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1A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic Empty A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic on Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:31 am



Chapter 1: greenfoot is green
A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic JTJs2rZ

It was the morning of her departure, not unlike any other on her journey through the grand line. Today was particularly cold on Drum. An oppressive cold which seemed to assail her even through the firm plank walls of the inn. Even fighting against the roaring fire who was losing to heat. Wrapped tightly in her blanket, she held her legs close to her chest and peered down at the news coo of the day. Sandai Ketsu held tightly to her chest, she peered back and forth muttering to herself as she peered back at the headline: Another merchant ship sunk. 12 dead. " c'mon ya-y-yo-you dastardly p-p-ppirates. come and try th-that on me".

Just then a cup softly tapped the hardwood coffee table's surface, springing her back into reality. T'was one of her friends on drum, an elderly lady with a pronounced chin and saggy skin. She was clad is heavy clothes damn near used for trekking in the snow. With her musty yellow teeth bore for all to see with a cheek to cheek grin, she shook her head. " Aye skippy, ya gotta stop talkin to yerself". Lina didn't have to turn to feel a few eyes boring a hole through her skull. The sound of chuckles filled the air, akin to those you'd give a chihuhua barking up a storm.

She sighed heavily and rolled her eyes. The tea was piping hot, with steam billowing from its wavering surface. It had the strong scent of cinnamon and bayleaf. "it's almost time for ya to get going skip, but you make sure to come back anytime now". Skippy smiled inhaled deeply and nodded back. As she left, she habitually shook the hands of the management and thanked them for their hospitality, regardless of the circumstances. With a scarf wrapped around her neck and hood pulled way past the edge of her face, she met the cold drum air. She shivered slightly, feeling the goosebumps climb up her legs and up her short skirt.

" You sure you don wanna take some stockings or something"? Skippy shook her head as she rubbed her hands. " Ain't no weather gonna beat me", she said with a steady voice. she slogged through the snowy yard heading onto the icy road heading toward the seatrain station. It was busy as always,but this time she didn't have the beris to get into second class. She gulped hard and steeled herself for the trip. Unlike the other classes she had to wait in line, moving all the way out into the snowy weather. Here she was surrounded by less than desirable company.

In front of her was a silent stoic giant, well giant to her, man standing in front her of. With a big poofy jacket and excessive hair bursting at the seams. She tried to strike up a conversation, but he didn't budge. He simply stared out in front as they moved up at a snail's pace in line. In back of her was a fishman, with flakey frills which were standing up at the sides of its face.He looked like a pufferfishman, round but still humanlike. He wasn't necessarily dressed for winter either. He glared at her when she nervously took a glance at him, scoffing with rancid breath which reeked of alcohol. She turned about face and scrunched up, shivering when she felt a scaley finger tap on her shoulder...

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Chapter 1, part 2: New voyage, new friend

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic B3aPNQo

Lina faced up to look the fishman in the eyes, whose expression was steady and unmoved. His narrow pupils trained on the skittish looking girl. A cloud of his breath hit her face, causing her to tremble as she tried not to cough. The fishman went to speak when she began to cough up a storm, icy air causing every breath she took to sting like fire. " your breath smell mister fishman". He growled before jiggling as he himself began to bellow with laughter, blowing up like a regular puffer fish. "s'cuse meh miss had a big lunch today, the name's alphonse. I see you too, are a practictioner of fishman karatay"! Lina waved his breath away and gave him a puzzled look as they movd up a bit in line. " what makes ya say that"?

He pointed to her skimpy attire, emphasizing her exposed legs. " Fishmen karatay practitioners don't prepare for extreme weather. Snow is just another test of willpower", he said as she thrust his arm into the air and flexed to show his muscles. Lina scratched her chin and chuckled a bit, "uhh--it-it's not like I wanna be dressed like this. Just didn't expect it to be snowing during the summer". Alphonse let out another hearty laugh, " aye--you must be from a blue, no? East..west..south? Doesn't matter, many islands on the grandline have don't adhere to normal weather patterns". She rubbed her chin, pulled out a pen & paper to scribble notes. She twirled her pen for him to continue and as such they passed the time waiting to board by teaching her about the grandline. Like an over eager student, lina ate it up like a hungry shark.

Before long they found themselves boarding the train once more. With a stern stoic marine soldier taking their tickets, accompanied by his 7 foot tall dog. It was a Rottweiler, whose snout scanned her body head to toe. Lina flinched expecting to end up a chew toy,but the dog's tongue dropped out of its mouth and it gae her a cheerful bark. " Alright you're clear to go mam, row 24:seat c". Her friend Alphonse passed as well, following shortly after her. He grabbed her shoulder and whispered in her ear. " Don't let yer guard down. Keep yer hands to yourself and back straight. Posture posture". A sharkman with a hammerhead tattoo was seated first in the row, teeth bared and armed crossed. He gave alphonse a look of disgust, eyes filled to the brim with disgust.

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Chapter 1 part 3:Beware skippy

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic Mx4zlpp

Lina scanned the room, taking note of her surroundings before looking at the other fishman. On one side there were many humans, well mostly so. On the other were minkmen, people she would describe as cat people and things of the like. And ofcourse, a bunch of fishmen. She smirked at the fishman who thrust his palms into the seats arm rests. Head slanted bearing its teeth. Tensions in the room began to rise. Despite the animosity in the car, most were not prepared to fight. Her right hand had already been gripping her sheath, thumb slyly flicked the blade loose. It was a soft sound,but thick with killing intent. Lina was calm and without emotion, the same glazed look in her eyes measured up the sharkman without reserve.

It growled at her, before the sound of a marine's whistle broke the silence. It hid its teeth and sat back down looking straight ahead. Alphonse was breathing heavily, tears welling up in his eyes. " ma-m-maybe you wanna protect me then? hahha". She sighed and continued forth, noticing her seat toward the middle of the car closest to the aisle. The aisle no longer crowded, as others pulled their arms and limbs in as if they were trying to not contract her cooties or something.

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic BjGWZVs

She sighed and grasped her throbbing heart. She breathed heavily with a trickle of sweat racing down the tip of her nose. " Oh boy oh boy gosh dang it". Alphonse gave her a hearty slap on the back and laughed once more. Others around her snickered at the tough girl. They instinctively called her skippy. She glared forward before shaking her head. " you do look like a skippy little one".

The sea train staff conducted one more check, making sure weapons were put away and neighbors were cooperating with one another. He gave lina a curious look and shook his head, " careful there skip". Her cheeks puffed up as she pouted at the comment. All was well, though smelly and rowdy as the train jerked forward when its whistle screeched into the chilly morning air. Her shark friend on the other hand, tapped his finger on the arm rest. A slow rythmic beat...

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Chapter 1 part 4: Greenfoot meet fishies

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic 265?cb=20150309032223

All is well in general on the seatrain. It's moving at a brisk pace(around 20 knots per hour) and is set to arrive at its destination within 10 hours. The ride's generally bumpy,but the first class has shocks and seaking blubber to absorb the rocking and rhythm of the ocean. There in the coach it became a game to see how high the car would arch up and down. The one thing that didn't surprise Lina was the bad, sudden weather that ganked so many other hapless crews every day. However sea sickeness was perhaps the one thing she didn't over come. "h-hey Alohhhllooap". The pufferfish fishman looked down upon skippy and snickered. " Need...bath-rooammm", she said as she pressed the palms of her hands on her mouth. Al gestured with his thumb down the aisle, where she raced toward the bathroom. " oh and watch for the---"! was all Alphonse could muster before Lina shrieked.

Followed a string of water sloshing and loud vehement gagging sounds. She threw herself against the wall as the train swayed and propped herself against it, looking out to see the weather which seemed to be calming back down. What was left from the ministorm was little more than a few docile waves and a partly cloudy sky. Though over the horizon she saw something, concerning sticking out on the water's edge.

One fin became two, two became four. Lina emerged from the bathroom covered in toilet water and vomit. Her neighbhors cried out in high pitched voices, laughing and making fun of her appearance. Both fishman and human stood clear of her. Apparently thugs, mercenaries, and hobos had standards. Who knew? However what bothered her was the fishman who stared her down earlier. " Hey Al...Alphonse, what's up with mister tough guy over there"? He retreated a bit, half in jest. " eww get away vomit girl. haha--hmm"?

Alphonse approached the front of the car. Security aboard the ship saw him and recognized lina's friend from earlier. The sharkman slowly raised his gaze to the pufferfishman, with a calm serene expression on his face. Al started at the rythmic taps that humans..nay even fishmen would not notice on dry land. Al puffed up and placed his hand on the shark's tapping finger. " ey galley-la man, sound the alarm. This bastard's been fishing this whole time".

Lina tapped the shoulder of the nearest fellow, " eyy what's fishing? like with a rod or something"? He pulled away, wiping off his grungy shirt. "It's a serious accusation, but i think he's saying it's some sort of fishman s.o.s, a signal of sorts". She looked puzzled, nodding to him as she approached the tense scene ahead. The sharkman rose from his seat, standing 7, err 8 feet tall. Just a few inches taller than Alphonse with that same psychotic smile. " Good. Luck".

Before al could move she grabbed his throat and tossed the puffer into security officers behind him. By reflex he puffed up. injuring a few people and blocking the path as the sharkman raced to the end of the car, only to find Lina blocking his path. Loud crashes could be heard in neighboring cars, screams as the train swayed to and fro. Gun shots broke out and an alarm sounded. Fishmen also flung themselves into random windows along the car, claws digging into the walls as they pulled themselves in against the turbulence caused by the gaping holes.

All of them bore hammerhead tattoo...

5A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic Empty Re: A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic on Sun Dec 24, 2017 8:49 pm



Chapter 1, finale: Silver fang

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic Mx4zlpp

Lina's eyes traveled from one end of the car to the other, observing the chaos which ensued. Fishmen and humans alike sprung into action admidst the blaring alarm and crimson lights flashing off and on. The sharkman cracked his knuckles with a gratified grin, each step carried a lumbering weight with it. He too grinned at the chaotic scene as well, shrugging it off because he too felt overwhelmed. " Feast your eyes greenfoot. Take in the chaos, this will soon be every human city in the world..drink it, take it all..", he said with a prophetic tone. The two danced around a corpse. It was one of her neighbors lying face first on the floor in a pool of blood.

Meanwhile al rallied around a group of humans and fishmen. The hammerheads brandished their weapons with glee, carefully thrusting forth to keep the passenger as they slowly corralled them into a corner. " you damn fish fillets, this is all your fault. You bunch of lilly livered traitors". Al hardened his forearm with haki and slammed the incoming spear headon to shatter its pole and send his attacker to the floor. " Are you fucking stupid, they're attacking us too fleshsac. Hold on or none of us will make it"!

The hammer head faked out Lina every other step. He grinned widely, letting his saliva drip from his teeth. " Is this it, that all you can conjure sharkbait"? Lina gripped her sheath as hard as she could, the tension making her blade rattle. calm yourself skippy. this is all you can do? cower in fear while the adventure you longed for stands before you? She didn't know where this voice came from. Perhaps it was the fatigue talking, or maybe it was conscience doing the talking. She breathed in and out, steadily diffusing the tension in her arm until the blade stopped shaking.

A stray grunt lunged forth, despite his apparent leader's growling. She lunged forth just below its muscular arm as it swiped just above her head, sliding along the wet floor. She instinctively felt her head clear, all of her humanity rushing away from her leaving a husk of a human being behind. The fishmen's eyes widened in horror before the little girl leaned forward and slid her feet apart with great swiftness. Her blade flew forth, singing a song of sorrow.

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic EFyFmoN
Silver fang

The fishman assailant hobbled over in shock, its top half flew off into the wind. Its legs following shortly, being pulled over by the unraveling entrails before splattering on the side of the train.The sound of gunshots and men grew nearer. The hammerhead leader stopped messing around and really attacked this time. Its arm raised above his head, fist balled into a bloody fist. It came crashing down like a mallet, tearing the floorboards asunder just barely missing Lina. " Damn fleshsacs, not even the highest of your kind is good enough---to be the doormat for the lowest of all fishmen"! She whipped her blade to the side, cleaning the blood and entrails from it.

Though the hammerhead was not finished yet. Its massive arm continued unabated as if nothing was there to hinder to it. Both of the brought together seamlessly to form a wall of scale and muscle spanning 5 feet wide and 2 feet tall(vertically). The blow winded lina and all went black for just a moment until she rolled backward and steeled herself once more." I S'aliegh JON-ES will get you meat sac"! Lina slammed solemnly through the doors and into the next car. Her pursuer roaring like a beast, losing his mind in the process. She rested all her wieght on her left foot and lunged forward with all her might. Left hand trained at the ready, her blade flourished and flew through the air, leaving its sheath without a sound. JON-ES ducked back at the last moment with a toothy grin, only to find the sheath barreling into the tendons in his arm. He was stunned. His arm was flailing in the wind as her blade's tip skid along the floor as she spun around. " Twin fang strike".

Her blade traveled true, her mind clouded as it ripped into JON-ES' abdomen. He gawked and hacked for breath, but still conscious enough to slam his clenched fish into her side. She didn't let go, causing the blade to wrench the other way with a sinewy tearing following in its wake. " Is that all you can -c-conjure, fish fillet"? A slight smirk etched onto her worn out face, her bloodied blade falling to the floor. He heaved up blood, holding onto his abdomen in a futile effort to stem the bleeding. He slammed his meaty forehead into her face, wobbling and barely standing at this point. She wiped her mouth and stepped forth, launching a left hook into his jaw as he lurched over. She threw another despite the pain coursing through her viens with each breath. Each blow was like punching a wall of meat. Though the hammerhead stepped back little by little, till he was right at the edge of the railing.

She froze for a moment, arm quivering and fist locked up involuntarily. Her body burned with every fiber of her being as she stood there. " At yer limit flesh sac? That's all you can do hehehe". His fingers wrenched around her fist as he plunged over the side, taking her into depths of ocean. Lina felt his grasp loosen, his shadowy form disappearing into the depths of the sea. She willed her body to move, but she felt as if she was paralyzed. Though she was conscious, nothing would move. So this is it? No glory, no friends, no rival...What a lame way to pass....

6A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic Empty Re: A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic on Mon Dec 25, 2017 1:17 pm



Chapter 2:What it means to be a pirate

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic AQfqBN0

ugh...ahh what in god's name--is going on here?sunn is soo br-eight. Lina clutched her forehead, and rubbed her temples profusely. A throbbing migraine assailed her noggin, seemingly leaving  a permanent grimace etched upon her face. A scaley webbed hand grabbed her cheeks, turning her face to and fro. " uahck, gross what the heck"! The figure just barely visible, back to the midday sun shining brightly upon the duo. " mhmm vvvvvaaahhhhurrry intersantay---but FOOLISH"!

The fishman manhandling her pulled away and rubbed his chin. " Yer friend hurr is ayyyyeee--okay", he said making an okay sign. " We'll get you patched up and be done with this NONsense". Lina winced, scooting a few paces back and surveying her surroundings. Alphonse was sitting with his back to her, covered in  bandages and reddish-pink stains on his tattered clothing. The two shared a fishman customary handshake, one of which was completely alien to Lina.

The pufferfishman turned about face with a shit eating grin. " You're back skippy". She dusted herself off and glanced down at her trusty blade neatly placed beside her. The sheath slightly cracked and blade upon inspection, stained red. " What'da ya mean by back"? She asked, with a raised eyebrow. He pointed toward her ambiguously with a sharp toothy grin. She flinched and he was slightly taken aback before bellowing again, " Ahh you humans and your sensibilities. you actin like you've never seen a mouth of sharp pereallee whites"! Yea cuz that's usually the part where the monster eats ya...

He slapped her back hard repeatedly and she just sort of rocked back and forth with a nervous laugh. " uhh hey, what--did--you--me---an earl--ier"? He pulled back and framed her between his fingers. Licked his index finger or equivalent of such and tested the breeze. " Ahh daz right, you're. You". She thought to herself for a moment or two, twirling her finger a bit, making a slashing motion here or there. Nothing was missing, except maybe her dignity still being covered lightly in vomit and excrement.

" At first ahh thought you just playing around, trying to be little tough girl. But when you draw your're not you. It makes me wonder the real you". He flinched back, holding his arms out when she grasped her blade. She stretched out and yawned deeply,letting her bones pop every which way, grimacing when she stretched her side. " I'm scared. Nervous. and unsure if I'm acting pragmatically or if i'm a good person...was it wrong to set out as a pirate"?

Alphonse thrust his palm out, leaving a miniscule cut on her cheek. " Being a pirate's not about fighting. Or following the rules. Or giving heed to life or not. Any old chum, shmuck and shmoe can do all that. What being a pirate is...something you feel in yer heart. It's about being free, nothing more and nothing less". Lina looked up at the flexing fishman with a shit eating grin,


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Chapter 2, part 1:The state of water 7

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic E3qs57R

The duo parted ways from the strange doc and his assistant who was patching up Alphonse. He peered down at her from the peripheal of his eye with a quizzical expression. " What are ya all happy bout skip"? She had a pep to her step as they made their way off the beach heading into the island interior. " hmm, guess cuz its good to be on dry land once more. Awayy from those smelly fish fillets"! Al coughed and gathered his wits. " Aight so what's first little one"? She paused for a second, raised one finger before retracting back inward. " check out water 7 I guess. What's neat 'round here"?

The pufferfish man obliged her and lead her to dock 1 of 5. She plugged her nose and winced, at the sharp influx of fish odor traveling down wind. " What's so smelly"? She pointed toward the dead fish and the workers. "uhh that'd ain't nice. you don' see me making fun of you humans and yer poop holes". Lina covered her butt with a flushed face. "iit it's clean"! The fishman shook his head and lead her up to the market sector. Workers of all shapes and sizes were working tirelessly to restore even the established districts. Windows still remained boarded up, some riddled with signs of struggle. Pockmarks, trash, and debris still littered the streets. Whole walkways at times were unnaccessible and sometimes giant seahorse carcasses were being hauled off by fishmen and other muscular fellows. " ya said districts 1 through 5 were fixed right? What about the others"?

Al walked in silence for a few moments, waving all around him. " Districts 1 through 5 are just operational. Many these here folks are still displaced. Some like that poor fellas, had everything swallowed up by the sea". There in the distance was a line full of families big and small, waiting in line at a food charity. Another line for small toiletries, and another for jobs. " Is it always like this al"? He said no, but the lagunas have been fiercer lately. If the upper districts were this bad, then things were bad in general.

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic H8WtWXP

Lina stared at the innkeeper with a stern, unmoving expression. " mam, I'm terribly sawry but you gott be movin on if'n you've got no cash". Lina stared at her poor coinpurse, stained with ink from her roll of 1000 beri bills. " puttin my money aside..these prices are pretty out--there". The story was the same everywhere she went. Even the most rundown of inns was priced in the hundreds of thousands. The laguna left the shopkeepers and inns no choice but to only serve the wealthier travelers to preserve their businesses. She dropped to her knees, despair to the max. " a--at this rate I'll be vomit girl fore--evver". Her fishman pal patted her head silently, letting her whine in silence.

Others ofcourse, were just milking the situation and denying anyone but the wealthiest and government officials service... Something that disgusted Lina who in her peripheal vision saw ensigns getting the gold star treatment. " That how it works out 'ere al? These fuck boy marines living comfortably while the rest of us suffer"? The fishman didn't answer, he just shook his head and lead her toward the Galley-La Co. headquarters.

"nevermind em smallfry. Perhaps I could hook ya up with a good gig to get off this rock if that's what yer after". She raised her eyebrow, pondered a moment by rubbing her chin. Before nodding back, " sounds good, thanks". The fishman nodded, but told her not to thank him just yet.

8A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic Empty Re: A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic on Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:01 pm



Chapter 2, part 2:Employment and the slums

Lina and her pufferfish friend Al stoppd before shipyard yard, district 1: the heart of Galley-La Co. Ships were rushing in and out carrying in tarped supplies as far as the eye could see. Steel ships from the technologically advanced north, with signs of perma-ice scarring the tempered metallic hulls. Traditional ships blown up to astronomical sizes bearing the symbol of the world government on their sails for all to see. Though not all ships coming in were in great shape or bearing pronounced symbols of pride. There were others who bore signs of struggle and despair. Ships hobbled into the harbor barely afloat, with tattered sails and tarnished hulls riddled with pockmarks and signs of burning. Others were practically hearses, with crews who resembled ghosts more than proud men at sea. No matter who came into port, it was the first 5 districts of water 7 who served as a shipwright hub throughout the world. If you wanted a ship of special design, chances are the Galley-La Co. had their hands in that cookie jar.

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic 9eYSN8Y

There patrolling the harbor with a grisly looking gun was captain Dill. The reason why one would simply call it a gun is because god knows what is actually under the hood of that sucker. It sports 12 inch barrels and three different types of ammunition just on the surface, others tended to believe his gun was a shot gun. Others believed it was a modified bazooka or a machine gun. One thing's for sure, it was crafted in a land not known to many, deep in the recesses of the world government.

He took one look at Al, then at Lina. Smoke billowed from his cigar, dancing about in the erratic seabreeze. He exhaled deeply and growled at Al, " Pft don't tell me yer bringin me this chihuahua for t'job. I NEED you, on this case". All the while Lina was fanning the smoke away as he went on his tirade. " s'cuse you old timer. The Name's Lina Askr and I'm more than capable for any job you can throw at me"!

He glared at her frustrated expression and cracked a smile. " Slow yo roll shortstuff. I know you held yer own again'st the hammerheads,but this outta yer league". She stuck her tongue out at him and frowned back. " It's outta yer league as well if you need help. Just lemme do it". Al shrugged his shoulders and Dill shook his head. He told her simple instructions, patrol construction zone 6 and stay safe. Call in disturbances with coordinates and get out of there. She received a short range den-den mushi and a temp badge to get on the premises after hours. Al bowed his head slightly and took his leave, lina stuck her tongue out and moved on with him.

--an hour later--

On their way out of the district Lina pondered a bit about the job she took. The sun was getting lower in the sky and the time to get to her job spot was drawing near. " Say uhh al, was it a bad idea to take this job? What happens if I don't hightail it outta there during "dangerous" times'? Al drew a line across his neck, " Shhhkkkereck, capiche"? She nodded and quietly followed his lead. He took her through the infamous slums, where the rest of the island's residents came in the aftermath of the Laguna.

Here she found shantytowns. There were torches at makeshift gated communities, with hostile messages plastered on em:No *******men. No dirty ****** fleshsacs. Classy slogans, guarded by classy fellows. Fishmen who brandished their teeth, licking their lips as Lina passed. Stoic and unmoving human guards, leaning back with their guns sitting securely in their laps. Others were more normal, hell even a few communities had fishmen and humans in an unsegregated little community. While the former had scowled at Lina and Al for walking together as equals, these fellas cheered em on and offered her shelter. It wasn't all sushine and rainbows,but they all understood their predicament. Most of these folk were already downtrotten and struggling.

Those who just moved in were mostly newcomers bearing their resentment on their sleeves. People who took their good fortune for granted, living by the slogan: At least it ain't me. These folk were often pissed at the world and not all, well not many recovered from the resentment. They formed small gangs sometimes, others rioted just to be taken to jail. The most prominent of these gangs was hammerheads, who Lina noticed in the open whereever she went. These hammerheads were prolific and it didn't matter if they were human or fishman. Those who rejected their kind found a knife in their backs or they never turned up again. Strange accidents befell those who spoke up. The hammerheads leeched upon communities and used fear and organization to get their way. The only thing holding these terrorists back was the Galley-La Co. During the reconstruction efforts, they were an issue all the same. Right under their noses and hidden in plain sight. No matter how many were arrested and taken care of, the islanders just couldn't rid themselves of these thugs.

" This is it skips, meet up with the current on duty officers and do what they say. We'll meet up at camp in the morn". She nodded and gulped, staring at the overbearing shadow threatening to swallow her whole.

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Chapter 2, part 3: The nature of the assignment

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic BjGWZVs

Lina ventured into the outline of a building with a steel frame, with dancing shadows that seemed to follow her. The silence was contrasted only by the pitter patter of her light footsteps. Her eyes took a few minutes to adjust to the darkness, which made her trip about on rubble and tools lying about from the construction crew. She panted for a moment and growled at the wheelbarrel, tossing it to the side with a vengeance. However that alerted someone in the distance. She heard some mumuring followed by heavy set footsteps which seemed like thunder. Light in the distance startled her as she zipped toward a steel support beam and kicked off with all her might. She reached out and latched onto a horizontal beam nearby. As the lights drew nearer she pulled herself up and over the top, lying flat on her stomach as the others arrived at the scene.

She peered over to find a muscular fellow built like a tank, panting heavily with labored breath. His companion a fishman who resembled a bullshark. His teeth glistened in the moonlight and scaley flesh had a dull hue to it. " where ar'ya, whur'd ya go"? He grunted and growled, a low reverberating tone echoing in the otherwise silent night air. The man knelt down and saw the tracks in the dusty dirt floor. He traced his hand in the tracks and waved the dirt lingering in the air. " It's probably nothing, these here tracks are small, probably some kid". The sharkman growled, his eyes scanning the area as Lina scooched over toward an adjacent corner beam. " Wut cuz its a fu---ckin human? You think I don't know what the fuck yer doing"?

The man rose to meet the shark face to face, lina got low to the ground trying her best to cease breathing. All the while cursing her breasts that squished against the cold beam, " tch, I'm saying it's nothing. That is, unless you fish fucks want to challenge me on dry land". The shark opened his mouth bearing his sharp serrated teeth momentarily, before pulling away and moving back to their route. The two grunted and walked back into the darkness.

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic IxfwPRh

Lina rose to a kneeling position as she chewed on a small chocolate she had in her pocket, from one of those ritzy hotels. It was a nervous twitch for her, some bit their nails. Others drank and did drugs. Lina for the most part had a pronounced sweet tooth during times of stress. Her brows furrowed as she gulped the candy. She lightly dropped to the ground and used the shadows and other boxes, crates, and stacks of construction materials to follow the grunting duo. She pulled up over the ruins of a, " bob's pharmacy". Climbing through the front entrance and over the collapsed roof which made a rubble ladder leading to the roof.

She kepted low, knees feeling achey from all the crouching. Her eyes scanned the area to find a remarkable operation going on in the distance. A ship pulled up to shore and crates of materials and supplies were being rowed out and carried by large fishmen. The ship bore the symbol of the world government. She couldn't make out what was being shipped or who was involved due to only having moonlight and a bonfire to watch the unfolding scene. However what she could make out was semblance of a tatoo etched into their right shoulders...the exact place where the hammerheads brand themselves.

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Chapter 2, Part 3: What the hell is going on here?

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic BFBnq3S

Lina stood absolutely still, lost in thought for a moment, " It's soo big". Captain Dill grunted and shrugged, " Ehh I've seen bigger". The two watched the giant mackerel being wheeled in, fitted with little trimmings and nifty little veggies lining the fish. " So what is it that you want skips"? She snapped out of her and punched her palm hard to bring herself back into the moment, but her eyes still went back to it every now and then. " Mind telling me why there's an army of hammerheads using that construction zone? Why they're so well equipped? WHY THE GOV--". Dill pulled a pistol out and gently placed it to her chin. " Sit down skippy".

As the barrel left her chin, she fought back the tears and pulled a chair out. He stuck his fork into the fish and cut himself a massive slab. He bit into it and swung it around, savoring every bite. " You can have a little". At first she didn't move, but he glared at her with deathly eyes. " Remember. A. Lit.til". She pulled off a few inches and placed it gingerly in her plate. He sat there, staring off into space while she waited for him to speak. " You absolutely sure you saw what you saw"? She looked about, checking to see if anyone else was there. She fought the butterflies and gulped hard, clearing her throat before speaking again. " Yes I couldn't make out what they were bringing to the island er taking off it,but they came up to shore easily. N were working with those criminals".

Dill nodded, pulling a folder out from underneath the fish. He licked his finger and scanned the pages with enlightened eyes. " Yep it all checks out, the dubayou-gee's left this morn without a word". Lina leaned forward, still chewing on her fish, " Then wut do we do? the govr'ment is strong right"? He wiped his face of the fish scraps and she pulled back with a reddened face. " This probably ain't the firs time they've done this,but they aren't the only customers. W're water fucking 7, these fucks have a world of customers at their finger tips".

Lina's shoulders sunk and she held her temples with a grimace. " Don worry kid, you done good".

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Chapter 2, part 4: New orders, stay kinda safe k?

Lina walked out of the barracks armed with a standard combat knife fastened at her thigh and a company den den mushi. Dill emphasized the need to stay out of sight and out of mind,but her goal this time wasn't just to survive. For now on as long as she was signed up for the job, she'd be officially tasked with tracking and finding their whereabouts. Before heading out she stopped by the camp to find Al was nowhere to be found. She asked around,but no one saw the pufferfish man. He was almost impossible to miss, nearly naked giant was hard to miss. But she had no time to deal with him.

Before heading off to sleep she kept a low profile, well as low as a little girl like her could among big and burly construction workers. Every other security gaurd or operations supervisor stopped her and confirmed her badge number. Each time Dill would chew them out so she could continue. She'd bow curtly and skamper off from the scene. She looked about, trying to find evidence of their activity. Though on the heart of the premises there wasn't even a single track or crate left behind. Toward the outskirts she found herself dumbfounded as not even the ashes were left. She rubbed her chin and ran her fingers through the spot where the bonfire had been.

During the nights she'd hideout, using binoculars to spy on surrounding from the highest vantage she could find. Bonfires were a common theme, with the beachhead at the north side beach of district 7 being a prime spot for pirates. From district 6's cliffside she noticed them lowering crate from above and into the water. " Whatever they'r shippin is either dead or water proof...", she said as she nibbled on a piece of candy. At first she only strived to find where their goods were going, even going so far as to find a their general routes. Which she mapped on a rough skematic in the moonlight.

The next morning she reported in with an idea, having drywall and bricks laid out in certain walls and areas. Materials as well, moved to stand in the way of certain routes, which had incidentally annoyed the workers. The miserable supervisors chewed them out in the distance as Lina chuckled. Sleep deprived but determined, she used the surrounding beaches and alleyways to sleep during the day. On the third night, she was ready to see the fruits of her labor.

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Chapter 2, part 5:Counter attack

Lina awoke two hours after sundown by a particularly powerful seabreeze which nearly threw her from her perch. She flipped through the air and broke her fall with her elbows and knees, falling hard on her stomach anyways. she fanned the dust away and made her way into the construction zone, using her knowledge of the grounds to see what the hammerheads had done. They were unabated, moving quickly through the zones of hindrance as if they knew what was going on prior. She grimaced from the shadows, her fingernails digging into the drywall she was hiding behind. "who's there"? Her eyes widened as the lights drew closer once more. She ducked and slid behind a trashcan, as the heavy footsteps walked past.

It was three of them, each grunted wordlessly as they fanned out. Lina clung to dumpster low to the ground and darted toward a stack of wooden planks. An octopus man growled and hurried over, demonstrating his acute hearing. She vaulted over a half finished brickwall and rolled into a supply closet. The octopus man dashed in, just barely missing the door,but looking about with shifty leery eyes. Lina pressed against the wall, peering down at her cleavage just centimeters from the door. "Ey we gotta get a mov'on chubbs"! The octopi's 6 arms all tightened with a mucusy sounding gurgle as he reluctantly moved on to his job.

Lina exhaled deeply, wiping a tear from her eyes. Shivering at the thought of being grabbed by those slimey mitts of that fishman. She placed her den den on the ground and placed a call to Dill. Upon picking up a beard appeared on its chin, giant cigar at the side of its lips. " What is it skip"? She cleared her throat and took a moment to gather her thoughts. " They're not just strong, they knew where everything was before hand". He paused for a moment before giving further orders. She was to retreat and wait for his team to take it from there.

She left out the backway of the district 7 construction zone and headed home. In the distance she head the sound of gunfire. The sound of bullets roared in the silent night air. She winced and high tailed it home trying to not get caught in the chaos that would ensue.

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Chapter 2, part 6: It ain't over

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic Wy3T2G6

Lina rested in the same spot for most of the night, still trying to fathom just what had happened. Her captain was already stationed at the site waiting to go at any moment. Yet she couldn't even sense their presence, not even a single trace. " hammerheads knew what was goin on...capt not telling me still missing. what's going on here"? At daybreak she headed on to the slum with a disheveled look and dreary eyes. Upon entering her hut she found Al rummaging through her belongings. He turned about face surprised to her home so early. " Something you wanna say Al"?
The pufferfish man held up a cupcake with a nervous smile. " jus hungry skips. How'd it go las night? I heard there was quite the showdown". She shook her head and drooped onto her rug. " ehh I don't know? I withdrew before they cracked down on em".

The fishman chewed on his sweets and headed on out. " Quit while yer 'head skippy. Things are only going to get bump-'ier. The Galley-La was jus a favor, not a permanent solution. Give 'em notice and look to move on from 'ere". She made a balled fist and her brows furrowed, teeth clenched as she said, " Don't you dare go. Or' I'll--". He turned to her with a grim stare, hand crushing the sheet metal forming a wall of her hut. She stood up, eyes trained on em with her right hand rested on the hilt of her blade. " Are you the reason--no are--what do you know Al"? He disappeared from her doorway and left without a word. She rushed darting like a bullet, ready to lunge at him at any moment.

That is, until a shot was fire into the air. The slum headchief had a neutral expression,but didn't budge an inch. " That's enough skippy". She paused for a moment, thinking back on when or how she met him. Although she felt bad for not talking to her neighbors much. It was something she had foregone to pursue this job. After what happened on the train she wanted to get to the bottom of things. However, here was a man who she never met, letting her know that they knew. She slowly let go of her blade and burned the rest of her belongings. With just a knapsack and her galley-la co credentials, she headed into the business district 3 to hide out among the crowds. A small girl like her would more or less, be able to use the crowds to disappear she thought to herself.

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Chapter 3:New assignment

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic Y53B26c

Lina kept to herself and shook with trepidation the whole time. The most she would do is order carbonated water or a small meal. The food was better than the slums,but it was making her cringe with each purchase. Sitting at a booth alone, she glumly lied facefirst on the table without saying much. That is, until her den den rang once more. She took a look at it with nervousness, unsure if she should trust what was on the otherside of the line. Lina sighed and stowed out the back entrance and lied the snail on her knees while she assumed an upright fetal position. " Ya haven't been in for days chihuhua. What's up"?

She glared back at the scruffy snail, thinking carefully about her next words. " I can' ya". The snail paused a moment and grinned, " cuz of Al"? She grit her teeth and slammed her fist on the dumpster with palpable rage. " Screw you, what do you know"? The snail kept smiling and bellowed with laughter. " So I'm a guessin yer not with the hammerheads, no"? She was silent,but the snail transmitted an ugly expression, a grimace with deep veracuse veins popping out. " You saw what happened didn't cha? Even ya boy was in on it and he doesn't bear the brand". Her expression softened and she went to retort,but the snail interjected once more. " You know its true. Jus cuz he saved yer arse, don't mean he wasn't jus tryin to recruit ya. Now you got to decide what to do from here".

She propped herself against the wall and slumped down. She expected him to give her an ultimatum,but he merely waited on her to get the message. She gingerly held the snail up and said, " I just wanna finish the job,but don't ya you or that company".

The snail had cleared it throat and frowned. " There's not much i can sa'y, ya either gotta go back and do what others won't or I gotta find a new scout. Regardless of al's involvement you did yer job".

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Chapter 3, part 1: The grim reality gets grimmer?

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic IxfwPRh

Lina used the outskirts of the island to make her way to the construction zone. She scaled cliffs and even swam in certain areas to avoid the populated areas of the slums. Around midnight, when the full moon was brightest she found herself deep in enemy territory. What was supposed to be the long way to avoid others turned out to be where she needed to be. She heard the familiar heavy set footsteps of the fishman hammerheads.

They were accompanied by chains rattling and weeping. These were middle aged men and women who were being herded out to district 7 beaches. The younger women and children were being hauled off wrapped in duck tape over the shoulders of the fishmen. A few of these people were from the slum she stayed at, one a restraunt waiter who had served her earlier that day. He was't anything special,but she'd recognize that gooft dragon tattoo running up the side of his face any day, no matter how battered and bruised he was. Lina called in this spot, nearly breaking her den den in the process.

A taste of Paradise- Gran voyage topic H8WtWXP

She slept in dumpsters, ruins when tides receded and even in hotel rooms every now and then. She had the habit of ordering two rooms as a misdirection that in some cases, lead to both rooms under her name being raided. Though she was always one step ahead, hopped up on sugar and caffeine while near civilization. The more she called in, the more aggressive her enemies became. She never stuck around,but always left notes on Dill's desk at day break. After every successful raid she found a small note in her equivalent of a public p.o box.

She knelt down, clenching her teeth and striking the ground in frustration. A part of her knew this was her fault, because she hadn't taken prime opportunities to fight them herself. A part of her still cursing the butterflies that welled up in her chest, that part of her which wanted to be a pirate but was too afraid to be solo. Hell she even cursed herself for working with the Galley-La co. Not because she couldn't trust them, but rather because she was still acting like a follower, like a marine.

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