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1The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Empty The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude on Fri Feb 01, 2019 7:31 pm



The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Empty
Cassius Sinclair
The Kraken
The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  D5da255ae42b2fbe08f85ac5f848e11c

Cassius read through the letter he had received from his people on Fishman Island once more. It had come by mail nearly a week ago and was what had spurred him on towards Water 7, a strange land he hadn't even known existed until recently. His people needed ships, and more importantly, artillery. Without it, they were being decimated by the superior firepower of the Ryugu Family. He folded the letter in half, placing it on his desk once more. Rings of smoke puffed from the pipe between his lips as he stroked his tentacle beard in thought. Finally, he rose from his large leather-backed chair and stepped out onto the main deck of the Leviathan II.

His men swept the deck, keeping the ship tidy as Cassius had instructed. He looked on, watching them toil away. A speck appeared suddenly out of the corner of the fishman's eye and he smiled around the tip of his pipe,
Hello Taz. He said as the dwarf historian burrowed into his tentacled beard. The dwarf said nothing at first, making himself comfortable.
Are we heading out today? Searching for that smuggler? Taz asked from the beard.
Aye, this Martin Fall fellow is our best bet. According to the louts at the bar, if anyone can supply us with the cannons we need, it's him.

Cassius stepped forward, out of the shadows of his ship and some of his men looked up, regarding their captain with a nod or a quick wave before returning to work. The fishman removed the pipe from his lips and cleared his throat to gather their attention.
Gentlemen, you know the shift assignments for the day. First shift is to stay on the deck, watch the ship and switch with second shift at the noon sun. Second shift, while out on the town enjoy yourselves, but keep your ears to the ground. This Fall fellow is an excellent lead but there's just as good a chance it leads nowhere as it actually amounts to something. The more leads we have, the better our chances.
Aye cap'n. The fishmen said in near unison as Cassius departed the ship down the gangplank to the docks of Water 7.

WORDS: ###
NOTES: ###
DORIKI: +5 S&P & +5 S&A (In water); +25 E&D
GEAR: ###

2The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Empty Re: The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude on Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:24 pm



The race for supremacy had began long ago, decades before the birth of Baioretto but that wouldn't stop him from putting himself in the chest of names who sought to reign supreme. While the Mono Negro was being docked on the shores of Water 7 it's captain took this as his time to bask in what would be a glorious start to his next adventure. Baioretto hadn't stopped on an island since the fiasco on the little island known as Lulusia and well.. let's just say his actions there caused for more attention than he necessarily needed. He took part in a national incident which resulted in the most botched execution to date. To say he needed to start making more alliances and strengthening his numbers was an understatement. For the time being Baioretto was just focused on building up his numbers and getting into more chaos along his journey to become the king of the pirates. Stepping off his ship Baioretto had on a cloak which covered his face and protected his identity from being seen by the masses. He needed assurance that people wouldn't see him and start another national incident, this one with him being executed. With Baioretto was Kubo who was the crew navigator and also a giant bear.

Their purpose was simply to go out and scout out talent for the crew and people who could help grow their little crew into a large formidable one.

"Oi captain, These cloaks were a good idea.. you really think you did that much on Lulusia?" asked Kuba to Baioretto as the two continued their trip through the docks of the island. Baioretto simply smirked because he knew how much of a loaded question that was.

"Ya know Kuba, it isn't always about who you defeat in this world.. It's about who.. it's about where.. its about how." said Baioretto before the tone on his face went from a more serious one to that of a more playful upbeat one which Baioretto was more known for in the seas.

Kuba wasn't sure what to make of what Baioretto said but he semi understood what his captain was getting at. Defeating Corbin was an impressive feat yes, but what made it so worthwhile was where he was defeated and how, it caused for a great deal of pain to the people of the island to see the man that they looked up to as their hero soundly defeated by the likes of a pirate.

"I see.." said Kuba who vaguely began to understand his captain more and more as he thought about it. The duo would walk into the nearest saloon they could find, it happened to be one Baioretto was familiar with as he was a regular here during his last trip to Water 7. He loved the way the ale tasted here as it reminded him of ale from Sabaody Archipelago. The way the acid hit you had that hard punch to it, something so strong yet delicious and vibrant, just like his family on the isles. As they sat at their own table in the left corner of the bar with their cloaks on, their was someone there.. watching them and waiting. His blade Bori slapping against his leg on the right while the blade from Corbin itched his hip on the left. Both members of the duo wearing their den den mushi.

3The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Empty Re: The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude on Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:03 am



The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Empty
Cassius Sinclair
The Kraken
The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  D5da255ae42b2fbe08f85ac5f848e11c

Cassius played with the rings on his finger, twisting the climatact back and forth as he walked through the streets of Water 7. People walked about in the morning sun and the fountain waters of the island flowed freely as they always had. Making his way to the main street of Water 7, he thought back to his conversation with the stranger at the bar the previous day.

Minor Flashback - 24 hours previously

If I needed someone to build me ships and cannons fast, but durable, who would I talk to? Cassius asked the barman as he cleaned a glass with his rag. The man simply smiled,
Tch, you know what island you're on, friend? Ask any of the ship building companies on this piece of land. I'd ask around, get a few quotes though, don't just go with the first one you talk to. They'll upcharge you, no doubt.
Cassius scratched the underside of his chin before looking to his left and then his right.
Yes, that's all fine and dandy, but the shipwright shops on this island are a bit too flashy for me. I need these things made...or at least acquired...quickly and quietly. No big flashy christening or send off voyage. Cassius said, staring at the barman who mulled it over before realizing what Cassius was looking for probably wasn't for legal sailing purposes.

Sounds like you need a smuggler. A man farther down the counter said, who Cassius had hardly paid any attention to when he entered. The fishman turned to him now, his curiosity piqued.
Not exactly friend, I need a builder. Cannons and ships and such, I just need them shipped...quietly. Smuggler won't do me any good if he doesn't have anything to smuggle.
The man stayed quiet for a moment, taking a long swig of his drink before speaking,
Aye, you need Fall. there's a man on this island I'll introduce you to. Just have to track him down, moves quite a bit. Meet me back here tomorrow, we'll have a little chat. With that, the man got up from his stool, dropped some money on the counter and headed out.
That was...overly mysterious. The bartender said, moving over to collect the payment before it was snatched by some sticky-fingered drunkard.
Aye, but it's the best I've got.

Back to Present Day

Now Cassius wandered back to the bar he had met the stranger in, doing as he had been instructed. He stepped through the doorway and surveyed the room. It was quiet, considering the morning time, but far from empty. People sat and drank, hunched over plates of breakfast and glasses of ale. There was a couple at the table to his right, a small group of sailmakers at the table in front of him and several stragglers lining the bar, silently enjoying their morning. To his left he noticed a pair of cloaked individuals, staring at them for a few seconds before moving along. It wasn't his business and he didn't have time to figure out why two people were wearing such heavy clothing on a beautiful, warm day. He moved to the bar and ordered his usual whisky, waiting patiently for his contact to arrive.

WORDS: ###
NOTES: ###
DORIKI: +5 S&P & +5 S&A (In water)
GEAR: ###

4The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Empty Re: The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude on Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:41 pm



Baioretto had been described in various ways on the open sea but one way people described him continuously was with the word "infectious" and when they said that, they usually meant his personality. He was a dangerous man on the battlefield yes but when you sat around him he just made you feel better about things with the way he talked and carried himself, there was never a sense that he didn't know what he was getting himself into. With that said, every time he found himself on Water 7 he became a regular fixture in the bar scene because of his ability to just make friends with anyone, anywhere. With that said Baioretto made a gesture to his navigator Kuba, that caused the giant bear to stand up and walk over to the bar where he would order a round for the entire bar, it was a man next to Kuba who was ordering a whisky. A good drink yes, but not from Water 7.. they specialized in ale not really in the darker liquors, that was better suited for the isles of Alabasta and dry ports like that. The bar keep would hear Kuba's request and slam his hand on the counter. Kuba looked on in confusion waiting to see what the keep would say.

"OI!" he would yell which grabbed the attention of the entire bar. Baioretto would turn himself and look over, the only visible part of his face was his smile, "free drinks on The King of Hearts himself, Baioretto Fuentes." spoke the bar keep which sent the bar into a frenzy as they all started pounding on the tables and cheering to the name of Baioretto which made him sliding off his hood that much better. The smile on his face was captivating enough to grab the entire crowds affection for the moment. There was one man who didn't budge however, he was at an adjacent table to Baioretto and he looked as if something was on his mind about Baioretto which made him take notice. He had long blonde hair and wore a jacket, he gave Baioretto a strange feeling but he couldn't address it just yet.

5The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Empty Re: The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude on Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:43 pm



The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Empty
Cassius Sinclair
The Kraken
The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  D5da255ae42b2fbe08f85ac5f848e11c

Cassius would turn, his attention taken by the sudden loud shouting of some fool. There was something about this particular fool however, it was the same that had caught his attention when he first walked in. There was something about this one that seemed...far too familiar, but he couldn't quite place it. As he stared at the strange man, bar maids walked about, handing out drinks to the cheering patrons. Cassius took one and took a swig from the frothy alcohol. Then, it dawned on him, Lulusia. The strange man that had caused a scene at the Lulusia coliseum. Cassius had left before much could come of it, but the man in front of him was painfully recognizable.

Hmm Fuentes then, good to know. Cassius mused to himself as he turned back to the bar. His hand reached absentmindedly for his cup, but found only air. Surprised, he looked down to the bar, only to find his free drink missing from where he had placed it.
Seems he bought everyone the swill, figures. A familiar voice said, placing a now empty mug on the bar. Cassius looked up to see the same man he had met the day before. His contact had apparently arrived...and drank his free liquor.
Getting a bit rowdy in here, let's head to the alley. The man said, leaving the bar for the back. Cassius took one last, long look at his empty mug, frowned and followed.

Outside, the contact turned to Cassius, placing a cigarette between his lips and lighting it. He breathed in, letting the smoke coil from the corners of his mouth on the exhale. He flicked ash to the floor of the alley before looking up at Cassius,
So, got the money?
Cassius stared at him, hiding surprise, though there had been no mention of money the previous day.
Aye. He said instead, reaching into the inner pocket of his jacket and holding his hand there, You have the smuggler's information?
The man regarded Cassius with a long, cold stare. He placed the cigarette between his lips, nodding and pulling out a slip of paper from his back pocket. He held it up for Cassius to see, though it was folded and any writing was completely illegible.
Aye, directions to his little chop shop right now. Gave him a heads up you'd be visiting, threw that one in for free.

Cassius nodded, Kind of ya. before reaching forward for the slip of paper with his free hand, but the contact was faster. He retraced,
Not quite, let's see the money.
Cassius frowned, patting the blank spot in the interior of his jacket.
Right, of course. The fishman stepped forward, before suddenly removing his hand from his jacket and delivering it directly into the man's gut with such force, he was lifted from the ground momentarily. Air whistled from the man's lips, rapidly exiting his lungs before crumpling to the floor of the alley. The paper floated gently to the ground beside him as he groaned in pain. Cassius regarded the man curiously for a moment before reaching down and retrieving the paper, along with the man's fallen cigarette.

He placed the paper in his jacket pocket before taking a long drag on the cigarette. He coughed once, spitting on the ground and flicking the lit cigarette onto the downed man. He much preferred the smoky flavor of his pipe.
Sorry friend, I don't play well with extortionists. Thanks for the hookup. Cassius said, turning and exiting the alley.

WORDS: ###
NOTES: ###
DORIKI: +5 S&P & +5 S&A (In water)
GEAR: ###
The Battle of Water 7 - Prelude  Jinbei_vs_moria_by_koregua6000-d4cymlo
Name: Thousand Tile True Punch
Description: An upgraded version of the Hundred Tile Punch, this is a more powerful punch that has the ability to knock the opponent back up to 10 meters so long as the user’s S&P is higher than the target’s.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Strength & Power
Rank: Intermediate

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