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1 [GV] The Dark Master Returns on Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:40 am




Cassius Sinclair
The Kraken

Cassius sat at the bar top, his trademark pipe alight with a warm amber glow and thin trails of grey smoke wafting to the ceiling. He watched as Taz lifted a glass larger than his own body up and guzzled down the frothy beer inside.
You even old enough to drink? Cassius asked with a curious look.
Taz simply wiped the froth covering his face like a false beard with the back of his hand before letting loose a belch loud enough to make several heads turn and stare.
Taz dunno. He said with a simple shrug before upending the glass once more to finish out his drink.

Cassius simply offered a small smile and shook his head.
Honestly that amount of liquor should probably kill ya, your little body. Where do ya even put it all?
Taz didn't respond, instead the small dwarf placed the empty glass down and fell backwards onto the bartop. In the condensation puddle that had formed from his glass, Taz began rubbing his arms and legs in it as if making a snow angel.
Don't think I'll ever right understand you my friend. Cassius said, staring.
Taz knows.

Could it truly be? After all these millenia, the Dark Lord has finally returned to us. Praise be onto the outergods and the infernal realm. A voice suddenly spoke, drawing nearer to Cassius.
The fishman turned in his stool, looking over his shoulder to see an odd looking gentleman approaching him. The man was in torn clothing, old and ratty, appearing as if he had spent many years on the streets. His frame was nearly skeletal, with ashy skin more grey than white or pale. Cassius could see throbbing blue veins spiderwebbing all over the man's face, neck and exposed arms. As he approached Cassius, he realized the smell was the worst part. People often moved out of Cassius's way due to his own stench of the sea, but this was far worse. The man stunk of rot, decay and old death.

Cassius turned away involuntarily, not much got to the fishman, but this stench was nearly unbearable and the several drinks he had been enjoying over the course of the evening hadn't exactly helped with the sensation of nausea. To his great dismay however, Cassius realized this man had been referring to him when he had spoken his nonsense about some Dark Lord. Cassius felt the cold, spindly fingers of the man on his shoulder as he turned back to see him with a crooked, tooth missing smile. His eyes looked hungry, but not for food or handouts.

Oi, whatchu want? Food? I ain't giving any handouts tonight. Move on before they kick you out. Cassius said gruffly, shrugging the man's hand off his shoulder. He was in no mood to deal with crazies tonight.
Oh great Lord, my deepest of apologies. How dare I, an inferior mortal but humble and devout follower, touch one as dark and infernal as you? Truly I am not worthy. The man then fell to his knees at Cassius's stool to which Cassius simply stared down at him in confusion. The man had his head bowed toward the floor, chanting some strange words Cassius had never heard.

Around him the other patrons of the bar were beginning to stare as well. Down the bar, Cassius could see the bartender put down the glass he was drying and place his hand beneath the bartop, the classic storage spot for a shotgun. Great, it had been a good night too. The bartender had been friendly enough, serving Cassius and Taz for as long as they were paying. The people in the bar had mind their own business, keeping to themselves and leaving Cassius in peace and quiet. Now here walks in this loon to completely spoil Cassius's night.

Oi, get up you freak, I ain't dealing with no loony business tonight. Get up and get your bony ass outta here. No one's in the mood. Cassius said and the man stood once again to face Cassius.
Ah yes, of course my Lord, we must put on the facade that you are not who you truly are. Though, I must say the sooner we release you from this...rather pathetic looking live host, the better. I must say I'm quite perplexed as to why you would have settled for such an inferior life-form for your host, but the Dark Lord works in mysterious ways I suppose. Or rather, you work in mysterious ways. The stranger said with a deeply disturbing chuckle that made Cassius's scales itch uncomfortably.

Oi, you best be gettin if you know what's good for ya. Cassius said gruffly, now standing from the stool to give his full, imposing height. The stranger stood less than a foot from Cassius now, dwarfed by his size. At this point Taz had rolled over in his condensation puddle and was regarding the interaction curiously but said nothing.

Issues gentlemen? The bartender asked from behind Cassius, an old double-barrel in his hand but pointed away from Cassius and the stranger.
No trouble, if you don't mind, I'm going to take out the trash for you. Cassius said, grabbing the stranger by the front of his shirt and lifting him off the ground.
M-master? The stranger asked in startled confusion.
So be it, see it's the end of that then. The bartender said, lowering the gun back under the bartop.

Cassius crossed the bar floor to the front entrance, opened the door with one hand before shoving the strange man out with a hard push. The stranger stumbled backwards, trying to get his footing, tripped and tumbled down the three steps up to the main entrance of the bar, falling into a small mud puddle made from the passing showers earlier in the day.
It didn't have to be this way, learn to respect people's privacy ya creep.
With that, Cassius slammed the door and left the odd ball out in the cold mud.

WORDS: 1004
NOTES: ###
DORIKI: +5 S&P & +5 S&A (In water);+5 E&D (Pugilist); +14 S&P
GEAR: ###

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2 Re: [GV] The Dark Master Returns on Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:11 am




Cassius Sinclair
The Kraken

After a few more drinks, Cassius had all but forgotten about the foul smelling stranger a few hours earlier. The night was drawing into the early morning and his head was beginning to feel far heavier than normal, his limbs tingled with the feeling of a strong buzz and his motor functions slowed to a point that was genuinely enjoyable. So often Cassius found himself on edge, to be drunk was a happy vacation from that worry and concern. Closing his tab, he dropped the beli on the bartop along with a rather generous tip for the bartender and his willingness to let Cassius handle the earlier predicament on his own.
Hey, have a back exit I could use? Not in the mood to uh, ya know, uh deal with that freak if he's still out there. Cassius asked the bartender as he finished clearing Cassius's and Taz's drinks. Taz had returned to Cassius's jacket pocket about an hour earlier and was very much so unconscious, snoozing comfortably in his makeshift home.
Aye, through the kitchen, door on your right. Stay safe out there, it's a cold one tonight. The bartender said. Cassius thanked the man and made his way towards the back, finding the door where the man had indicated.

He opened the door and was immediately struck by the cold front that had moved in after the storms earlier in the day. The ground and air were still wet, a moderate fog had rolled through the streets while Cassius was inside and while it wasn't impossible to see, objects and buildings appeared more as blurry shapes than what they actually were. Then again, that may have just been the alcohol. Cassius chattered a moment in the cold before pulling up the collar of his jacket, buttoning it to keep any warmth in he could. He placed his hands in his pockets and began moving through the alley behind the bar that the door had dropped him in.

The streets were nearly barren at this hour, though he occasionally passed similar folks, making their ways home after a late night of drinking. For the most part though, his walk was in an eerie silence, made worse by the clinging fog and biting cold. Taz snoozed softly in his pocket and for a moment Cassius wished the small dwarf was actually awake, simply to keep him company and calm his drunken, paranoid mind. Up ahead in the fog, he could see the blurry outline of what looked like a person. However, unlike the others he had passed, this one seemed to be standing still rather than walking towards him to pass. Cassius squinted his eyes for a better look when he suddenly heard movement down the alleyway he was passing on his right.

The fishman froze, trying to see into the darkness of the alley for whatever had made that sound. After a moment he grunted,
Bah, stupid street cat or somethin, that's all. He said to himself, turning back to the sidewalk only to notice that the humanoid shape from before had vanished.
Fella must've figured out which way he was goin. Cassius said, convincing himself, though his scales began to itch again. He burrowed his face deeper beneath his collar and continued moving forward, back towards the docks and his waiting ship and crew.

As Cassius walked, he suddenly heard a scraping noise behind him and turned quickly, nearly losing his balance due to the alcohol inhibiting him. Behind him he could see three humanoid shapes in the fog now.
The hell you want? If you're with that freak from earlier, best for you all to go on and get. I don't want no trouble and I promise ya you don't want any either. Cassius shouted into the fog but received no answer. He grunted and turned back to the direction he had been heading,
Eh, fuck ya. Scram ya pansies.

As Cassius turned, he realized that there were now three other figures standing in the fog in front of him as well.
The hell is this shit? Cassius asked, Fine, if that's how ya wanna play it, but remember I warned ya. Cassius said, raising his hands and preparing for a fight. He was in no state to fight, but that's how Cassius knew to handle problems and he wasn't in the mood for any more of this silent treatment shit.

While we don't know the exact reason why you insist on resisting us Dark Lord, we've decided this mortal form you've taken is clearly corrupting you. As such, we've taken it upon ourselves to release you from the mortal coil that is plaguing you. We understand you may not enjoy it with your currently corrupted emotions and thoughts, but we promise that once it's done you will of course thank us and we can stand by your side for the age of destruction and carnage that you will wrought once you are freed. A familiar voice broke through the rolling fog, coming from the street to Cassius's left now. He turned to face it, only for a metal pipe to swing through the fog and smack him across the forehead.

Cassius's vision exploded in stars as he stumbled backwards, blood trickling from the wound on his forehead. He fell backwards against a building, catching himself as forms began to materialize out of the fog. They carried chains and weapons, stalking closer and closer to him, completely surrounding him on all fronts. His head swam from the alcohol and the blow to the head had only made matters worse, but never one to back down, Cassius stood and jumped into the frenzy. He punched at one of the creeps, sending him flying backwards and watched him be consumed by the fog. Cassius turned to take down the next one only to fall to his knee as a metal wrench rapped against his calf, causing an immense burst of agony.

Cassius swung his right fist backwards, connecting with his attacker's side. He could feel ribs break beneath his blow and the attacker shrieked in pain as he was flung against the building. The rest of his attackers descended upon him in a frenzy and although Cassius fought relentlessly, their numbers and his drowned brain were simply too much. His head hit the concrete of the sidewalk, the last thing he saw before the night went dark, were the chains being brought forward to bind him.

WORDS: 1079
NOTES: ###
DORIKI: +5 S&P & +5 S&A (In water);+5 E&D (Pugilist); +14 S&P
GEAR: ###

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