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1 Dragon Ball Forgotten Legacy on Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:45 am




Dragon Ball Forgotten Legacy is the hot, new Dragon Ball Forum RPG. With a welcoming community and experienced staff, we offer a fully customizable experience that gives players the opportunity to build their characters in a balanced but personalized way, giving every player a unique experience.

The universe that you're about to step into isn't what you remember. In fact, the universe you remember - is yet to happen. The age is 600. Planet Sadala has been torn apart by civil war as Yamoshi and his good-hearted Saiyans battled it out against the evil Saiyans of the past. The war came to climax and their home was left in ashes. However, unlike in the world we all know, Yamoshi's supporters escaped the destruction and found refuge on an uninhabited planet, which they dubbed New Sadala. However, Yamoshi himself is missing with no clear indicator on where he has gone. The Saiyans have spent the last 50 years rebuilding.

The evil Saiyans never found their way to the world known as Planet Plant but instead found another, smaller planet that was mostly uninhabited. The Tuffles live on in peace, and the Saiyans dubbed their new planet, Planet Vegeta. King Vegeta the II, the current king of the evil Saiyans is struggling to keep the burgeoning people together. Their economy is falling apart, his people's morale is completely crushed and worse than all of that - he has fallen ill with no known successor.

The Earth is in an era of peace, the last major "earth-shattering" event being the King Piccolo wars approximately 150 years ago. With their growing market economy and the surge in the popularity of the Martial Arts has given Masters Muten Roshi and Tsuru Shen great business as the Turtle and Crane schools are experiencing growth unlike anything they've ever seen. This is Humanity's First Golden Age.

Then, on Namek the first Time Rift appeared. Several people of an unknown race came through, and began a small civilization on the world alongside its peaceful people. Due to their origins, the Namekians dubbed them "Time People" which they eventually warped into the "Chronosians". To this day they still continue to live alongside the Namekians rather peacefully.

The beginnings of what would eventually become the Planet Trade Organization is starting to form, the mutations of the Icejin Race's royal family is beginning to form the perfect storm that would eventually lead to the Tyrant Freeza and his brother, Cooler. They are at home on their own world, Frost, where they will begin to build their empire.

Time Rifts are appearing throughout the universe, tearing apart the fabrics of what is understood and is known almost universally as the "Time Rift Crises". Brave warriors are beginning to trek into them and challenge them, whether to see why they're happening or to learn how to take advantage of them best. As the universe begins its rebuilding this is the world that you will inhabit, will you build it into a utopia or set it ablaze for your own amusement?

Forge your legend.

Dragon Ball Forgotten Legacy

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