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1Killer Cook Empty Killer Cook on Sat May 18, 2019 5:09 am

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
Killer Cook Bb388ace3be26193480b2e5550595477Skill-Set Name: Killer Cook
Skill-Set Description:

This Skillset has no formal name, as it's merely the use of Marika's own learned abilities.

It features the use of food-supported thrown weapons as main method of attack, with other supportive novel uses of food, along detection of targets and indetection to be like a true assassin.

And to achieve this, it relies on sheer finesse, but also, the power of Gastronomy. Cooking, essentially. For example, the user can improvise sugar weaponry, or make use of flour smokebombs to get away, or use their extremely acute sense of smell and taste to detect where their target may be.

This Skillset requires the Chef Occupation (or equivalent)

Rank: Advanced
Class: Assassin - Finesse & Cooking


Name: The Aroma of Meat
Description: The user can detect the smell of a target in range and detect their position, but just coarsely, with a 20m radius of approximation and error of where they could be, and in a 250m radius range.

However, if the target has wounds (at least a Minor wound), the user will be able to detect where they are more accurately as blood and exposed flesh are more of a true ingredient, and thus be able to pinpoint their position without error and at a greater range: 250m. The user can also "smell" the intensity of their wounds, given by the intensity of this kind of smell.

Range: 125 / 250 m
Attribute: Perception
Type: Enhanced

Name: Salt blades
Description: The user compacts some salt in their hands, creating some weapons on the fly. These blades are fashioned as throwing knives. These salt blades cause a certain amount of pain when they injure a target, depending on the thrown attack's Strength/Power versus their Endurance/Durability, according to the table below. The salt blades themselves are the same rank as the salt used to make it (with common table salt being just D-rank). The pain subsides after 3 posts. The salt blades themselves only last 3 posts after being created, at which point they dissolve into salt again. The user chooses which Ranged perks for item quality to give the blades, if the original material has enough item quality for such.

The user must cause at least Minor wounds for the pain effect to happen.

User's stat advantage
3 or more
Excruciating, incapacitating pain
Extreme pain, as if a limb was amputated
Heavy pain
Moderate pain
-1 or less
No effect or minor, harmless nuisance

Range: Self
Attribute: Strength/Power
Type: Normal

Name: Dressing Disguise
Description: The user uses pastry, dressing and condiments to cover themselves and hide. This allows them to control their appearance and smell to that of the environment, blending in. They also conceal their sounds, by sheer finesse.

The user cannot be seen, smelled or heard by someone with less Perception than her own. This doesn't affect other methods of detection, such as heat vision or Kenbunshoku Haki.

The user's Speed is 1 less while this effect is active, and they have achieved such a level of expertise that they can use it effectively even in dynamic and changing environments, by reapplying and changing the ingredients in a skillful dance along their other actions to blend in seamlessly (but with the mentioned Speed reduction).

The user must be attempting to move in a sneaking manner for this to be effective on themselves, she must be actively attempting to be unseen and taking caution to be unheard. The use of Speed Skills break this Skill as well.

The user can dress their projectiles as well, but the Perception needed to see past the stealth of the projectile while it is in flight is 1 less.

Range: Self
Attribute: Perception
Type: Enhanced

Name: Sprinkle Arts
Description: Just like how cooks know how to throw condiments onto their dishes, she applies a similar principle to throw her thrown weapons in an expert way, maximizing their potential.

Killer Cook 723d481a5986f14091fbda1d8cb9ce44

They can throw thrown weapons with +1 Strength/Power to themselves, provided that they can move their hands and arms in a fancy way to perform this art.

She can combine this Skill with other related ones for complex throws, adding for example, torque, spins or ricochets.

Range: Self
Attribute: Strength/Power
Type: Enhanced, Expert Skill

Name: Sprinkle Arts: Crazy Spaghetti
The user can throw a thrown weapon and add a special amount of spin to it, allowing the projectile to take on an atypical path.

The user can have their projectile travel in any chosen trajectory at the moment of throwing, with this trajectory being within a 45 degree cone in front of the thrower. The projectile itself can still only travel effectively up to its normal range along the trajectory taken.

Range: Self
Attribute: Strength/Power
Type: Enhanced

Mode Name: Primal Starvation Response
Mode Lvl: 2
Skill Set Derived From: Killer Cook
Mode Description: The user, through sheer discipline and understanding of food and hunger, triggers their primal starvation body response and then amplifies and harnesses it. This focuses on the combating and hunting aspect of desperate food acquisition, the kind that could make people resort to cannibalism just to get food.

Killer Cook GlaringImpartialGrackle-small

The user looks visibly agitated (yet still in full control) and tense, with the pupil nearly taking a feline shape and their teeth becoming slightly sharper.
+3 Strength/Power

This mode's drawback involves the sacrifice of items (food) in order to be paid off.

Within two posts of ending this Mode, they have to consume a C-rank Food item per post it was active. B-rank count as 2 C-ranks, and an A-rank counts as 2 B-ranks. Otherwise, their body won't be able to take it and she will go unconscious for as many posts as the Mode was active.

These food items consumed won't give any of its special benefits, instead being totally obliterated in her digestive system to desperately gain its nutrients.

(As usual, consumables are refreshed per topic)


Last edited by Lady Sofia on Wed May 22, 2019 5:55 am; edited 7 times in total

2Killer Cook Empty Re: Killer Cook on Sun May 19, 2019 10:58 am

Deep Bloo


Deep Bloo
You’re going to need to state that your disguise bonus of being undetectable only applies if you are acting in a sneaking manner. For example it won’t apply when ur just walking through a crowd, your post must include u actively attempting to be unseen and taking caution to be unheard. Additionally use of speed skills breaks the skill.

3Killer Cook Empty Re: Killer Cook on Mon May 20, 2019 12:21 am

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
OK. Added this:

The user must be attempting to move in a sneaking manner for this to be effective on themselves, she must be actively attempting to be unseen and taking caution to be unheard. The use of Speed Skills break this Skill as well.

Edit: I also added a Mode.

4Killer Cook Empty Re: Killer Cook on Wed May 22, 2019 5:21 am



The Aroma of Meat - I like the skill itself, but the way that it works is specifically about scent, which has a variety of factors that should be accounted for in the narrative. Because of the way it works, I can't get by it with those ranges. 125 meters and 250 meters are more in range with what I can go with.

Salt Blades - Trying to wiggle a S&W check into this one isn't going to work. It specifically works based off of physical damage dealt, so it's going to be an E&D check. The damage graph itself works fine, I guess.

Dressing Disguise - Disguising the projectiles is pretty weird, but let's do that. I like the rest of it. This is a go from me.

Sprinkle Arts - LOL. The finesse of this one is great, but going to limit it to +1 from the Expert aspect. Throwing them in a fancy way doesn't really change the strength of it, just makes it fancy.

Sprinkle Arts: Crazy Spaghetti - This is fine.

Primal Starvation Response - I like the idea behind this mode a ton. Absolutely in love with it. However, that's not how perks were intended to work. Each point is one perk, so if you want +2 S&P, you'd be using two perk slots.

5Killer Cook Empty Re: Killer Cook on Wed May 22, 2019 5:58 am

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
The Aroma of Meat - OK, Reduced

Salt Blades - Adjusted as requested

Dressing Disguise - Yeehaw

Sprinkle Arts - OK, lowered to +1. I hope I can get the normal +2 at Master.

Sprinkle Arts: Crazy Spaghetti - Cool

Primal Starvation Response - Changed to +3 Strength/Power, Hulk Smash.

6Killer Cook Empty Re: Killer Cook on Wed May 22, 2019 4:34 pm



Alright. Good to go. Have at it.

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