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The World Shakes!
Battle for the Tremor-Tremor Fruit
s the wounded rookie limped his way to the meeting point, he noticed the pain was beginning to fade, soon to be replaced by a numb tension all around his injured shoulder and leg. "Crap, going numb already. I need to find Doc right after delivering the fruit. He's gonna take my head off for getting shot twice... Heheh... Sorry about that.". Then he realized he was mumbling to himself, and slapped himself a couple times to get his act together before continuing.

Finally, he reached the safe house. After speaking the safe code and being allowed inside, he placed the safe on top of a nearby table, taking a seat and stretching out his injured leg while someone brought him some bandages and disinfectant, and began to apply them both to his leg and his now uncovered shoulder. Both wounds luckily didn't hit bone or pass right through, and the pellet fragments were easily extracted from their flesh embedding without much of a problem. All in all, he had gotten amazingly lucky during that mission, up to somehow getting a godsend of a distraction out of nowhere followed up by a massive explosion that covered his retreat. One day, all that luck would run out, and he'd have to be ready to stop relying on it by then.

What he didn't know, though, is that his luck would continue to surprise him that day, in what was probably the biggest shock thus far. "What do you mean... I can take the fruit?". Despite his curious tone, his eyes were almost gleaming with excitement. Some time had passed since his wounds were treated and since he gave the safe to his superiors to force it open using the Revolution's large tech assets, and not a few seconds after being told Marshall had been successfully extracted he was simply offered the kumquat-like fruit as a part of the mission's reward. "Juego told me to give this to you. Good job out there, kid. Looks like we'll be hearing more from you after this."

Time passed in Akira's room back at the barracks, the fruit laying on top of his hand as he thought about the events that had taken place that day. A guy identical in attire and powers to that person who had attacked him and his sister. Marines with similar powers. Pirates who were known to be a major danger to everyone around when angered. Too many coincidences, as he realized when he faced all of those people. And coincidences didn't happen around him for no reason, as he'd come to realize a long time ago. Something had to be going on. He stared at the fruit and felt it stare back at him, sending shivers down his spine. What he held was powerful enough to change him forever. It would give him the power necessary to see his journey through to the end, to find what had been taken from him, to fight the Government.

Just the Marines not having the fruit was one thing, but... him, all of a sudden, being allowed to consume it? It was too much to take in. Gulping, he braced himself, salivating strongly with anticipation, ready to take the first bite... but then he gasped and put his hand down, realizing he'd probably need to peel it first, as well as some water. Everything had to go perfectly fine, what if he choked on the fruit, or if it tasted as horrible as some people said it did? No, he couldn't afford himself to be careless, carelessness is what gave him his chest scar. Looking for a glass of water and getting funny looks from the others, he went back to his room and peeled the strange spherical skin, finding a weird lightning-struck patterned blue pulp underneath. Here goes nothing, he thought, as he went in for the first bite.

It tasted horrible. Not just any kind of bland or bad or rotten, it tasted absolutely awful. If he wasn't coughing and choking from the surprise (yet keeping himself from spitting it out), he would compare the fruit's flavor to swallowing a vibrating, liquid metal fork with an electric current running through it and coated in arsenic. Finally, the pulp went down, and so did the hastily-downed glass of water that did very little to make the flavor go away. Then, in the middle of his disgust, he waited, trying to notice if anything had changed. Nothing. A few minutes went by, a couple other glasses of water and people laughing behind his back, as if they had seen this happen to other people a few times before, and it always was the same. Or maybe they laughed at his disgusted expression, who knows.

But nothing happened. He tried to "activate" it somehow, tensing his body and holding his breath, but he didn't do much except exhaust himself further and notice that his shoulder was stinging a bit when he did. He tried closing his eyes, meditating, focusing on a single point shining into the void in his mind's eye... but nothing. Was he given a normal, rotten fruit just to mock him? No, his superiors were pretty professional when rewards for a successful mission were involved. Then how... How was he meant to use that power? What does it even do? He looked down at the hands that previously held the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, holding them in frustrated claws pointing towards his face as he wondered if his excitement had been for nothing.

Then he saw it. Before, they had been a bit too transparent to notice. He hadn't seen them when closing his eyes and meditating. But now, now that he looked at his hands directly, he noticed the bubbles. How the light distorted around his hands, how some sort of white bubble trembled around them. But what did these bubbles do? Curiously, he placed a hand on his desk, and seemingly nothing happened. Akira then tried to focus, and he noticed the bubble slowly reduce itself, to a small point that violently shook right in front of his palm. But the moment he tightened his grip, the bubble disappeared, only for some form of ridiculous seismic force to run through his desk and pretty much obliterate it entirely. By the moment the wreck had settled, he was looking at a mess of papers and wood and a couple aluminum bars, most of it broken in one way or another.

He didn't waste much time after that. If his superior had entrusted him with that sort of power as an investment to the Revolution, who was he to waste time lying around in bed? He headed to the training grounds in the safe zone in order to get used to being a Tremor Human, and while his control was slightly off at first, he soon got the hang of focusing the Epicenters (as he called the white bubbles) into small points before letting go of them to cause... well, really diverse effects. If he let go of them in the middle of the air, a small "crack" formed there, before sending some sort of shockwave in the direction he was aiming. But if he was holding or touching something at the time, the Epicenter instead focused on the middle of his palm before completely wrecking what he was holding, unless it was decently durable. Touching or aiming at liquids seemed to disrupt them violently, and fragile things like glass and paper just shattered into fragments. Through the week and a half of training in which he slowly discovered these effects by experimentation, he hardly did much more than train and cover his basic needs, but he considered it was absolutely worth it in the end. In fact, even helpful, as the lack of ability to swim was a godsend for an hydrophobe like him, giving him yet another reason to stay the hell away from water.

"At first I thought this fruit's power was kind of simple, but... it actually has a lot of variables to consider. The medium in which you apply it, how hard you focus on the area of the vibration, hell... even the range makes it lose some power at long distances. And I'm sure this isn't even half of what it can do. If I'm to find Yuki, and return my superior's trust in me, I need to get used to this power as soon as I can. Alright, time to test it on trees and metals!" And so, Akira spent some more free days, learning some of the most basic essential uses of his borrowed power and how to make the most of them with his already-developed fighting style, taking enough notes and scribbling enough theories to fill his small, previously blank notebook. Time well spent, for he would soon need all the power and knowledge he could gather for the events to come... But that is another story.


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