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1Water 7 Slums Empty Water 7 Slums on Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:03 pm



Area Description
Rift Raft, Scavengers and Fishermen predominately make up this area of Water 7. This area once used to be an extension of the Business District, just the sea side branch. After the last Aqua Laguna, the area was completely washed away during the storm. Thousands losing their houses and business were forced to build make-shift houses out of wooden scraps, the Galley-La Company are currently working to build Dock Containers to fill out this area, and have managed to created Dock 1 through 5 so far, providing housing and business space to thousands.

Update: After constant hardship Water 7's slums have been remodeled. The sea King horde that attacked being not only a curse but a blessing. As with their defeat nothing went to waste.The place known as the Slums is no more. The new name given to the area being the Warehouse District. And to make sure things go smoothly with new faces coming to the Warehouse District two Marine bases have been placed there. This Signifying the protection of the Island by the World Government.

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