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Ships Ships11
Ships are obviously a big part of One Piece, considering the characters travel from island to island the whole series. It is no different here. Our Ship system is fairly simple though. Taken from the heading image, there are 5 Ships. The following are their names and classifications.

  • Full Rigged: Large, 50 Capacity, & Slow. Example is the Moby Dick.
  • Brig: Large, 30 Capacity, & Slow. Example is the Red Force.
  • Brigantine: Medium, 10 Capacity, Medium. Example is the default Marine Ship.
  • Caravel: Medium, 5 Capacity, Medium. Example is the Going Merry.
  • Freedom: Small, 3 Capacity, Fast. No example.

This is in regards to the size of the vessel. Only length is supplied as the width and height is to be proportionate to the length by default.

  • Large: Large ships are 100-250m in length.
  • Medium: Medium ships are 50-100m in length.
  • Small: Small ships are 0-50m in length.

Capacity refers to the amount of people the ship can fit, but is measured in a unique way. Per capacity point the ship can fit 10 Grunts, a Single PC or NPC. Additional capacity slots can be purchased. However, regarding ships with equal speed classifications but different capacity, the more capacity a ship has filled and possesses, the slower it is considered.

Speed simply ranges from Slow, Medium, to Fast. There are no specific m/s tagged to these and they shouldn't be necessary.

This is the fire power your ship is packing. Artillery has two key elements to it. The cannons are one and the ammunition that is loaded into the cannons is the other. Net shot, cannonballs, harpoons, etc. There are three classifications for both the Cannons and the Ammunition. Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light Cannons fire Light Ammunition, Medium Cannons fire Medium Ammunition, and Heavy Cannons fire Heavy Ammunition.

Cannons and Ammunition are purchased separately, so as needed the ammunition can be swapped out for another type of ammunition during a topic. Below are the three universal cannons and three universal Ammunitions. If you want anything more, you must have it crafted by the proper Crafting Occupation.

Universal Cannons and Ammo:
Name: Light Cannon
Classification: Light
Description: A typical cannon mold mounted on wheels. It requires a strength of 2 to be moved.
Speed: Dependent on Ammunition
Power: Dependent on Ammunition
Range: Dependent on Ammunition

Name: Medium Cannon
Classification: Medium
Description: A typical cannon mold, yet a bit larger than the Light version, mounted on wheels. It requires a strength of 4 to be moved.
Speed: Dependent on Ammunition
Power: Dependent on Ammunition
Range: Dependent on Ammunition

Name: Heavy Cannon
Classification: Heavy
Description: A large cannon mold that is installed onto a solid surface and cannot be moved.
Speed: Dependent on Ammunition
Power: Dependent on Ammunition
Range: Dependent on Ammunition

Name: Junk Shot Cannon Ammunition
Classification: Light
Description: Junk Shot Cannon Ammunition fires a load of shrapnel from odd end metal scraps. It's purpose is to destroy the enemy sails to leave them immobilized. It also works great against enemy infantry. Up to a 10m spread of shrapnel.
Speed: 6
Power: 4
Range: 100m
Quantity: 15 Shots

Name: Basic Cannon Ammunition
Classification: Medium
Description: Basic Cannon Ammunition are typical cannon balls that works best to damage and destroy enemy ships or enemy infantry. 1m in diameter
Speed: 5
Power: 5
Range: 500m
Quantity: 15 Shots

Name: Explosive Shell Cannon Ammunition
Classification: Heavy
Description: When Explosive Shell Cannon Ammunition fires off its shot, the noise it makes is very loud and it leaves a dark cloud of smoke from the amount of gunpowder it uses. It requires a strength of 2 to load. The cannonball it fires looks like a basic cannonball, albeit much larger, 3m in diameter. Upon making contact with a solid structure or reaching a predetermined distance decided by the shooter, the cannonball explodes. This explosion has a diameter of 10m and has 6 Power.
Speed: 4
Power: 6
Range: 250m
Quantity: 5 Shots

Corresponding with the size classifications of ships, there is a limit to how many Cannons one can have.
  • Small: Small ships have 10 Artillery Points.
  • Medium: Medium ships have 25 Artillery Points.
  • Large: Large ships have 50 Artillery Points.

  • Light Cannon: Cost 1 Artillery Point
  • Medium Cannon: Cost 5 Artillery Points
  • Heavy Cannon: Cost 10 Artillery Points

The template for crafted custom cannons or ammunition is below.

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of artillery)
[b]Classification:[/b] (Light, Medium, Heavy)
[b]Description:[/b] Describe the appearance of the cannon. Is it mobile or immobile? Describe the ammunition and what it is best used for. Note, moving a mobile Cannon requires a collective Strength equal to the amount of Power the Cannon has.)

Each type of Ammunition supplies you with a limited amount of Shots per topic, but they replenish at the start of every new topic.

Submarines are also a part of the One Piece universe, thus they are apart of Strawhat. Submarines here are just an added capability of a Ship, though they obviously open up a new world of possibilities in regards to naval combat. That said, a Ship that is a Submarine would be labeled as such in the Ship Type category of the template. Freedom - Submarine or Full Rigged - Submarine. It'd have the classifications of the Ship Type it is based off of, Capacity, Speed, Size, etc, but be able to fully submerse itself in water and be able to do so for a seemingly infinite amount of time. Shipwrights are the only ones who can build Submarines.

The last there is to say about Ships is their Durability. Akin to the ranks equipment follows, Ships have 4 grades of Durability. From most durable to least.
  • Supreme
  • Great
  • Skillful
  • Common

The following levels of Strength & Power can break/cut/melt/etc the corresponding grade of Ships after it suffers three direct blows of said level. A strike from a level of Power & Strength one level higher than the ship can tolerate will break it in 2 hits as opposed to 3. A strike from a level of Power & Strength two levels higher than your ship can tolerate will break it in 1 hit as opposed to 3.

  • Supreme - 10
  • Great - 8
  • Skillful - 5
  • Common - 2

Lastly, Durability for a Ship is Common by default. At any point in time, one can pay to upgrade their Ship's Durability to a higher grade.

Ship Template
[b]Ship Name:[/b]
[b]Ship Type:[/b]
[b]Ship Size:[/b]
[b]Ship Capacity:[/b]
[b]Ship Speed:[/b]
[b]NPCs:[/b] (When you purchase NPCs, they must be stationed on a Ship. Obviously they can get off the ship, but they are assigned to a vessel)

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