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1 The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Thu Dec 20, 2018 6:24 pm

Jade Emperor


Jade Emperor

The black clad boy named Oda made his way through the beautiful scenery, taking in all of the flowing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and lush fields full of dew covered grass and high hanging trees. This place was known as Greenie Pass, one of the most beautiful parts of the Kingdom of Lulusia. How had he ended up here from his long time home in Baltigo? Well after leaving his foster father he had decided to hitch a ride with a crew of pirates that hung around his part of Baltigo. They had no problem with helping Oda for the one time, as someone else had helped them when they first started their journey. However, he did have to help around the ship while they rode here to Lulusia. They gave him no map after they parted so he ended up wandering needlessly around until he entered this wonderful stretch of land. “Hmm” Oda said as he saw what seemed to be a large gate made of of two giant with intertwining heads. The gate was also had intricate markings and as he got closer, noticed that someone had actually carved the beautiful markings. What was this place?

He walked past the gate and suddenly saw himself in a village full of vine covered houses and what seemed to be the most beautiful of lakes sitting in the dead center of the place. While being caught up in the imagery, someone had bumped into him seemingly dropping all the contents that they had with them. “I’m sorry” Oda said in a deep yet empathic tone. The person was a teenage boy who did nothing but quickly pick up his thinks and looked at Oda menacingly. “Better get out of Greenville, stranger” the boy walked off immediately after saying the words, leaving Oda in a state of confusion for the moments. How the hell did the kid know he wasn’t from here? It had to be a really small town.

2 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:12 pm



Yuurei decided to spend some time in Lulusia. After everything had happened, he noticed that the queen herself was an unstable person. The people on this island had her protection, but was that really what it was? He wasn’t sure about that, so he decided that it was best to walk through the Greenie Pass, and see what he could find. Greenie Pass was huge as it was the outer part of the island. There were a lot of villages, towns, and the such that could be found here. He had indeed entered a few areas and dealt with a few bandits along the way. Still, his adventure was not over as he had been searching for something, or better yet someone. The information on that person was not something he spoke about, for it was to keep this person hidden. Still, his march through the walking path would soon lead him to a village.

”This isn’t the place I’m looking for, but they might need some help.” he said to himself.

He would be entering from the other side of town, which also had a large gate with two giants. Yuurei would walk through as he knew he could get himself a meal, and probably some money for helping the townsfolks. He entered the area as he looked at the houses, and he could see that nature was taking over in these parts. The vines that covered the houses said enough, but he could only see it as something natural and beautiful. He continued to walk through the village though as he could see that there were a lot of people out and about. While he walked he noticed that the people around here were moving at a fast pace. He didn’t understand why but figured that was just how the village was.

The swordsman continued walking through the area as he wondered if they had a nearby tavern. He was sure they would as it was a common thing throughout any town. Yuurei would walk around searching for this place as he was hoping that they had served food in this place as well. It wouldn’t take long for him to find this place as he could hear the chatting coming from a certain building. It was a lot of chatting to, so he assumed that it had to be a place where people gathered. Yuurei would enter this place just to see that light was dim, and there were a lot of people gathered around tables. There was a lot of laughing, but on top of that, it felt nice in here, with the three fans spinning from the ceiling.

They looked at Yuurei, and he smiled at them, which brought them to look away from him. The swordsman looked at the counter and started making his way towards it. When he got there he looked at the bartender as they approached him.

”Anything I can get you, sir?” He asked Yuurei.

”Do you guys have appetizers? I kind of want to plates of chicken if you can with a beer mug on the side.” He said to the bartender as he looked at him with a smile.

”Yeah sure thing I can get you two plates of that. Do you want your drink now?” He asked Yuurei.

”Sure thing, thanks.” He said as the bartender went off to take care of the order.

Yuurei looked around the tavern again as he was wondering if there was someone here who looked like they needed assistance. His whole idea right now was to help the innocent people who couldn’t help themselves.

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3 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:24 pm

Jade Emperor


Jade Emperor
After the strange encounter with the boy, Oda began to roam once more around the village known as Greenville. It seemed a bit run down but the plant life over taking everything and lake in the middle of the village made it seem more than that. He wondered if any other village in this green patch besides this one but a growling stomach had brought him to the attention that he hadn’t eaten in a day or two. The pirates were nice enough to bring him to Lulusia but sadly, since he was not apart of the crew they didn’t allow for him to eat from the rations that they held. However he no longer needed to worry about his traveling buddy and began looking out for a place where he could find a quick bite. Looking at any building for a sign that may say tavern, bar, restaurant Oda began to notice that most of the towns people where moving in a hurry like that kid was not too long ago. It mad him wonder, especially after the warning he was given on, what was going on in this little town.

Thinking about the suspicious villagers while walking almost made him ignore the loud chatter coming from what he assumed to be a place where he could eat. “Finally” the hungry boy said as he made his way to and through the doors of the establishment. As soon as he walked in, he felt the cool breeze made by the fans and then felt the eyes of a large group, the ones who were probably making up the loud chatter, pierce him with their eyes. They looked from his stern face to the sword that lay on his hip before looking away and continuing their talk.

Oda ignored them and looked towards the counter to order his food, noticing that someone else was already there. He seemed to be a swordsmen to with all the swords on his hip, Oda wanted to ask about them but thought his food was more important. “What can I get ya?” Said a smiling bartender asked Oda, making him think about what he actually wanted to eat. “I’ll take any plate of meat you can give me and water” Oda said in reply to the bartender who quickly wrote down an order for something and dashed back off to get the order started. Oda tilted his head to look to the side of him, seeing the face of the guy who was at the counter before him. It was weird but he could have sworn that he looked familiar, like he had met him so long ago but dismissed the feeling since he had barely remembered his own name.

Whilst waiting on the food, Oda listened to the chatter of the group that were within hearing range from the counter, which suddenly turned from laughter and cheerful to doom and gloomy. He didn’t know what was just brought up but he tuned in some more to see if he could figure it out. “I-it came back and took my sister” the voice of a middle age man said to the group. “You mean the werewolf?” said another man. Hearing those words made Oda perk up a little, there was a werewolf here? He thought such a thing didn’t exist. “It’s going to keep coming and killing us if we don’t stop it but we all know what happened last time we tried to fight back” a females sullen voice chimed in this time. It seemed that the village of Greenville had a problem with a killer werewolf and had no one strong enough here to kill it. Maybe Oda had just found his purpose for being in this place.

4 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:58 pm



While he was looking through the crowd, he had heard the door open from the entrance. There was someone new coming into the tavern, and he looked over to see who it was. When he saw the man, his eyes widen with interest. His eyes looked to the man’s hip to look at a sword, and he was surprised to see the sword on the man’s hip. That was the Nadai Kitetsu that he had saw in Sky Island, but this man had it on his waist. He was confused for a second but amazed that he had the weapon. His eyes sparkled with excitement because it was a sword that he had wished to have on his side. Still, just looking at the man he felt like the man had been someone he had met in the past, but no matter how hard he dug he couldn’t figure it out.

He watched the man sit down and the whole entire time his eyes eyed the sword that was on his hip. It was spectacular to see that weapon around him, but how as he going to get it from this guy. Yuurei knew he was strong and could force it out of his hand, but would that be the nice thing to do? He didn’t have a grudge with him, and he wasn’t doing anything bad, so it made hard for him to decide. The swordsman could see that he was about to look at him, which caused him to look away from the sword and into space. His eyes would move to try and look and see if he would look away from him. Daimaru wanted that sword, but I knew I should have taken it for myself. He thought to himself as he was trying to help a friend before.

While he was looking into space he was keeping his attention on the man with the sword. He heard the conversation between him and the others, and he absorbed it all. It was an interesting thing to hear, and it looked like this village was haunted by something scary. Yuurei figured this was a job he could take on, but at the same time, it looked like someone else was already interested in the job. He wondered if this guy was going to go after the werewolf and help the people of this island out. It would be interesting to see, and if he perished he could take his sword, and take care of the werewolf at the same time. At this point, he didn’t think anything of it, but then after saying the word in his mind, he stopped himself. Do werewolves exist? Maybe it’s a man with a devil fruit? He thought to himself.

It wouldn’t take long but his food would arrive thought, which brought him to drool from the aroma that it was letting out. He looked at the bartender and nodded at him. He smiled at the food and started engaging on the meal that he ordered. His first bite was amazing, which caused him to go for the second and third. When he felt like it was too much he used the mug filled with beer to help him. He would drop down the mug on the counter and sigh with relief. The excitement on his face was noticeable because he was able to eat. I guess I can follow the guy and see if he’s worthy of wielding the blade, and if he isn’t then I will just take off his dead corpse. He thought to himself.

Yuurei had a problem with swords, and it was a lust over all. He saw the value of these weapons and wanted to jump on them the first chance he could. It was his curse and one that he didn’t know about.

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5 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:12 pm

Jade Emperor


Jade Emperor
A werewolf, a mythical creature said to exist only in stories but these people claimed that it attacks their town. It made it even worse that it seemed to be just as strong as the tells say, seeing as no one in the village has been able to kill it despite probably already having tried. While trying to keep his mind on the situation, Oda’s stomach suddenly growled loudly as it caught a smell of the food the bartender was bringing to the familiar stranger that stood not too far from him. It seems that he had ordered a beer and two plates full of chicken. The smell of the perfectly cooked chicken almost made Oda’s drool run like a waterfall, he couldn’t help but watch the man dig in. I am not going without eating this long, ever again Oda grunted in his mind as he held his stomach, he wanted to find a chop those who made him this hungry up but he thinks eating and helping these people are more important.

“You guys said a werewolf?” Oda said as he let his stomach go and approached the group, noticing that the strange man seemed to be eating and looking at the weapon at his hip when he moved. “You have no need to be in our business, stranger” One man said as he took a big gulp of his beer as the others shook their head in agreement. Oda really hated people who couldn’t except his help when he offered, it was rare he even did so. “Well, I am a trained warrior I believe I can take this monster down without having you get involved” Oda said with a stern voice, looking at everyone in the group with a deadly sharp look. “Unless you want to continue to have your people die by the hands of such a dirty beast” he continued as he watched some of their expressions change.

“Sir, your food is ready!” He heard from behind him to turn around and see that he had been given two giant legs of meat that filled the air with fantastic smells. Oda left the group to ponder about what he had said to them and immediately began to dig into the food just as the stranger next to him had. “I see why you dug I’m so fast, the food is delicious” Oda said to the other swordsmen in a monotone voice, making it seem as if the opinion was a serious statement. After quickly eating the first leg of meat he took a gulped down his water and decided to do something out of character since the man seemed so familiar. He turned to the swordsmen spoke “my name is Oda, what is your name?” He asked in his usual monotone voice. It was just bugging him to much on who the man might be and his name might help him out.

After he listened to the reply of the man, a few of the people from the group approached him. “We would very much appreciate it if you helped us kill that monster once and for all” the same middle aged man who spoke to him not to long ago said. Oda took a bite of his second leg of meat before answering, “fine I will help, where does this beast stay?” He asked them. Hoping to get some clear answer so that they could be on their way to find the werewolf.

6 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:42 pm



Yuurei was able to multitask; he was eating right now, but at the same time he was making sure that he paid attention to anything that was said nearby him. He pretended like he wasn’t paying attention, but in fact, he was waiting for someone to speak. There were a few exchanges thrown back at each other, but he heard the man say he was a trained warrior, and he boasted how he could take on the creature on his own. This intrigued Yuurei’s interest, and he wanted to see how he would be able to fight this creature. He didn’t look strong to him, but he knew looks could be deceiving. At this point, he had sped up on how he ate as he didn’t want to be left behind. He heard the bartender tell him his food was ready, which gave him an aptitude amount of time to finish his meal.

While he was eating his food the man spoke out towards his direction, which made Yuurei stop for a second. He looked at him and wondered why he was trying to make conversation with him. It was actually taking everything Yuurei had to no dash towards the man’s sword and take it from him. His fingers of course twitched, but it was just a problem he had for a while. It wouldn’t take long, but he heard the man’s name. It sounded familiar, but he couldn’t place where he heard it from before. The swordsman figured he would just tell him his name because he had introduced himself to him first. Still, he had to swallow his food before speaking, or else he might choke on it.

He wouldn’t take long to swallow his meal as he chugged some of the beer from the mug before as he slammed it onto the counter and sighed with relief. He looked over to the man name Oda and got a better look at him.

”The name is Yuurei. You have a nice sword there. Can I asked where did you get it?” He asked wondering how that sword had gotten from Sky Island back to the sea of the world.

When he said this nothing was said at first, but the people who were talking about the werewolf had approached Oda. This was his cue to continue eating and he did so without a second thought. He was devouring his chicken as he was excited about his meal. They were talking about the werewolf again, which made him curious. He was wondering if what they saw was just a normal wolf. They could be crazy, but if they are right then would he be able to handle it? Well, first I will finish eating my food first, and then I will decide what to do next. He thought to himself. Yuurei continued to eat his meal as he was waiting for someone else to say something.

In the end, the swordsman was brave and waited for an answer from them. His inner thoughts were talking this whole time as they were curious about the sword and about this mythical creature. He yawned a bit as the food was giving him the itis, but he continued to eat as he was expanded his observation throughout the whole entire area. He needed to recognize and register this man’s presence if he were to follow him. It wouldn’t take long, but soon enough he would finish his food. He would only notice this the moment he tried to reach for another piece of chicken, but couldn’t find anything. His face would look distraught and a little disappointed that he had finished everything.

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7 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Fri Dec 21, 2018 5:06 am

Jade Emperor


Jade Emperor
Yuurei, the name really did sound familiar to the black clad man but he couldn’t point out where from. This was a frustrating thing but he hoped in time that he would finally figure the mystery of this Yuurei man. As Yuurei answered his question he also complemented the sword around his hip and asked where he had gotten it. The group had interrupted his reply but as he waited on them to tell him where the beast would come, he replied to Yuurei. “If you may ask Yuurei, I got the sword from my master before I took off” Oda said before turning his attention back to the group who seemed to be ready to answer him.

“My name is Rio and we don’t really know where it stays” someone said, making Oda a bit irritated. How could he help these imbeciles if he had no clue where the beast was? “However, he comes through from the rear gate that isn’t too far from here” he continued. Its something, I guess Oda said to himself as he thought about the beast. Where did something like it stay? It had to be somewhere hidden if people haven’t seen it all the time but if it came to them it would save them a lot of time. However, nothing else mattered but killing the creature and Oda would do it as he said he would. “Take me to the rear gate so that I may watch the beast approach” He said in his usual monotone voice to the crowd of people.

“There is one last piece of information you must know” the middle aged man said. From the looks of how he was the one giving group responses, they must have respected Rio in some way. “The beast only comes out at night, under the moonlight” he said with a gulp as if remembering something. The info that the man provided proved to sound exactly like a werewolf but in the back of his mind Oda had a twinge of disbelief. Just how can a thing like it be real and are they sure it was a werewolf and not a man who looks like one. He would only find out once he was face to face with the devil. “Well, lets just go and wait for the moon to rise then” Oda said plainly as the group began to move towards the door, opening it to reveal the sun setting in the sky. Looks like the encounter will come sooner than I thought Oda thought looking at the beautiful mix of the purple, pink and blue sky that was soon to welcome the night. “Follow me” Rio said as they began their decent towards the rear gate. Hopefully nothing went wrong.

8 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:01 pm



Yuurei waited for Oda to tell him where he had gotten that blade from, but while he was doing that he was eating his food. It was amazing, and every bite made his mouth more watery as he enjoyed the crunchiness from his chicken. He would soon hear Oda speak about how he got the sword, and it made Yuurei curious. Could that man from Skypiea be his master? No, that man probably met his fate to someone else, and then that man gave it to him. He thought to himself as he continued eating his food. The others started talking about the werewolf, but the location was very vague. There could have been more than one entrance to the village, and they were being vague about which entrance it was. Still, he wasn’t going to say anything, but he was going to follow Oda.

It wouldn’t take long for Oda to say something, and Yuurei finished his first plate and started moving towards his second plate. He was moving faster with eating his meal as he was tearing the chicken apart as he noticed that Oda was getting up from his seat. The swordsman was surprised that he was taking on this quest, which made him eat faster. He choked for a bit, which brought him to drink the rest of his beer. He slammed his mug onto the table as he sighed with relief. It was an amazing feeling and he had a few more left. Yuurei munched through it all and soon enough he patted his stomach as he was full from everything he had eaten. He still felt the presence of Oda, so he was going to follow it soon enough. He got up from his seat and placed money on the table for the bartender.

”Thank you for the food.” He said as he got up from his seat and started walking towards the exit.

When he got there he sighed because he felt like this was going to end badly, but knew that he would make it work at the end. He pushed the double doors, and soon enough he was out in the open and he looked to his right and left, but only did because of natural instincts. Yuurei knew the direction Oda was heading, so he started walking towards it. He kept himself distant from where they were, but close enough that his observation haki wouldn’t have lost sight of them.

He stretched his arms in the air as he was moving towards the direction of the entrance that they were heading towards the gates. He did notice that the people that were outside from earlier weren’t outside anymore. I guess this whole village knows about the werewolf, but its only makes sense they would know. Okay, time to make sure nothing happens to that sword. He thought to himself as he kept walking.

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9 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:43 pm

Jade Emperor


Jade Emperor
As they made their way towards the rear gate of the city, Oda could see the looks of fear on the faces of the people leading him to the destination he had to fight the monster. Oda guessed that not only where these group of people scared but the whole village along with them as he noticed that the streets were empty unlike when he first arrived. This made him ponder even more, why had the monster come here? Because it knew of the lack of protection this place seemed to have? Or was it just their unlucky draw to have the monster brought here? Nothing could really give the answer to the question but the werewolf itself but he had a feeling it wouldn’t be up for a conversation.

They continued to turn down various streets with beautiful greenery decorating it naturally. Even in the coming night the town was a sort of breath taking sight but the air in the village was very cold and still, like even nature itself knew that the creature would soon be coming to spill blood of any kind. It wasn’t his job to protect these people but Oda felt a sense of duty to do it so that these people could live freely without worry of a monster chomping down on their throat. Well, honestly it wasn’t even a sense of duty he felt, he felt excited to see if the myths were true and excited to see how his own strength could compete with the legendary beast. It was simply a thrill for battle.

After making one last turn from a building almost completely covered in nothing but flora, they finally reached the rear gate. It was just as intricate as the one he had come through and fitted the theme of nature of the village very well. “We are here” Rio said with a hesitant breath, he looked like he was ready to bolt at any second and Oda felt a bit sorry for him, well if he could feel such a thing. The sun has completely set now and the full moon shone high in the air, positioning its light about 2 meters away from the gate. Oda guessed this is where the beast would appear when it was ready.

Like his thoughts were a cue, an unusually loud howl made its way to their ears. The howl sent Rio and the group running towards their home in fear, a feeling that Oda currently didn’t understand. All the young man knew was, he was ready for the battle to begin.

10 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:10 pm



Yuurei was moving through the streets now as he was following Oda and the rest that were with him. It felt like they kept moving a lot and that they would never stop. He did notice something that he didn’t notice before. The sun that was shining down upon them had been setting this whole entire time, and when he looked up it was no longer around. His thoughts were truly elsewhere, but he kept moving through the necessary areas to get to where he needed to be. It was soon enough that he heard a howl from the distance. It stopped him from moving as he couldn’t believe that a werewolf could actually exist in this world. He figured that there was somebody playing games with Oda, but he was going to find out soon enough. He felt the presence of the other people running away from that entrance, which made him chuckle a bit.

The swordsman had started walking again as he wasn’t too far from where Oda was. He made quick movements towards the entrance as he wondered if he would get there on time. That better be a damn werewolf, or I’m going to be upset. He thought to himself.


The man who had this curse now was transforming through the night; it was affecting him quickly as his bones were breaking and shifting differently than a human. The howls continued as this man was growing hair everywhere and his face was stretching. The massive pain this person was feeling was crazy, but his bloodlust was increasing. When he was fully charged, this werewolf didn’t care about anything in this world. His only mood right now was to kill anything around him that he happened to think to taste amazing. The flesh of human also was an enjoyment to him, and he had livestock in a village not too far from here. He rushed over to the entrance as he always did to see if he could find someone accidentally lurking through the night of the town.

He wouldn’t take long before he got the scent of a human, and his mouth would drool as he couldn’t wait to get a hold of this person. Soon enough he would see Oda in the distance and started running on all fours to gain quicker speed as he was closing in the distance between the two. Oda would hear the panting from the werewolf as he had got near him. When he was close to Oda, he swiped with his right claws towards the man’s abdomen and stretched his mouth to try and take a bite of his dinner.


Yuurei could feel the presence of a new person appear near Oda. He wasn’t sure who it was, but he figured that it might be this mythical werewolf that the townsfolks were so scared of. The swordsman kicked off into a sprint as he was trying to reach Oda before the werewolf could kill the man with the sword.

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11 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:35 am

Jade Emperor


Jade Emperor
The howl turned into screams and very painful ones at that. It sounded as if the thing were being murdered, brutality murdered and trying to alert someone to help them. However the screams stopped as soon as they started, leaving Oda with the feeling that it wouldn’t be too much longer before his opponent arrived and the battle would begin. It was then a familiar feeling spread throughout his body, a feeling that he only got when he had been able to train with his master. Oda lived for the feeling, it was the only thing that he knew made him feel. Oda’s pure joy for fighting had sprung forth and made him draw his sacred sword from its sheath, taking a stance so that he would be ready for anything that came his way.

Soon, his opponent was in his sight. Rio was right, it really was a werewolf and looking like a particularly hungry one too. Oda started at it and wondered if he should make the first move but his little friend decided that he would move first. The werewolf’s speed was unbelievably fast, he was there the next and then he was in front of Oda. Only able to catch an image of the wolf when it appeared in front of him, Oda tried to jump back as the werewolf decided he would try to take a chunk out of him with both his claws and it’s mouth, both deadly moves and he could only block one. With only a millisecond second to think about it, Oda chose to send his blade in the mouth of the werewolf. With the choice he made, Oda took the claw swipe to his abdomen but thanks to jumping back at the last second made the attack less effective than would it have been. However Oda still received the attack and would have claw marks with fresh blood running down his chest.

It would have been worse if Oda had taken the bite so he was glad to not have a chunk taken out of him. When Oda used the blade to keep the monster from biting him, cut a part of its gum and snout sending the beast jumping back in pain. Oda panted heavily as his wound burned his chest, his joy of fighting getting even higher because of it.

12 Re: The Werewolf of Greenie Pass [V] on Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:55 am



Yuurei felt the presence of the two as they were near each other one second, and then away from each other the next. It wouldn’t take long for him to make it to the gates of the village. He was going to go through the gate, but he didn’t want to be spotted. Instead, the swordsman sighed and allowed himself to float into the air and he was now on top of the gates. When he was there he looked down and he could see the two of them clearly. He was actually surprised to see that there was a damn werewolf around this area. That bothered him because there were a lot of things happening on this island, and now it was something creepy. He didn’t think the first thing as a Shichibukai was seeing all the bad things happening. The Greenie Pass truly needs protecting He thought to himself.

He had thought about what he was planning on doing next; he looked into his past, and he remembered that there was a man who had scarred his back for trying to steal from him. The thing is that man had become a criminal himself. Yuurei was surprised about that as he had started digging through the records of people the World Government had labeled as criminals. This man was said to have fled to Lulusia Kingdom but then disappeared. Yuurei wasn’t sure what that meant, but this was the best chance to find him and make him pay for what he had done to him, and get revenge for his friend’s death. Still, his mind was thinking about all of this, but the only thing he could see that the werewolf was hurt. He nodded as he was acknowledging this swordsman’s skill; he didn’t see what happened, but that didn’t matter.

When he looked at Oda, however, he noticed that the man had been hurt as well. That made him sucked his teeth because it meant that just traded blows. ”If he dies that is a new sword for me.” He said to himself as his fingers twitched with excitement. This fight was going to be interesting or at least he was hoping it would be.

The werewolf was licking his wounds right now as he snarled at Oda. It would soon stop doing what it was doing and looked at his pray. It wasn’t just that, but the werewolf picked up another scent. It was taking in the scent looking for the presence of the second person. It wouldn’t take long, but it looked up to see Yuurei on top of the gates. The werewolf smirked showing his fangs. He had found another prey today. Still, he would have to take down the one that was in front of him. He wasn’t going to make the same mistakes again. He had rushed towards Oda again on all fours and swiped with his right claws. There was something different this time. As the claw would get close to the man he would notice that it was a feint attack, and the real attack was coming from somewhere else.

The claw attack was a fake, but the real attack was coming from his right leg. His claws were sticking out as the werewolf was attempting to pierce the man’s left thigh to stop him from moving around as often. The werewolf was avoiding the blade that had cut him earlier. He was bleeding from his mouth, but it looked like this Oda person was hurt as well, and it might become worse.


Yuurei saw the werewolf run towards him, and it surprised him. He didn’t think the werewolf would be smart enough to do the next few things that it had attempted to do to Oda. Yuurei for some reason felt like he couldn’t let this man die. He wasn’t sure why, but there was something creeping into his ear telling him that Oda was important. It wasn’t just that but the left side of his chest would burn. He had this marking there ever since the execution topic, but this was the first time it ever did anything.

”Hrmm.” He grunted from the pain, but in a low manner.

What the hell is this pain. He thought to himself as he kicked off the ground giant statue he was on, and towards the werewolf.

The beast was close to hitting Oda, but Yuurei pulled Oda towards him and away from the werewolf. Yuurei used his gravity pull and used his sword as a gravitational center to get the guy away from the werewolf. When he got close to him though, Yuurei swung his hand on the back of Oda's neck and knocked out the man.

"You still have a long way to go Oda, but I'm going to do you a favor and hold onto this. You will see me when you see me." He said as the man would be rendered unconscious from the attack.

Yuurei looked at the sword that was in his hand and sheathed it as he placed it on his side amongst the others he had with him and then looked towards the werewolf that was still standing. The swordsman would use his gravity field, which he had used to speed himself earlier, and end up behind the werewolf and knock the monster out as well. When the beast noticed the attack coming, he tried to block it, but his attack was far too strong. Yuurei would connect one punch on the block, and then the second would go straight into the guts of the werewolf. He would knock the beast out as well, but this time instead of leaving him there like he left Oda he would also grab a hold of the werewolf and take off with him. Yuurei had plans to experiment on this werewolf as it was something he thought about when he saw that this creature wasn't a myth

There was another thing that Yuurei had done and it was that he had written a letter to the townsfolk. He had told them that they didn't have to worry about the werewolf anymore, that Yuurei D. Jiyuu, the Shichibukai had gotten rid of their pisky situation and they would be able to be free to live their lives how did they live before. He did write this to them, so they didn't live in fear, and they would find it on Oda's unconcious body.

OOC: Nidai Kitetsu taken from Oda, and Capturing the werewolf for experimentation


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