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1Artists Skill Locker Empty Artists Skill Locker on Thu May 23, 2019 6:03 am




Artists Skill Locker Mgw-co10Skill-Set Name: Artists Choice: Mesmerizing Colour
Skill-Set Description: The user makes up for an absence of combat ability by using her unique skills as a realist painter, collectively known as Colors Trap (カラーズ・トラップ, Karāzu Torappu). In this way, she can hypnotize a person through the use of certain colors, changing their behavior as she sees fit.

It works through the use of a symbol, which she paints either directly onto a person or near them. Once the person is under the spell of Colors Trap, they are unable to break out of it unless the symbol is removed or smeared. The trap overwrites all other actions attempted by the person under its influence, forcing them to do whatever the trap suggests no matter what.

Someone who possesses a simple mind is said to be more vulnerable to this kind of psychological attack. [So all characters who are stated in personality section to have a simple mind or childlike mind suffer a -1 to spirit and willpower when gaurding against these effects.] This implies that someone very strong-willed would be able to resist the influence of Colors Trap. Now colour traps effectiveness depends on one attribute. Spirit and Willpower.

Grasping the basics of this ability, the user will eventually be able to adapt her arrows as well as tags with the color trap abilities. Until then she is limited to directly painting on or near the object itself. As long as the user can get the symbol one way or another on to the body or object required whether it be secondhand stamping or drawing the ability will take hold. It is incredibly difficult for those who are marked to wipe away the symbols or marks upon their own body if they are under the influence of any of these abilities, though they can get outside help and that outside help can just smear it, there is no power requirement or spiritual requirements.

Spirit and Willpower is the defending attribute, anyone above the spiritual level of the user is unaffected by these abilities, while equal to and lower spirit and willpower is.

Rank: Novice
Class: Painter - Hypnotism

Novice Abilities:

Name: Black Mark: Mark of Destruction
Description: The black mark, using black paint the user gets a symbol on the body of their target a symbol that seems very reminiscent of a turd upon their body or on an object. When this symbol is placed, the targets bowels begin to scream, their gut aches and in true fashion, they begin to lose control of their bodily functions. Violent pooping and rushing pee begin to blow, hurry to the toilet before this happens. This effect lasts until they have relieved themselves.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Spirit and Willpower

Name: White Symbol: Blinding Flare
Description: By creating a symbol on an object or a person, the user creates a symbol that seems somewhat sun like in appearance. This symbol doesn't have any effects when painted, its requirement is to be seen. Whenever someone sees this symbol their mind is tricked into seeing a flashbang, blinding those who can see it within a ten-meter range for a single post.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Spirit and Willpower
Type: N/A

Name: Shimmering Mark: Follow the Leader
Description: The user seems to mix paints and somehow create a sky blue coloring, now the user doesn't actually paint a symbol wielding this ability, in fact upon mixing the colors she simply covers her palm in the color, she then hits a target or targets with said mark. The mark takes hold and those who succumb begin to follow her, as if she were a pied piper, they follow her movements, so she tends to lead them with a dance. One Post.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Spirit and Willpower
Type: N/A

2Artists Skill Locker Empty Re: Artists Skill Locker on Thu May 23, 2019 6:24 am



Name: Black Symbol: Black of Betrayal
Description: A black symbol is either painted or stamped on to the skin of the target or upon the ground making all those who enter fall under its power, this mark is of a rather angry face. When this symbol is placed, the target who is marked must make one novice level attack against an ally, while this mark is on them, they are unable to make a single attack against anyone they originally viewed as an enemy or foe and must make a full-on attack with an assault based move against an ally. If there is no allies within forty foot of the marked UPON the symbol being placed then this mark has no effect, leaving the "range" has no effect if there was an ally in range when the mark was placed.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Spirit and Willpower
Type: N/A

Name: Yellow Symbol: L.O.L
Description: A simple symbol, one that seems to resemble a smiley face, this is the symbol of laughter and when placed upon an opponents body whether painted or stamped, the target is forced for a single post into fits of hysterics, they are unable to fight at their full capacity due to these fits of laughter and are then vulnerable.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Spirit and Willpower
Type: N/A

Name: Red Symbol: Bullseye
Description: The user paints a red target upon any surface, person or object. This bullseye is then the target of all those within forty meters. All attacks are inadvertently sent to this bullseye. This continues as long as the target can see the bullseye. If the symbol is destroyed the effects end, not all things can destroy the symbol, a single bullet would not do it nor would an arrow, an attack that cleanses or one that blows up the ground would and of course wet attacks that could smear the paint. The target may also close their eyes to avoid hitting the bullseye and aim easier
Range: Contact
Attribute: Spirit and Willpower
Type: N/A

Name: Blue Mark: Color of Truth
Description: A simple mark, a single stroke of blue paint is etched in an ark upon the forehead of the target. This mark seems to over-ride the brain and makes it impossible for those who are marked to tell a lie, everything that comes from their mouth must be the truth. Of course, they need not answer. This marks capabilities last for 3 posts before needing to be re-applied
Range: Contact
Attribute: Spirit and Willpower
Type: N/A

Name: Duel Color Y&G Mark: Pact of Friendship
Description: By combining the colours of Yellow and Green, the user marks her index finger and her thumb imbueing the trap with power. By pressing these to fingers to a target and marking them, they immediately feel an overwhelming feeling of friendship for the user, unable to show hostility and willing to treat her exactly like they would treat their best of friends, in terms of PC's this lasts for a single post, in terms of basic NPC's this can last up to three posts. In terms of NPC that are animals this lasts for five posts. Animals seem to understand her if she has marked them and can become her little warriors.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Spirit and Willpower
Type: N/A

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