol at his belt but Jack already had his hand raised and before Teller could pull the pistol around to fire, the old man was sent flying through the back wall of the pub, more wood splintering and silencing the remainder of the guests save for the other Marines who began shouting and trying to make their way through the crowd to Jack. Jack turned to the crowd of patrons, at least 80% of them criminals and half residents of Baltigo, I overheard them, the Marines were planning on running out on their bill! God damn, Bastards, every last one of 'em's a crook, thinking they're better than us. Jack shouted and, as if a powder keg had gone off, the riot began. No one on Baltigo was a fan of the Marines, so if you give enough people alcohol, and a synthetic backbone in the form of mob mentality, well, they have everything they need to start showing the Marines how they truly feel about them. The remaining Marines didn't even stand a chance of reaching Jack as fists, bottle and shivs alike were thrown in their direction.

Jack turned back to the young Marine who had made him, he lay in the splinters of the chair groaning and clutching his face. His nose had sprung a nice leak and blood pooled out from the cracks between his fingers. Jack grabbed him by the front of his stained uniform and yelled over the ruckus behind him, How? How did you know who I was?
I-I s-study, I study b-bounty posters f-f-for fun. The young man blabbered, practically crying.
Of course you do. Jack said with a sigh before delivering a mean right hook to the man's temple and knocking him out cold, or possibly killing him, Jack genuinely wasn't sure as he stood up and made his way to the Teller sized hole he had formed in the side of the pub. He looked down and saw the Captain's pistol on the floor, picking it up he made his way back out into the rain. Jack found Teller slumped up against the brick wall of the establishment next door to the pub, blood trickling down from his skull where he had knocked it against the wall on his way through. The old man's head rolled and he looked up as Jack approached.
Uhbup. Jack said, pointing the pistol in Teller's face as the old man instinctively reached for where the pistol had been in his belt.

6 Re: Protecting the Business - Voyage on Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:46 pm



Fifteen million bounty, huh? So what, thought you'd make a name for yourself by murdering a Marine Captain? Tired of swimming with the bottom feeders? Teller asked with a smug smile and Jack could tell the man was struggling to focus, the knock to his skull had clearly been harder than Jack initially thought. Please, I had no intention of killing you. It was an option, but not my first choice.
Had no intention? So now you do.
No, you're so old it's not even worth the bullet. Jack said, lowering the pistol. Just then the Baby Den Den Mushi on Teller's wrist began to ring and Jack raised the pistol once again.
It's the rest of my crew, probably the ones at the ship heard the commotion. Tossing a body through a wall tends to stir up quite a ruckus. Teller said as the rain continued to fall.
Answer it, tell them everything is fine.
Or what? You'll shoot me? If I don't answer it they have orders to descend on my last known location guns blazing. If you shoot me, I can't answer it. If I refuse to answer it, you'll shoot me. Sounds to me like I can do whatever I want you giant baffoon. Teller said with an unbefore seen note of courage. Jack lowered the pistol to Teller's foot and fired, shooting off one of the man's toe's. Teller screamed in agony and at the same moment, the call went dead. Teller began breathing deeply, trying to overcome the pain, Well there you go you moron. You realize we're only a couple hundred feet from my ship don't you? Of course not, you're a dumb ass terrorist. They heard that shot and now they're coming. They'll break up that little fight you caused inside to stop my Marines and they'll put you down like the animal you are.

Jack looked down the alleyway. From where he stood he had a perfect view down the dock to where the Marine ship was docked and, just as Teller had said Marines were already running from the ship to the dock, rifles in hand. Change of plans, you're coming with me. Jack said, grabbing Teller by the back of his jacket in a fist of clothing. The old Captain grunted in pain from being moved, his back, skull and foot probably throbbing in agony but Jack paid him no mind. The old man was the one who had made this difficult, not Jack. Raising the old man up in front of him in one hand as a literal human shield and the revolver in the other, Jack walked out into the street to confront the Marines. Almost immediately they saw Jack and their Captain and stopped dead in their tracks, one letting out an audible, Captain! upon seeing the sorry state their proud leader was in. There were eight in total and four of the Marines aimed their rifles at Jack, the only thing stopping their bullets was the body of their Captain in front of him. I'm an old man, take the damn shot you fools! He'll kill you all if you give him the chance.

No one's dying today old man, not on purpose anyway. Jack said, tossing the Captain's revolver away and then making a "come" gesture with his free hand. Immediately the eight gathered Marines began flying towards Jack and the Captain at high speeds, but Jack simply turned his body to the side and allowed them to fly past him and directly into the building of the pub where the riot was still going on. Bodies flying through the front door and windows of more Marines would only add to the confusion. By this point they may have even turned their aggression towards one another and now i was just a free for all. Jack had to admit, bar brawls had their uses. Come on, you and I are going to make a phone call.

7 Re: Protecting the Business - Voyage on Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:04 pm



Dragging Teller to the gangplank, Jack stepped up and onto the ship before hearing a confused, Captain? Immediately, Jack tossed Teller in the direction of the voice, the two men going to the ground as Jack turned in time to see another Marine stab her bayonetted rifle towards Jack. The iron barb scraped against his body armor, sliding away harmlessly save for the ear piercing noise it made as it did so. Jack reached back with his left hand and delivered a painful back handed slap across the female Marine's face, so violently it actually sent her over the railing of the ship. He looked down as he watched her body hit the edge of the dock and fall into the water between the ship and the dock. Jack let out a low whistle before turning back to the other Marine and Teller, the former of which was beginning to untangle himself from his nearly unconscious Captain. Jack picked up the female Marine's rifle and walked over to the Marine as he pushed Teller off his body and now onto his legs.

Jack hit the upright sitting Marine in the forehead with the butt of his rifle, causing the Marine to fall backwards to the deck beneath him. He then brought the heel of his foot down on the right hand of the Marine, feeling bone crush beneath it. The Marine yelled in anger and pain but Jack wasn't done yet, driving the bayonet into the Marine's left shoulder, pinning him to the deck and leaving his only other hand broken and useless to remove the barbed gun and unpin himself. Stay. Jack said, pointing a finger at the screaming Marine. He picked Teller up, now fading in and out of consciousness from his wounds. The ship's phone, where is it? Jack demanded, but Teller's head rolled to one side, the man now fully unconscious. Jack sighed in frustration but remained calm, reaching into his pocket he pulled out his flask and took a long pull from it before splashing some of the strong odor, cold liquid onto Teller's face, almost immediately rousing him from the darkness of sleep. Morning sunshine, where's the phone? Jack demanded.

Jack nodded and headed towards the rear of the ship, Teller in hand. As he walked along the deck, he grabbed a pile of rope on the way and headed into the office. At Teller's desk sat the large snail phone Jack had been looking for. He placed Teller in the chair behind the desk and tied him in. Though he was certain the man would be out for some time, it didn't hurt to have a little insurance policy in place. With Teller secured to the chair, Jack reached for the snail phone and dialed a simple S.O.S signal before placing the receiver back on the hook. He assumed Teller's cronies in Baltigo, the ones with Reacher, would be the first ones to respond and they probably wouldn't be back to the ship for another ten minutes at the earliest, giving Jack plenty of time to clear out. I told you, no one had to die today. Though...I can't be absolutely positive on that. Jack said, thinking about some of the Marines he had encountered, like the woman who was almost certainly drowned beneath this ship, or some of the Marines who had gone head first into the siding of the pub. Still, none of them were confirmed dead yet so technically...

Wish I could say it was fun old man, I guess for me it kinda was. Jack said before leaving the office and closing the door behind him. Outside the Marine pinned to the deck had gone quietly into shock, stammering something under his breath, arms fanned out like a weird looking savior figure, but more pathetic. Jack strolled onto the deck whistling, looking at the young man speaking tongues for a moment before kneeling down and pointing his hand at what he approximated to be the center of the ship deck. Without a word he created a massive, invisible gravity well, causing the top deck and all the decks beneath it to splinter and crumble beneath the intense pressure. This continued all the way down to the bottom of the ship until Jack heard water begin to rush in and fill the ship's hull. Still whistling, he stood up and strolled down the gang plank to the dock below. He was confident the ship wouldn't sink, instead hitting the bottom of the bay long before the top deck went under, but this was to send a message to not just the remaining Marine Unit on this island, but any other Marines. Baltigo was Rev territory and more importantly, it was Jack Faustus's territory. Jack put his hands in his pockets and strolled down the dock, taking a right past the noisy pub and away from where the Marines would most likely arrive from the docks. The Marines would wake Teller up and, barring any serious brain trauma, he would inform them what had happened. Between Teller, the Marine pinned to the deck and the ship itself, the message would be delivered, Jack's job here was done. He strolled into the night, towards the Nil District, a tune on his lips his only company.

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