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16Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:17 pm



Yuurei expected Gideon’s fire not to work on him, but it was all verbal words for what was behind it. Soon enough his sword would connect cutting Gideon, but for a second Yuurei noticed it. He had a smile on his face as he could tell that Gideon had seen his attack coming. The armament on his chest was enough to see it, which meant he was close if not already at the stage of learning Observation. He landed on the ground and turned to see the giant as he wondered what he was going to do next. He heard Gideon shout into the den den and Yuurei only chuckled as he waved his hand up and down like he didn’t care.

”Oh they were safe, they had nothing to run away from.” He explained to Gideon.

Still, he said this, but he knew that Gideon probably wouldn’t believe him right now. They had argued through this fight, but he had heard his friend’s reasoning. He decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him to live. The only thing about what was going to happen next would be weird. Yuurei knew Gideon hated marines, but so did he; there was a time when they were hanging out that Yuurei brought up this subject. It was about siding with the marines if you didn’t have any other choice. He jinxed it, and he ended up having to side with the marines or lose his life.


Kasui heard Gideon telling them to run away, which he could understand from that last attack that Yuurei wasn’t playing around. That man was scary, and what he did he expected him to go after them after he took out his best friend. He stood on the lookout while the skypieans got to work with preparing the ship to set sail.


Yuurei heard his friend’s words as he had chuckled at the thought that he might have been someone else. He did have to change and grow the way he was as a person, but it was because of everything that had happened to him. The thief heard his words and soon enough he saw a huge punch fist making his way towards him. The armament was strong, the force was strong, but his attack was too slow. It wasn’t his fault, but Yuurei had gotten stronger indeed, but instead of dodging he decided to take the full attack. His friend’s words were heard, and he heard it clearly. Yuurei had moved slightly back from the attack as he held his ground. He felt the small burns from the attack and bruising that came with the attack.

When Gideon moved his fist he would see a Yuurei whose nose was bleeding from the attack and in his mouth. The swordsman took a moment and spat the blood on the floor as he looked at Gideon.

”You need to become stronger Gideon. You have so much potential, more so than I. You were never going to die in the first place, but I have seen something that you have within you. There is something called Observation Haki; it allows you to see when an attack is coming, and at the same time allows you to feel the presence of beings around the area. It’s a good skill to have Gideon, and I feel like when I attacked you, you had a glimpse of it.” He paused as he cracked his neck.

”I was never going to kill you, but I wanted you to feel how I felt. I was helpless and thought my life was going to end. It almost did, I don’t think you asked me how I even got where I am, and that brings me to my choices.” He paused for a second.

”You can either give your life and be sent to Impel Down like I was, or you can join my crew and leave the Phantom Raiders behind. Of course, the people on your ship are welcome as well. I am now a Shichibukai Gideon, so I’m affiliated with the government. I know your distaste for them, but remember that conversation we had in Skypiea. Well, I got into a situation where my life was on the line, so I had to choose wisely. The choice is yours to make Gideon, but we are done here.” He said to the giant as he wondered what he would say and he sheathed his blades


Kasui saw Gideon land a hit on Yuurei but was confused because he saw the man didn’t even attempt to dodge the attack. It was confusing, but watching him put his swords away made him wondered if things were done.

”I think they finished fighting, but continued to prepare to run, if we need to.” He warned the crew that was below him.

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17Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:09 pm



Gideon pulled back his fist, but kept his ready and clenched in case he needed to counter attack. Yuurei had taken the full hit of the force intentionally, probably to boast, which was working, seeing the swordsman still standing and without flinching made the giant realize that he couldn't do anything else, that he had no chance of winning.

Yuurei took the moment to explain something called "Observation Haki" which Gideon didn't really understand right away, his more focus was keeping his defense up regardless when Yuurei stated no one's life was in danger. His suspicion was confirmed right when Yuurei stated he has went through a tough time in prison which made him stronger. Though Gideon kept his mode on and his stance ready, he felt more relieved knowing that no one was going to die, but he wasn't entirely satisfied with Yuurei's return, the entire area around them was destroyed and the giant's body was injured.

Upon hearing Yuurei officially left the Phantom Raiders, Gideon was upset, he wanted to complain at Yuurei, call him a 'cry baby' for leaving all because he was captured, but what stopped him what the mention of the Government. Gideon's glood began to boil, Yuurei knew he was going to be upset about this, then brought up their conversation they had in Skypiea that Gideon had nearly forgotten about.

A choice was placed before him, but Gideon didn't understand what Yuurei was getting at, he emphasized 'choosing wisely' like his life was on the line, but that couldn't be, Yuurei had just stated he wasn't planning on killing anyone, then what does he mean-

Then it struck him. Gideon realized Yuurei was giving him the option of either joining along side him under the affiliation of the Government... or be turned into the Government by him.

"You ... carrion!" Gideon yelled, his voice growled in anger. "You fought marines beside me! You slaughtered marines because of your hate towards them! You molded me to understand why you kill them, to further my anger towards them and now you join them!?" The steam off of Gideon increased, his flesh pink from the blood rush, his eyes wide and showing red veins. "And now... you say you're giving me a 'choice'... bull! You're giving me an ultimatum! You have grown so powerful, you flaunt your prowess but in the end you end up being the Government's blade! Their blade to cut down your nakama! You're pissed at us for being late! For not being fast enough! For not finding your fast enough, but YOU are the one who is threatening to lock me up if I don't join the marines with you!" His rage boiled over.

"How Dare You!!" He reached into his fanny pack and pulled out something clenched in his hand, "I went through the trouble to retrieve this for you, because it belongs to you, but I rather you use it to kill me here" he tosses the sword towards Yuurei, "You stand there with your head high as if you have the moral high ground, no apology for the situation, no apology for expecting more than we can offer, no apology for pushing this ultimatum upon us, no remorse!" Gideon took a step forward, the heat from his foot sizzled the ground below him.

"Because you're my friend, I'll give you one last chance to get off your DAMN high horse and look me in the eye at same level, because I never looked own upon you, and give me a damn good reason to why I shouldn't fall upon my sword and join you" Gideon took another step, "You are suppose to be my friend... NOT MY KING, NOT MY FATHER, you left the crew so you are not my superior right now, Look at me at eye level and show some DAMN RESPECT to someone who you are asking a favor for, I'm your friend, I shouldn't have to beat you down and chain you up like the government did to get your respect!" Gideon threw another punch.

Armament: 6/15

18Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:42 pm



Yuurei knew what was going to happen, and soon enough he could hear his friend’s yelling. He didn’t like the marines either and it was true that he hated them, but he loved his life more than his hatred for the marines. He continued to listen to everything Gideon had to say, and he was giving him an ultimatum, but it was still a choice. He wasn’t going to die, but he was going to have to live his life in a place that even he disliked. There was more to just being alive on him joining the Marines. It was more of his motive and what he was planning on doing in the future with this status. Still, he allowed Gideon to speak more and then he noticed he took something out of his hand. It was then that he had something tossed towards his feet, which brought him to look down at what was thrown.

He was surprised at what he had seen landed on the floor. He was shocked and confused at first because the sheath and the outer design from the sheath were the same as the sword as he had given Shoda. That blade was weak, but it was the first sword that his father had given him. It had sentimental value, but the condition Shoda had it in, he was sure it was beyond repair. That was the only reason why he didn’t go looking for the blade. Still, it was right in front of him, which confused him, but at the same time, there was something off with this weapon. His thoughts were clouded with Gideon’s talking and he heard everything he had to say. The scientist let him finish speaking and watched him step forward, but that didn’t stop him from grabbing the sword that was on the floor.

He wanted to unsheathe it but first, he allowed Gideon to finish speaking. It was soon after he finishing blabbing his mouth that another punch came swinging down at him. Yuurei smiled as he figured he would do something like this. He didn’t want to do it, but he was going to have to show Gideon that he wasn’t the person to be throwing punches like that. The long arm pulled his arm back and then launched his fist straight at Gideon incoming hand. The two of their fists collided as Yuurei arms allowed him to make sure that he couldn’t get close to him. It wasn’t just that but he had coated his arm in armament. The force behind his punch would probably sprain Gideon’s hand from the impact.

He would bring his fist back afterward as he was still quiet. His Ichi was in left hand as he stepped back from Gideon and unsheathe the blade that was thrown at him. When he saw the craftsmanship of this sword his eyes widen. He was surprised about the quality and the material that forged this blade but was surprised him, even more, was that it was a replica of the sword he once had. He had it backward his old sword was the replica of what he was holding right now. He was speechless for a second as he couldn’t grasp this, but then he remembered what Shoda said. His father had made destructive weapons, which meant that his father was a master blacksmith.

It also meant when he made his sword it was weak because he didn’t have the right material for it. He placed the sword back into its casing as he placed in his sash and looked over to Gideon now. The swordsman was floating now as his feet left the ground and as he was moving to meet Gideon eyes at eye level.

”I was going to get executed; that is why I joined their side. I had a choice, and it was either make sure that the people they wanted to be executed would see their end, or I would be executed along with them. It was a calculated choice, and I saw that staying there to prove to them that was I was on their side. It worked in the end and my life is mine. Yes, I’m their blade, but I’m able to do anything I want again. I also have a plan, but that I cannot tell you that out in the open. I will tell you this if you choose to be by my side as equal as I have always seen you as.” He said as he looked at the blade again and then at Gideon.

”This isn’t the blade you saw me with Gideon, but this is made by the same person. My father made this sword, and he made the one he gave me, but this one is a superior version of the blade I use to carry around my waist. It’s confusing, but where did you find this sword Gideon, I’m intrigued to know.” He said this as he didn’t forget about trying to help his friend out with observation, but he wanted to know.

25/30 Haki Remaining

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19Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:11 pm



Gideon's fist clashed against Yuurei's fist and the impact sent a small shock-wave that was heard by the encampment who were still setting up the ship to set sail. Vizmir looked up at Kasui every now and then to get any updates about how the battle continued. At this point he had the idea that Gideon wouldn't win the battle and was worried if he would even survive, but thankfully Kasui confirmed the battle was nothing more than a quarrel, but he didn't stop the skypieans from continuing their work, there was nothing wrong in battle cautious.

* * *

Gideon's wrist and two of his fingers were sprained. The pain surged through him as he found out he could no longer clench the fist without dealing with a massive amount of pain; still, he stared at Yuurei as the swordsman quietly inspected the blade. Soon enough, Yuurei was levitating close to Gideon's face and here the giant was questioning whether or not Yuurei decided to retract his claim of not killing anyone and would finish him off... but no.

It was a surprise to hear from Yuurei that he was used as an executioner, though the people were prisoners, Gideon couldn't help but feel dread. The swordsman accepted what has happened and what he is now and he was explaining what he could to the giant, meeting him literally at eye level. Though it seemed reasonable and Gideon couldn't deny such a tight spot, he didn't turn down his stare. He released his armament haki, but his mode remained, the heat emanating.

Hearing the explanation of the sword wasn't the one he thought it was when he came across it did surprise him though it would barely show on his face since it wasn't his main concern. He figured at least he did managed to return such a great weapon back to it's family that rightfully calls claim to it.

Gideon shrugged at the question "Had ran into a marine ship on the way, I saw the blade and thought it was your confiscated one."

20Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:31 pm



Yuurei had noticed that Gideon had calm down now, his mode was still on, but his armament showed that he was no longer going to attack Yuurei from the left or right side. That was a good thing, and he was just staring at the giant who was giving him an angry stare. The only thing that was said from him was that he had gotten it from a marine ship on his way to this island. The scientist was surprised to hear this, but at the same time happy that this sword was on his side now.

”The sword I showed you back in Sky Island was destroyed the day of the execution. The person who wielded that blade at the time is also dead. He was my father’s master, and he saw his end at that execution. I didn’t see what happened to him, but I think the World Government killed him.” He said to Gideon taking a pause for a second.

”A lot has happened Gideon, but now that I’m free I plan on doing a few things. I want my revenge because even though the Phantom Raiders didn’t show up, you guys aren’t my issue. There are two who needs to be punished for what has happened to me and brought to make some last second decisions. They will pay for the loss of Koneko’s life and I will make sure of it.” He said to Gideon as he sighed trying to calm himself down.

Yuurei would shake his head and tried to smile at Gideon as he was looking at the giant face to face. He moved towards his ears and whispered something into his ears. What he had said to him was something that had to do with his plan as a Shichibukai. When he finished saying those words he backed away from him and floated even further away from him. He had made sure that he was about twenty-one meters away from Gideon, and looked at Gideon.

”Anyways hopefully now that this is all over we can continue what I wanted to unlock from you. If this doesn’t work we will try another method. I can always teach you it in a different way I guess. Still, fighting always and I feel like it’s the fastest way to unleash it and from their mastering it on your own works.” He paused again.

He kept his mode on and was going to hold back on the attack. He was planning on making sure it would hurt Gideon, so that way he could try and unleash his ability and if he got hit with everything then he actually might die.

”I moved away from you, so you could move perfectly now. Let’s hope you will be able to do this. You can also tell the rest of them to relax, and also give me an answer to joining me or not.” He said to Gideon.

Yuurei had started raising the stuff on the ground once again, but he was using the ones that he had used earlier. They were going up to the sky right now hovering and block the light that the sun had given off that part of the island. The swordsman looked at his friend right now as he was waiting for him to get ready.

”Please make sure you have your armament on the areas that you feel will need it because they will be moving towards you soon.” He said to his friend.

”5…4…3…2…1.” When he said one he would start launching all the debris in the air towards Gideon. His friend could dodge, deflect and block these things, but his goal was to have him unlock the power needed for him to move forward as a warrior.


Kasui saw that there wasn’t anymore fighting. Well, he saw Gideon try to punch Yuurei again, but that was met with Yuurei’s own punch. He noticed that Yuurei was the one with the greater force because Gideon moved his hand back from the attack. He started to wonder just how strong Yuurei had gotten from the time he separated from his crew. Still, he watched the man float into the air and moved over to Gideon and then away from him. He didn’t know what was going on, but it seemed like he was telling him a secret.

”They are talking right now, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen next.” He said to the guys down below.

It wouldn’t take long for Kasui to see Yuurei bringing all the shit on the ground back into the air again. He was surprised that he was doing and it made him nervous. He didn’t have to tell anybody about this because he was sure everyone would see it.

The Skypieans would stop doing what they were doing to look up into the sky and wondered what was going on and what was about to happen.

Skill used:
Name: Gravity Rubble
Description: The user is able to expand the power of his devil fruit throughout the area around them. They are able to gather as many inanimate objects of their choice into the air. They can be more precise with the things that they see choosing what to pick up and what not to pick. If they can’t see it, and it’s not heavy for them it will be picked up into the air. The user will be able to float as much as they could up to a 100-meter radius. With this, the user can throw this at their target(s) within 100 meters as well losing the ability to levitate these objects once they are out of the zone of the user.
Range: 100m
Attribute: Strength & Power - 7
Rank: Advanced
Type: Normal

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21Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:11 am



Gideon listened as Yuurei explained a bit more of what happened, then implied he'll be hunting down those responsible for Koneko's death. Hearing her name made Gideon adjust himself, the thought of another ally's death upset him, he could still hear her laughter. He couldn't blame Yuurei for wanting revenge, he actually thought of assisting him along this path, but to work for the government was a big step.

Then Yuurei moved towards Gideon, so close it made the giant uncomfortable and hesitant. He whispered something into his ear and the giant understood, though stood silent. The offer didn't seem too steep now. But before Gideon could mull it over, Yuurei was already positioned and began to levitate another heap of debris from around the area to throw at the giant.

"Damn" Gideon cursed as he solidified his arms into armament. Trees, boulders, mounds of earth risen all about and Gideon was expected to dodge all of them again even though the gravity around him made it difficult for him as well as the injuries he had and his mode being on for so long already, his stomach growled, letting him know he would have to stop soon. But his fury allowed him to push forward. Whatever this 'observation' is, he would at least obtain it from his crappy reunion.

Then the debris was launched at him. It was a lot to register, he wasn't sure how he was suppose to activate it or how it worked, but he figured he would just throw himself into the fray and hope it works and hopefully Yuurei would let this confrontation end soon after so that this can be put to rest.

As the clutter came in, his heart raced, his muscles ached already and now he would have to deal with this mess. He raised his arms up in a defensive manner to protect his head and chest as a tree slammed into him and a boulder nearly hitting him, he tried to move as much as possible and keep track to as much as he could, but there were too much, a shrub slammed against him and pebbles rained upon his face. He dodged another tree, but a stump caught his leg. He staggered, pain ran up his body as he was try to keep track of everything, but it was too much, he wanted to call out, but Yuurei didn't slow the assault, surely he saw that the Gideon was pinned down, but Yuurei's arrogance in always being right was blinding him to the possibility that Gideon would die, in this case, Gideon was indeed in danger. The giant tried to crawl away but a boulder slammed him back into his previous position.

Then it happened, he saw three tree trunks coming in from different points, every detail of them and somehow he knew which way he could move to avoid all three of them, so he side stepped and they passed easily. It felt like moving through air, the boulders, the mounds of earth, the shrubs and even a beaver was in the clutter, Gideon saw it all and sidestepped to avoid everyone of it while picking the beaver out of the air and placing it on the ground safely. This was observation haki, and it felt amazing.

Armament: 7/15

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22Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:39 am



Yuurei did his best to hold back in the power of his gravity force when he launched the debris at him. His best friend would be able to move perfectly fine, but it seemed like the first thing he could do was block the few debris that came to him. The swordsman, of course, let it continued as he continued to hit his friend with the debris. He had seen a glimpse of him using observation again as he had been dodging a few of them, but then it seemed like it was off again. He was about to stop launching the debris towards Gideon, but he had faith in his friend. I know he doesn’t think he can do it, but I know he can do it. Come on Gideon a little bit more. He thought to himself. He watched his friend continued to struggle and it made him nervous, but he shook his head as he had strengthened his resolve.

He watched Gideon avoid three trees this time and soon enough a boulder, but they didn’t happen one after another. Yuurei knew it was close, but he had to push his friend more than he was doing currently.

”Come on Gideon you got this.” He said to himself.

He had motion more debris to fall straight towards Gideon without hesitation. Yuurei knew that if this didn’t end soon, Gideon would be in a hot mess and would have to see a doctor soon enough. Yuurei remembered the time he had learned how to use his observation. It wasn’t something amazing, but the scientist had been fighting another swordsman and that man was slicing him up. Still, the way he had been sliced up was scary. That man had cut him piece by piece as he was trying to skin Yuurei alive. It wasn’t just that, but when he tried to attack the man was able to dodge his attacks perfectly fine. With his life endanger he had activated his Haki to avoid being skinned alive and defeat his opponent. Yuurei was hoping Gideon would be able to do the same thing, so he could stop this barrage of attacks.


Kasui was watching what was happening, and his eyes widen when he saw where that attack was heading. He was surprised as he thought the fight was over, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, he could see both of his friends fighting, but the only thing that was different was that Gideon was just dodging, and blocking, but not trying to go on the offense. That scared Kasui as he looked down at the group.

”I don’t know what is happening, but I think they are fighting again. Yuurei is pummeling Gideon with everything that is in the sky, but Gideon isn’t doing anything. I think we should get ready to leave soon because I don’t know what is going to happen anymore.” He said to the others down below.

The Skypieans nodded as they continued to move through the ship and started opening the sails as they were going to leave soon enough.

23Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:13 pm



More debris fell about him and Gideon simply walked through the field as if it was a simple stroll through the park, this haki was different than his armament, though he kept it coating his arms just in case. He dodged more trees and boulders, seeing every detail before it happened. Then plucking a tree out of the air and swinging it to deflect a couple more.

When it all came to pass and the area was silent and still, Gideon stood impressed by the outcome, but before he could say a word, the toll of hte fight came to him hard; he had left his mode on for too long and it vanished, his body temperature returned to normal, his armament vanished, the pain from the battle recoiled and his body felt as if a mountain hit him. Too much blood had escaped him. Gideon then toppled over and he lossed conciousness before he even hit the ground.

* * *

Vizmir came to a stop when he heard a loud thoud which was followed by silence. It took him a second to figure the fight was done and he wondered if all was well or not. Beaks landed on the top of the mast, his eyes looking west but his head pointing south, not knowing what was going on.

24Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good - Page 2 Empty Re: Reunited, and it doesn't feel so Good on Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:06 am



Yuurei smiled when he saw what was happening, his friend was able to dodge the incoming attacks without a problem, which brought him to smile. He was hoping that his friend would be able to do it, and he got what he wished for. It wouldn’t take long, but the debris in the air had finally come to an end. Yuurei’s smile was seen very well as he looked at Gideon, the walking giant. He was about to say something, but instead, the swordsman could tell that Gideon was losing consciousness. It wasn’t that he could tell that his friend was losing consciousness, but he noticed that his mode had turned off, and he had returned to normal. Yuurei kicked off the rock that he was on and plunged himself downward. He could see the giant falling on his face. When he was close to hitting the ground, Yuurei had stopped that from happening.

”I got ya big guy. Ya got me a sword, so is all forgiven, and I mean you were always trying to rescue my ass, so that’s a plus.” He said this as he was under the giant as he had him used his strength and his long arms to keep him in the air for the time being.

Yuurei expanded his gravitational field, which made everything lighter. This allowed him to float Gideon as the man was levitating in the air right now. He grabbed his friend’s hoodie and started pulling him towards the ship that he was walking towards. He figured that the group of people there would be on guard, but he couldn’t blame them. He would soon come out of the debris that was in the air with Gideon floating.


Kasui would see this first as he was surprised about what was happening. Gideon was perfectly fine one second, but then he was unconscious. He wasn’t sure what had happened, but he could blame Yuurei for this situation.

”Yuurei is coming and Gideon is unconscious he is hurt, so he’s going to need medical attention. I hope it’s not enough to put his life endanger.” He said this to the group.

”Still, be on guard we don’t know what Yuurei is going to do next.” He said out loud.


Yuurei would soon reach Gideon’s ship and he would keep his friend in the air as he was looking at the ship and the people that were there. He looked at all the Skypieans that ended up following him, Vizmir, and even a big bird that he had never seen before. He knew where Kasui was, so he didn’t look up to see him.

”His life isn't endangered, but he needs to be patched up and some rest is needed. If you guys can bandage him up, then he should be fine. Also, it’s nice to see you all, I missed everyone.” He said out loud to everyone.


Kasui heard those words, and he got on the ladder and slid down onto the deck. He landed safely as he looked at Yuurei and then at Gideon. He was not happy with him at all because of what he had done to his friend.

”How could you do that to him?” He asked Yuurei.

”I had to see if he was capable of being by my side and that he is. I was also angry with him at the beginning, but after fighting and explaining things to each other we should be good. I’m sorry that I had to hurt him, but I think we need to take care of him right now.” He said to them.

”You can yell at me on a later time.” He said to Kasui.

The Skypieans were on the move as they had flown up to the air as they started cleaning his wounds at patching them up. Yuurei would just hold him up as he was hoping that he would wake up soon enough, so he could put on the ground.

Yuurei was glad he was able to be with his friends again even if they weren’t all there. He had been away from them for far too long and he was hoping that he didn’t go through something like this again.


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