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OOC Note: I will be using this topic as both a voyage and my travel topic to Karakuri.

Link to Voyage:

Method: My Personal Ship
Log Pose Yes, acquired in July Milestone Rewards



[V] Laying a Trap + Ship Travel [Lulusia -> Karakuri] Empty
Cassius Sinclair
The Kraken
[V] Laying a Trap + Ship Travel [Lulusia -> Karakuri] D5da255ae42b2fbe08f85ac5f848e11c

Earlier in Lulusia

Cassius walked the docks of Lulusia while his crew tidied up The Leviathan. Smoke wafted from his trademark pipe as he passed guards, merchants and pirates alike. He reflected on all that had happened during his time on Lulusia, from meeting the strange Mink during the weapons depot raid, to the execution and all the trouble that had been, and finally he thought about Izuzu, the demon and the cult that had taken him prisoner. Cassius scratched at the scales beneath his beard uncomfortably as he remembered that dark night. No word had been heard about the massive demon, but Cassius wasn't naive enough to allow himself to believe that was the end of it. The creature was undoubtedly still alive and, judging from the maps Cassius had taken, the cult was still very much active. What Cassius had been through, what he had seen, it was only the beginning even if it was easier to just disregard it as nothing more than a vivid nightmare. It was for reasons like this that he had little trouble putting Lulusia behind him and setting sail for the next adventure.

Move way! Loose crate! A voice boomed from high above on the deck of the ship Cassius was walking by. Cassius looked up to see the net of a cargo crane beginning to tear, the massive crate it was lifting beginning to slip out just above a scrawny deckhand. The man below stared up in shock and horror, like a deer in the light he was frozen in place. Cassius grunted before moving forward quickly. He towered over the man, so as the crate dropped, Cassius managed to catch it across his broad back. The crate struck him on the shoulders and he leaned forward slightly from the impact, wind escaping his lips as he dropped the pipe from his mouth. The man beneath him stared up at Cassius in even more surprise, shaking now. Cassius said quietly and this seemed to knock some sense into the bewildered young fellow. He nodded suddenly before quickly scampering out from beneath Cassius's shadow. The large fishman proceeded to drop the crate onto the dock where the deckhand had been just moments before, now safely out of the way. Grunting, Cassius bent down and plucked his pipe from the dock. He dumped the lit ashes and wiped the mouth piece on his jacket to clean it.

Th-thank you. The young man said shakily, still trying to comprehend his brush with death.
Mhm. Cassius said, continuing to clean his pipe. saved my life.
S'pose I did. The fishman said, tapping out the remainder of the ashes to make sure it was empty.

Ello, what's this about then? Move away from the cargo fishman. A voice barked from the deck of the ship and Cassius looked up with a curious eye to see a proper looking Marine strolling down the plank to the dock level. Cassius watched him walk, watched him watch Cassius and knew that look all too well.
Think I'm a thief, then? If I were a thief I'da let this crate crush your man here and reaped the rewards when it cracked against the docks. Should watch that look of yours, friend.
And you that tongue, fish. The Marine said, now on the docks and staring Cassius down. He rested a hand on the hilt of his sword, proudly and with arrogance pouring from his very being.

Cassius stared back before snorting, sucking phlegm into the back of his throat and spitting it off the side of the dock towards the ship.
Save a life, meet a racist. Seems bout right.
What was that? The Marine asked sternly, but Cassius simply ignored him and turned to walk back down the dock.

S-sir! Wait! The young deckhand called after him as he passed by and Cassius paused while the timid, wiry man fished through his rumpled pockets. He pulled out a gold piece of some kind and flipped it towards Cassius. The fishman snatched it out of the air and looked it over.
I-it's what we're shippin, they're payin us in it so I won't get in any trouble for givin you some. It's my pay aft all. It's not much, but...well...thank you. The man said sincerely.
Cassius regarded the gold piece curiously, realizing if the crate he had caught was made heavy by these little gold pieces then surely there were tens of thousands more. He nodded his thanks before turning and walking away, back towards his ship.

Back aboard The Leviathan one of his crew mates looked up and said, Ahoy, Cap'n aboard. She's ready to set sail, sir. Where will it be?
Cassius flipped the gold coin to the crew member who caught it carefully, holding it up the light with a small sparkle in his eye.
I have an idea lads. Fortune favors the bold, and it is a bold idea indeed.

WORDS: 835
NOTES: ###
DORIKI: +5 S&P & +5 S&A (In water);+5 E&D (Pugilist)
GEAR: ###



[V] Laying a Trap + Ship Travel [Lulusia -> Karakuri] Empty
Cassius Sinclair
The Kraken
[V] Laying a Trap + Ship Travel [Lulusia -> Karakuri] D5da255ae42b2fbe08f85ac5f848e11c

Present Time - Aboard the Cargo Vessel

Ahoy, Cap'n, there be a marooned ship ahead! She's waving her distress colors at half staff. The lookout from the Crow's nest shouted into the speaking tube. The Captain of the Lulusia Kingdom cargo ship frowned as he stepped out of his cabin and onto the main deck of the ship. His right hand, as well as the leader of the Marine unit sent to accompany the vessel tailed him on either side. The Captain walked the length of the deck as his sailors, the Lulusia Kingdom guards and the various Marines milled about in their duties. Some had spotted the ship as well, some two or three nautical miles off their port side and went to the railing to investigate. The Captain however continued his walk all the way to the bow of the ship where he stood at the very end point, gazing across the azure sea as it rolled beneath his vessel and frowned in contemplation. He studied the distressed ship out in the water, too far away to see any crew or anything more than the distress colors blazing high across its main staff.

Doesn't carry the colors of a World Government vessel, nor a Lulusia Kingdom ship, which means its none of our concern. The lead Marine said but the Captain only smiled.
Aye, that may be how things are done in your line of work Mr. Rodrick, but a distressed ship is a distressed ship, regardless of what colors it flies.
Even if those colors are black with piracy? The snidely remarked.
I s'ppose it's a good thing I'm colorblind then. The Captain said without looking back at Mr. Rodrick. Mr. Evans, tell our helmsman to adjust course, turn to port and make ready to parlay with our mystery ship in the distance.
Aye, cap'n. Mr. Evans said with a salute before running back the length of the deck to relay the message.
You're an old fool Captain, respectfully. Mr. Rodrick said.
Perhaps, but as long as this is my ship you're stuck with an old fool in charge and that eats at your rotten core far more than it does mine. With that, the Captain turned away from the bow of the ship and brushed past the Marine without so much as a glance in his direction, going about his duties to make sure his men were ready to board the ship.

Several minutes later the Lulusia Kingdom cargo vessel had lowered sails and slowly approached the stern of the distressed ship.
The Leviathan? That sounds inviting. One of the crew members regarded as he carried the boarding bridge over to the side of the ship.
Far cry from The Honeycomb, oi Cap'n, maybe we should consider rebranding. Another member joked as he helped the first with the boarding bridge. The Captain only smiled politely, his eyes gazing across the seemingly empty deck of the ship. Something wasn't quite right here, but he wouldn't allow his nerves to get the better of him. As the bridge was lowered across the two vessels, a voice spoke from behind the Captain,
Not a soul in sight, makes your skin crawl a bit, doesn't it? A large vessel such as this pulling up beside a troubled crew. You'd think we might be greeted as the saviors we are. Unless of course...this is a trap. Mr. Rodrick said, but the Captain only frowned.
Merely doing my job, now if you'd be so kind as to do yours and direct some of your men to accompany the Lulusia Guards aboard this fine vessel, that would be just fine with me. Besides, if there's no one on board I guess we'll just have to tow this perfectly fine ship to the Red Line with us. As commanding Marine officer of this operation you'll be seen as highly effective. Delivered the payment AND brought home a beautiful looking ship. Thank me later, Mr. Rodrick. The Captain said, still refusing to even so much as look at the arrogant Marine.

With his feathers ruffled, the Marine officer looked back at two of his own and nodded in the direction of The Leviathan. The two men nodded in return and followed three of the Lulusia Guards who were preparing to board, rifles and swords at the ready.

Five Meters Beneath the Ocean Surface

Cassius stared up through the depths of the sea, the sunlight reflected through the trillions of water droplets separating him from the surface, displaying a dazzling light show. As The Honeycomb pulled in beside his Leviathan, a dark shadow was cast across Cassius and his five fishman crew. They waited patiently, giving the crew above enough time to properly embark onto their empty ship. Well, mostly empty. Cassius thought of Taz, stowed away safely in the hold. The only way they'd find him is if the little dwarf was antsy enough to want to be found, but still Cassius worried about the strange creature. Regardless, so long as he and the rest of his crew did their part, Taz wouldn't have any issues. After another minute or so, Cassius looked around at his fish brethren and nodded, it was time.

They kicked off, speeding to the surface of the water. Two in front of Cassius leapt through the air and towards the balcony railing of the main deck where an unsuspecting Marine and Lulusia guard leaned back completely unaware of the danger beneath them. The two fishmen grabbed the guards around the chest, pulling them down as they fell back into the water and dispatching of them quickly in their home turf. Cassius broke the surface, passing the two fishmen as they descended back to the sea with their prey. His speed and strength carried him well past the railing of the deck and landing him smack dab in the middle of everything. Immediately he could feel eyes upon him, confusion and fear palpable in the air. There was silence for merely a second, but what felt like an eternity as dozens of brains tried to process exactly what was going on. Cassius stood straight up and gazed across the stunned faces of Marines, royal guards, and sailors alike before clearing his throat,
Well then, no point in beating around the bush. My name is Cassius Sinclair and this gentlemen, is a robbery.
Silence as his words reverberated across the deck of the cargo ship.
Kill him!
To arms men, to arms! Bring me his head!

A symphony of strangled, nervous and angry voices drowned out the sloshing of the sea beneath them as Cassius sighed. He turned towards a pair of Marines reaching for their rifles and punched forwards, releasing a wave of invisible power. The water in the air, saturated by the sea, shifted violently and unseen, knocking the two men off their feet and away from their guns. Beside him, his crew had scrambled aboard the ship and were taking other guards and Marines by surprise. Throats were slit, necks broken and men thrown from the top deck to the depths of the sea below. Complete chaos rang out across the deck of The Honeycomb, until Cassius locked eyes with the Marine officer from the dock and what appeared to be the Captain of the ship standing beside him.

Cassius smiled before skulking towards the pair who regarded him in horror, but to his credit, Cassius noticed the Captain regain his composure far faster than the trained Marine. As he neared, the Marine reached for the pistol at his belt but Cassius was faster and flicked a large droplet of water at the man's wrist as he pulled the pistol free. Instead of raising it to shoot Cassius, Mr. Rodrick swore and nursed his bruised wrist, the pistol clattering and sliding along the wooden deck of the ship. Cassius slid his jacket off of his shoulders, placing it on the banister railing as he climbed the steps to the top of the ship. He rolled his shoulders as he approached Rodrick and said,
I'm going to enjoy this.

Cassius then wound up and delivered a solid punch straight to the Marine's gut, lifting him off his feet ever so slightly. Rodrick wheezed, but to his credit managed to compose himself quickly enough to land a blow across Cassius's face. The fishman's head snapped to the side but he only laughed, thoroughly enjoying this. He turned back to the Marine and began pummeling him with a flurry of punches. Rodrick did his best to keep pace, even getting in a few strikes of his own, but Cassius's fury and natural durability were simply too much for the Marine. By the end, Cassius had forcibly escorted Rodrick across to the very tail end of the ship, knocking him backwards with each blow. The Marine fell to his knees in front of Cassius, broken and bloodied. Cassius smiled a deeply predatorily smile, his rage and anger turning him into a lesser being but he cared not. He grabbed Rodrick by the hair and dragged him back to the front of the top deck, pushing him against the railing for all to see below on the main deck. Rodrick, his face swollen and bloodied, was able to gaze out across the frenzy of fighting and they gazed back at him, the combat momentarily halted.

There is no more need for violence. Gathered Marines and Lulusia guardsmen, you have lost. Accept this defeat, allow us to peacefully pillage your cargo hold and we may all leave to see another day, to embrace our families, to raise our children and to sail the seas once more. Those of you who agree to these terms and allow us to peacefully take what we came for will not be harmed in anyway. Those of you who wish to be heroic or think that you may be able to stop us... Cassius trailed off before seizing Rodrick's head between two massive webbed hands and snapping the Marine's neck in a decisive twist. The Marine's body crumpled to the floor at Cassius's feet and the silence across the deck of the ship became deafening.
We did not come here seeking violence, it was merely a necessary tool. Do not force us to continue to use it. With that, Marines and guards both began laying down their weapons. Cassius's crew smiled from cheek to cheek, wolfishly as Cassius snapped his fingers,
Men, begin loading The Leviathan. Let's not delay these poor sailors any longer than we must. His fishmen all nodded eagerly before descending into the bowels of the ship.

Several minutes later, The Leviathan had been loaded with four massive cargo crates filled with gold and jewels. As the fifth and final crate was brought up above deck of The Honeycomb, Cassius stopped the man carrying it,
Hold just a moment, this one stays. The fishman looked at him, confused for a moment but shrugged and dropped the crate to the deck before boarding The Leviathan.
Tell me Captain, Cassius said as he ripped the top of the crate off with his bare hands to reveal sparkling gems, gold and jewelry, why are you all tasked with such precious cargo?

The Captain stared at Cassius before swallowing hard, Bi-monthly offering from Lulusia, to keep the World Government satisfied and on good terms.
Cassius nodded, I somehow doubt it's a fair agreement, this is quite a bit of wealth after all.
The Captain just shrugged, having no real answer.
And something tells me that you, your crew, even these lowly Marines aren't paid nearly enough for the trouble and dangers of transporting such wealth. Cassius raised his foot up against the side of the crate before kicking it over, allowing the contents to spill across the deck,
Which is why, I strongly suggest you, your crew and these poor Marines line your pockets however you see fit with this crate. Ditch the crate and chalk the entire event up to piracy. It wouldn't be much of a lie and think of it as an apology from me and my crew for the trouble we caused you. The choice is yours though sir, after all, you're the Captain.

With that, Cassius stepped off of The Honeycomb, crossing the footbridge and tossing it back to the cargo vessel. His men unfurled the sails, catching the wind and beginning to move beyond the pirated ship. The Captain simply stared at Cassius, who in turn stared back, regarding him with a respectful nod. A small creature darted through the air, landing on Cassius's shoulder and from the corner of his eye, Cassius spotted Taz,
Miss much?
Not much. Enjoy your nap?
The little dwarf yawned, stretched and scratched at the back of his head before nodding,
Mmm, was nice. Where to now?
Not sure exactly, guess we'll find out.


WORDS: 2147
NOTES: ###
DORIKI: +5 S&P & +5 S&A (In water);+5 E&D (Pugilist)
GEAR: ###

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