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1 Effin Fed Up/So here is my take on things on Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:26 pm



So the problem is I'm being overlooked at. Meaning most of my stuff here goes unlooked at for weeks. I know the staff busy with irl and other things. But come on my voyages be up before others yet people skip over them to grade other people shit. Plus when it does get graded I don't even think Y'all read my stories all the way through. If I did not know any better I will say it was getting skipped and Y'all guessed what happens.

I just got banned in discord AGAIN FOR WHAT REASON THIS IS THE 4TH TIME. the 3rd time I just went on there and I was not able to reply. I was banned for no reason. This banned came from dragonedge. Great show of power buddy now use your power to clear the toxic cause it's too much going on. Excluding a few staff members, others here are just pain rude and should learn to follow the very rules they set.

With that being said if Y'all got a problem with Ghost then say it right here right now. But let's BE CLEAR HERE. I only TALK BS to mfers who talk smack to me FRIST I REPEAT FRIST most of the time. Yet when they do it first I'm the one in the wrong.

Anyway, I said my piece back to the ocean blues I go. Clearly, I have to start over a death y'all didn't even look into the right way.

Ps anime is not a cartoon.

Monè D. Nero


Monè D. Nero
I have a problem with Ghost 

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
I do have a problem with Ghost, mostly everything you have written seems to lack attention to detail and improper wording or sentencing more so then anyone I have seen on site and gives me headaches every time I have to read the material making me either scared or hesitant to read your works. What's more is that in recent months we had only 2-3 evaluators to go over everyone's content with the others busy with IRL events or Holidays leaving even fewer to grade everyone's works and with your lack of quality writing it takes extra time to give you a fair grading.

Your ban on discord is not my problem as I left to read a topic while it happened but talking shit to others no matter who started it warrants attention, but I see you talk on discord and you tend to escalate the situation far worse than when it started by calling out people and specifically tagging them just to make an argument with statements that devoid any reasoning and get mad when they spit back at you for being loud and wrong.



Staff gets busy with things in their lives, distracted by other works, or meeting expectations like the AC, which they are not excluded from. Yes, there are things that will cause people to get overlooked. No, this is not the reason your things are overlooked. There are countless things that could cause people to actively try and not grade your things, but we'll pick the two most important ones; those being the fact that your writing is terrible and you're just not that nice of a person.

Look at any of your topics - literally, pick any one of them - and compare it to any other member - literally, any other member - and you'll see how much better every single one of their writing is. The best thing you've written wasn't written by you at all, actually. Do you remember that one?


There's my grading and the primary reason I have not touched one of your topics since. You actively copy/pasted the majority of the posts in that thread and then tried to pass it off as your own. You really expect to get the same attention as other members who write for themselves when you do that?

If you can't make an honest effort to improve your writing, you won't get an honest effort to move you to the front of the line when evaluators move to grade things.

Second point, you're not that nice of a person. In Discord, since you so willingly brought it up, regardless of who was talking to you originally, you lash out at everyone that types while you're paying attention. Whether they're on your side or not, you target anyone within the immediate area.

To top that off, you think you have the right to order anyone around. Me (Dragonedge, for right now), Noctis, Iris... Anyone. You're not on the top of anyone's list of favorite people and actively push yourself to the bottom when trying to pretend you have more magical internet powers than the other. One thing you should know is that yes, I actually do have more magical internet powers than you.

P.S. - You're not banned. You're muted. Don't order people around. Don't be a clown.
P.S.S. - Anime = animation = cartoons. uwut.



That was not me since my return I seem to have a bad rep I left my work unattained some time ago. Why do you think my persona changed from that to what y'all see in my latest work. Which have all BEEN WELL RECEIVED. I know all too well of the situation. With of what everyone got going on. Oh yeah and the fact someone was using my profile to expand they work. I only found out UPON MY RETURN. but as I try to fix what was broken months a ton I'm still getting dragged for some b.s that happen months ago. I can't do anything more than apologize. For I am sorry that even happened and I'm rarely sorry. However to judge one's work based off of one story is just wrong. But to be frank I am truly thankful for the 3 that really do take their time to look at my work. My last arc was joining the underworld. Which was my own work and so was the rest. But Devroux so caught up on me coping bs which I am embarrassed by. Is crazy please understand that
Winged you say I make things worse well then maybe people should not drag me first. On a side note winged who you rped with was not me I came back to that as well to funny and no I did not give my profile away I just went away and came back to a mess I'm still trying to clean up. But Devroux since we posting things. How about we post some of my true work not just the bad one the only bad one. Hell Kaito or however he spell it might be Dev try reading my work with a open mind and not hate. My last arc was amazing and you just forever quick to say I did not do anything. Like I'm main reason shit got done. With that being said I only ever rp'd with Melly on here and Sofia at one point drac right now and nobody else. The last Ghost was going to be epic. But sadly he had to go so much hate. I understand Y'all fed up with my so-called b.s yeah I get it.

But please don't judge me off of a foolish mistake. With that being said hopefully we can move on banned from discord or not I left that chat so much hate and no I'm not crow just a guy who speaks his mind. Anyway as I said hopefully we can move on from this series of unfortunate events. Everyone have a bless year I won't ask for much but to make a new reputation thank you for your time. Oh yeah I was joking when I said all of that to dragon like wtf anyway. Rather I'm liked or not I understand but I should have a fair chance now. That is all I ask and no people only get on my side after they bashed me like Kyo. A cool guy he just tried me but whatever. So let's all start anew and call it a day

Ps Anime is not a cartoon debate will be forever ongoing. They are as different as Pixar and Disney.

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