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Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

Like promised he had done everything he said he would do. The patrons would be transported and the reward would be given to the one responsible for taking the Patrons down. His fee would be taken for all of his help as well. And he would send word to Birdal about the potential new Warlord. Hannibal didn't have the highest rank so that good word might not travel that far up the food chain. He was though banking on his pivotal role in the World Government and relationship with Birdal to get it as far as possible. What role? He was one of the few trusted and assigned to go after Poneglyhs. He didn't doubt others were assigned to do this and that is why he didn't make it out that he was the only one with this task. He however was confident he was in a small pool of people allowed to decipher them. And he knew for a fact he was the only member of the Three Eye’d Tribe allowed.

Hannibal would stop and tie his shoe, as his left shoestring had come undone. As he did that his mind began to think about everything up to this point. This was something he usually did. Think about everything, recent, that got him to where he was right now. It kept him focused and able to think clearly on what he needed to do next. After he was finished he would call out.

After some steps and words later. "I deep are the Patrons connected to the Poneglyhs? First, Juego did his best to stop me from gaining the first one. He even as willing to blow himself up. And now his children, or whatever relation they have, hid another. Actually, I should ask how deep are they rooted within the revolution. I understand Von worked with us(World Government) and was the rat that leaked information on people like myself. But are we really done with dealing with them?" Hannibal spoke into a Den Den Mushi that rested on his shoulder. He had on the same attire from before as he trek through the forest, but that will change soon. Who he spoke to on the other line was Birdal. The CP Agent that let those within the World Government know his race and his usefulness. Instead of being kicked out he was made into a Hero, to some.

"I don't, Hannibal. I will do some research on them. For right now just focus on getting the glyh. I've sent thirty agents and a vessel to assist you, but they are mainly there for moving it and further transportation. Those with some merit in combat are on another assignment. So, please make sure you watch out for them. I need you to also travel with the to the main island and then your assignment will be done. I also can get them considering our merger of the branches for you." Birdal would end it with that. Nothing else was needed to be said.

Hannibal needed to hurry up as he knew nightfall would befall the island soon. At this moment he was heading back to the beach, as he had already found the location that Glyh was. It was not through torture or anything like that. After he had returned to the Island he went to their camp. And from there he was 'spoken' to. So, tracking down that voice he found a mining shaft. It lead into the base of the Volcano. Special methods being taken to ensure people heading in wouldn't meet a accident; well when the shaft was first constructed. At this moment it was a mess in there. Hannibal did go in to check some of it till he got to the first hazard. Then he turned back to make sure he got them to the location first at least so they could set up there things for extraction.

They mined directly from the Volcano. They created two potential entrances/exits into the area that had already been constructed. One was a slope or inclined shaft that at a closed sign at it’s entrance. What was used was a pulley system to get things down and up the shaft. But, it seemed that some of the equipment was broken and this entrance wasn’t used. And with the events that had just transpired earlier today there was doubt it’d be fixed unless the Marines take over the operation here. The second entrance/exit and that was a vertical mining elevator, that was powered on steam like the pulley system. It lowered into a lower area than the slop shaft however. The tunnels up to a point were only outfitted with the typical mining supports. Mining when through all of the vents of this volcano. The first vent(right side) was the smallest and in this area more equipment and even small shacks were here; the vent was to the right of the camp. The device stolen was used to coat the side of the area the vent was. The vent served as natural light for the area. From that point they mined in all directions to make a man-made cave. It served as a resting and refueling area(for the steam equipment). Then it would branch out with smaller tunnels. As the first attempt to find the rich source wasn’t done on the first try. When it was found the other tunnels would be blocked off. Somewhere within the camp is a layout of the entire mining network they had created.

This area also was the first mining hazard. Strange creatures, one day, had come out of nowhere and attacked those that worked in the area. And no one knew where they had come from. And they struck when many of the workers rested. They weren’t the fastest(2S&A) but their strength was nothing to snuff at. Their powerful jaws were enough to eat through metal(4S&P). They resemble komodo dragons with a dark red hue, their size however ranging from 4-8 meters.

Hannibal would make it back to the beach, where a couple of rowboats rested. Using those row boats were CP agents. “Is this everyone? The walk is about thirty or so minutes. I say we have ten before it gets dark. ” Hannibal would ask them as he went over to his own row boat, as he wanted to change his attire. He wanted to go really simple.A black-colored long-sleeved shirt and long black pants, with black boots. He kept it nice and black. His vessel along with theirs rested out at sea around seventy meters, waiting for a signal for when they would need to prepare to disembark. Hannibal, at this moment, didn’t have his third eye out as it wasn’t needed anymore.

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[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Tumblr_oluy3pXQ3w1w2zv76o1_500

"This is the location they gave" Melissa said as she stood at her full height. "Trust me, they wouldn't have lied" She uttered with a wicked smile. She had been forced to change her attire, the amount of blood that got on her clothes during her.....interrogation. Now sporting the only other clothes she came with, her work out clothing. A black top that revealed her midrift, and tight shorts and trainers. Her hair which was usually allowed to flow down to her shoulders was kept up in a pony tail. "Do we really need this lot" Melissa said as she nudged her head to the group. "You are not invited to the part Shichibukai these men are the best of the best",  In all honesty, she knew she would not have been invited to the party. Her interrogation had been recorded and the information sent via the video Den Den Mushis. She had kind of just joined in, given her status none of them were able to actually order her to leave and due to marine protocall, she was essentially the highest ranking "officer" within the squad. Though what she did not know was that the Ice man had already found the same location. So when they sent off the marine squad to assist them, Melissa had just sauntered along despite their best effort to keep her from the glyph.

It was strange, following the Cipher pol agents, but hey hoe, this is exactly how it was done right? They had no idea that she was following them until they landed upon the beach before the Hie Hie No Mi user met them. It was then that she would drop down on the beach beside them, a glittering smile upon her face. "Hello boys, you weren't going to leave me out of this, after I got alllllllllll that ittle bitty information out of them" She said. "Your methods were un-needed Frost Witch, we have our own means" One of them said to her. "Ooooh we have our own methods" Melissa said, deepening her voice as she stamped her feet, mocking them. "I have my own methods too boys, and I could have easily just flew on ahead, buuuut, It seems im the only one honouring this beautiful relationships. You really wouldn't want the Frost Witch to go back to the darrrk side" She said, an evil glint flickering in her eyes. "Yup, wouldn't want that now" she said laughing as they awaited Hannibal.

When Hannibal arrived, Melissa would give him a gentle wink. The duo had been the precuror of the last Glyph, they had won that joy together, and now it would seem they had done so in a strange roundabout way for this one. Though she had the exact location of the glyph, she had been told about it being in the volcano, but she had forced the patrons to write down the exact location, the best thing about relationships, was how easy they were to exploit, torture one sibling the other hurts worse. This little nugget, this writing was all for her, for now anyway. Like the marines and Cipher Pol who did not trust the Shichibukai, she herself did not trust them either. "Did anyone bring a torch?" she asked as she began to walk forward. "Coming, sexy?" she asked.

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There they were again. It seemed that the group he had ran into earlier that helped him capture Von D. Patron was here with a team. Madori had been flying around the chore area, after he failed attempt on destroying the island he was in need of ride out of island. But there was still one important factor that he needed to know about. The Poneglyph. He had learned of the object from his battle with Jalin Patron as he completely destroyed the Rev base looking for his sister.

Kicking his way through the air he was able to spot the Shichibukai Melissa and the Marine Hannibal. Yup those are the same ones. The Cold Logias, both the snow and freeze devil fruits together on a mission. The Marines had given him a pass on turning in Von and Jalin, they even gave him instructions to make it permanent if he were to capture some guy named Gef.

So Madori figured he could touch down and see if they were finally ready to get a hand on this illusive item. He aimed himself where he would stop just above them, then he dropped down some ten meters in the sky till he hit the ground near Melissa. She could hear here say, "Did anyone bring a torch?"

In which he replied, "I can be a torch if you need it. Seems you guys are making the move. I want in." Madori walked forward to join the party on their journey.

4[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Empty Re: [Flashback] Read very carefully. on Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:31 pm

Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Original

Trouble is all he knew when he spotted the Snow Princess. He gave her a nob in response to her wink. He wanted to move out now so he didn't plan to stop and talk to her. Honestly, speaking he respected her. He was not at all a fan of her life choices like being a Pirate but he had fought with her in the past. And as long as she was working with the World Government he didn't have a reason to contest her presence here right now. He however will be commenting on the two Pirates joining them on their assignment. However before he spoke someone else would. As Hannibal was not the person running the show, he just had a pivotal role. They had already been walking for a little bit of time and the speaking came right after the introduction of the second Pirate, one that didn't have immunity.

"Halt." The Man that spoke wasn't any different from the others, he was rather normal. His height was around 5'10 and complimenting that would be a average build. All the Agents would stop upon receiving that command. The Man was Agent Boro CP1. "First, we get a unwanted pest with a leash, now we get one we haven't even bought yet. *sigh* Do you two understand we aren't the Marines. We aren't going to attack your kind today. Our assignment is something that can result in a unhappy end for you. So before we continue I need to know why is it that you are trying to tag along." He tried to not sound so harsh, but he couldn't hold back all of his negative feelings toward them. Not everyone was so happy and willing to let someone from a opposite faction just tag along with them. He even had a low opinion on Hannibal due to his race. Why he questioned them both instead of one is because of the second arrival.

Hannibal wanted to speak before the others did; he didn't know how they'd react to what the Agent had just said. And didn't want things to get out of hand if he could help it. It was getting dark and though he was able to fight in the dark, he didn't trust this Island. Just because the Rev camp here was taken out that didn't mean all those belonging to that faction just up and left. They could very well be watching them all right now. Waiting for a sign of weakness to strike. "We should not hold such a conversation right now, at least wait till we arrive to our destination. We can settle on who proceeds where after that. Also, I think we should keep talking to only as needed right now, and any actions they may draw attention shouldn't be taken. We are not in safe territory. Just stay close and keep moving. " Hannibal would hope this would keep everyone calm for the time being and think over whatever it is they wanted to say. If a fight would ensue he would have to side with the Agents; regardless of who they fought against or for what the reason was. He also wanted to warn them about possible dangers that could be still around them. And even though he didn't say the words he didn't suggest anyone pulling out a torch or anything like that.

Hannibal was a careful person. He learned this and many other things from his Friend Lu Dahn. They shouldn't drop their guards at any point. And if no actions of malice or foolishness came toward him he wouldn't not give any actions of harshness in return. Hopefully their journey to the location would be in silence. Well, as much silence as you could get from the amount of individuals present and walking through the foliage and whatever else was on the ground. Finally they would make it and Hannibal would leave everyone to the first entrance, but not inside.

"Sooooo. You guys can pick up the conversation from earlier now. Please keep it civil."

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[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Tumblr_oluy3pXQ3w1w2zv76o1_500

Such trivial matters. Melissa was intrigued to see the man whom had helped against the patrons, he had in fact pretty much was one of the main reasons they had captured them. Melissa having been more focused on the glyph than the rewards or capture of them. Alas thanks to that she held the information on the exact location. Why he wanted to come was strange, as far as she was aware he had no gifts in reviewing glyphs, his forehead had been on show and no third eye graced the broad face of the man. To him, these glyphs would be nothing but stone, unless he was like her? A woman of history, of knowledge. Many wouldn't think it by simply looking at her, or by her mannerisms, but Melissa Devaroux was one of the few non Three eyed clan member who could decipher the ancient text, she also cared little about fully hiding this fact anymore, as evident by the statement she had given the Patron male. So when one of the little Cipher Pol members spoke up, Melissa was fully prepared to bite back until the man of Ice himself graced them with his presence. It was somewhat of a fun twist of fate.

The two of them had been strangers, yet their fate collided on her first proper outing as a shichibukai, where they had realized not only did they share similar powers in terms of elemental manipulation, but they had similiar interests, mainly in the Glyphs and what they could uncover. They had already allocated and read the same glyph during their defeat of Daddy Patron. Here they were again, ready to uncover the information on another. Now normally, Melissa wouldn't help others, she could have easily just went to the glyphs location on her own, found the information and then cave the glyph in, sure this man of ice would probably have found a way in eventually but hindering time especially that of a marine of his abilities could be the straw that broke the camels back, she doubted he would be away from many of the battles for too long. "Hanny baby, your looking as prrrrreeeetttyyy as eveerrr" she said, elongating and rolling her R's. It wasn't really seductive, it was more comedic seductive, taking a few skips to catch up with the brooding hunk of Ice.

It didn't seem to take as long as she thought, perhaps because her eyes kept studying the frame of the Hie Hie No Mi's commander, his legs, his arms, his handsome face. if they rolled around together in the bedroom, they'd probably freeze an entire island, she couldn't help but smile at the thought, her eyes gently tracing the movement within the....special area as the male walked. "I'd certainly not shoot you in the face" she said with a wink as they walked. Throwing herself back to that one time in Water 7 where she bedded two very hunky marines who after a wild night of hot passion met their ends at the hands of the snow queen. "Certainly not" she mused as they halted at the entrance.

"Why?" she shrugged as she began to walk forward. "They are irrelivant, if they don't want to freeze their little winkies and breasticles off, then they'd certainly know better and bite their tongues" the Frost Witch uttered as she took forth, her behind wiggling as she walked, crossing her legs with each step as if she were training for the catwalk, emphasising the wiggle of her buttocks, she certainly cared little for the other people but as she peered into the dark entrance she would nod her head. "Sexy lava guy, yer up boo" she said pointing into the darkness. "Don't wanna trip and hurt the merchandise" she said winking and gently tapping her nose.

6[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Empty Re: [Flashback] Read very carefully. on Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:44 am



Madori would have to play it cool. Still at large the Cipher Pol member Boro challenged his presence there immediately. Before he had a chance to counter the man known as Hannibal stepped forward and declared it wasn't the time for this. They would continue this spat at another time. Continuing on it was Melissa who became lively as ever. As soon as the group reached the entrance it was her who mentioned for Madori to use one of his abilities. Basically to be a torch.

He ignored Boro who seemed to be showing his displeasure with both Melly and Madori. The distaste for the Pirates would have to be swallowed for now. "No problem Snow lady. " He stepped forward as the first in front of the entrance. A glow began to emit from the Pirate as his body began to change and mold into a lava. The light was bright as he turned into a bright orange liquid. "And then there was light. I guess I'll lead. If we get attacked, you can let me die ey?" He said directing that sarcastic quote to Boro.

There was something about entrance that gave him a sinister feel. Walking forward he became the lighted torch the group needed. As Pirate, something like this seemed to be invaluable. Though he had no means to dig up old archaeology text but the way it was protected. A Revolutionary force sent here to protect it, made it wanted piece. The fact that the Marines and the Shichibukai were so interested, piqued his own interest. Now it see where it led him.


Name: Intangibility
Description: As a Logia, Madori can let physical attacks, such as punches and slashes, harmlessly pass through the user unless they are imbued with Busoshoku Haki. Other ways the user can be hurt are if they are touching Seastone, or being caught off guard. Weapons, such as swords, can be shown to melt after coming into contact with him.
Range: Self
Attribute: Strength - 5
Rank: Intermediate

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Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Original

"They should have dials." Hannibal's comment was somewhat unheard, but that was due to Hannibal mumbling. If they wanted to do it this way it didn't matter. This place was used before and he doubted they worked in the dark so finding a way to turn on the lights they used really should've been their first course of action. They had time and didn't really need to rush into the unknown. Hannibal allowed the Pirate to take the lead and he stopped himself from commenting on what the Pirate had just said. Speaking in all honestly Hannibal doubted he'd try to save anyone other than the Agents. Part was because the others were Pirates and the other part was because he felt they could handle themselves or should be able to handle themselves.

Halve the Agents would stay at the entrance, as not everyone was needed to go down. Keeping a eye out for anything was their assignment. They were to call Boro if anything suspect happened on their end, and vice versa.

Watching them all were two sets of eyes. One had been watching them since they started their journey to this area and another had started once Madori had lit up the passageway they were taking. Mining equipment littered the passageway and a track ran the middle of it. There was one cart but it was empty. Hannibal had fallen back within the walking ground, as there was no need for him to lead right now. Going straight was the only thing they could do. So, he would try to push the cart for a few seconds. Sadly, it wouldn't budge. And looking at the track and wheel he could see it was broken. Not with tools but rather bite marks. "Strong jaws." Hannibal would mutter as he would get back to walk with the ground. As he walked he took in his surroundings more and more. It was brightly lit from the Pirate so this wasn't hard to do. On the walls he could see that dials were used previously to light this passageway, but weren't on. Just like the track and wheel some had bite marks on them.

"I don't think I need to say this but I will. No one is to get near the glyh but myself and Agent Boro. "
Hannibal didn't know if either of them could read the thing but wanted to cover his bases in case they did. After Hannibal would say that he would feel something under his feet begin to sink. He walked on the track because he just wanted to. And in doing so he triggered some type of mechanism that would light up the portion of the passage way before them, but not behind. "Well....I guess you don't need to be like that anymore." Hannibal didn't know the type of Devil Fruit user Madori was, he didn't study the types. With them being so fresh to him like many others he wasn't familiar with all the types or variations. Assuming could be done but without actually being told or seeing them fight you'd never really know someone's type.  

With the lights came a problem. Screeching would be heard as what seemed like bats with elongated necks began to fly toward them all. They didn't seem like they were going to just fly past them but rather they seemed like they wanted to take a bite out of everyone.

"Keep in mind where we are everyone, don't get too out of hand." Hannibal would say as he watched the creatures come toward them. They had been walking for sometime and were within a volcano at the moment. He wasn't so knowledgeable in this type of environment so he didn't know what could happen if they fought without reserve.

Enemies: 100
All stats 3.

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[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Tumblr_oluy3pXQ3w1w2zv76o1_500

"Someones a little tetchy" Melissa mused, Hannibal not rising to her flirtatious nature, perhaps she would have to turn up the heat...or well I guess in the case of the duo, turn down the heat. She would look to the lava guy, now it was obvious to her, atleast since she had dealt with devil fruit users of all capacity and had knowledge on some of the fruits themselves, that he was like the duo, a logia type. When she had asked for a light though, she had not intended on him becoming that. " coulda just used a hand" she said shielding her eyes. "Control my main man" the Queen of snow uttered. Turning to Boro, she would slowly open her palm. "Like this" she said with a grin. As she opened her palm, snow flowed gently, flowing together to make a mini hand giving the finger to the Cipher Pol agent. "Thats how its done" she giggled to herself.

In terms of Hannibal then speaking, she would gingerly run her chin. "I didn't realise we were in the company of an Admira.....Oh wait" she said shaking her head. "My bad gorgerous, you might be a beautiful specimen of a cold man, but I'll look at what I want" the Yuki Yuki No Mi user said. It was indeed true, in terms of "rank" Hannibal had no say in what she could or could not do. Neither did these Cipher Pol agents. True they could attempt to halt her, to stop her, but given Melissa's deeds not only as a Pirate but what she had done as a Shichcibukai already, they would surely know what she was capable off. It would seem though, Hannibal wasn't entirely out of his depth here, managing to find a light source. "My big strong sexy mans also soooo smart" she said as they began to walk forth.

"OR, he is dumb dadumb dumb" she said, kind of singing the word dumb, as the screeching persisted. The source came from bat like creatures. Each one as hungry as the other. "Better fall back boys" the Queen of the Cold said. She would kind of pirouette around Hannibal, allowing her small frame to now be in front of his, not even staring at the young bats. "A little cold wont hurt" she said, giving him a wink before turning to face the creatures. "It was getting too hot in here anyway" which was true, the heat of the volcano, this far in anyway wasn't exactly taxing, it actually wasn't that hot, but still, it kind of fit with what she was doing. "Burst" She mused with a smile. From every inch of her body, her eyes, her eye lashes, the hair from her head and even the tips of her toes, every single piece of her seemed to explode with a beautiful white powder, bursting forth and multiplying over and over and over again, with such beauty and speed, a one hundred meter radius would be taken up in mere seconds.


Where the Yuki Yuki comes into their own. The cold-like effects of the Yuki Yuki are able to cause full tier debuffs, of course these can not stack given all the snow is off the same temperature. When dealing with snow attacks, those within the vicinity of her snow AOE techniques have their Endurance lowered by one. Every six posts that they remain in the snow their endurance is lowered again by the snow.
Cold effects:

*Violent shivering persists, difficulty speaking, sluggish thinking, amnesia starts to appear, gross muscle movements sluggish, unable to use hands, stumbles frequently, difficulty speaking, signs of depression, withdrawn Post 1

"I doubt they'll be any issue" she said. She was certain the effects would be almost instant, with how sluggish these bats would become, they would be essentially all but useless, wings would be unable to flat, all heat sucked from their bodies. Batting them away would be a simple feat. "Shame for us to kill them when we came into their home, right?" The snow queen would utter. Tilting her head. "Oh but.......the agents might not be able to follow" she said giving a faux gasp.


I didn't wanna just auto hit em, just incase these animals have some special function or immunity against the cold.

9[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Empty Re: [Flashback] Read very carefully. on Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:14 pm



Hannibal could be heard muttering something as Madori turned on the bright lights and used the power of his fruit to light the way. But it soon became apparent that there was no need for the lights. As the Marine stepped on something, and just like that, the tunnel became illuminated. Dials spread down the track and they were able to see better without the need of elemental source of light that was Madori. Turning it down a notch after Hannibal mentioned that it was now unneeded.

But no sooner after that, there was a small screech. Then there was many that began to echo the same screeching sound. "It's a trap." For some reason Madori had always wanted to say that. But now was not the time for shenanigans. All of sudden there was a mad rush of creatures in the air, if you looked closely you were able to make out that they were....bats!

Maybe at least a hundred of them, they began to swarm the area. Melissa was quick on the uptake and her cold aura began to pursue the nasty little creatures. Madori paused for a second before using his powers. He was incredibly strong but that type of firepower would do no good in the tight tunnel they were in. He would have to fight using only melee for the moment, which posed no problem. He was natural fighter at heart. The Pirate was sure they could not harm him, but he would have to proceed carefully. Being so close to a source of magma gave some elation to Madori. He could flood the entire area with magma. But he was trying to be better now, he would have to prove his worth like everyone else.

10[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Empty Re: [Flashback] Read very carefully. on Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:43 pm

Aku Soku Zan


Aku Soku Zan

[Flashback] Read very carefully.  Original

He'd sigh from the response that he got from the Warlord, as he expected as much. And watch as all of the events would transpire, as he wasn't needed. As he stood in the background and watched many of thoughts coursed through his mind. 'Maybe I should've just kept that to myself, as stopping them both alone would be troublesome. But it does answer questions. Well regarding why she s here.  As she wouldn't act like this unless she wanted to read the object, there would be no other reason for her to join. This trip is a direct push out of her element....same with me, and only something as valuable as the object we are after would be something that would make us do such a thing. If we are as similar as I think we are. ' The Bats would be dispatched of and the temperature within this area would lower significantly.

"Marvelous and expect of you. You truly are a snow princess."
Hannibal would say as he would walk over to one of the neutralized creatures. He didn't lie when he gave his praise; nor was he returning any playful flirting. As he knew the looks he got from the Agents with his comment. They saw her more as a witch than a princess. And due to their life choices a romantic relationship wasn't something that they could actually be art of, sadly. Knowing that Hannibal would try to keep back his personal comments, and try to talk to everyone a w group. He'd slowly reach down and pick up one of the naturalized creatures, to examine it. These "Bats" where something he has only read up on in books, never actually seen. Creatures that dwell in strange places. Honestly, that childhood book had many things he felt couldn't be possible. But seeing these creatures now he no longer had doubts. The Blues were different from the Grand line. That thought needed to stay within his mind. The creature, like the others, weren't exterminated so he would carefully place the one he had down. With the heat of this place they'd unthaw sooner or later and live as they once did.

"It shouldn't need to be said, but be on guard. There many be more of these creatures. There could be different creatures. Also, I can see that you are sweating profusely. So, I believe this is where we three continue on without you. Sadly." The last portion of what Hannibal said was direct at the Agents, as the distance within the tunnel they had travel was moderate. But, the heat was immense. Whatever was used to cool this place or keep those within it cool was not being used to it's fullest potential.

"I will not leave you all, the rest of the Men however will return topside." Agent Boro would not allow himself to be sidelined, which was expected. The heat seemed to get to him but not as bad as the others.

"Well, then let us go forth. I shall lead the way." Hannibal no longer needed to sit in the back, as the voice he has been hearing had grown louder. They had used the vertical mining elevator, that was powered on steam like the pulley system. It however lowering into a lower area than the slop shaft they didn't use. The tunnels up to a point were only outfitted with the typical mining supports. Mining went through all of the vents of this volcano. The first vent(right side) was the smallest and in this area more equipment and even small shacks were here; the vent was to the right of the camp. This is where everyone would be lead to once Hannibal took the lead. But, if they wanted to move ahead they would also reach this area. Hannibal however when he lead would stop before stepping foot into the camp. Unlike the way down here if you looked close the area was covered in some strange substance that resembled a bubble. Lacing the walls of this man-made cave. There however were spots were this coating was not seen, eaten or remove for mining.

As stated before this area served as a resting and refueling area(for the steam equipment). Then it would branch out with smaller tunnels. As the first attempt to find the rich source wasn’t done on the first try. When it was found the other tunnels would be blocked off. Somewhere within the camp is a layout of the entire mining network they had created. And it would be needed if one was to leave the side of Hannibal. As the blockades-place were all gone. This place had many tunnels that could lead to no where.

Sleeping all over were creatures that could pose somewhat of a trouble for everyone. They weren’t the fastest(2S&A) but their strength was nothing to snuff at. Their powerful jaws were enough to eat through metal(4S&P). They resemble komodo dragons with a dark red hue, their size however ranging from 4-8 meters. They were visible from the entrance of the man-made cave.

'From the book it says they can swim in lava, their skin building up a resistance to the heat. Hotter than Dragons....I think is what they got called. Their bites are poisonous to Humans....or any race. We should be able to deal with them however, as these are just babies. Running into a parent though would be troublesome.' Hannibal did not wish to disclose his knowledge from the book he read in his childhood. "I can't tell which tunnel to head through. We need to check around." Is what Hannibal would tell them.

They were being watched. What was kept within this place had to be protected as it was being deciphered. And revenge was still fresh on someone's mind. So the large ,50m, man-made cave was going to be their grave. The person watching however would not make a move yet, as they wanted to wait. Wait till it was the right time to avenge the Patrons. Using their special Den Den mushi they tried to find a weakness in the group.

Enemies: Creatures x50
Unknown Watcher x2

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[only just saw it was my turn sorry]

"Think of what we could do, together Mr broody bum" Melissa said winking. Perhaps it was because they ran colder that the temperature didn't seem to hinder them as much? Perhaps it was because they were simply superior to the weaklings who followed them, yet she did not care. Now she had less competition for the glyph. "Patrons didn't mention anything about these buggers" Melissa said as they walked, giving the creature a little shift with her foot. Though as Hannibal crept forward, the Yuki Yuki No Mi user would pick up the pace to meet his, aiming to intertwine her arm with his, sliding her small, nimble fingers into his or at least attempting to anyway. Regardless of whether Hannibal allowed her to graps his hand against his will, she would keep his pace, though her attention would turn to the man of magma. "So, lava boy, you were pretty sexy fighting the patrons. Whats yer story hot stuff. Seems like these baw jaws" at the words baw jaws she would tilt her head towards the only remaining agent, deem you as a pirate. Coming with a Shichibuki and the worlds hottest coldest marines into a dark scary volcano. Doesnt seem like the smartest thing to do does it?"[/color] she said with a laugh as they continued walking.

She didn't mind letting Hannibal take charge, he was a strong brooding hunk of ice, and getting under his skin with little touches, minor annoyances was all Melissa wanted to do, sometimes she would poke his cheek as they walked, just to be annoying until they came to the resting spot. "Ew....this place is just...ew" Melissa took in the sight, though she wasn't entirely interested, she simply studied the others and leant against one of the walls. "UUUGHHH, THIS IS BORING" she would say after about ten meters. "You know after I took a good chunk out of that Patron guy, they literally walked me through how to get to the......" she would shake her head laughing. "A trap" she said laughing to herself.

"Even getting the shite kicked out of em they still managed to pull the wool over my sexylicious eyes" she laughed. "They didn't tell me the location at all did they, they want me to lead us to death" she sighed shaking her head. "I think when I get back, I'll kill the sister while the brother watches, teach em not to fuck around" The Warlord uttered pushing from the wall. She was so invested in Hannibal and the others and her thoughts of how she was going to punish the Patrons for lying to her, that she didn't even feel that something was certainly wrong....Probably because her talking and shouting so loud probably potentially alerted the creatures that she didn't even consider till this very moment.


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The entire area was something that gave Madori pause. Underground constructions that seemed able to be occupied by anyone that wanted too. The group had been assembled for a fabled piece of history. Their encounter with the Patrons led them down this way, he had every idea how this would turn out. Most of them a trap. But Madori had grown confident of his powers as of late, capturing Jalin patron after a fierce battle. And with the help of Hannibal and the idiot ghost man. He was able to capture his prey Von. By himself he would have never succeeded.

But this made hims suspicious, object was of great importance to the Revolutionaries and the Marines. As a pirate, where there was value, there was profit. But great profit was usually protected, the way the Patrons paraded around the very mention of it. Following the Marine and the Warlord was his only way of finding out more on this elusive item.

However they were being led to something more than Madori could ever realize. As they came to a clearing, Melly asked Madori what his story was. "I've only tried to make my way through the Grand Line. Came from Alabasta, and now I want to see what else the world has to offer. But I like to make money along the way, what can I say." Madori answered Melissa.

He was about to ask Melissa the same thing till he noticed the situation before him. Melly began to go on and was getting louder and louder. The creatures in front of them could wake up any second now. Madori made a gesture towards Melly in an effort to quiet her down.

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