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16 Re: Is it hot or is it just me? [Voyage] on Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:18 pm




So that's what it is... Nazaki thought as the body of his enemy split temporarily from his attack. The monster wasn't actually a being, it was just a shell. The kid was so small that he barely fit in the monster costume he was in. It all made sense. The monster was blinded, pulling back from Nazaki, exiting his body and roaring when he was some meters away. Nazaki's body began to heal as he stood in place, focusing on fixing his body. The monster roared again and at that was when Nazaki moved. He had no more flash in his dial so this would have to be the final blow. Quickly he picked up his gun and reloaded. The young commodore's wounds were still opened, but only from the front. The monster slammed his hands and at that moment he decided that it was time to end it all. As the spikes of shadow moved towards him he also moved towards it at maximum speed, leaping over the 3 foot spikes as they approached him and shooting his gun directly at the the spot where the boys heart would be. Since the monster was only 3 meters away approaching him wouldn't be too hard, and the spikes were short anyway. *BOOM* the gun would go off just before he landed directly in front of the beast, using his free hand to swing his scythe also where the boy's body would be to deliver two killing blows just in case he was some weird immortal creature. If nothing else worked, Nazaki was doomed.


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@Winged Menace

17 Re: Is it hot or is it just me? [Voyage] on Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:43 am



Ozious sent the spikes flowing to the man that he wanted to kill with every fiber of his being hoping this would be the final blow, his sanity was beginning to slip further and further away from him as his own powers were integrating the souls into him and taking over to the point he was nearly taken, but just as the spikes were about to reach the man he leaped over them as they were to short to impale him at his new height making his efforts all but wasted.

Ozious roared in anger more feral then his last one as his sanity slipped even further but just as his breath escaped his lips it was canceled out by the sound of a gunshot, Ozious roar turned into a whimper as he took a moment to pay attention to his own body within the shell to see that he had been shot in his heart, just as quick as the first a second and third shot impaled his body in the same location as the first bullet weakened the exterior of his form to create clean shots for the 2nd and 3rd gunshot. Ozious stepped back a few times as his soul armor form began to crumble away into nothing but a black pool underneath his body as he caught up blood, Ozious shock turned to anger as he gripped his heart that was slowly becoming slower and slower as his vision blurred, " damn humans....YOU ALL BELO-!??!"

Before Ozious could finish his words the man's scythe impaled through his body causing his armor to completely disappear to reveal his original form, Ozious vision was pitch black as he was on deaths door but he could still hear the man's breath and reached out his left hand, "...Y...o...ur...mi..n..e" Ozious muttered before his arm fell flat to his side as he died looking directly at Nazaki despite not being able to see him anymore.

18 Re: Is it hot or is it just me? [Voyage] on Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:11 pm




The shell that once belonged to the boy now belonged to nothingness as it dispersed like ash, no longer existing as the monstrous costume it appeared to be. The boy muttered out his last words before falling to the ground staring blankly into the Commodore's own eyes with disgust. His last moments were full of rage even as his life ended. To him, Nazaki was a a lowly human. The way he spoke down on Naz only meant that he believed himself to be something greater so what the hell was he? The boy's body began to chip away like dried clay before dispersing into ash just like his shell did.  All the commodore could do was watch, feeling nothing more than pity for such a being. To exist with so much darkness was undoubtedly painful - at least to see it was. Perhaps this boy's entire purpose was to spread darkness like some sort of demon. The white haired marine officer was drained and sighed from all the fighting he had done. For a moment he couldn't move. The fighting resulted in multiple wounds that were quite easy to heal but being impaled by horns wasn't just a scratch. When the wound finally closed and the pain finally vanished all that laid in front of Naz was ash. "I guess that's the end of that, huh?" he asked himself as he turned with a sigh. Finally, this whole thing was over or so he thought as he began to exit the ballroom. Just when the commodore was about holster his gun he heard a creak from down the hall. After all that trouble it would be annoying to find that that kid was some how still alive. He could have easily continued to exit the small castle, but the door down the hall was cracked open and he could feel…something coming from it. "Don't do it Naz, you already did your part don't be like the white people in those scary vision dial stories who didn't mind their business." he whispered to himself. Convincing himself proved to be futile as his body moved towards the door anyway. "Commodore, Sir! Are you all right!?" A familiar voice called out to him. Seeing his men after all that just happened help to but his anxiety at ease but they completely disregarded his orders by entering. "I thought I told yah to wait for me outside." "We did sir, but we kept hearing these booming roaring sounds so we had to come check on you." Nazaki looked at all of them before smirking with a nod. Truth was, he didn't mind too much. "Fair enough. The roars you heard was the person who lived here. Apparently it was the same person who'd been stealing people and the same person who created the monster we followed here. Anyway, Stand here and keep a look out real quick, I'll be right back." They didn't question him this time. Instead they watched him walk towards the cracked door. A sort of green glow light hid behind the door and when he opened it, voices, probably hundreds of them moaned as ghastly figures swirled around a… "Devil fruit!?" Slowly he approached the fruit on the stand. The green light was glowing from it, and these ghost like things moaned louder as he grew closer to it. At first he hesitated to grab it, the ghost like beings began to swirl around him. Their moans became clearer and no longer "Take it. Take it. Take it. the voices demanded. It would seem like the commodore was left with no other choice. Quickly he snatched the fruit before analyzing it. Just like that, the ghosts disappeared. Devil fruits were rare and very valuable in the world but he wasn't one to just eat one because of that, he had some thinking to do before he could do anything with it. With that, he went back to his men. "Alright. We're done here, let's go." "Yessir!" they shouted in unison.


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