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16Bet Everything.  - Page 2 Empty Re: Bet Everything. on Sun May 26, 2019 2:17 pm



Was it good he got away from that clown hell, yeah it was. Was it he forgot his much-needed drink hell, yeah it was. But Drac wasn't too worried shit happens. Mostly to him but he was all good in more ways than one. Leaving the group first he would set off to look for big bro Star. He heard him say something about adding a new member or was he too drunk. Either way, it was a pain in the butt to go looking for him. Seeing as he tends to go missing really fast. Drac would walk outside of the bar. Still covered up in his cloak and mask. A silly get up his Bro wanted him to wear. All for the sake of not drawing unwanted attention. Something about Drac bounty being a bit too high.

It didn't matter as he started to take it off seeing as other wanted people were here as well. This put a wicked smile on his face as he kneels down. Blue flames would come about as his legs and feet and then his arms and hands. All would take the form of a Phoenix. Drac would look ahead as he launches himself sky high. Flying around the bar he would get a bird's eye view of the place. Too bad the rain started to come down on his head. It was light but still heavy rain was to come soon it always does. Looking on he would spot Star sitting at a table appearing to be talking to a man. But was this man friend or for. Drac would take airborne as he waited to see what was going on."Big Bro Star you forever playing games. It's best we get moving clearly no one here is worth the wait."

Name: Half Point
Description: Combines the physical abilities of the consumer and the animal variation into a hybrid transformation, allowing him to use the Phoenix abilities. whilst in this transformation.
The user will turn into his hybrid form. As his arms becomes the Phoenix wings and his legs and feet becomes the Phoenix legs and claws.
Range: N/A
Attribute: Endurance
Rank: Novice

17Bet Everything.  - Page 2 Empty Re: Bet Everything. on Tue May 28, 2019 9:26 am



"I can't tell if you're auditioning for my crew or if I'm auditioning to be your captain. It's a fun fucking time though." Deciding against tip-toeing around the obvious lines of questioning that were being lobbied between them both. It was no doubt the funnest interrogation he'd been a part of so far. "I didn't have much choice in becoming a pirate, you know fate and what not, as a monk I'm sure you have an interesting take on that."

Both began to traverse the steps that laid between them and their destination, little inclination as to what they would actually find once they reached the top. "On a more personal level, I'm a pirate because often times chaos is a bigger proponent of change, not structure." A dull tone to his eyes as he looked onward, no jest in his words as they moved forward in unison. "What made you choose monkhood? Or are you even actually a monk at all?"

A question that had been present in his mind since early on in their conversation. Anyone with a keen eye would certainly find more interest in the why behind his appearances versus simply his appearance itself. Had he strayed from the path? Was he here to convert others? Or was he just something else entirely?

"Filth is subjective." The statement short and precise as they neared the end of the second step of stairs, only a stone's throw away from the door. "You first have to determine who, or what is clean. And to be honest my good friend--" His arms reaching forward, opening the two doors that previously blocked their vision of the gambler's den. "You can't get much cleaner than carnal pleasures. At least you know what the person is after."

The audible thud of both doors colliding with the walls beside them as they were forced opened would have normally garnered some attention from the folks already inside. Their timing would prove that assumption wrong. They would enter to the sight of a body being carried away, no doubt a result of something that only recently happened on the second floor, how else would a dead guy get in here after all? The hustle and bustle of workers removing the body would be drowned out by the call for another round, the origin point of the demand would be a table in the corner of the room. The same direction the body came from. Coincidence? I think not.

Whatever occurred previously didn't seem to bother the others too much, they still appeared to be playing whatever game suited their fancy. Seemed as perfect place as any to immerse themselves in whatever debauchery Greenie Pass had to offer. "Heh, like I said Ei, you just might get both." Directing his attention to Davy and the others as the drinks the boisterous man previously requested for all were brought to them.

Their timing just kept getting better and better.

18Bet Everything.  - Page 2 Empty Re: Bet Everything. on Mon Jun 03, 2019 4:59 pm

Poopy Face


Poopy Face
Davy D. Marx

How yah doin.

"I don't like that." Davy was blunt, and didn't plan mince his words nor hide anything within them. He would drink from his cup before speaking again. Due to the speed of his chug not all the liquid made into into his mouth. Rather some of it streamed from the sides of his lips. It didn't get far. It stained his white shirt and made a nice golden ring around his collar. He'd slam the wooden cup onto the table and gazed around the room for a good couple seconds.

Then he'd turn back to the Starboy, as that is the nickname he'd give him. He, like a few others, wanted Davy to join his crew. And used this betting to do that. But, like the others the games would be too something. He wouldn't say bad, but they weren't good either. No real excitement as they were predicable. "I don't knoooooow. You seem like you got a lot of lies in yah words. Not about following through with the bet, but. How many members do yah really got? Huh? Huh? Three? Two? Just you? Give me the honest number. And how much you even worth, Pirate Captain. Does your bounty exceed my own? How strong are you? Could you kill that bald guy over there? Over the other one that looks scary strong? How about that fat bastard all the way over there?" Davy gave a lot of questions. He wasn't really pressing the Man. But, he did get closer and closer with each question. Till he was just about a few, three, inches away from the guys face. When his questioned ended he'd rest back in his seat.

He wasn't against joining a crew, he'd actually preferred that. Davy wasn't a leader. However, he was really picky. As his opinion on Pirates was different from others. They didn't need to be the hardest, but they couldn't be heroes. He didn't like adventures posing as something they weren't. His Father taught him a lot about what Pirates should always be and what they shouldn't be. They just couldn't just be outright Murders either. Pirates should have some short of appeal to them. A occurred appeal but a appeal nonetheless. It was a complicated thing to explain but Davy knew what it was when he saw it. And at this moment Starboy, to Davy, was just some weak Con-Man.

19Bet Everything.  - Page 2 Empty Re: Bet Everything. on Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:08 pm



Morning Star would smile at the man as he was explaining and coming closer to his face. Morning Star looked on as the man would go back to his side if the table. His breath smelled of sin juice. But this was all ok for Morning Star. Who looked on with such delight in his eyes. Now knowing the man name well he been knew it. Seeing as this cat bounty was bigger than his brothers. Morning Star would raise his one finger as he began to calmly talk of his crew. A crew for which was defeated so long ago. Yet it still was and is alive tip this day.

A smile would come across his face as he prepared himself. "Well to be Frank the Monster Pirate Crew is how can I put it. It is in a rebuild mode but for good reason. You see not long ago a vengeful marine vice Admiral defeated us. But at last, my brother and I escaped but barely." He would say with a sarcastic yeah aromatic tone of voice. "So as of right now it is only us two but having you will increase that number. Oh about my bounty you see. It is small for a very good reason and that is because of my shadow face I use. Most people would take Drac as the captain that is why is bounty is over 100 million such as yours. But the type of crew we are well thrill seekers and treasure hunters. We live for the thrill and if need be will kill." Morning Star would say with such a playful tone in his voice. But believe you me he was very serious.

As he stood up he would hold his hand out. "I'm guessing you love to fight am I right? Well join me and come with me to the final destination of piracy and that is the end of the world. However sound will call it the end of the rainbow but I will call it-." He would stop as he smiled looking up to see he bother flying out the window would wave at him to come on in. Looking back down at Davy. [color=# that chapter the story is still unwritten Davy-boy. But I would love for you to be a part of it."[/color]

20Bet Everything.  - Page 2 Empty Re: Bet Everything. on Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:27 pm



Drac would look down throughout the window as he saw a room full of people. You know the kind that is the worse of the worse. But then again he and his bro are no different than the people they surrounded by. As he floated upwards he would see his big bro giving him the sign to come on in. Finally, after all, he was bored with just being there. A grin would come across his face as did the blue flames of his Phoenix. Drac would race towards the window crashing in. If he was not to be bothered as he made his epic debut into the room. The hole he caused would have taken out the entire window.

This would, in fact, give way to the glass and what not to come flying at whoever was in the way. Drac would then start to fly around the room as he looked over to view each person there. He would lick his lips as he would then hover over his bro Star. "Sorry I'm late to the party my invite clearly got lost in the mail. But hey I'm here now and it looks like the party is just about to start." Drac was more than ready to throw down if need be. But he wasn't here to fight well fight much as he viewed everyone in the room. The Phoenix Of The End was not one to be taken lightly in no way what's so ever.

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