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1 Sakura Kingdom on Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:01 pm



Bighorn is a town near the coast of Drum Island. The town is a little closer to the Drum Rockies. It's also the location of the Drum Medical School, where the finest medical minds collected and study under the same roof.
Cocoa Weed
Cocoa Weed is a village located on Drum Island. It is near the village of Bighorn. Stool's Restaurant is a popular location in Cocoa Weed. This restaurant belongs to Stool. It's where medicine is practiced in a nutritionalist since, and acts as a sister facility to the Drum's Medical Shcool in Drum.
Gyasta is a town located in the Sakura Kingdom. Ice skating is the most popular activity in this town. A huge ice skating rink is located in the centre of the town, and the houses are built around the perimeter of the huge rink.
Robelle is a town located in the Sakura Kingdom. It's the first city you'll arrive at if you dock to the South when arriving on Drum. It's known for the island-wide famous reindeer transportation service that can get you from city to city on Drum for a small fee.

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