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16Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) - Page 2 Empty Re: Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) on Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:11 am



Okama Kingdom's Akuma

"Hello Kitty. Bargained your soul huh?" Mused the playing and "twisted" Kandy-chan.
"Help...please." An unknown dried filling journey quenches it's thirst.
"No?" Moise continued in a helpful manner.
Breakfast came and a faraway children's room was occupied by Moise. For some reason the room looked like the windowsill one he witnessed while fighting Mojo Jojo. Pulling out his staple, homely, and consistent black sleeping bag he smoothly opened up it's zipper. Inside was a rotten stench cultivated over an unknown period of time. Staring inside Moise found the previous purple-crowned okama. Before purple but now grey and with their beard having fallen off. Lively grey at least, as he was still alive twitching with stray flesh in their mouth. In close proximity there was the other okama that started the scenario but Moise didn't deign to spare them. Neither did the purple okama evidently as he ate them to survive with his immobility from a broken spine. As expected of Kandy's crewmate. Light hesitation was present on Moise, but this was only before he opened the mouth and discovered the scene with Haki.

Combustion bloomed and brewed in a children's playpen. Mingling bugs didn't spray any empathy on Moise for Kandy's crew. Crunch crunch. They were like stuffed pigs bleeding out and being marinated by the petals Moise had stuffed in their bodies from the cemetery. Big boi Kandy can eat 2 meals more than Moise. Licking clean the bag brought on a sense of sickness but high willpower colluded to stop a rebellion. "Evolving Justice" will do anything for the act. Did Moise prepare the bag beforehand? No, he just dislikes to waste resources and figured it could be used against Kandy's crew before. Scary habits must be taken on whether they're rumors or not. At least, to this body of Moise's it feels normal.

Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) - Page 2 Da8e1be061ced47c42a794558ee64468

"I was going to only go for the dead. But I suppose I needed to practice on the living!" A rare emotional outburst from what is definitely not a fish-monster in human skin.

17Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) - Page 2 Empty Re: Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) on Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:43 pm



Christening on a path of no return the fishman migrates to a new sea. The backing and physique of Kandy has been acquired but it can't be returned. What Moise now needs is world-tested combat experience. A marine identity is not forgotten nor forsaken. Taking a deep whiff of his environment, Moise opens up his eyes from meditation. He smells dog shit. Literal dog shit. Rousing from his slumber unhindered by his environment, Moise saw a hoarsely barking pitbull in a cage. That sounds like me when I lifted things with no training. This was a marine family's compound. All sorts of marine families are in the world declining, retiring, or having an off-generation. Sneaking into this one living their days peacefully in Okama Kingdom was the start of Moise's plan. Now Kandy is the default form, but after the morning meal it's now afternoon and Moise is focused in the disguise of a "husband". Short crew hair and a basic marine uniform can be found on him in a basic bedroom.

"Be quiet child the bad guy is gone." Moise barked back to the dog.
"Douglas! Is the dog being troublesome again? I've got no idea what's happened to her...she was an angel for all these years. Oh! Your bite has healed." A homely waifu came inside the bedroom worrying.
"Aunt please stop it's okay. Douglas isn't here right now." Childish concern somehow summoned itself from Moise?
Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) - Page 2 Tumblr_oh9b7h0WsG1sfay15o3_500

Censored Love after "meals".
Barging into the room the young wife dressed tan in general saw her supposed husband. An insight could be found closely looking at the girl; she's mentally unstable. The true husband had went missing long ago when Moise first came. After a playful interaction Moise shifted into the form of the younger generation and the wife left confused. Stupid hubby went out for cigarettes again. Dislike for this family was brewing in Moise the moment he arrived. It reminded him of his past and feels like a serious home. Disguising as the absent husband sometimes and as the children he had got started on combat training along with experiencing Busoshoku Haki.

Even though the family is declining there are still those with the maximum proficiency in Busoshoku Haki wanting their legacy to live on and their family being the best to trust. Kenbunshoku Haki helped in both facets for Moise. But these older men and grandpas had no way to help the family's future. Training was still abusive for Moise even with his experience in Haki and above-needed willpower. Twisted thoughts started to root inside the fishman's mind. Eventually, he visited the husband's wife to share his loving. On that day the dark thoughts provoked a breakthrough in Hardening.

18Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) - Page 2 Empty Re: Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) on Wed Feb 06, 2019 2:47 pm



Gaslighting the wife was only done recently. Before the husband disappeared Moise still took on his form to the husband's sometimes confusion. A silent anger provoked Moise to train the dog to do bad things to the husband's body that was "abusing" the dog. Then, the husband went "missing" after dog bites started to be found on the husband. Well, the husband was a corrupt marine. There are many corrupt marines that do bad things to make up for their shortcomings. Moise never could harm the marines as they're his benefactor. Once the husband was out of the picture the dog was caged as it seemed to have caught on and even Kenbunshoku Haki doesn't soothe it. Hatred pushed forward training and willpower. The dog bites were used to train the non-younger marine form with Busoshoku Haki. Different bodies pushed different comprehensions of Hardening. Time passed and the wife moved on to become a widow. There was a newborn child. Who's is it? Moise's, the husband's, or someone else? Geez, not that much time passed.

Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) - Page 2 8LkR1Q3
The baby does become Moise though. Manipulation is practiced and possible for the fishman even in this human spawn. Being carried around by the widow deceives enemies even with Kenbunshoku Haki, as she suspects nothing. Upcoming twins in the marine family are superstars taking their father's place. They've got some achievement in Haki and suspect that something's wrong in the family. Poor boys smell like death. Sometimes, Moise thought in the voices of his copies. A bit of a shattered mind he has. Direction is still apparent to Moise and he'll fearlessly go after the reputations of the twins. Using Mane Mane there's innumerable ways to mess with people just coming into the world. Trapping the twins in the house, Moise gets to retain contact of them at some point and perhaps he'll find a way to use twins in an amusing manner. Patience eventually ran out for Moise though and he felt like he'd learned anything he needed from the marine family.

Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) - Page 2 GGQ8jL

"Uncensored" Dial use with Blood Paste skill.
"Eat or die. You're not permitted leave." The animal blankly noted.
"Monster. How could you?" Waifu's sober despair.

After taking a stroll Moise came back to his decaying Japanese-style home. He disliked having to return to his homes. Out front there's a pink garden tended to by the wife occassionally even if befuddled. Entering the residence Moise lost control of himself after a great period of time without progression. Protecting an Impact Dial with Bushoshoku/Hardening was first completed and served as practice. Then, the Impact Dial made contact with a frightened twin of the marine family. Full force of the Blood Paste skill births itself into the innards of the lad and an explosion erupts. Waifu stands now-sober behind the lad and the other twin has been scheduled to be outside the home. A shriek is suppressed. Sadism isn't a flavor in Moise's persona. On his face he's shown a mixture of the husband and a funny face of Kandy's. The truth is out for the wife at least. In essence, Moise is still practicing. He wants to see if he can coarse others into depravity to silence them. Standard protocol for corrupt marines is to "silence" them after all.

Skills Used Besides 24/7 Ones:

Name: Blood Paste
Description: The user uses an Impact/Reject Dial targeting innards to make someone attack themselves with their own Power stat as long as Moise is able to damage them. If they're like Kaido they might not harm themselves. Increases damage severity by another +1 for things landed for the next 2 posts along with the initial blow severity all applied last. Bleeding out or other wound killing occurs in 3 posts if damage is incurred at Major severity. The attack works off Perception and like Brook's Yahazu Giri damage won't be noticed unless their base Perception is equal to the the user's or upon death.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Speed
Rank: Intermediate

19Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) - Page 2 Empty Re: Okama Kingdom's Akuma (-FB Closed) on Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:12 pm



At least Moise is privy to this with his Mane Mane. Sins of the father is a rule in the marines as rebelling is a disease. Some get by with their prestige and accomplishments even with the conflict of interest. Determining these people to be under the radar Moise has taken the property in "pursuit of the crimes". On the wife's first attempt to leave the bonding with Moise, he appears in a flash in front of her with extreme momentum. A subtle threat. Confused women are not stupid women. Walking past this girl, Moise goes to his bedroom and sleeps with the dog still barking. For the first time she witnesses Moise sleeping. Accompanying Moise now is only his fantasy and the wife instead arrives at the bedroom doorway in horror. Every few moments, Moise shifts into a different Mane Mane form. Her husband, her baby. Wearing human skins like cheap clothes. Kenbunshoku Haki awakens a slumber as a knife is nailed behind Moise's bed. Disappointed, Moise appears in a flash similar to entry-Soru, to the stupid woman with her hand halfway on the front door's knob. A close bedroom. Seriousness is itching Moise as he's fully in Kandy's body. Moise leaves, but the wife is nowhere to be seen in the doorway.

Sickening pink trees followed Moise as he walked to a docking area to contemplate. It was time to leave Okama Kingdom. Stowing away on a ship is easy with Mane Mane. Advancing on the future is best done by finding people who travel frequently. Different positions and occupations that can cover every hour of the Mane Mane routine. Suspicions are always possibilities killing Moise's spaces and throwing off questions is best done by quantity. Time to leave had been long ago but Moise had been corrupted away from this directive. Covered completely in a black skinsuit Moise had defaulted to his Kandy form. All throughout the voyage Moise is on-guard with all full stats used for his best bodies. No harmful actions are undertaken by the fishman and he's itching to correct himself with simultaneous progression of his actions. Hiding was a bit redundant since using his footwork people were tapped without even realizing it.

Numerous light taps were done to normal people unable to see "Kandy". These different identities help create flawless roles. Witnessing the diverse people going around the world doing their business made Moise begin to want to expand his reach beyond personal identities. Direct conquest and fighting isn't the soft approach that Moise contemplates. Fighting in itself isn't that important to him when he can be trained by the best minds in the world. Prodding the leadership of the marines Moise has been found wanting for Cipher Pol faces for ease of travel. Perhaps agitating that marine family had helped open up some holes.

Ever-optimistic the Mane Mane user looks only for a touch and if anyone can find a Cipher Pol then he certainly can. Any fighter needs to go to doctors eventually and with covert opperations doctors aren't always on hand. Coming to stand before a hospital Moise doesn't look for some grand encounter like with Kandy. KUNG FU FIGHT-no Mane Mane is the OG spy. Kandy was the hard part and it's only a farce to emphasize the Cipher Pol experience. Entering and leaving at the same pace he takes on the form of a doctor. CP3 and CP4 injured are found. Running away with Kandy's speed was foremost. Mane Mane might be suited to Cipher Pol but not Moise. Copying the CP3 and CP4 spies with a pat brings a close to Okama Kingdom's chapter. Corruption is created for a marine to transport him as Cipher Pol. Vision Dials and Visual Den Den Mushi aren't in Moise's possession sadly even if this adventure could spawn them. Threats are just as effective as an absence and the same means are used by Moise for the Okama Kingdom royals before. Mere marines used for Cipher Pol transportation aren't above the bribery and blackmail of the Mane Mane. Neither is Moise a great marine as his unhinging has only just begun. Boxed up grunts follow Moise as he sets sail. Okama Kingdom's Akuma finally left, thinking all okama are cannibals.


Colors: Best "Gurl" Number 1 - Best Girl NumbaAAAAH 2
OOC Note: I think my stats and this voyage are sufficient to manipulate a Supernova. I believe it'd be helpful to edit Tera's vault page to note she's looking for her sister.

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