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1Sharing Nightcaps Empty Sharing Nightcaps on Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:03 am



The night blanketed the sea. The waters, black as the night sky due to the lack of light from the new moon. The only sound emanating were the waves and of the rocking of the boat. Vizmir lit a lantern and handed it to Gideon who placed it on a hook high on the main mast. A second lantern was lit and placed on a barrel.

"Join me for a drink?" Vizmir asked as he sat upon a crate and retrieved a mug from the side.

"A drink is overdue" Gideon laughed as he sat upon the deck and pulled a barrel of wine into his hand. His body still ached more or less despite the days that had passed since his battle with Loki's lackey. He popped the top of the barrel and drank.

"The scar looks good on you" Vizmir drew focus to Gideon's scar line that ran vertically over his left eye while he pored wine into his mug. The giant chuckled, tracing the scar with his free hand. The two drank as the night slowly moved on. The light of the lantern on the barrel fully revealed Vizmir while only revealed the giant's legs and barely showed his face, leaving most of it in shadow as he leaned back.

They both looked up at the top of the main mast to see Beaks the southbird perched and asleep, they had not realized he was there before, luckily the higher lantern made it easier to spot him.

"Its nice to have a navigator with us" Gideon said.

"Do you think he knows where we're going? Because... he is a bird" Vizmir asked before taking another sip.

"Don't know, but he seems sure and we didn't have another choice" Gideon smiled widely. His shoulders slumped. Finally things were going his way, he escaped the reach of Jaya island and was making his way to Luluscia kingdom to rescue his friend. Not only that, he defeated Loki's assassin, proving to himself that Loki still existed and now has taken him as an actual threat.

Gideon took another sip, the night, to him, was still young.

2Sharing Nightcaps Empty Re: Sharing Nightcaps on Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:20 am



"So who is this Loki guy?" Vizmir finally asked. The name had popped up from Gideon's mouth a number of times since they have met, but it wasn't a serious thought until the assassin had said the name as well.

"An old friend of my family..." Gideon said, his smile and tone had dropped and judging by the tone, Vizmir could guess that the 'old friend' had made bad choice.

"Misunderstanding?" He asked lightly.

"Try 'betrayal'" Gideon avoided eye contact with the older gentleman, probably looking into the darkness of the sea to the memories of the past.

"He went for 'betrayal' and now you're going for 'vengeance'" Vizmir took another sip of his wine. Gideon looked to him, both locked eyes, "I've lived a life of my own, I've seen much and experienced much, it's nothing new to me" Vizmir showed a look of experience and wisdom on his face and Gideon accepted it, though he was a bit uncomfortable with bringing up the story, but the way Vizmir spoke and explained, it seems the old man didn't need to hear the story, but already knew by reading the tone of the situation, "'Vengeance' does not undo what he has done"

"Letting him swim away doesn't either" Gideon's tone was heavy, a hint of anger.

"Didn't say that" Vizmir tried to calm the giant, though he wasn't afraid, he didn't want Gideon to get the wrong idea of what he meant, "I just want you know you shouldn't have any high hopes for reward once you get him".

Silence fell upon the boat. Gideon knew Vizmir to be right, the only thing he could get from getting his vengeance would be satisfaction... maybe. Though hearing Vizmir say 'once you get him' gave new hope. He took another swig of the barrel.

3Sharing Nightcaps Empty Re: Sharing Nightcaps on Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:29 am



Time passes and the two changed the subject. They spoke of moments of embarrassment in their own respective past and laughed, even though they both knew well that neither moments were funny, but they laughed nevertheless. At one point Beaks shuffled and ruffled his feathers. The two men shushed one another, but the laughter didn't slow.

"So what are you going to do once you dock?" Vizmir asked, pouring himself another mug.

"I'm going to jump onto land and rampage through town, kicking any marine in the way, then yell 'Yuurei! come! we are hear to rescue you!" Gideon jumped to his feet, enthralled into his own excitement which caused Beaks to wake and squawk loudly, "Sorry beaks, go back to sleep" he apologized, but the bird was already up and annoyed, so he flew off ahead to stretch his wings and get a better sense of where they were, though because it was so dark, he flew back to the mast just a few seconds later. Beaks soon fell back asleep and Vizmir and Gideon continued to joke and laugh though more quietly.

For that night, they didn't have worry bother them, they left that for the other days; where were their friends, what they were planning on doing next, and Loki's interest in Gideon's death. The night was long for them and they enjoyed it, for they didn't know when they would ever have another night like that again.


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