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1 Haki Observation on Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:36 pm

Phoebe Dabria

Okay hello, folks, I will be addressing the current debate in the discord cos I'm bored.
Auto Activation vs Manual Activation 

Auto Activation 
Pros: It allows a user to use it correctly without the enemy knowing they're using it, resulting in things similar to that of Skyperia fights.  Furthermore, people can't metagame a fight by simply moving back, avoiding a fight until the person runs out of Haki Stamina. Creates fewer disputes as people will be able to just accept this as part of the system, people get X get out of jail chances with Haki.
Cons: Due to the nature of the pros, it's basically always on, for people to use freely when they feel. As such can be Metagame in the opposite direction when the Only reaction triggers the stamina drain while they are still sensing everything.

Manual Activation
Pros: It's clear when someone is using it, going to use it and allows the aspect of stamina to be applied correctly. Prevents the defender from applying it as a plot armour strategy. 
Cons: While the defender can no longer Metagame the attacker can in two forums 1. if they are aware u are using Haki they can simply prolong the fight until you run out, or 2. Argue how you knew ic to suddenly activate it at this time. Will create more disputes as people will argue.
1. He's metagaming by avoiding the fight because I'm using Haki, how does he know I'm using Haki.  2. Oh, he is randomly manually activating it in time to react to my attack. and I'm sure theirs more ways to dispute this aspect.
Solution: Someone pms a staff member after making a post, that they are using observation Haki. This avoids the attacker is aware of the Activation and minimizes issues.
Issue: Its staff to review topics and situations not babysit our roleplaying.

The basic haki of 1 per post. seems perfectly fine to be auto-activated. Though I feel a backpay would be required If u use the auto activate feature instead of manual. Not just paying for the post of usage you're be required to pay up to 3 posts of usage. As auto would Imply you been using it this entire time. [could be more than 3] Applies to both hakis [Armourment, when you're using it unseen]

While all of the advanced haki is required to be Manually Activated: A pm to staff or stated at the bottom of your post.  The only adjustment for this is Advanced Observation has the ability to sense when your in the range of someone else's Haki, at which point in their next post they would be required to announce if they have been using it all this time. If not Maual activation would be required. 
Think I covered everything.

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