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Yuurei knew he wasn’t going to catch them anytime soon and he didn’t want to lose track of their base. It was time to catch up to them; he would put his swords into their sheath and the thief would activate his Gravity Control to slow them both immensely as he caught up to them without a problem. The leader speed would be reduced to a three while the lieutenant would be reduced to a two. They would notice this as soon as it happened, and were confused about what was going on. The swordsman had placed both his hands on his blades sheathe with a smile on his face. They would turn to see if the same thing happened to Yuurei, but when they looked at him, they noticed that he was right next to them. they were going to try and defend, but their body moved to slow for them to do anything.

Yuurei had pulled his blades out slicing them both and then sheathing them back into the scabbards.

”Nitoryu: Shishi Sonson.” He said and as soon as the words were spoken both men spurted blood and fell to the ground.

Yuurei sighed as he looked back at the two of them. He noticed that they were both goners from the strength of his attack. Still, there were a few important things he needed to do. He activated his gravity field to make himself faster, and to make the dead bodies float in the air right now. The swordsman walked back to the area where all of the other bandits had died. He knew that none of them were alive, and it was because of his observation haki. When he got there he would place their dead bodies on the ground and he would get out of his mode. Can’t use my gravity powers for a few seconds. He thought to himself.

”Now before I get rid of these bodies, I should search the place more freely and see if there is anything worth taking.” He said to himself as he looked at the bodies once more.

He searched both the two men he had killed and noticed that the leader had a key in his pocket. Yuurei examined it for a bit and after looking at it for a minute or two he knew that this belonged to a chest of some sort. The thief started searching everywhere for anything nice he could find. There were some small amount of beli everywhere he found, but nothing too big. It would take him about an hour to find the chest that he was looking for and when he opened it he could see the amount of beli that was in there. He could only smile at this scenery.

”I guess they were saving up for something. Now it’s all mine. Oh and look a DenDen Mushi.” He grabbed that specifically and placed that in his coat.

Yuurei then grabbed a nearby bag and started filling it up with the beli he found from the chest.

Skill & Mode Used:
Mode Name: Gravity Control
Mode Lvl: 2
Skill Set Derived From: Jūryo Jūryo no Mi
Mode Description: Yuurei has learned to affect the area around him in a way that benefits him and affects others in a negative way. The appearance of Yuurei arms, torso and legs have more purple coloration on them than before. The muscles on his body will also be more toned out than they were before. His face will gain three purple wavy line going upward on his cheeks but would pop out of his face and float on his face (visual effects), and the purple spiral would also come out of his forehead floating like the lines. His eyes will also become purple and have spirals around the pupil as well when in this form and the aura that is usually more of a silhouette around the user. Yuurei will also gain to purple sharp horns on his forehead. The markings make him stronger, and the colorations are a combination their with Armament. The aura around him is what affects everyone around him, and anybody near him within 40 meters would feel the effect.
Perk 1: The user will experience a boost of strength with this new mode. Their attacks will be heavier and powerful than before. This gives the user +2 buff into Strength and Power.

Perk 2: The aura around the user affects the gravity around the user. This doesn’t affect the user in the least bit, but everyone around them friend or foe will suffer from the gravitational pressure that is coming from the user. Those around the user within 40 meters all around them (underground and air included) will feel heavier and suffer debuff in their speed. Those at 8 Power gets a -1 Speed debuff, 6 Power -2, 4 Power -3, 2 Power or lower unable to move.

When this mode is done with the user cannot use any of his devil fruit abilities for the amount of time that they used this mode. The user also feels exhausted and suffering from the side effect of the mode they suffer 2 points debuff in their speed, and suffer 2points debuff in their strength until the drawback is over.
Skills: N/A

Name: Jiten Kire
Description: The user is seen rushing towards their target at full speed, and when close enough will twist their body to start a spinning motion like a spinning top. Whether or not they miss their target or not they will continue to spin up to 30 meters away from their target if they missed. The user can generate a wind spiral slash filled up to 15 meters, if the sword’s Meito allows them to do so.
Range: 15 meter radius tornado slash.
Attribute: Speed & Agility 4
Rank: Intermediate
Type: Normal[/b]



When he was done with moving things from one place to another, he threw the bag over his shoulders as this was his win for helping out the town. He walked over to the area that had the townsfolk stuff and noticed that he had a lot to bring back. Still, he had a very useful ability for situations like this. He did remember that the village had a bag here with beli. Yuurei moved over to the specific bag, and took some from their bag, and added to his own. He had a smile on his face when he did that because he had planned to do that from the beginning.

”I took from the bandits, and I will take some from the townsfolk as payment for returning the majority of their stuff.” He said to himself.

When he was done with taking what he wanted, he placed down his bag and walked out to the dead bodies. Yuurei had to get rid of them, so that anybody who came here wouldn’t see them, and put the blame on him. He had gathered the dead bodies and would have them all float in his Gravity Field. He would walk out of the hideout and look for a dark cave that was not too far from there. He could sense a few animals in there, and he figured that they would be able to eat the flesh of these bandits. Yuurei put them inside, but deep enough that the only way you could find them is if this cave was being explored. When he was done with that he had run out of the cave because he didn’t want to deal with whatever was in there.

It wouldn’t take him long to get out of the cave as well as making it back to the bandit's hideout. He sighed when he got back to the room and he picked up his bag.

”It is time to go back into town.” He said this to himself.

Yuurei activated his Gravity Rubble and specifically brought the bags in the room to float in the air. He walked out of the room with them and started walking in the direction where the town was located. He had a good memory when it came to routes and where to go after he did it the first time. He would be on his own on this trip, and it would take him about thirty minutes to get back to the town. When he got closer he could see that there were people outside this time and they were enjoying their time out. One person looked over his direction and was speechless to see that there were bags floating in the air.

Another man he was familiar with noticed him approaching. That person was Henry and he rushed over to Yuurei while waving at him at the same time.

”Hey everybody it is the guy who went to get all of our stuff back!” He shouted out loud.

Skill Used:
Name: Gravity Rubble
Description: The user is able to expand the power of his devil fruit throughout the area around them. They are able to gather as many inanimate objects of their choice into the air. They can be more precise with the things that they see choosing what to pick up and what not to pick. If they can’t see it, and it’s not heavy for them it will be picked up into the air. The user will be able to float as much as they could up to a 100-meter radius. With this, the user can throw this at their target(s) within 100 meters as well losing the ability to levitate these objects once they are out of the zone of the user.
Range: 100m
Attribute: Strength & Power - 7
Rank: Advanced
Type: Normal



The people in outside in the town would stop what they were doing and would walk over to see what Henry was talking about. When they got there they would see the floating bags they were in awe as Yuurei placed them down on the ground slowly. He cracked his neck and sighed because he was happy all of this was over. He would soon see Penelope and her family as well; the girl and her siblings would run towards him and hug him. They were happy he had come back and with the stuff that was taken from them.

”I got everybody’s stuff back. The bandits will no longer be bothering you guys, so no worries. I took care of them, and took what I wanted from them.” He said to everyone that was around him.

They all cheered to hear this news coming from their savior.

”Thank you very much.” Penelope said.

Her grandfather had come walked over to the bag with the beli and took some out to hand it to Yuurei.

”We were planning on giving you a reward if you came back. This is what the town agreed on.” He handed the small bag to Yuurei.

The thief would smile and take the bag without hesitation. He wasn’t going to complain about this as he had done a lot for them anyway.

”I will be leaving this town soon. After I get someone to patch me up and get some good night’s rest.” He said, and the old man nodded in agreement.

Yuurei noticed that Henry had walked over to Penelope, and had said some stuff to her, and she exchanged words back to him, and they both hugged each other and started kissing each other. He smiled as he figured the man kept his promise after all.

”Is there a place where I can eat, sleep, and get patched up people?” He asked once again.

”You can stay in our place and we will take care of you Yuurei.” The old man said.

Yuurei smiled when he heard those words as he started walking towards the house he went to before. When he got in there he would do what he needed to do to set up for the night. He had a good day, which turned out to be good in terms of income.


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