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1The Arrival of the Red Dawn Empty The Arrival of the Red Dawn on Tue Jun 04, 2019 9:49 pm



Link to Voyage Approval:

The Arrival of the Red Dawn

Cadet Shimizu, Congratulations on completing the basic training, as you have shown exceptional combat skills and an ability to inspire others to action, You have been Appointed the Rank of Captain, And we are assigning you the Red Dawn, That ship you brought in, and we are assigning Ensign Yoshida to you to help navigate the Ship. As you show Promise beyond the normal cadet we are transferring you to Marineford, to help suppress the seemingly endless waves of pirates sailing through the Grandline. You are to sail to Marineford with a cargo of food and other supplies, Deliver it there and then report to the dispatcher for further assignment. Commodore Shigi said as he held out an envelope emblazoned with the mark of the Marines to Akari.

Akari nodded, took the envelope, and saluted It is an honor to serve, Sir. She says. The commodore nods and salutes back. Then Akari turned and left his office a small spring in her step. The young childlike new officer skipped down the hall, her short stride made a few marines  turn confused as she passed, the childlike glee on her face confused most of them.

She quickly skipped down to the docks to admire her new vessel, happy that the small ship she had forcibly liberated from some pirate wannabes had been given to her to command. She then shouted Hey, is there a Ensign Yoshida here? 

Sachiko Yoshida gave a start as she heard a shout of such volume from such a small figure. I'm right here Captain Shimizu, Just securing the last of the supplies Then we'll be ship shape and ready to sail. 

Akari looks up, That's Right we went through boot camp together, didn't we. Sorry I've never been good at remembering faces. She said hopping onto the deck of the ship. She then Looked up at Ensign Yoshida, You coming? She asked a child like smirk across her face.

The two of them quickly made their way through the sea to the reverse mountain, Sailed over it and arrived in the grand line. A few weeks later as they cruised through the sea, a flag appeared on the horizon, Black with a skull with a green beard.

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