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1Queen of the Slums [Voyage] Empty Queen of the Slums [Voyage] on Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:52 pm




Queen of the Slums [Voyage] A381c4d65dd88d4b23e5cc5b4a22d1f0c25dcdf9_hq

As the morning sun slowly rose into the sky, the suns rays creeped through gaps within the curtains, gently dancing upwards over the two lumps entangled within the bed sheets. Wrapped within one of the silk sheets, lowered to reveal the naked shoulders of the petite female. Her hands moved to gently lift the curtains allowing the sunlight to bathe her in its warm glow. The large hotel within the buisness district over seeing Water 7. Her long black hair messed up from the nights activities. Turning so that her sky blue eyes looked towards the two lumps in the bed. A flash of anger briefly shown within her eyes, though as one of the lumps moved, she shifted her facial expression to one of adoration. "Hey gorgeous" the lump said. As it moved, the remaining covers fell to reveal a rather gorgeous looking man. Tanned skin, with beautiful blond hair, and eyes the colour of emeralds. "Hey, uuuhmm" "Tobias" the man said, giving his name again. He would shake the second lump awake. "Rob wake up, our shift starts" He would say to the second lump.

"Leaving already?" Melissa asked. "We have to begin our rounds" Tobias said as he made to grasp the lump of clothes beside the bed. The familiar outfit of the marines, the main force of the law within the world. "Thats a shame" Melissa said as she began to walk forward, the cover that she held allowing her legs to be seen, nude like her shoulders, as she walked she allowed her hand, the one that held the cover in place un-clenched, this allowed the cover to fall, the suns light behind her allowing her naked body to shimmer. "I was hoping for round two" Melissa said as she bent forward, her lips almost touching his own. "A little, goodbye from me" she whispered as she locked her lips with the marine.

He hesitated first, but then his lips moved under her own, his arms wrapping around her as he pulled her naked body against her own. She felt a third arm touching her as she kissed Tobias. Pulling away she would look to Rob, an identicle twin of Tobias, much older than Melissa herself. Moving from Tobias she would kiss Rob while Tobias began to kiss her naked form. "Let me go freshen up" Melissa said gently as she pulled herself from her man sandwich. She wiggle her bottom as she walked forward, blowing them a kiss before she closed the bathroom door behind her.

"Ugh" Melissa said as she looked in to the mirror. "Don't look at me like that" she said to her reflection. Shaking her head she would kneel down and open the cupboard underneath the sink. Grabbing a certain item, she would sigh as she walked towards the door. Opening it she pointed the item at Tobias and pulled. The echoing of her shotgun erupted around the room as the bullet spewed forth, with only a five meter distance, Tobias's head pretty much blew clean off, blowing blood up the walls as well as all over Rob whose eyes widened.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" he screamed, as a trained marine his mind seemed to snap back as he rolled attempting to grasp his pistol. Though as he rolled back two large spears would strike his hands, piercing them clean, with such force they were pushed against the wall. Blood soaked into the snow spears, Rob screamed once more but Melissa's hands soon muffled the sound. "Shut the fuck up, Listen here you fucking prick, sixteen years ago, you and a group of marines showed up at the house of Raptor, You destroyed him and the house do you remember?" Melissa said, her blue eyes glaring into Robs own green eyes. She moved her hand from his mouth, rob was sweating his breathing was heavy but he glared back. "Fuck you, you killed my brother, you cunt" Melissa simply smiled, moving in to place her face beside his. "And you killed my father, now DO YOU REMEMBER" as she shouted her hand moved up Robs naked leg, her hand grasped on to his balls, the wicked devil smile upon Melissa's face shining in the light.

"Now, I asked you, if you remembered" Squeezing the family jewels of the man as she asked. "YES YES I REMEMBER" Rob said, his voice an octave or two higher. "Excellent, now, your going to tell me who the marine in charge of taking him down was" Melissa asked. "Im not telling you SH..." "AAA AAH AAAH, you speak, or these large balls go squish" Melissa said, her voice cruel, her eyes glimmering with excitement. "I I Dont Know, Please I only know that it was a two squad job, You'd need to ask Commadore Kyro, he was one of the top brass for the mission. Please don't crush my nuts" As Melissa was about to speak again banging came from the door.

"HELP HELP SHES GOT A GUN, SHES CRAZY HELP" "Fuck" Melissa said outloud, swinging her legs from the bed she was quickly grab her cloths. "No where for you to go now bitch" Rob said grinning. Melissa simply turned to him and laughed. "Look at whats holding your hands you idiot" she said. "What" Melissa would sigh as she lifted up her arm, snow would flow gently pull itself upwards from her skin. forming in to two more spears. "No way.....what.....what is that" Robs eyes widened at the unusual power. "Witch" he whispered. Though that would be the last word he would speak, for the lance would pierce his heart, while the second spear would be shot forth into the window, shattering the glass just as the door broke in. Hotel security burst through as the naked woman ran forth, bullets shot passed her as she jumped from the top floor of the 70 story hotel. She could only smile as the screams of the hotel staff echoed before the winds roar filled her ears.

2Queen of the Slums [Voyage] Empty Re: Queen of the Slums [Voyage] on Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:33 am



"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" echoed a civilian from down below, his hand moved upwards, pointing to the sky, as a small form began to descend at a rapid pace, the closer it got the more the figure could be seen, and there was a lot more than what civilians had expected. Reactions greatly differed when the females form came into view, descending spread eagle, with bits of clothes in either hand. Some woman screamed and shielded their childrens eyes, some drooled at the sudden appearance of the figure. Some men looked away in disgust, some men, the older ones drooled, their noses beginning to secrete a crimson liquid, about two people passed out. Not a single person screamed to help her, "How rude" Melissa would think to herself.

The ground was coming to meet her, surely their was no chance of survival. Yet as she fell, small trailing of white flowed out below her, perhaps a few meters from the ground, shall we say four, her entire body had dissolved and the white powder chugged through the air, flowing out of sight of the civilians whom had closed their eyes, preparing for the splat of the naked woman. Within the confines of an alley way, away from prying eyes, the form of a woman slowly took shape, snow filling in the blank spaces until her existence was whole once more. Still butt naked but with clothing in hand, the woman would bend over, retching. That was the first time she had fell so high and honestly, she had not enjoyed the sensation. She was certain her stomach had been left somewhere up above.

Confused sounds of the civilians, wondering what the hell was going on echoed throughout the business district, Melissa whom would now be fully clothed, bearing her usual attire of plaid skirt, her cardigan and white shirt, long knee high socks and boots would simply inject herself into the crowd, acting just as confused as the scary woman with seven children. Making her way through the crowd was easy, but now, she had no where to go. She had garnered information, her next victim was a Commadore, Commadore Kyro.  As she walked through the business district, she would have to admit, Water 7 had a beauty to it, a lovely charm. It was gorgeous. The water ways, the beautiful animals, it was hard to believe such beauty existed but here it was, right in front of her.

"Please, please help me, they took my daughter, please.....PLEASE LISTEN" A voice sounded, worried, pained. "Get off me you Hag" "OOOOOOOOFT" sounded the females voice, gruntled. Three more voices echoed up, laughing. Melissa followed the sound, up the canal and round the corner, her eyes locating the source of the commotion. Laying on her knees, clutching her stomach was a woman. Unlike those whom wore decent clothing within the business district, she bore rags, dirty and faded in colour. What was more, or in fact less surprising, was the laughing group of Policeman. "And what seems to be going on here?" Melissa asked, her hands behind her tucked into one another, she would gently balance upon the balls of her heels smiling that seductive little smile that she does so well.

"Nothing to concern you ma'am, just a slum hag coming to interrupt our day" The officer said. "Oh, I didn't know it was illegal for those living in the slums to come to the Buisness district" Melissa mused. "It's not, its just not preferred" the officer replied. "So those living in the slums aren't citizens of Water 7" "Technically speaking they are, but nobody cares about em. Thats why construction of the other districts has stopped, nobody gives a shit" the officer said with such a non-chalant attitude. "I see, and as officers of the law, arent you supposed to help all citizens, buisness and slum living?"  The snow user asked, obviously getting irritated. "Listen ya daft mare, did I fucking stutter, I said nobody cares about em, that includes me ya fanny" The officer said, inciting another round of laughter from his friends.

"That's your final answer is it? Your not going to help this lady at all?" "FUCKING HELL SKANK, DID YA NOT 'ERE EM, WE DUN FEKING CURR," one of the other officers spoke up. "Then you should care about this. Less than half an hour ago, I blew the head off one a marine officer and pierced another through the heart. I, am a murderer. Are you going to do something about that?" she asked, that sinister smile upon her face. Her shotgun strapped to her back stored in its usual place. She would look to the officers, her deep blue eyes studying them. They would look at each other, then burst into fits of laughter. "YOU, a tiny wee thing killing twae marines, Thats funny, but no somehing ee should be joking aboot hen" the officer uttered. His two fellow officers wiping tears form their faces. "But, I wasn't" Melissa replied.

Her hand's would rise, so dramatically, Snow Queen, Drama Queen, either way you look at it, she liked to put on a bit of a show. Winds swirled from her, fluttering hundreds of thousands of pieces of snow from every inch of her body, in mere miliseconds the entire area was covered in a freak snow storm. Melissa's own body had fizzled out into its intangible form, traversing easily as snow itself until she found the woman whom was sadly also being pelted by the harsh hail. "Keep your eyes closed and head down" Melissa would say as she quelled the storm surrounding her and the woman, allowing it to continue to strike the officers whom could be heard shouting in pain. Bystanders would come running up but the sphericle blizzard was moving rapidly, How did a blizzard appear in such a place? Mel would get out with the woman, allowing her to sit outside of the storms reach before she would re-enter. With the harsh harsh hail striking the officers, with their vision blocked and soft skin being damaged, they continued to bump into each other, they screamed for help but no one dared enter the devils storm.

"Officers should help all, that is the way of the law is it not, This is what happens when you let the poor and innocent suffer" Melissa said, now though the officers could not see her they could hear her. Of course profannities where thrown her way, though she would only scoff. "Maybe your deaths will be a lesson" she said as she would bring her fist upwards, her hands spread, as she brought her hand to her eye level, she would gently close them. From her body snow continued to flow out, maintainign the snow storm while at the same time, snow that flurried around the police offer began to stick to them, They screamed as they became unable to move, as the snow weighed them down, pulling them to their knees. As it covered their eyes, their nose and their mouths, as their entire body became blanketed in snow. Eventually covering the entire area, hiding the bodies of the policeman from view, leaving a strange looking snow bank in its place.

3Queen of the Slums [Voyage] Empty Re: Queen of the Slums [Voyage] on Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:53 pm



Melissa's snow form allowed her to mix with the snowstorm, gliding through it effortlessly, this would mean she would not be seen exiting the snowstorm and taking her true form on the other side. With a wave of her finger, the snow storm would gently flutter out, revealing the large snow bank. Citizens unaware that underneath the bank, three officers where suffocating. Gently Melissa would blow out a small singular snow flake that guided itself to the woman whom had started this all. The slum woman huddled where Melissa had left her, the snowflake danced through the crowd, gently falling upon the nose of the woman, causing her to look up, gazing through the crowd she would spot Melissa whom nudged her head to the right, indicating for the woman to move with her.  The raggedy out of place woman nodded, lifting herself up before pushing through the crowd. Melissa would do the same, gliding gently through the crowd until they had successfully left the area.

Standing against the railings, Melissa would wait for the woman of the slums to meet her, the woman whom was taller than Melissa, and much prettier than Melissa had originally thought would slowly come forth. "You okay?" Melissa said shrugging. "Y...Yes, thanks to you...but..." The womans eyes began to water. " daughter, the police...they where my last option.." "No they weren't" Melissa said softly, the eyes usually filled with mischief and a carefreeness that caused jealousy within others was now replaced with something else. Was it perhaps sadness, sorrow, she felt so sorry for this woman, this woman who knew the police would do nothing but had to try, for her daughter. "W...what...[sniff].....What do you mean?" The woman asked her, trying her hardest not to break down. "The police werent your last option, I am" the lawless woman uttered. "Wh..." "There isnt much time to explain now is there. You need to tell me whats the situation with your daughter" The snow manipulator said. "Right" The woman nodded sniffing into her sleeve.

rummaging into her pockets, she would pull out a photo, a photo of a woman around eighteen years of age. "This is my Olivia, she's a beautiful soul who just wants to help people, but but today a group of slavers came into the slums. The marines their did nothing, they....they took bribes and just walked away and..and my poor Olivia was taken with a group of others. The slavers are docked by the edge of the slums and and well a group of men they tried to go after them but they where all killed. now nobody is willing to put up a fight, I just need my daughter back...shes the only light in my life" The woman said. "Can I have this" Melissa said reaching out to take the photo. "I'll get your daughter and the others, then I'm going to meet you back in the slums. Melissa said as she turned. "Names Melissa by the way" "Thank you...Thank you Melissa. I'm...I'm Moira" "I'll see you in less than an hour" The yuki Yuki no mi user said as she took off towards the slums.

Perhaps an hour had been too generous? Water Seven was an incredibly large place, and so far up too Dock five, she had to pass through each of these, it was in dock three, whilst taking a gentle ride upon a bull did she see a group of marines pointing to her, quickly whispering. It would be in dock four, while having ditched her bull and continuing on foot, did she over hear a conversation involving her appearance and the killings located within the large hotel in the business section, though eventually she would make it to the slums. the difference was great and apparently it had taken only three years to finish the first five docks, another five years later the remaining areas where the slums, untouched. Poor people whom could not afford to live in the nicer districts forced to fend for themselves, the smell of poverty hit her hard, the abundance of homeless causing a burning sensation to fill her throat. "how can they treat people this way" she said to herself as she walked forth.

The slums where made up of wooden housing, with rickety and rusted metal roofs, plumbing seemed to be an issue going by the smell, yet all those whom walked around, used to the scent seemed content. They gave Melissa a glaring look, she who was clean, holding her perfumed sleeve up to her nose, it was probably considered rude, but so would throwing up from the scent. She had to steady her breathing as she slowly inhaled the smell, trying to get her nose used to the unnatural pong. The blue eye'd girl would head towards the nearest person. "Excuse me, Could you tell me the way to the docks?" she asked, batting her eyes sweetly. "EEEEEH GET TAE FECK YE SCUMMY LITTLE HOORE, YER NAE TAK'N MA BED FRAE ME" the drunk homeless man stuttered out. "Uhm, I just wanted directions" "IF YE DNNA PISS AWF, I'll DIRECT MA FIT UP YER ARSE" the man said through a large round of hiccups. Deciding against wringing the drunkards neck, the snow human would shake her head, feeling ashamed that the man had to live like this.

She herself had been homeless as a child, after the marines had come for her father, they had destroyed her home. It was only due to the escape route her father had created for a time just like that had she escaped, not before seeing the faces of those responsible for taking the only man she had ever truly loved from her. Her years of being homeless had been hard, she had to learn to be tough, but for a child even that is not enough to live. If it had not been for the kindness of strangers, whom had helped her, who had saved her life when she fell within a town, sick and dying, did she now stand here in the slums of Water Seven. Perhaps now was fates way of asking her to repay her debt.

4Queen of the Slums [Voyage] Empty Re: Queen of the Slums [Voyage] on Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:57 pm



It would take her three more tries to find someone whom could direct her to the docks, she certainly had been optimistic about how long this would take. She had already take forty minutes to arrive, and after getting the information it had taken her a further thirty minutes to get to the docks. The large wooden gangway spread out and about a dozen ships where docked upon the pier. "Now which one belongs to these low lives" The woman muttered to herself. She would quickly untie the ribbons from her hair, running her hands through them gently trying to smooth it out. Quickly she pulled her cardigan off. "here sweetheart, this would look gorgeous on you" she said handing it off to a random woman whom looked ecstatic at the gift. She unbuttoned her shirt to reveal the top of her breasts before adjusting her skirt.

"OH NO, I THINK IM LOST" she said as she walked along the dock, with what she believed was award winning acting skills, she contorted her face into worry, looking around in a panic. "OH BLESS MY SOUL, WHERE OH WHERE AM I" she said. Her constant loud worrying would attract many a soul, but heads popped from a certain ship, quicker than she had anticipated a group of burly men had come to stand in front of her. "Well hello hello hello, whats a sexy little thing doing all alone. Wheres your family hun" the large man in the front said. "Oh...uhm...hi, Uhm I'm here all on my lonesome, and I'm completely lost"

"Darling, your not lost, you've found the life of the party" the man in charge said. It happened quicker than Melissa anticipated, two men grabbed her arms, while another covered her mouth to stop her from screaming, which she tried to do anyway. "Whats a little princess doin with this" the man said pulling her shotgun from her back. "MFFFMFFFMFF" was all she could reply as her mouth was covered. "Doesnt matter, mine now" he said as Melissa was dragged on to the boat. No one on the docks dared to stop them and eventually Melissa was dragged into the brig and thrown into one of the wooden prison cells.

The dungeon was filled with woman and some men. "Are you okay hun" A voice said, female in nature. Melissa would be helped to her feet, her eyes meeting the pretty woman whom helped her. "Fuck me, what luck. Your the girl I'v been looking for" "Excuse me" "Olivia right?" "How do you know my name?" "your mum, Moira sent me to rescue you" "Oh that was nice of her, but it seems as though coming for me landed you in the same position as me, trapped"

Melissa would shake her head smiling, "Don't worry about it baby cakes. I just needed them to bring me here to see if you where here. Now I can get you and everyone else off this ship, slaughter the fuckers, get my shotgun and take that slaver captain as my slave" she said talking out loud. This brought sniggers from some of those whom where captured. "Thanks love, we needed cheering up, now sit down and shut up" a guys voice said, though it was hard to see exactly where the voice came from. "Just stay put" Melissa would giggle to herself. "Not that you guys have much choice" she said out loud as she walked to the door of the cell. As her hand brushed against metal, her body began to dissolve, twisting and pulling apart as small flecks of snow flowed through the spaces between, encircling the area in front of the door, gently taking form of the young woman. "Back in a bit boo boo bears" she said winking. "Wh...D..demon" the same voice from before echoed out.

The pirates or slavers, whatever you wish to call them must have thought themselves superior to all, for they did not even have guards posted outside the cell area of the ship. In fact, their seemed to be a scarce amount of people in the large ship. "Small crew, just enough to pilot the ship" Melissa mused as she made her way to the deck slowly. Halting only when she heard the voice of the captain. "Get ready to set sail, we have all we need. When Grenuke returns with supplies we leave immediatly. Don't want any marines getting the wrong idea and trying to commandeer my cargo" the gruff man said with a harsh laugh at the end knowing full well no one was coming to save his cargo. Leaning against the top of the deck, against the wall of the stairs in which she had come from, Melissa would release a loud sigh. "I'm going to want my shotgun back dude, that cost a lot of money" The female said revealing herself.

This caused a jump to those not expecting her, though the captain remained unfazed. Melissa noticed her shotgun around his waist. "I thought my men had you tied up girly, seems you may be more trouble than your worth" the captain said turning to face her. Melissa noted five crew members on the ship, was that it? seems like a small amount of crew mates, though she supposed finding those who where okay with human trafficking was scarce. "Looks that way darling dun it" Melissa said sticking out her tongue.

From below, the sound of battle had begun, those trapped below could hear shots echoing through the distance, powerful shot gun blasts ripping through wood, crashing of bodies hitting barrels and heavy strikes. Screams of rage from a hefty man. Whatever was happening, they knew it would be but a matter of time before the females corpse was dragged into the cell, showing them what would happen if any defied the slavers. "That demon which, she's done for, she may have demonic power, but but, they have cannons and experience" the man from before said, his voice cowering. "Oh would you honestly shut the fuck up. At least she's doing something" Olivia retorted, annoyance seeping into her tone.

5Queen of the Slums [Voyage] Empty Re: Queen of the Slums [Voyage] on Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:25 am



Footsteps echoed through out the cell, the dragging of something heavy bumping beside it. Step, step. BUMP BUMP. The "cargo" huddled together at the sound, growing louder and louder until the final bump placed itself in front of the door to the cells. The handle pushing down and then.


Melissa shouted as she swung open the door, her shotgun returned to its natural place, the crowd of slavers erupted in cheers as the woman released the body in her hand, it took no time at all for the female to open up all the cells. "Come on, its time to go" The crowd cheered like crazy as they marched to the top of the deck, only to halt in shock. Spread across the deck where the four remaining crew members lay dead upon the ground, some had shotgun wounds, some pierced in multiple places, all where blue. Upon the ship was a small dome, a dome made of snow. "Whats that" Olivia asked pointing to the out of place structure. "That my dear, is Captain Kurozo, the boss of this ship. Chained up inside my little snow globe" Melissa said shaking her head. "Iv already got someone to come pick him up for me. Now go get lost, everyone get to freedom...except you Olivia, I'd like to speak to you" The snow temptress uttered softly.

As everyone ran gleefully from the ship, bar that one crazy guy whom kind of hobbled backwards, not wanting to take his eyes from the snow queen for fear of her demonic aspect taking over, eventually he too would flee from her vision allowing Olivia and Melissa to be left alone. "What can I help you with ughhh" "Melissa" she replied giving her name. "What can I help you with Melissa?" Oliva asked. "The slums, does this thing happen often, do the marines just ignore this place? Do pirates come and take what or who they want for this place and no one is here to protect them?" The Queen of snow asked, her voice soft as she looked out to the slums of the city. "Pretty much, everyone's kinda learned to look out for themselves now and there isnt much we can do, when the flood washed everything away people had to adapt, people got selfish. Now its every one for themselves and be damned anyone else" Olivia mused as she looked out. "Thanks, I think...I think I'm going to help this place, Lets go find your mother, she said she would meet us back at her house sooo lead the way"

With permission seemingly granted, Melissa would follow Olivia from the boat, Olivia would speak of what had all happened especially in relation to herself and her family. "I forgot how horrible this place is, I don't see why my mum won't leave, Iv tried everything to get her to come with me, to move to the business district. I can afford the two of us on my wage, but she refuses. She doesn't want to leave this place and all of this, all of this shit goes on. I really don't get her sometimes" Olivia said as they walked. "Did she live here before the flooding?" Melissa asked, a hint of curiosity. "Since she was a little girl, she knew this place before it became the slums, when it was beautiful. The area our house is on now, its where the house my mum and my dad used to live in, before he died in the flooding" "There is your answer then" "Huh?" "Your mum has memories, roots and bonds here, she doesn't want to leave because she's scared if she does, well those memories might fade, her roots might die and her bonds could be severed. She doesn't want to risk that happening to the memories of everything she holds dear, especially im guessing your father" Melissa said gently, glimpses of sadness caught within her eyes. "Your sound like you have experience in this area?" Oliva said, a questioning look. "I'm just pretty amazing when it comes to reading the minds of others" Melissa said.

Within her mind though, visions flashed of her fathers home, destroyed, she remained in that vicinity trying to build it for weeks on end, unable to do anything as a frail little child. She knew exactly what Moira was feeling, the pain of moving from somewhere that was shrouded in memories, good and bad. The Snow Queen gave a smile to Olivia, filled with all kinds of tales. Eventually they turned the corner to find Moira sitting at the door. "OLIVA" she called out, leaving her shawl at the door as she ran as fast as she could, taking the child from her feet the two fell to the ground in an embrace that only family could feel. Melissa stood, grinning like an idiot. Not wanting to ruin such a tentative moment, she simply nodded in the direction of the two and began to walk away. "What happened to an hour huh" A voice said from behind her. "Well, I mean I go...." she only had time to say this as she turned around, before she herself was tackled within the same embracing arms as Olivia had been before her.

"Oooft" The yuki yuki no mi user uttered as she fell to the ground, Moira's arms around her as she sobbed. "" she screeched as she sobbed, tightening her embrace. Words failed Melissa, Though this was not something that happened lightly, for the devil fruit user could spin any word at any time. The feeling of such an embrace though, quelled the cold form within, a feeling not felt in such a long time.

6Queen of the Slums [Voyage] Empty Re: Queen of the Slums [Voyage] on Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:06 pm



It had been two days since Melissa had taken up residence in the slums, she had taken over the slavers boat and was currently using it to hold her "prisoner" within. Though he now had company in the form of one attempted rapist and one murderer, whom had taken a friend of Olivia's and slit her throat in the main square of the slums before attempting to flee. Melissa had taken him down with ease though. Why was she keeping these people alive though, that was the big question. In fact she had intended on bringing the crowds to her this evening. Though it would seem that fate had different plans. It was the morning that Olivia came running through the door, a girl no older than seventeen in hand, crying, a face bruised, blood drizzling down her nose. "Mamma, can you bring me something to stop the bleeding" She shouted through. Melissa simply sat, her legs stretched upon the table, watching the commotion. Moira returned with bandages from Olivia's medical bag and began to work on Shvonne. "Shvonne hunny what happened" Moira asked. Though this only caused uncontrollable sobs from Shvonne. "Jericho mum....he showed up at Shvonnes with two of his goons, said he's here for a visit with Alison, when Shvonne tried to stop him, he did this.

"Whats so bad about a visit?" Melissa asked, cocking her eyebrows. "A visit...from means your his bitch.....that he's going to........take you no matter what" Olivia explained, causing more sobbing from Shvonne. "Get me my gun" Melissa said rising up. "Mel you can't...Jericho and his goons, he;s a captain in the marines and his goons, well...they have some big muscles" Olivia said biting her lip as she worked on Shvonne. "Pretty sure, I said....GET ME MY GUN" Melissa uttered as snow began to circulate around her. Moira quickly did so, grasping the shotgun from Melissa's bed and returning with it. "How far?"

Wind dashed behind her as she launched herself from roof top to rooftop, her form constantly shifting between her true human form and her snow form as she danced through the air, each step bringing her forward towards Shvonnes house. Skidding across one of the few stone roofs, she soon looked directly into the bedroom window. Cocking her shotgun, her defiant eyes glared into the room. Aiming her gun, she let go a single round, shattering the glass and releasing a fierce femanine scream. Yet it was not a female whom appeared at the window. His chest glistening, long shabby hair, an angry looking guy glared at the female whose hair blew in the wind. "Who THE fuck....are YOU" he said with such a venemous tone. "Names Melissa darling, and I'm going to be the last thing you ever see" She said as she cocked her gun once more, releasing another wave towards Jericho.

He was quick thats for sure, moving from the window to avoid the widespread burst of ammunition from the duel barrelled gun of doom, This was when his goons would exit the house, flintlocks primed. Melissa simply looked to the two, as they allowed their bullets to fly forth while Melissa, the big smiles on their faces soon wiped off as the bullets penetrated her body, leaving trailings of snow as the bullets dashed where her organs should be, yet she remained standing, She walked forward, jumping from the roof and gliding effortlessly to the ground. Landing upon the ground as she cocked her shotgun one last time. "I'll let you know this now, none of you will die on this street, but you will die"

As she said this, droplets of snow rushed forward its self from her body just as Jericho, now clothed appeared in front of his lackies. "What is she" he said in shock. "Release" she said as her lances burst forth, four lances burst into four legs, bringing Jerichos men to the ground. "Take a good look around Jericho, use your eyes for the last time". As she uttered these words, snow moved with such rapid speed that it burst forth around them in an orbital sphere that obscured everything. "You may have some special powers, but you don't frighten me" he said laughing in the snow storm. "I know your type, using your position to do whatever you want, taking who ever you want whenever you want and that nothing will come back to you..Guess what" "What2 "You lose" she said as she brought her shotgun down from behind, slamming it hard into Jerichos head. he turned but she already swirled away, swirling around his body as he held the back of his head.

She twisted her body as she appeared, bringing her legs to strike Jericho right in the dick, and of course as a man this pretty much crippled him, as he held himself in a compromised position the snow began to cling to him, halting his movements, covering all bar his face. "I told you, Game over" She said smiling. "YOU CUNT. I'M A CAPTAIN OF THE MARINES YOU WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS" "Darling, you won't be the last marine I kill and your certainly not the first" The Yuki Yuki No Mi user said. As she clicked her finger, the storm of snow turned into a gentle swell before flowing to the ground softly, Jerichos men huddled together from the intense cold. Unable to move from the lances in their knees. "Soon enough, this entire place will realize they can't fuck around anymore, Im going to make sure this place builds up and that scum like you never see taint this place anymore" she said. "Now as promised" she said, an evil grin upon her face. "remember this face, its the last thing you will ever see" she said as she raised her hands to his face, cupping the side gently before pushing her thums into his eye sockets. Warm Crimson liquid poured over her thumbs as Jerichos screams echoed through the night.

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"I want you two to round up everyone in the slums, meet me at the slavers boat with everyone, its time this place changes for good" Melissa said as she dressed herself, speaking to Moira and Olivia as she did so. "What do you have planned" Olivia mused questioningly. "Im going to change this place, its going to finally be a much better place after today" She said as she grabbed her shotgun and headed out in to the smelly air of the slums. She took a stroll down to the docks, it felt like a good day, it had been a whole twenty four hours since Jericho and his goons where taking "care off" and now she was going to make an example of everyone she had gathered. Heading up the plank up to the ship, she would head down to the dungeons where she had previously met Olivia in.

"Well boys and girl, this is it, the last day off your lives. I hope you had a good final night of living" she said as she lit the lanterns to ignite the dungeon. "Snow Witch, I'll fucking Kill Ya" "Darling, you can't touch me let alone kill me. Look at everyone here, I put them here." "Cunt" growled Jericho. "Wow, maybe I should pull that tongue out, losing your eyes not enough Jericho" Melissa asked, her tone so innocent, as if butter would not melt. "Now, Its time to get you all ready for your final debut" Melissa said pulling out a large box of chains. Screams would be heard as the lanterns died down, the female pirate was obviously enjoying herself a little, as the chains struck bodies of her prisoners. Though fun time would soon be over.

Chattering of the crowd echoed through out the docks, the large crowd wondering what was going on, worry, wonder..shocked chattering as they saw the five people chained to posts upon the ship. The murderer, the slaver, the three marines. All chained upon the ship. Melissa walked out to show herself, holding her hands in the air. "PEOPLE OF WATER SEVEN, YES THATS RIGHT YOU ARE OF WATER SEVEN. BEING LABELLED THE SLUMS IS DISGUSTING, BUT THATS WHAT YOU HAVE TURNED IN TO. TOO LONG YOU HAVE LET SCUM LIKE THE MARINES KEEP YOU DOWN, TOO LONG YOU HAVE DECIDED TO JUST FEND FOR YOURSELF, TOO LONG YOU HAVE ALLOWED YOURSELVES TO BE USED AND ABUSED BY PEOPLE LIKE THIS SLAVER HERE BUT I SAY NO MORE" Melissa called out.



"NO PLEASE, PLEASE DONT KILL US" shouted one of Jerichos fighters. "THE TIME FOR MERCY IS PASSED, THE TIME FOR ALLOWING THEM TO WALK ALL OVER YOU IS OVER." she shouted as her hands extended outward, releasing particles of snow which formed into the lances that she frequented. "please...I don't wanna die" sobbed Jerichos other fighter. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU USELESS BASTARDS. YOU WILL NOT LISTEN TO THIS WOMAN, YOU WILL FIGHT HER, I AM A CAPTAIN OF THE MARINE AND YOU SCUM OF THE SLUMS WILL DO...." The sound would be cut off as he began to gurggle on his own blood, the lance piercing his throat while at the same time the other two formed killed his "friends".

As she waved her hands two more lances formed. "This woman here murdered one of your own for no reason other than she was in your way, and this man tried to take many of your daughters. If you agree with me, IF YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL TAKE MY PROTECTION, IF YOU AGREE TO BE A BETTER PLACE THAT LOOKS OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER, THEN PLACE YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR, CHOSE, DOES THE MURDERESS LIVE OR DIE" she asked.

The crowds hand raised their thumbs up and slowly they turned down, as they flowed downwards the lance struck true, killing the murderer. One final lance, one final foe. "You think this lot will do anything, you may be strong girl, but they, they are nothing but disgusting rodents, only good for selling to others" he sneered. Random voices began to shout out "KILL HIM", "END HIS LIFE", "SLAVER SCUM" [color=cyan]"The people have spoken, Melissa said as she grasped the final lance and thrust it forth herself, slamming it deep in the heart of the slaver. With the light leaving his eyes the crowd below cheered, screeching out . "NOW, YOU HAVE ACCEPTED THAT I WILL CONTROL THIS AREA, I WILL PROTECT IT. FOR A FEE, Everyone will donate money to me, simple as that, and if not....I SUPPOSE THEN YOU DONT NEED ME ANYMORE" she said grinning, this halted the crowd a bit, unsure on what was happening. "NOW, THIS SHIP HAS RESOURCES, HELP YOURSELF, BE FAIR AND HELP YOUR NEIGHBOURS OUT, A COMMUNITY THAT WORKS TOGETHER BECOMES STRONG TOGETHER." she said as she ushered people forward.

The Queen of the Slums had arrived, A public execution with many a witness, promise of money. Not a bad week for the Yuki Yuki No Mi eater.

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"ya fanny." That's a good insult, I'm gonna use that one. Melissa haha, quite the start to the voyage you had. I really liked your characters, even besides Melissa. The dialogue was fun and immersed the reader in the scene. Only real critique would be to maybe swap out the colors like cyan and yellow unless you get a template with a darker background because reading those words against a white background...ouch. I'm also just a little confused with the idea of making these poor slum residents pay you...logically speaking they have almost nothing other than the clothes on their backs but that's just a personal pet peeve, not a big deal. Other than that, well done, it was a nice, murder-filled read.

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