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16A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) on Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:00 pm



The thief noticed that there were men outside the gate aiming towards Yuurei. He smiled when he saw their guns aiming at him, and then he heard the noise of the bullet coming out of the gun. He jumped to the side to avoid the bullets, but his main reason for doing this was for the man who was still chasing him. The bullets had gone straight towards Manny, and the man saw them coming and jumped to his left as one of the bullets grazed him on the right side of his cheek. He grunted from the pain he felt and looked at Yuurei who couldn’t even show the smile on his face. He was home free now as he jumped up in the air and used his gravity ability to float in the air and over the gates. Once over he had landed on the ground and behind the guards that shot at him.

They turned around to look at Yuurei and rushed to grab him, but of course, they were affected by his second mode. He shook his head as he started running off in the direction that would lead him outside of the town. He also remembered what the man at the beginning had told him. There were guardians on each of the corners of the town, and that there were traps around the ground. He took that all into account, and he rushed straight out of the town and passed one of the guards. The two of them would look at each other, and he was surprised about how fast this man moved. He watched him leave and when Yuurei was far enough he jumped towards a tree and landed onto a branch. He climbed higher on the tree so that they couldn’t see him, and when ready he started taking off the mask and the cloak and placing it back in the bag.

As for Manny and his men they were now back to moving normally. They were actually glad that they could move as they started leaving through the back gate, and towards the edge of the town. Yuurei had stopped his second mode, therefore stopping his gravity from being used for the time being. He just relaxed for a bit as he knew this was going to take a while. Manny and his peoples would soon make their way to the guard of this part of the town. There were a bunch of armed guards behind this one guy that it was scary.

”Did you see someone go through here Richard? They stole something from me and it's very valuable.” He asked the man.

”Yes, actually there was someone weird that had rushed by here. I figured he was a visitor just trying to leave this town quickly. I wasn’t able to ask him any questions because well he was running. I’m assuming you want me to take you out of town to look for him?” He asked Manny.

”Yes, I would love that. I need to get that as soon as possible.” He said to Richard.

The man nodded at Manny as he started walking out of the town. Manny was glad they had guardians here, and he looked at his men and the majority had gone back except for two who followed behind Manny, who followed Richard.

15/20 Haki Remaining
+25 Perception

Skill Used:
Name: Gravitational Field
Description: The user is able to manipulate the Gravity around them and choose one of the following two to affect the people inside of his gravity field. The gravity field itself a blue dome that spreads around the user that can be spread out up to 55 meters around the user. Those who are affected by the gravity field will succumb to being slower than usual suffering a debuff to their speed, if they become heavier. Those who have 6 Power will be hit with a -1 Speed debuff, those who have 4 Power get -2, and those with 2 Power or lower are left simply unable to move. If the user choose those who are affected by the gravity could instead become faster then usual giving them a +2 to their speed if they become lighter. People made heavier can resist the effects with a greater strength, however, when lighter, their strength offers no freedom. An increase of speed is only relevant to movement speed, not reaction speed. The user is able to float anybody in his field now When making people lighter.
Range: Mid 0m - 55m Radius
Attribute: Strength & Power - 6 (7 in Mode 1) (8 in Mode 2)
Rank: Advanced
Type: Augment

Mode Name: Gravity Control
Mode Lvl: 2
Skill Set Derived From: Jūryo Jūryo no Mi
Mode Description: Yuurei has learned to affect the area around him in a way that benefits him and affects others in a negative way. The appearance of Yuurei arms, torso and legs have more purple coloration on them than before. The muscles on his body will also be more toned out than they were before. His face will gain three purple wavy line going upward on his cheeks but would pop out of his face and float on his face (visual effects), and the purple spiral would also come out of his forehead floating like the lines. His eyes will also become purple and have spirals around the pupil as well when in this form and the aura that is usually more of a silhouette around the user. Yuurei will also gain to purple sharp horns on his forehead. The markings make him stronger, and the colorations are a combination their with Armament. The aura around him is what affects everyone around him, and anybody near him within 40 meters would feel the effect.
Perk 1: The user will experience a boost of strength with this new mode. Their attacks will be heavier and powerful than before. This gives the user +2 buff into Strength and Power.

Perk 2: The aura around the user affects the gravity around the user. This doesn’t affect the user in the least bit, but everyone around them friend or foe will suffer from the gravitational pressure that is coming from the user. Those around the user within 40 meters all around them (underground and air included) will feel heavier and suffer debuff in their speed. Those at 8 Power gets a -1 Speed debuff, 6 Power -2, 4 Power -3, 2 Power or lower unable to move.

When this mode is done with the user cannot use any of his devil fruit abilities for the amount of time that they used this mode. The user also feels exhausted and suffering from the side effect of the mode they suffer 2 points debuff in their speed, and suffer 2points debuff in their strength until the drawback is over.
Skills: N/A

17A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) on Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:04 pm



Yuurei was relaxing on a high branch now without being able to use his abilities. He wasn’t scared to jump down though, but he figured that he shouldn’t even go down there because he didn’t want to trigger any traps. He was in the distance though to feel the presence of people moving around, and soon enough he would feel four people walking around. He had taken in the guardian’s presence, and he could feel Manny’s presence as well. It seems like he isn’t giving up. I guess I will just have to camp it out for the time being. He thought to himself.

The men of four were looking around, but there were no tracks that indicated where Yuurei had gone. Richard kept looking around avoiding the traps that were on the floor.

”I need you to follow in my footsteps because I don’t want you triggering a trap that could end your life.” He said to Manny.

The wealthy man looked at him and nodded with irritation.

”I don’t see his footprints anywhere around here. I’m sure he didn’t have the time to cover his tracks either. He could have climbed the trees. We should check there.” He said to Richard.

”You could be right, but the thing is he would have to have footprints to a tree, and he doesn’t even have that. It was as if this man disappeared the moment he was out of my sight. If you want we can start climbing trees to make sure, but I’m telling you we aren’t going to find the person you looking for.” He said to Manny.

The man growled when he heard those words because he knew that, but that man had some strange ability, to begin with, and now he disappeared. He wondered if he was working for that woman? If that was the case he didn’t know how they tracked him down, nor was he expecting them to ever come to this island out of all the ones in Paradise. He stopped moving and looked at his men.

”We are going back, and we are heading to that island. If we can’t find this thief we at least know where this item is heading to. When we get back to the house we will get everyone ready to move out.” He said to his men, and then looked at Richard.

”You can take us back, Richard. Thank you for your trouble.” Manny said.

Richard heard these words and he turned around and started making his way back to the town and having them follow behind him. The search didn’t take long, but that was because Yuurei didn’t leave anything behind for them to follow, and they weren’t going to walk around these woods aimlessly for evidence. The thief behind all of this would soon feel their presence vanish, and he would sigh with relief because he was sure they would start climbing the trees. Still, he knew he was going to wait it out for a bit before he made his appearance to the second guardian of this town.

14/20 Haki Remaining
+25 Perception

18A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) on Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:05 pm



Yuurei stood on that tree for a while, and by a while, the man had fallen asleep on the branch. He had been waiting for too long that he decided that it was best to take a nap. This nap lasted for a while, and when he opened his eyes he noticed that it was really dark around the woods. He also noticed that there were birds next to him. When he got up from his position they had flown off the branch. He was sitting down as he couldn’t believe it. Man is she even going to be at the tavern? I didn’t think I was going to fall asleep for that long. He thought to himself as he started climbing down the tree. He had to make sure that he didn’t grab a hold of any weak branches. The last thing he wanted to do was fall down from this height.

He could see the different animals that were on the same tree that he had slumbered on. He didn’t do anything to do them as he continued moving down. It would take Yuurei a couple of minutes to climb down the tree as he wasn’t sure if he could use his abilities after using that power of his. When he had gotten down from the tree he looked around as he knew that he couldn’t really move around. He wasn’t sure what kind of traps that they had around here, so he decided to do something better.

”Guardian! I’m in a sticky situation here! I was walking around the woods, and forgot that the town has those things around! Ryan helped me out earlier, but I kind of did something dumb, and wandered off on my own out of town!” He shouted at the top of his lungs.

Richard wasn’t there, but someone else was there. They heard Ryan’s name, and it was easy to confirm that this person had been in this town before. They left the spot they were at and turned on the flashlight that was on their forehead and turned it on before going off. It wouldn’t take them long to get to Yuurei, and they were confused on how he was still alive and moving around the woods. It didn’t matter though he was just lucky to not activate any traps.

”Man are you lucky to not get caught by any of our traps. I assume you need to get to town right?” He asked Yuurei.

”Yeah I was intrigued by the nature around me that I didn’t notice the houses disappear, and soon I got myself into this mess. Thank you very much for coming to get me.” He said to the guardian.

He nodded and nudged for him to follow him, and he was sure that he knew to follow his every move. When he started moving Yuurei moved gladly that this guy was not the guardian from earlier. Ryan’s information at the beginning had been helpful for Yuurei. His only reason for running to the woods was because he knew that the guardians would change eventually, and during his nap, they had changed.

14/20 Haki Remaining
+25 Perception

19A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) on Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:12 pm



”How do you like our town?” The guardian said to Yuurei as they were walking.

Yuurei was surprised that he was asked this question, but he figured the guy just wanted to kill time while they walked back to the town.

”I’m happy that you guys are more organized than the other towns I been to. I have had to get rid of a few bandits on my travels to this part. I’m glad to see that you guys are organized and have a system that you can trust, and it seems like it’s been working.” He said to the man.

”Oh so you have seen and taken care of other bandits. That’s kind of you. I didn’t think there would be people on this island who would such a thing. Can I ask you why did you come to this town?” He asked Yuurei.

The thief wanted to tell him the truth, but there was something inside of him that told him to lie. He rubbed the back of his head while they inched closer to the town.

”I was looking for someone and my sources told me that they could be found here, but right now I couldn’t find them. Now I have to spend the night here until morning, and then I can continue my search.” He said to the guardian.

”I see hopefully you will find who you’re looking for.” He said to Yuurei.

The two would soon make their way back to town. He stretched his arms into the air as he looked at the man who brought him back to town.

”Thank you, you been a great help. Now I think I will hit the tavern for a bit and enjoy my time.” He said as he waved his right hand at the guardian and walked off to the tavern.

Yuurei would take a few minutes to walk to the tavern as he didn’t walk by the house he stole from. He wanted to avoid them, and he figured that they would question anybody who got too close to that place. They were on high alert, but Manny himself was preparing himself for something else.

After the walk, he had made it to his destination, and he could hear the men still chatting and even louder than they were earlier. He inhaled a large amount of air before entering the tavern and when he did he could see the number of people that were in here had increased. They all looked at him, but when they saw that it wasn’t anybody important they turned back to handle their business. It wouldn’t take long for him to find who he was looking for. That woman had gotten from her seat the moment she had finished her deal with the men there. After she noticed Yuurei’s entrance and smiled at him and pointed at an area for the two to go to. Yuurei saw this and started following the woman. He was ready to give her what she wanted, and dig deeper into possibly enter the black market.

14/20 Haki Remaining
+25 Perception

20A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) - Page 2 Empty Re: A Path to the Underworld (Voyage) on Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:13 pm



When they got to the corner table, the two of them sat down on their own accord. Yuurei looked at her with a smile on his face while she looked at him with a serious face. She shook her head because she had heard the commotion that was going on in outskirts of the town and figured something happened to him.

”I’m surprised you came out of that alive. What people were saying around town was that someone in a mask broke into Manny’s home. I was confused at first because I didn’t see you wearing one, but then I figured that is how you make sure they don’t know it is you.” She said.

”Of course you didn’t come back after that, so I figured you took the golden locket for yourself and didn’t care about entering the underworld, but I was wrong. My question is how did you escape such an armed area and from Manny himself?” She asked curiously.

Yuurei chuckled when he heard those words because he didn’t think she would ask him any of these things.

”I’m going, to be honest, I don’t think I can tell you anything about how I escaped. If I did then my secret would be out there, or at least one another person would know. Let’s just say that Manny and his men were too slow for me. Still, I got what you asked for.” He said this as he revealed to her the golden locket, and slid it on the table and towards the woman.

She would grab the locket with a smile on her face as she was happy to see that this was the real deal. He had done his part, but she couldn’t just take him to see who he wanted to see. Instead, she pulled out a piece of paper and moved it towards Yuurei.

”Thank you for doing your part. I’m glad that you were true to your words, and it looks like your skills were good like you said they would be. I will set sail to Baltigo, and I hope when you are there you use that piece of paper to find me. I should have everything ready for you by the time you see me there, but as for now I give you that and this as a parting gift.” She took out a bag of beli and handed it to Yuurei.

He grabbed it and looked into the bag and so that she had given him money for his trouble, and he had a smile as he turned to look at her, but noticed that she was no longer sitting down at the table. The thief looked at the piece of paper and it was moving towards a certain direction, and it was out of the tavern. He had smiled because everything was finally working out the way he wanted. Yuurei would get up from his seat and start making his way out of the tavern. He goal now was to find a free place for him to rest until the morning, so he could continue his travel around Lulusia.

14/20 Haki Remaining
+25 Perception


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