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1Posh Casino [T] Empty Posh Casino [T] on Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:01 am

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
Sofia optically canvassed as other nobles chuckled with wine in their hands and their slaves donning a thick amount of facial cosmetics under their shoulders. It wasn't the first time that she had been in a place like this, but she vilipended every single time that she had been.

"Doing alright there Sofia?" her miniature navigator asked her from inside of her head.

"Yeah." Another Sofia replied, a clone of herself which was adjacent to the Marine. "It's just that it's not the most facile to be in a place like this without execrating myself."

"Why?" Anna Blue asked.

"I'm just like those people around me." Sofia mentioned. "Yet, there's nothing I can do. I'm imprecated to be just like them and be unable to transmute it."

"Whoa, hold up right there. Enough of that teenage-tier tenebrosity, alright? You're you, they're them. You're verbalizing about the stigma that there may be towards you because of what they're doing, yeah?"


"Well, then the people who cerebrate that are probably just not worth it to commence with, eh? Making those postulations about you, that you're some kind of slaver additionally, without kenning who you are. Just don't consider them."

Sofia's internal clone sighed. "Well, yeah. OK. But it doesn't stop that having some marginally postulation about people is auxiliary and it will always be around, no? Like, imagine if we couldn't predicate ourselves off of our posits. It would be madness! Like, what if it was erroneous of me to believe that I should avail the elderly, because I keep on postulating that those who look elderly need avail!"

Anna Blue looked aside. She understood that there was some sense to what Sofia was verbally expressing, but she didn't optate to acknowledge it.


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