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1 [Ship Travel] Jaya To Lulusia on Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:24 pm



Dai sighed as he sat up against the wall of his room upon the ship. His plans for Receiving his new arm had finally born fruit. There was no longer any sort of need to stay on this island any further. This island left a bad taste in his mouth full of bitterness. . Perhaps it was because he had ran into that Fidel person or perhaps it was the memory of him losing his arm here. He was ashamed at his low level of the bounty and his current strength and speed. He needed to get stronger So much stronger so he could protect those he cared about. He pounded his right hand against the wooden planks in agitation The wood trembling.

It was the time he left this place he had been fortunate enough that he had acquired a log pose so long ago now it seemed.he and his trusty navigator namely himself would prepare to set sail. he could travel anywhere he wanted the world was his oyster. He sighed as he left his room aboard the ship and smiled happily for the first time in a while. His new arm flexed its fingers eagerly. He quickly sped up his walking as he would make his way towards where the tether on the dock was and pulled the line up along with the anchor. He unfurled his sails and ran back to the helm. All he wanted to do was get out of here and go on a real adventure once again.

2 Re: [Ship Travel] Jaya To Lulusia on Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:25 pm



He could hardly wait to get out the hell out of Jaya maybe get some new sights to see. He had heard good things about Lulusia perhaps it was time to check it out. With that, the ship left the docks of jaya and made out for open ocean traveling at full speed. Ahh, the open ocean, at last, the gentle sound of the water rushing past the hull of the ship. The salts smell upon the air. It was a calming presence for him. Preparations for departure were such a pain to go through but they had been completed. Gather up the crew and grab supplies not that he had a crew to speak of anyways.

He was the only one on this ship currently. his mind still wandered about drifting in his memories of Mashyuu and Gideon and Yuurei. Wondering where they all had gone.
His hands grasped the helm of the ship and he held the ship as steady. He was finally getting use to his new arm now. He could feel with it in a way pain was no exception. He had asked for that particular request. Some people would consider it a design flaw. Why should one feel pain when the person has the choice to forgo that experience. Pain was imperative to recognize when you are in peril. It gives the individual person's mind context. He hummed quietly to himself as he just stared out onto the horizon.

3 Re: [Ship Travel] Jaya To Lulusia on Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:25 pm



He sighed as the sun slowly began to set upon the horizon as he traveled about the open sea. He yawned and rubbed his eyes but he would carry onwards. No sleep for him this night. There was no one to keep watch after all and honestly from his previous experiences in his life. He could be attacked at any moment. Sure it was perhaps a little paranoid but experience far outweighed the paranoia. He sang quietly to himself to keep himself awake and amused throughout the long night and prepared as the sun rose and he saw the outlining of an island off in the distance. He smiled as he brought in the Charon to the docks of the island his log pose stopping as he had arrived on lulusia it seemed.

(Dai Exit)

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