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1 Watering Seeds [Xmas Event] on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:58 pm

Deep Bloo


Voyage Name: Naughty or Nice
Location: Any
Participant(s): Solo
Description: Santa Claus has sent the forces from Christmas hell down to the mortal plain with the only intent to terrorize any soul unlucky enough to be caught in their wake. Whether it's carnivorous reindeer, murderous elves, or snowmen arsonists, Santa's helpers just went hostile. Will you stand up against these monsters or will they leave behind a truly Silent Night come day break?

Lu Dahn Ricchi
Christmas was only a few days away and the citizens of Rainbase couldn't be more happy. While some gambled away their savings in hopes of multiplying them, others shopped happily in the commercial district with the funds they did have to spare. Everyone seemed to be in the holiday spirit actively looking for the perfect gifts to give to their loved ones and Lu Dahn Ricchi was no exception.

Today he walked the dirt streets of Rainbase at a calm pace alongside one other person, bags from a bit of light shopping in their hands. From the Intelligence Division of Marineford, Lu Dahn had purchased his company a ticket to Sandy Island. They had met for a short term of time prior to Lu Dahn coming to the island himself and she was the one that gave him the copy of Rear Admiral Briggs' mission. To pay her back and in attempt to water the seed he planted, Lu Dahn decided to take her out on a date. He wasn't romantically interested in the woman, though he did find her to be attractive, but he was too chilvarous of a person to charm a woman then leave her to dry after getting what he needed from her. Beyond that, by fostering this seed, he'd have a great connection in the facility which all Marine information was filtered through. While she hadn't legal access to all the information within the alls of Marineford, she did have some official documents within her reach. Should he take the proper steps with this woman, what reach she had would eventually turn into his own reach.

He sighed and shook his head at himself in a disappointed fashion. "It's ok, I promise. I'm actually a big fan of yours, so being able to accompany you on a photoshoot is actually a cool date for me. Besides, I'll be on Sandy Island for at least another week and a half and we got to do a bit of shopping." Lu Dahn's eyes focused in on the giant golden sign that read "Rain Dinners" then softened back up before he spoke.

"It's not that, I just remembered that I had forgot to bring my Valentino trench coat with me. I had a particular vision in mind I wanted to propose to the photographer and stylist." Lu Dahn was never a forgetful person, so when he did happen to forget things, it really bothered him. He knew the extra space in his mind dedicated to remembering that coat was probably allotted to this woman, Allahnah and the day he had planned out for them, but he didn't put the blame on her, but rather himself.

He was actually enjoying spending time with her, not that he expected not to, but he forecasted he'd have to force himself to enjoy the experience as opposed to it just being naturally enjoyable. He looked over at her while she eyed the sign. His attention to it, summoning hers. She actually has great bone structure. Her complexion is also very camera friendly and would work well with different tones of light. She felt his gaze upon him and looked up and met his eyes. "Hahah. Can I help you?" She didn't mean it in the literal sense or offensively and Lu Dahn could tell this from her tone. "Haha, pardon me. I was just admiring you actually. Have you ever considered modeling?" She blushed at his words and immediately looked away from him. Though he wasn't interested in the woman in an amorous sense, he knew exactly what he was doing with that compliment and he smiled to himself when he saw it hit home. "No haha . . . That's crazy." Lu Dahn's gaze persisted, but his eyebrow rose in response to her words. "Really, not even as a fickle day dream while sitting at you desk?" Her mouth scrunched to the side a bit and her eyes naturally looked up to the left in thought. "I mean yeah, but I haven't ever seriously considered it you know." She met his eyes once more, before they both looked back forward. Lu Dahn nodded to her words as he too had thought of many different careers, but never really seriously considered them options.

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2 Re: Watering Seeds [Xmas Event] on Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:10 pm

Deep Bloo



Lu Dahn Ricchi
As soon as Lu Dahn and Allahnah stepped inside the casino, Lu Dahn was spotted and approached. "Mr. Ricchi, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Sudo Matsudo, the director's assistant of today's shoot." Lu Dahn met Sudo's hand and shook it while giving the man a smile. After releasing his hand he gestured politely towards Allahnah. "Nice to meet you. This is my date Allahnah." Allahnah smiled at Sudo and they also shook hands. "Nice to meet you as well ma`am. The director, Alexei Thyme, is just over this way if you'd follow me." Lu Dahn and Allahnah shared a smile with one another and she linked her arm around his before they began to follow Sudo. Lu Dahn didn't mind it and was glad to see she was becoming more comfortable around him.

What they'd arrive to was a portion of the casino being taped off specifically for the shoot. Lu Dahn was impressed to see the company had the resources to reserve a portion of the casino. It'd be taking away from Rain Dinner's earnings, so it surely costed an arm and a leg. It let him assess how much faith they had in his image and technique as a model to be the face of their campaign. They were looking for his brand and his image to make them a lot of money from the looks of it. Despite these heavy expectations, Lu Dahn didn't falter at the least bit, nor did he fret. He was always one to meet challenges head on and he knew if he could keep his head clear and perform his best, he'd do the company well.

"Ahhhhh, Lu Dahn Ricchi. What an honor to meet a top caliber model such as yourself." Alexei began to laugh after his words and Lu Dahn also laughed with him. The two had met on multiple other occasions and Alexei actually helped Lu Dahn book his first runway show. "Haha, a pleasure to meet you as well." They shook hands and Alexei immediately shifted his eyes over to Allahnah. The man had an eye for potential prospects in the modeling industry and Lu Dahn knew he'd be interested in her when he saw her. "And just who is this beautiful woman you've brought in with you Lu Dahn. You shouldn't spring such surprises on me, especially on such a monumental shoot." He fixated his focus to Lu Dahn as he spoke, but then back to Allahnah as he continued to examine her, much to her discomfort. She clutched his arm a bit tighter and he reached with his other arm that wasn't linked up to rub her shoulder to put her at ease. "He means no harm, he actually likes men, so you needn't worry about the ogling, it's just something he does when he sees someone like yourself." She probably would have blushed if she still didn't feel so awkward, but she fought through the moment and extended a limp hand to the man who then eagerly shook it. "My name's Allahnah . . . nice to meet you sir." "Allanah!" He met her hand and kissed it softly and she retracted it, but he didn't even react. "A name fitting for a goddess. Do you shoot?" Lu Dahn saved her and answered the question for her, then began to direct the conversation away from her. Not only to help her, but because he was supposed to be the center of attention today.

"I pondered the same thing, but she sadly doesn't. Some beauty isn't meant to be shared with the world. But alas, you have me." Alexei sighed in a disappointed manner, but instantly cheered up when his mind got back onto the shoot. "Ahhhh, how very right you are. Lets get you to makeup! Sudo!?" Alexei looked around frantically, only to find his assistant right next to him, albeit behind him be a step. "Yes sir." "Ah! There you are. Get Mr. Ricchi's garments for the shoot ready. I want him wearing the Maricieante boots with the black sherpa first please." "Yes sir." Sudo stepped forward to Lu Dahn and gestured for him to follow. "Right this way sir, I'll show you to your dressing room." Lu Dahn nodded and began to walk, but Allahnah hesitated. "Hm?" He turned and faced her with a curious expression, their arms still linked. "Don't you want some privacy in your dressing room?" Lu Dahn laughed then looked over at Alexei who was steady shouting out commands to his production crew readying the shoot.

"You'd rather be left with him as your company?" She shuddered at the thought and began to walk with him and Sudo. "As a model, I assure you, you won't be the first woman to see me dressing and undressing." Her face reddened an bit, but it was kind of hard to tell due to the lighting and her tan complexion. Lu Dahn just wanted to stroke his fingers against her cheeks to see if her skin was as smooth as it looked. He imagined it felt like a rich blend of cocoa butter. "Hm?" He had been unknowingly lost in thought while staring at her face. "My apologies, your skin is just so amazing." She put her hand up to it and gently touched it as she smirked at him. "Better than yours?" He rolled his eyes and directed his attention back forward mockingly. "Don't get ahead of yourself." Though it was perceived as a joke and also meant as a joke, Lu Dahn was also very serious, but he knew she wouldn't think it.

3 Re: Watering Seeds [Xmas Event] on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:20 pm

Deep Bloo



Lu Dahn Ricchi
Lu Dahn had to admit he was actually enjoying Allahnah's company. Though this was a one sided affair for the most part, in the sense Lu Dahn's heart wasn't in the date, he was starting to reconsider. Not that he was mulling over giving his heart to this woman, no that was outlandish and no women was worthy as of now. But at the very least, he wanted to keep her in his actual circle as a friend, though he'd date her as if she were something more. A manipulative thing to do, but it was the world was such a place that these things had to be done to advance sometimes.

"Here's your dressing room. Anya, your makeup artist, should be inside ready for you." Sudo walked up to the door of the private room, that was probably a manager's office, but reinvented into a dressing room for the sake of the shoot. His eyes were fixed on Lu Dahn as he spoke once more as he put his hand on the knob before opening the door. "I'll go retrieve your first outfit in the meantime, there is spring water and fresh fruits inside as well, enjoy." He smiled at Lu Dahn, then opened the door for him with a smile, but his grip weakened on the knob and the door just swung open when he saw what was inside the room. His stomach did a front flip in his gullet and he nearly vomited all over the place, but he kept it down and fell to his knees instead. "A- Anya . . . Someone help!!!!" Allahnah clutched Lu Dahn's arm in fear of what Sudo was in shambles about. This was a reaction to Lu Dahn stepping forward and craning over Sudo to see what had folded the man without laying a finger on him or saying a word.

Blood painted the room a murky red color as if it were hosed down with the substance. The body of a woman who was presumably Anya was decapitated in a gruesome fashion. Her entrails laid out on the floor like spilled spaghetti and her head rested on the floor with the eyes still open, her mouth agape harboring a horrific expression. Allahnah tried to get closer to look to, but Lu Dahn pushed the arm she was clutching back to prevent her. "No. You don't want to see." Before he even saw the scene, he could smell the iron from the blood when the door opened and he knew he was no longer a model at this moment, but now a Marine. "No matter what you do, don't let go of my arm." He grabbed Sudo under his armpit and helped the man up and security began to run over to their location.

"Mur-murder. There's a murderer somew-" Lu Dahn cupped his mouth with his free hand. "The last thing we need is to cause a scene of panic." He moved his hand and stepped away from the door to let security see what had happened, all of which began to feel weak int he knees and stutter and mutter to themselves. "One of you alert the head of security and lock down the casino." The floors were carpeted and all of the blood had yet to soak into the carpet, so the kill was still fresh. This was also evident from the fact the blood on the walls was still trailing down like raindrops on a window.

"What's all this fuss about!?" As Alexei came, Lu Dahn cursed under his breath, this was beginning to become a headache. Alexei was too colorful of a person to see the scene and not cause hysteria.

4 Re: Watering Seeds [Xmas Event] on Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:50 pm

Deep Bloo



Lu Dahn Ricchi
"Director! It's horrible!" An- Sudo wasn't cut off by Lu Dahn's hand over his mouth this time, but instead because of the man's movements. He quickly thrusted Allahnah to Alexei caught her per reaction. Immediately after he slipped into the room by his lonesome and closed the door behind him. He knew Allahnah's presence would keep Alexei busy and not listening to Sudo. He'd probably forget the reason he had stormed over there in the first place. He knew Allahnah would of course, be uncomfortable and it went against him telling her to not let go of his arm, but he felt it'd be better than taking her in the room with him.

Now inside the room he tried to keep his wits about him and his stomach in its place as he investigated. Walking around itself was a morbid act as the blood soaked carpet squished under his footfalls. He didn't even know what he was looking for, but he had for some reason he felt a strong sense of duty right now and he knew it was attributed to Allahnah's presence.

Though he was looking for an answer to the murder, the answer had found him. In the eviscerated lower body of the woman, something was moving about in the hollowed out carcass. He didn't know whether to be curious or to lose his lunch there. "Lu Dahn Ricchi . . ." A sinister voice rolled out Lu Dahn's name as if it were trying to roll phlegm out its throat. While Lu Dahn was naturally a man who couldn't have his foundation shaken, he was still human and this showed it. He was just happy he was the only one in the room when his humanity was brought to light. The calling of his name chilled him to his core, but it also put him in a combative mode reflexively. ". . ." He didn't even know what to say. Who's there? What's there? Did it even matter, whatever it was was obviously a demon sent by the devil himself.

Before it spoke again, the impish fiend cackled. "Very . . . very, naughtyyyyy~" Though whatever this thing hiding in this woman's lower body was emanated immense amounts of evil and killing intent, he could hear the glee in its voice when it dubbed the Commodore naughty. The carcass began to shift again and a disgusting squishing and churning noise came with it as what resided within, came out. What Lu Dahn saw coming to a stand before him was a blood soaked 2 foot tall elf, albeit its features weren't like one typically imagined elves.

Its vascular system or something that looked like it was very evident as blue veins or tattoos were visible all over its body. When it finally came to a stand it gave a devilish smile before its hand flexed violently causing its veins to bulge. All of its fingers were pressed against each other and it was apparent the elf was poised to attack.

5 Re: Watering Seeds [Xmas Event] on Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:43 pm

Deep Bloo



Lu Dahn Ricchi
Meanwhile on the outside of Rain Dinners a group of four elves approached, but one was as tall as a normal human. They'd naturally be seen as a group of dwarves, so it wasn't too out of the ordinary, at least not until they began unleashing hell upon the unsuspecting masses. This taller elf spoke to his brethren, but in a tongue only they could understand. "Are you sure this is where Geight went? " The three shorter elves nodded to their superior and they proceeded into Rain Dinners.

Back on the inside, Lu Dahn lowered himself into an evasive stance in preparation for the elf to make his move. He couldn't estimate his power due to the fact his victim was just an average human, so he was on his complete guard and ready to retaliate with his full power. Soon enough the imp jumped at Lu Dahn with its prepped hand in attempt to spear him with it. Quite surprisingly the elf's attack wasn't as menacing as Lu Dahn assumed it'd be. It was something he could feasibly react to with a simple side step which exposed the elf to an effective counter attack since it jumped at Lu Dahn and left its self in an aerial position. Lifting his arm and turning slightly to face the elf who was practically parallel to the floor with his body, albeit in the air, Lu Dahn dropped a powerful elbow down onto the thing's back. The impact knocked spit out the imp's mouth and forced its eyes to roll back as it was sent crashing into the blood soaked carpet.

Not stopping his assault there, as the fiend bounced off the floor from the collision, Lu Dahn gave it a strong kick to its ribs sending it crashing into a vanity mirror. Falling from the mirror with glass shards in its body, it landed on the counter top. Lu Dahn calmly walked up to elf and grabbed it by its neck. He lifted it up like one would inspect a puppy after gripping the fat of its neck. The elf was obviously unconscious, with a few broken ribs and maybe some spinal damage. "That was rather anti-climatic." He carried the elf with him like it was a bag of luggage out of the room and back to group of people outside. They all gasped at what Lu Dahn had in his hand as anyone naturally would. "I hope this puts Anya's spirit at ease." He threw the elf to the floor like a bag of garbage and Allanah immediately left Alexei's clutches and ran back to grabbing his arm. "What happened to "Don't let go of my arm." Sudo told us what happened!" She had a few tears in her eyes that were ready to fall but Lu Dahn could tell she was holding them back. Alexei wasn't his usual flamboyant and loud mouth self either, he just looked at the elf on the floor with saddened eyes.

In the same moment the elf was defeated by Lu Dahn, the ears of the leader elf would twitch instinctively. "Geight has been killed! This is unacceptable. The price to pay for his life is the blood of at least one hundred of these vile creatures. Kill who you wish! "

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