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What....Why....Water 7 [GV] - Page 5 Tumblr_nehgh402081rl9sqto1_1280

Melissa's hands curled around her lance, the black hue of Buso Haki covering it upon contact with her speed its creation was complete prior to the dials light release. As her lance curled into her hand, The light of the flash dial erupted, while in conjunction a dial of water shot forth a powerful burst. This thus resulted in Melissa's entire speech being cut, as well as resulting in her mode, not being revealed. Having her actions interrupted by the streaming power of the water that burst forth at immense speeds. It was this sudden burst of water that caught her by surprise, given that she was not cold enough to freeze, there was indeed no effect of "freezing" her parts. What did happen was the extreme force of the water burst into her body, yet she did not fall, tensing her body, the water pushed passed her, it was just below her thigh at the end of its movement, thus she would simply shrug the effects of the water off. "Is that it?" she said cocking her head.

Now wet from the waist down, she didn't really care, it certainly made her look much sexier right? Yet she would only sigh ever so gently, the water had done one thing, one thing that Arco would probably regret. It washed away her hot-headedness. If he had waited to use that combination after she had used her mode, if she had been in range of that flashbang, the water would have potentially done even more to her, possibly even knocking her from her feet, and now he stood with the extended dagger in hand, yet she simply shook her head. "Three seconds" she said. The fact that Arco came up with this plan, that certainly could have been an issue if he had only held off a little longer, amazed her. She was indeed surprised in this aspect. Still it was not enough.

No need to move, no need to rush. With the lance in her hand, she fired it forward, throwing it with such strength and aim directly at the head of Arco. Given that it had the ability to be controlled telepathically, this man would struggle to see it. Pain would more than likely course through his legs before he could even see the spear being thrown, for what all who fight her seem to forget, is that she controlled not only the snow in her hand, but the entirety of the snowy battlefield. As she leant back to throw the spear, two spikes of piercing snow, much thicker than the legs of arco shot upwards, intending to pierce his kneecaps from the back. Given that his entire focus was on Melissa herself, gaining the vantage to actually see this attack that moved at speeds far above his perception level would be a feat indeed.

Alas, the trickery of the Yuki Yuki No Mi did not end their, the lance itself was a tricky one, able to be manipulated by Melissa's will, to change its directory, if Arco managed to evade by less than a few inches, the lance would burst with spikes to slice into his body, if he managed to avoid relatively well with any more than 6 inches the lance would proceed to flow past him as normal, only for it to fly for two meters before turning back intending on impaling the man's back. Getting close to him was foolish with the larger amount of hollows now backing him up.


62What....Why....Water 7 [GV] - Page 5 Empty Re: What....Why....Water 7 [GV] on Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:55 pm



How foolish she was indeed as his plan came to a complete turnaround. Miss a mistook the water blast for herself which it was. However, it also did a different job as well. It began to freeze over the snow around it. With the freezing temperature around them. The snow would begin to turn to ice. Yes, ice the 1 element that snow could never be. Giving the fact snow was becoming ice he would an even better chance of avoiding her sneak attacks. He would be sure to feel the vibrations of the moving ice. Covering a 9-meter mark around him. The ice would get weaker as it spread out.

Within the 4 meter range, the ice was at its toughest. Arcologia comes to see everything as of now since his spy hollow was now on the battlefield. At the same time she curved the lance he would have jumped in the air the moment the flashbang died down. Looking at the lance coming his way he would smile. As he leaped some 30 meters in the air his newfound motivation. Caused Arcologia to gain newfound boost in strength power. As the lance came at him his hollow would indeed come in-between the lance and him. It would be impossible for him to get hit by the lance the way he was.

His bomb hollow surrounded him he was no joke when it came to that. Melissa was clearly the stronger fighter but if he had to keep her at bay. He could hold out just a little longer. If her lance was to continue to come at him. It would need to get past his bomb hollow would be cover him all around. It would indeed cause an explosion to take place. Meanwhile, Arcologia began to point his first at Melissa. As his hollow was now able to get 5 meters around her. He planned it so the moment she turns to snow it would be like taking candy from a baby. Why because she would be planning to hit him next. However, the moment she returns to normal all 4 of them would take aim at her.

"Let's heat up the battlefield shall we Snow Witch." Soon a very large hollow would start to form. An explosion that could level 10 story buildings and certain types of ships was now being made. Its firey spirit would give Melissa a hot ass warning if nothing else. He would then look at her then screamed. "Let's see you dodge this bitch. BIG BANG ATTACK." If release his most powerful attack was sure to cause damage.

Name: Hollow X5
Description: This very skill allows the user to create a 10 foot hollow bomb version. It's impact is 15 meter high and 15 meter wide. Such an a force could level buildings. Major damage could be dealt using this skill.
Range: 50m
Attribute: Power - Current Attribute Level
Rank: Current Skill-Set Rank


63What....Why....Water 7 [GV] - Page 5 Empty Re: What....Why....Water 7 [GV] on Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:08 pm




What....Why....Water 7 [GV] - Page 5 Tumblr_nehgh402081rl9sqto1_1280

Hit called:

I'm going to be calling my hit.

With the lance in her hand, she fired it forward, throwing it with such strength and aim directly at the head of Arco. Given that it had the ability to be controlled telepathically, this man would struggle to see it. Pain would more than likely course through his legs before he could even see the spear being thrown, for what all who fight her seem to forget, is that she controlled not only the snow in her hand, but the entirety of the snowy battlefield. As she leaned back to throw the spear, two spikes of piercing snow, much thicker than the legs of arco shot upwards, intending to pierce his kneecaps from the back. Given that his entire focus was on Melissa herself, gaining the vantage to actually see this attack that moved at speeds far above his perception level would be a feat indeed.

Given that it would take time for the ice to form and given that the snow behind him [where the attack came from] is not covered in water feeling the vibrations of the attack would be an impossibility. Due to the attack also being superior in speed to his perception and focus, with the size of the spikes [thick and wide enough to outshine his knees] if he did attempt to jump [unable to do so at full speed]. The spears would pierce even lower completely destroying his feet and lower legs.

"Two" she uttered as her spikes of snow burst forth, the compressed and powerful spikes tore directly through the kneecaps of Arco. Completely essentially removing his legs from the kneecap, thus forcing him to the ground. This would, of course, mean the lance that was sent after the spikes shot forward would fly over his head, with a single cock of her head it halted in mid-air. Her eyes dancing towards the Hollows, though with the severe type of wound that he had now sustained, maintaining the hollows would be a rather impressive feat, given that he would no longer be able to smile through such mass pain. "Three" she uttered, allowing the lance that now hovered above him to fall, aiming to strike through the skull.

She had promised, she had told him that she would not take any more, and he had expected what? That he would win? Melissa was superior, she was already four steps ahead of him, already thinking of her next move, of how she can manipulate a situation. That is why she always, always manipulates the battlefield to her advantage, she created a world that she could utilize along with transforming her body. He may have iced over 9 meters, but that still left her with around 91 meters that belonged to her. She would make sure to keep track of the hollows that had begun to move towards his body, ready for any potential trick, it would be almost impossible for the man to block her attack, especially without having any legs now.


64What....Why....Water 7 [GV] - Page 5 Empty Re: What....Why....Water 7 [GV] on Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:14 pm



Arcologia, at last, was interrupted somehow someway. He was sure the hollow would protect him. How stupid how silly. As he came crashing down his right knee nearly off of his body. He was indeed legless more or so down 1. Yet he would still be able to smile still be able to laugh in the end. His master plan was to get close to Vael boss and take over for himself. But it was a waste as his hollow floated in and out of this realm. He would look to them still remembering how he came to process his minions.

Unfortunately, Arcologia fell right on his blade which was now in his neck. Heavy breathing soon took its rightful place in him. The pure white snow was soon made reads he starred at the blue sky. His life was pretty damn bad save for Acnologia. Speaking of her last mission was to simply be free. To not live life as a vengeful spirit such as he did and his father before him. He would begin to raise his hand as his right eye was pretty much gone. As bloody tears came out of his eyes. He would ball his fist up finally able to unlock his buso haki. All the why the city spikes were coming down at him. He tried using his hollow but at last as they tried to block them. Slowly but surely they left this dimension.

"1..2...3..4..5..6..7 and the 8th hollow all but gone. You know I always wonder where the hell do the hollow go when they leave this place? Hey, do they even have emotions such as me? Funny I'm thinking of things I wouldn't normally think about doing life. I wonder what do people think about before they die. Hell Melissa my cap'n has she stayed back I could have taken him out. I'll help out 1 last time. Soon he would begin to flow in and out of nothingness. As his 4 hollows remained however he quickly had to change up his plans. You see Only 3 negative hollows was shown the 4th hollow been behind Vael this entire time. A direct hit by his negative effect should give Melissa a chance to take him down if it hit that is.

Arcologia would look over to Melissa indeed as the wind blew the snow pass her. She truly was a beauty just too darn quick to anger. Soon the ice attack would hit him maybe he could not tell. As the blood came up from his mouth he would smile as his last 3hollow came by his side. "This is funny because she did give me to the count of 3 and I'll be dead but I lasted 5 hours." As he counted down his hollow would slowly but surely fade away. Not even Vael could not should save him. His body was to jacked up with spears in it. The perfect Alison Doll model Yuki woman has been created. Arcologia would smile slowly but surely as it literally frozed in place. He would whisper "Cap'n just like my family and even you das leben ist wunderschoen."

Back on Drum island, Acnologia would be putting up her medical supplies. As Arcologia spirit would walk up behind her. Simply touching her shoulder as she turned around with rapid speed. Only for him to vanish she would stand up as she looks out of the window. This caught Oliva attention as she too stood up rubbing her belly. Acnologia would simply say "Vater."

Meanwhile back in Drum, a strange person would be seen walking throughout a snowstorm.

Arcologia would look on as he opens back up his eyes. Thinking of good times he would slowly stand up with the ice spikes in him and all. Looking at Melissa he would smile. Even if he could not speak at all he would say. "I truly dislike following orders that much we can agree on." Smiling as he continued to summon his Hollow X5. But he would soon blackout as he stood there most likely lifeless.

65What....Why....Water 7 [GV] - Page 5 Empty Re: What....Why....Water 7 [GV] on Fri Dec 21, 2018 5:52 am




What....Why....Water 7 [GV] - Page 5 Tumblr_nehgh402081rl9sqto1_1280

The captain and first mate. One is supposed to support the other. Melissa, at killing Arco, felt...relief. It was not something one should feel at killing a member of their own crew, a was supposed to be family, it was supposed to be a place where you could trust those who serve you and are trusted in return. That alas was not the case, and in the end this was the result. She walked forth, taking careful consideration to not slip upon the ice. The snow moved for her, to help her walk, as she got to Ghosts body, She had halted, as he continued speaking, he would be dead soon. "Thank you. Next" she uttered as she looked to Vael. Now what was interesting was Vael was currently upon his knees, though his spirit was high, that was for sure, the surprise attack from the Hollow that Acno had utilized had literally taken him by surprise, a flash of despair was hitting him. The Yuki Yuki No Mi woman was not one to waste an opening, so with her speed and her Soru, she skidded to the man, as she passed by him, her hands grasped upon his staff, with her own speed and his sudden shock from the Negative Hollow attack, he was no match for her strength. "GOTTA GO" she shouted as she swung the now unmoving staff towards the ground. With her strength it shattered on contact, releasing a burst of red smoke that flowed through the atmosphere. His hypnotic power no longer a threat.

"NOOOOOOOOO" screeched the man, forcing the negative thoughts from his mouth. He was hard to anger, but taking his staff, the source of his hypnotic power was gone, thus his entire plan to hypnotize the world was scuppered. "Oops, this looked expensive" she said as she tossed the shattered staff. "YOU....WILL....DIE" he screeched. Much like before, the tornado of red smoke erupted forth, The wind erupted, Melissa was blown away from the force, hitting her own dome that now contained scared civilians. As she looked, the giant form of the genie was now glaring down at him, a large halberd within his hand. "You will perish, I had you eliminate your own crew mate, and now, I'll destroy you" with that he swung his magical weapon, flowing with the colour of buso haki. Soon the battle begun.

The gigantic Genie laughed as he was pelted by snow, his body whispering between normality and its red smoke. The magical giant halberd sliced through buildings with utter ease, leaving a path of devastation in its wake. It was all the Yuki Yuki No Mi user could do to dodge, the body of her companion now lay partially covered in rubble, given that Melissa's ice lance had penetrated into his head. "HAHAHA, LIKE A SCURRYING ANT, YOUR NOTHING" the genie laughed as his halberd danced through the air, with a wave of his free hand, the genie shot forth a burst of power, the dust from his mystical power burst over the rubble, transmuting it into hundreds of snakes, without even a word from their master, the Yuki Yuki No Mi user was assaulted. Unlike their master though, they did not wield Buso Haki, so as they lunged they flew through her body of snow. This is what the man was waiting for though. The battle had raged for roughly ten minutes now.

The battlefield was littered in snow and rubble, from her attacks, though nothing she did was effective, she had been unable to strike the genie. Her snow form moved, the Halberd danced through the air, where her neck formed, the Halberd moved to connect, yet it halted in mid-air, halted inches from her neck, her eyes widened, her body shivered, less than an inch from being decapitated. "W...W...W..." "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH" the genie screamed as he tried to push the now magically floating halberd. Her life flashed before her eyes, witnessing herself growing up, the pain and heart ache she had endured, the battles she had fought, the love of the fight, the quest to avenge her father, meeting those of Water 7, becoming her shichibukai, all of those scenes filtered into her brain. "You....can't kill me" she said shaking. "Not Directly, my excitement bested me, but they can" He said smiling.

Too late did she realize, she had remained stationary too long and a solitary serpant had made its way to her, it lunged for her, her mind screamed to move, though she could have just transformed into snow to avoid the creature, the trauma from the almost death jumbled her thoughts, instead...she jumped to move from the snakes path, only for the creatures goal of striking her abdomen to be met with her ankle instead. The pain she felt was minor, weak, as she rolled she ripped the creature from her, utilizing her snow form by piercing the creature. Yet the genie laughed. He would raise his hands and release more dust that transformed more of the rubble into serpents, flames rose upwards, it was this fire he had wielded to keep her snow attacks at bay, mixing her snow with sand to rip her control. "YES. YES, YOU ARE MINE. DEATH AWAITS. THE SNAKE IS POISONOUS YOU FOOL" As if this was the command word, the new wound upon her ankle would burn. "FUUUUUUUCK" she screamed as she faltered, falling to the ground as she was surrounded by more of these serpents. Melissa tried to flow into her intangible form, was impossible, the venom from the snake affecting her. The genie smiled his weapon resting upon his shoulder now. "Go" he uttered, the snakes jumped, thousands of creatures obscuring the Yuki Yuki No Mi user.

The temperature seemed to drop, the snakes moved, though as they fully obscured the Witch of Snow each snake was penetrated by a spike of snow, the goddess of the cold no longer standing within the center, her body now flowing closer to the genie. Her usually blue irises were now white, the coldness of a blizzard seen within. Her hair tinted white, the skin upon her face took on a blue hue, and lines of blue revealed themselves in a strange and unique pattern. "What is this" the Genie growled as he conjured fire in his hand. "To slow" Melissa uttered as her body vanished. With such speed, her abilities were incredible, with the intense cold of her body, the effects of the poison seemed to be hindered, her body moving exactly how she wanted it to. Within the air, her body seemed to alter, rotating rapidly, forming into one of her signature spikes, a tempest of cold penetration, much larger than any she had previously formed. The genie would literally not know what hit it until it was too late. Her body blackened as she ripped through his shoulder, her own buso haki activating and allowing her to tear a massive hole into the genies shoulder, as she landed behind the creature, she spun with such grace, such dignity, "YOU, FUCKING, BI" the final word was lost, Melissa waited for no man, for no one, as he spoke, she projected her body forward once more, his maw had opened, and she was within, pushing through his mouth and into the back of his head, rapidly piercing through the magical red skin until she came out the other side. His large giant body hung around for a second, then another one more...then he dissolved, his long, sorceror body lying upon the ground, blood splattering as the Queen of Snow stood infront.

Standing, she watched the life leave from the mans eyes, though he looked at her, and with a smile, she understood, she may have killed him, but she had lost too. Not only had she killed her first mate, she had also in turn been killed. The poison would take her life......unless.... her eyes scowered for the remains of her old companion, pushing rubble from his body she hoisted it up to her shoulder. Not in any sentimental way, but this would buy her clout with the world government as well as some quick cash in the long run. This also meant she acquired a retractable seastone blade that was currently within the fallen mans neck.. With her mode, clearing distances was simple, alas the poison though slowed down would hit her halfway to the hospital. As she gently touched down upon the ground, her power sapped, her coldness wore off, she stumbled to her knees dropping her comrade, falling, she landed upon his chest, darkness taking her.....

The next time her eyes opened, it was for a fleeting moment, she saw figures, moving across her, a familiar beeping sound of medical equipment. "Is this the only way?" the nurses voice rang out. "Yes..we have to amputate" surely she had heard that wrong? regardless their was nothing she could do, darkness had grasped her once more. The doctor had her, he was doing what he could and he would succeed, yet the next time she awoke, she was blurry and disoriented, her eyes cast upon a stump where her right leg was, from the ankle was gone.....panic filled her, dread consumed her and drugs settled her, darkness, a dreamless state took her once more.


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