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1Killigrew Jones Empty Killigrew Jones on Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:10 pm


Name: Killigrew Jones
Alias/Epithet: Lady Killigrew
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23

General Appearance: Killigrew or Kelly as some might call her, has vibrant pink hair that is usually down and messy but when it proves bothersome and gets in her way she will tie it into a braid that rests on her shoulder. This rare hair color clashes with her blue eyes and fair skin, the only thing distracting viewers from her beauty is a scar that dances vertically across her face. Her attire is usually that of a stereotypical pirate, with an elegant red coat, black boots, various pieces of jewelry and of course her pirate hat.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 158 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Killigrew Jones 64b96ed9f14f506d94f86eb534ec3655

Positive Personality Traits:

  • Loyal
  • Determined
  • Trustworthy
  • Cunning
  • Feirce
  • Strong-Willed

Negative Personality Traits:

  • Aggressive
  • Manipulative
  • Evil-ish
  • Rude

Personality Overview: Killigrew is a woman who despises the law and whoever might be enforcing it. The world government and anyone affiliated who tries to implement their views of morality upon her or others will find themselves in a world of hurt. Prone to resorting to violence in order to get her way she isn't below petty scare tactics, bluffs, or clashing swords but she does know when she's in over her head and needs to back down, will she always do it? No.

She's a bold and brash woman with a very cold view of the world. Having lost someone very close to her she believes in 'survival of the fittest' and claims that people shouldn't rely on laws to protect them. It is for that reason that she wants to eradicate the world government and live in absolute freedom so that the weaklings of the world will learn of their cowardice and change their inevitable fate.
Morality Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Faction: Pirates
Starting Rank: N/A

History: Killigrew Jones was once a normal girl destined to lead a normal life on a small island in the East Blue. Her father was a merchant, rich enough so that his wife could stay home and take care of the family which consisted of two beautiful girls, both polar opposites. Killigrew was into playing outside, sword fighting, and shooting, while her sister Rachel preferred to stay indoors playing dress-up and learning to cook. Their parents supported them both, even when the other families on the island judged them for allowing Killigrew to play like a boy. Often she'd be ridiculed for her interests by the boys she hung out with, but it usually stopped when she inevitably won the spar. Killigrew would always try and teach Rachel how to fight, but she just had no interest in it, always playfully saying that's what the Marines are for. Killigrew disagreed but she didn't want to fight with her beloved sister.

One could expect them to grow apart as they got older, but they didn't. As time passed the island's economy began to plummet and their fathers business began to fail, meaning they would have to get jobs. So at the age of sixteen, they entered the workforce and began serving drinks at the local tavern. Beautiful barmaids brought in a lot of customers, some worse than others. Marines were known to frequent the island, it was a popular spot for new recruits and they just so happened to be thirsty on this day, for more than just beer. A large group of them came into the bar, whistling and shouting various obscenities at Rachel and Killigrew. They had no choice but to serve them, but the drunker they got the worse their attitudes became. They began to ask the girls to go back to their ship with them in which they received no as a response and were cut off. Now the owner of the tavern had gotten involved and decided to kick them out, apologizing to the girls for what they had been through.

The very next day, the marines came back in larger numbers, claiming that no one can deny them. They began to raid not only the tavern but the entire island. They slaughtered men and did unspeakable things to the women. Killigrew knew that she and Rachel were going to be targeted but in all the chaos they had been separated. Her sister had never learned how to fight because she believed that these marines would protect her, oh how wrong she was. Now, a man approached Killigrew, one of the marines from the original group. They fought and in the end, Killigrew came out victorious just like with the boys she used to play with on the island, the only thing different was that the man managed to give her a nasty scar that ran across her face. A battle wound that would be with her for the rest of her life, reminding her of the terrors she faced.

Eventually, the battle subsided and when the marines were happy they boarded their ship and sailed away. Very few people were alive, only the ones who could muster the strength to protect themselves. Rachel, her mother, her father, they were all gone. She had lost everything and why? Because they were too weak to fend for themselves. This was a saddening wake-up call for Killigrew that in this dog eat dog world only the strong will come out on top and it was a lesson that she had learned the hard way. How do the people of the world view their marines? Like heroes? It had to stop.

People needed to quit hiding behind a white and blue flag and hoping that the very people who cause most of their problems will save them and if it took a pirate to teach them the lesson, so be it. The world doesn't need laws, it needs freedom.
Face Claim: Fate | Francis Drake
Starting Slots: Random Devil Fruit

  • 1 NPC
  • 15 grunts

RP Sample: Killigrew stood in the midst of the battlefield. Fires caused a smoke-filled sky and the destruction surrounded her in every direction. Hordes of men charged at each other, and for what? Nothing. There was no end to this war, of pirates vs marines, no one would ever agree, not until one side was squashed completely. Still, that was no reason to give up. Plenty of impossible things had been done before, people have been known to overcome even the most doubtful of situations and make the impossible possible.

Noticing a man with two blades running in her direction, she grabbed her golden pistol from its holster, took aim, and then fired. He had managed to dodge the bullet, an impressive feat, this would be a challenging opponent. He came at her with increasing speeds, slicing his swords in an X shape when he finally reached her. Killigrew leaped into the air firing from above but once again the man managed to get out of harm's way.
"Damn it." she muttered. How could she approach an enemy this fast?

Landing a few feet away from the speedster, he came charging at her again, much like a bull seeing the color red, except instead of having horns he had katanas! This time, she decided it would be best to take a different approach so as he came running she slid to the side and extending her leg out, BAM! He tripped, falling face-first into the concrete. Killigrew then brought her heel to the back of his head, to ensure he really tasted defeat. "Not so fast now are you?" She said, firing a bullet into his back and then blowing the smoke from her gun before walking away dramatically.  

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