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Arriving in water 7 was something to behold as he took it all in. Arcologia realized it was crappy and nothing to brag about. For miles on end warehouses where around him. But strange in a way that it was made like a city town. It was hard to believe such a thing. But as he left the ship most likely unnoticed he would see this in the first person. Arcologia was now in water 7 for the first time but was he ready for this next phase. Surely he was. But given his track record, he was not truly ready for such a thing. Leaving behind Melly and her group would be best as he planned on taming his next target solo. Given the fact she thinks of him as a weakling.

Arcologia was a man with pride and to be defeated was such a hard thing to do. Now with a lighter shade face, he was still hurt. But he indeed had other things on his mind now. His latest mission was simple to take out or tame the giant known as Hambe. Arcologia was not too sure on if he ever met this man before. But he did meet a few giants in the past. He held up the bounty paper seeing a massive 300 million for it dead or alive. Arcologia was in for a fight but truth be told he did not have to fight. Just get Hamb to come out and play. With his bag in hand, he would look around to see if anyone followed him.

To his knowledge, he was in the clear as he made his way in an alleyway. He would pull out a cloak and put it on. Soon he would take some bandage wraps and place them on the right side of his face. Smiling at the thought of what he was about to do next. Looking on to see if he was still being followed because he had a feeling he was. But shaking it off he began to walk amongst the people of the slums. Well, former slums "is this a good thing or a bad thing I wonder? It matters not I have to prove my worth. But first I need to find that rear admiral that is station here."

As he looked on he started on his way looking for his first task.

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The first task on his list was simple enough found out where the strongest marine here was. Which he knew from word of mouth. But where would he be and who would he be. Arcologia would need to ask more question but he had to start looking for a bar or some type of nightclub. As he took his bag he would look inside of it. Smiling as he knew this could to his very death. A mask in which he uses to go in the underworld. But what will he do with such a thing? Well, it will be used to mask his identity from the public.

As he starts to walk down the street or what could be called such a thing. He would view marine from left and right. This would peak his interest as he wonders why so many marine were here."Wait come to think of it Melissa did say something like she saved the slums. Never one to gloat but putting one with one and one makes two which makes sense. She became a warlord to save this place. How noble of here but I very well must be on my way."

Looking over after walking for a while he would see a nightclub. The only one around at that. This bar was called rainbow end. Well, at least that was the name the sign says. But Arcologia was still a high bounty man. Well, a mid-level bounty type if not a low threat at the moment. The rainbow end was where most marine would go after a long day of work.  Arcologia was still wanted in a way more or less.

But maybe the ScareCrow wasn't. Smiling as he goes behind the warehouse across from the bar. He would take off the clock which hid his identity from the public. Then put on his mask to cover his face. Arcologia was indeed no more at the moment. As the ScareCrow came out to play. He would walk inside the bar which people did take notice. Looking over the large low lit room he would see the man he was looking for. Rear admiral Yamamoto "the chef who serves justice oh my. Hopefully, this goes well it should, after all, we have the same goals." Smiling as he made his way towards his table. Looking on at the small group of marine the rear admiral would look to him. If so he would see a masked man standing 6 feet dressed in a Ninjago attire "hello rear admiral I do believe we haven't met yet."


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