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1Ivelle "Wandering Shadow" Imrie W.I.P Empty Ivelle "Wandering Shadow" Imrie W.I.P on Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:26 am


Name: Ivelle Imrie
Alias/Epithet: Wandering Shadow
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16 years

General Appearance:
Imrie's Looks:
Ivelle "Wandering Shadow" Imrie W.I.P A0875789fb047fcbf7e0cd21365eb77d

Imrie is 5' 4" and weighing in at 138 lbs. She has mocha colored skin with thin medium length scar on the left side of her stomach. Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown that changes to amber in summer. Imrie has long straight hair that reaches her mid-thigh though she keeps her hair tied up in pigtails. She usually wears a loose sleeveless black shirt and dark blue jean shorts with a brown belt. Imrie doesn't wear shoes, often saving them for special occasions or formal events. She has a gold bangle on each of her wrists that used to belong to her mother.

Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 144 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Doesn’t have one yet

Positive Personality Traits: Mellow, moralistic, honest, creative, realistic, adventurous
Negative Personality Traits: Anxious, blunt, morbid, sly, insecure
Personality Overview: Imrie is usually very mellow with everyone she meets. She doesn't often cause commotions unless needed. She's an honest and realistic individual, not one to kid herself or others. Her honesty tends to make her a bit blunt without meaning to. Imrie has an adventurous spirit always ready to explore the unknown and get into dangerous situations, though, in most of these situations, her morbid sense of humor tends to pop out. She is also a very creative person with a strong moral compass that tends to be a bit flexible according to the circumstances.

Imrie hides an anxious nature beneath her mellow attitude. Though the anxiety stems from her insecurity with herself. But she doesn't let this get in the way of doing things and when its called for Imrie can be quite the sly vixen.
Morality Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Faction: Pirates
Starting Rank: N/A

History: Imrie is from the South Blue having been born on a boat but raised on Karate Island. When Imrie was 5 or 6, she was told many stories of many famous pirates and was inspired to become one. Though when her father heard her talking of becoming a pirate, he shot down her dream down quickly. Imrie's father had her training in Banguazhang style of martial arts as well as, Tessenjustu from the age of 7. Imrie was trained in Banguazhang first then when she turned 13, her father added Tessenjustu alongside her training in Banguazhang, though she did tend to sneak away from her training which annoyed her father much. When Imrie turned 15, her father gave Imrie her first weapon.

The weapons Imrie's father gave her were a pair of black Tessen(Japanese War Fans). She loved the metallic fans quite a lot and always kept them on her person. She promised herself that once a year has passed since her father gave Imrie her weapons, she'd sneak off the island and become a pirate. On her way to the Grand Line she meets up with a few marines that couldn't take no for an answer which is how she got her bounty which wasn't much, but it didn't truly matter to Imrie. She also had a few run-ins with other pirates though that's something everyone expects to happen on the high seas. She wasn't expecting one of these pirates to be carrying a devil fruit with them. At the time she didn't know what it was but snatched it up anyway.

She eats the fruit when she was out on the open ocean and ran out of food but couldn't be bothered to fish for anything. She still has yet to have full control of her devil fruit.
Face Claim: Road to El Dorado || Chel
Starting Slots: (Did you apply to fill a starting slot, if so, which one. If you picked the Devil Fruit Wheel, choose your rewards here as well.)
RP Sample: (If you are applying for any Starting Slot, you need an RP sample. to be approved for the slot.)

Group Name: Still looking
Group Captain: N/A
Position 1: N/A
Position 2: N/A

Main Attribute: Speed

Devil Fruit: Kaprosuchus no mi(maybe)

Meito: N/A
Starting Bounty: 30,000,000 beli

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