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1No Breaks [V] Empty No Breaks [V] on Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:51 am




"You did well my lord. Really bro, you did all that you could. Don't beat yourself up over it, it happens. Even your parents would have done the same thing..." Barute stood in front of Kahseh as he sat in Luke's former home. In actuality all of these homes belonged to innocent villagers before the vikings arrived. Kahseh hated the fact that his people were associated with destruction and blood. How could one ever find true peace without laws that demanded it? While Barute spoke his mind drifted into deep thought about both what he had to do and what he would do. Those lives that were taken by his blade...did they really need to be taken? "Part of me believes that I could've just banished those men." He replied coldly. It was amazing that his heart was still this warm after all he's been through. Barute sighed and stepped forward, kneeling to his lord. "Then that part of you is wrong, Earl Kahseh. If you would have let those men go you'd be putting your own life at risk even if just a little. Trust me, you made the right decision." Kahseh looked at Barute and didn't say another word. Instead he raised his hand to tell his brother in arms to rise. "Let's hope the gods agree." He said before sitting back. "On another note, I need you to take a few other men and sail back home." Barute's eyes widened in surprise. "What?! Brother this is the first time I'm seeing you in almost a year, you're really going to just send me back now? There are only two ships and one navigator here with us! If we do that then you'll be stuck on this island until you get another one, and without a log pose how are you g-" "I understand your concern, but I need you to do this. I can't go back home right now, not while I'm still this weak. I am the viking lord, but there are going to be people on Karakuri who would rather not have one for obvious reasons. I Uketekah is not strong enough to fight off all our enemies so until I can properly protect myself and my people I will not be returning home." Kahseh leaned forward as Barute swallowed hardly. "I'm telling you to go because you're the only human left in this world that I trust. Go back home and inform the elders of Uketekah that I am alive and tell them what happened to Luke." Barute nodded. "I'm sure they'll be pleased to know." Barute turned away to get some men and the ship ready to depart. "Oh and Barute." The viking stopped and turned back towards his lord. "Yo?" "You and the 4 elders will rule in my place until I return, got it?" Barute was taken back by Kahseh's commands, it was obvious in his face that he hadn't expected such an outcome. Regardless he smirked and nodded. Kahseh stood up to walk towards his friend, hugging him tightly. "Thank you for everything. I owe you too much shit at this point." "Heh. I always got your back ya bitch. Until we meet again." K chuckled at Barute's comment. "Until we met again."

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And they were off. Kah stood beside Zoya as the rest of his men stood beside them, watching Barute and about six men sail off into the distance. Behind them the waves crash, spraying heavier droplets of water onto their faces. The young lord was sure that the elders would believe Barute considering he wasn't just anybody, he was the trusted commander of Uketekah's army. The women and children also watched behind them, probably t ease that more vikings left their village. Now was the time to deal with them though. Their homes were ruined thanks to Luke and all of their men but one were dead. K turned to face the villagers with a warm smile as Barute's ship reached a level beyond his view. "I know your home isn't what it was before, it's all destroyed. There are painful memories here, I know. Trust me when I tell you all that I had absolutely nothing to do with the destruction of your home and for that I am truly sorry. I made a promise though. I made a promise to a man who found me in his time of need that I would deliver you all safely to him in O'kara and so I will do just that. Me and my men will personally escort you to him, you have my word." The villagers with no other choice agreed amongst each other. "It's settled then. If you have any belongings that you want to bring you should get them as soon as possible, we leave now." The villagers turned away and dispersed to the directions of their ruined homes to gather whatever they could. The Viking Lord turned to his men. "We have one ship left. I need five of you to get that boat to the port of O'kara right now." Immediately five men hurried to the ship. "And take off your helmets! If anybody notices that we're vikings we'll have big trouble on our hands!" He shouted.

Only moments later the villages began to collect themselves in front of Kahseh, many with their hands full but there came back with nearly nothing. It was sad to see so many people had absolutely nothing left to bring but this was life and sometimes it fucked you over. Kahseh looked back to make sure his men were doing exactly what he told them to do and once he saw that they were already sailing he was ready to leave. "Alright. Seems like everybody is good to go." He said warmly. These people deserved nothing more than they deserve kindness considering that was all he could give them at this point. "Let's get going." He said with a smile. Quickly he turned back to his men who waited by the water behind them. Zoya waited by the water too. "The rest of you will follow my lead. I'll be riding Zoya in front. I want 3 of you in front of them leading the way, 3 of you behind them securing the end and 2 of you on each side of them. There's always some crazy shit waiting to happen so make sure you're on your guard. We'll get there in about thirty minutes if I remember correctly, an hour max." He then climbed onto Zoya before petting her gently. "You ready girl?" The dragon-like bird turned away from the water before roaring loudly. She was ready and without another moment being wasted he gave the command. "Let's move out." He tapped Zoya's left side before she lifted into the air, her wings flapping creating large gusts of wind from both sides. The rest of the viking men rushed to their positions and began walking, trailing behind the bird.

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45 Minutes Later

Kahseh had been standing beside Zoya confidently as he looked at the large town before him. Part of him wanted to conquer it for some reason. It wasn't like him to look upon things and just declare to himself that it could be his. Perhaps he liked the feeling of taking things after all, much like his viking companions did. Conquering was just in his blood it seemed. His gaze didn't last long as footsteps approached him from behind. Zoya's head turned first, stretching towards the group of travelers, scanning over them as if she was checking to make sure they were fine. That probably wasn't what she was doing but it could fool someone into thinking so. K turned his head and spoke to his the two men in front of the group. "Everyone's safe?" "We're all good, my lord." "Alright then." The young man then turned to his loyal partner, his best friend Zoya. "Go girl. I'll be here, go enjoy the day." He said to her. Every time he left he always seemed to get in trouble - not today. Today was a new day and with nobody on his back he had plans to give everyone a day of relaxation. First, K needed to find that man. His red jacket flapped in the slight breeze as he began to take a step forward. With his bow an arrows sitting on his back, his dagger on his right hip and his sword on his left, he was ready for any danger that could be ahead. However, he wasn't expecting it. The group behind him followed him into O'kara and already they were getting eyes. People stepped aside to allow the group through as they furthered themselves into the city. Naturally the gender roles were on "opposite day". While he was used to the fashion of this land his men were not. They looked around confused with their guard up as if these strange folks were not to be trusted. K turned to see the faces of his men as they watched the civilians and couldn't help but laugh. "Don't make it too awkward." "I don't understand people these days, Earl. This is an abomination." one of the grunts whispered. Again the bronze viking chuckled. "You're entitled to your opinion, but these people live how they wanna live. They're not hurtin' anybody. Shit, they think our way of life is an abomination too."

About 50 meters into the town, the group stopped after the one leading them. "Man, I hope the old guy didn't give up-" "Hey!" Kah looked around as he heard a familiar voice. it belonged to the old man. From the distance the elder man ran as fast as he could to to see the familiar face who promised to save his people. This time the old man wasn't covered in ash and dirt, he looked clean and his clothes were pretty fashionable too. A little too fashionable. "Ah there you are... you look...different." K stated in a kind of disappointing tone. "Oh this?! Ha! Well with the money you gave me I figured I do a little shopping.I also went to this crazy party, and a few bars, oh and this unbelievably beautiful Inn. And-" The man stopped as his eyes stopped onto the giant men. He gulped at the site of them, taking his steps back. The white headed man was in the way of the old man's line of view so he couldn't see his people if he didn't move to the side. "Th-these are the-the monsters that ruined my village! Why the hell are you with them?" Kahseh smiled and shook his head. The old man was so full of energy it was obvious that he was young at heart. "It's a lot to explain, but long story short... I am their leader." The man's mouth literally dropped open as his hands slapped his cheeks. "I should've known there was something strange about you when you were a too eager to go! Oh man what have I done!? I delivered the monster leader to the monsters!?! Oh no-" "Relax, it's nothing like that I swear to you I had no idea what was going on. I've been separated from them for a few months. I'm sorry for all of this happening and I know no amount of money will ever make you believe me, but I've kept my promise." Kahseh moved to the side just as his men did revealing the group of men and women from the old man's village. His mouth picked up from the floor and morphed into a relieved smile. The old man looked at his people, then at Kahseh, then back at his people before running over to them and greeting them all. They all seemed extremely happy to see him too, finally they were smiling.

As the villagers began to form conversations and no longer paid any attention to the vikings, the young lord decided that it was best to leave them now. He did his part. "Thank you." The old man said sincerely as his savior walked away. "No need for a thanks, I owe you more than I could give you." Kahseh and five of his men walked through the town O'kara, leaving that chapter and ready to enter a new one. "Yo. Guys ready for a day of relaxation!? 'Cause I know I am." The men all looked at each other with smiles. "Hell yeah!" "Oh man, I need to find a brothel." "Finally!" "You mean we don't have to save worthless people today? Count me in." "That's just what I need." "Aaayyye! Let's meet up with the others at the port first. Then we'll leave our shit on the ship and have a good ol' day."


4No Breaks [V] Empty Re: No Breaks [V] on Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:11 pm




An hour later

"Alright guys, let's enjoy this day. No fighting, no stealing, no killing and definitely no raping. Be nice to people and keep a low radar. Everyone has enough money to spend for the day...and uh...yeah." The men stepped off of the boat confidently. They were excited to face the glorious day ahead. One thing Vikings didn't do when they voyaged was embrace cultures. They just went to random islands and killed everyone before anything. Today was going to be different. This seemed like a huge step for Viking-kind. The sun wrapped it's rays around Kahseh, his brown skin bathed in it's light and sent warmth throughout his entire body. He felt more in tune with the sun today, it was weird. Kahseh snapped out of his short lived hypnosis and turned to face his men but to his surprise those anxious fuckers were gone. With a chuckle the young lord looked down on himself. His outfit was so...normal. His weapons were still attached to his body he didn't look ready to relax at all but hey, safety first. "What to do, what to do?" he asked himself as he took his first steps onto the boardwalk. There were brothels just calling his name but he tried to think of other fun things to do. Golf? Nah golf is lame as hell. Oh! I could go to the hot springs! But then again...I don't wanna get in the water. Two girls approached him in skin-tight dresses, short enough for him to see under with a light gust of wind. Their bodies were almost perfect. They held and umbrella in unison as they looked at him in silence for a moment, licking their lips and batting their eyes. A smirk came across the Earls lips. He could feel his blood pressure rising and in moments it seemed to be getting hotter. "Hey cutie. You don't look like you're from around here." One began. Her hair was purple and straightened down to her back. Her voice was sexy and smooth. Pictures of him just using her mouth in multiple ways began to form.

"You look so big and tough and strong~ We don't get a lot like you around here." The other began. She moved closer towards K, touching his chest with her finger as she looked up at him. "Heh, looks like you two ladies are looking for some trouble. I got all day." Kahseh bit his lips. His eyes analyzed their bodies and remembered their faces. A face was always important to remember. This could easily be some sort of trap. "You can meet us at "The Pink Unicorn Castle." It's not too far from here playboy~ I'm sure our girls would love to get a taste of you." Kahseh watched with a grin as the women walked off. Brothel it is. he thought.

And so his short travel began. The walk around the town was nothing short of pure beauty. The water from the fountains twinkled as they fell into the pool of water. The statues looked smooth like marble and the smell of the air was so god damn sweet he couldn't believe it. The people here were elegant, almost everyone wore fancy clothing and makeup. Even the children were well behaved. Wow. I stick out like a sore thumb... There he was. The giant young man with bronze skin, white hair, wearing a red combat suit and sporting weapons on his back had all the eyes on him. At least his men looked a little bit more normal without their helmets on. A lot of them didn't have too much weapons either. Hopefully they weren't getting themselves into trouble but if they were he'd find out soon enough. Finally the Brothel was approaching though. It was a short castle like structure with pink headlines that titled "Pink Unicorn Castle" It was obviously a brothel because beside the words was a unicorn dressed in a Bikini with huge breasts and a fat ass. By the door there was a black sign with pink lettering that said "Heterosexual" nothing else... just "Heterosexual". This was indeed his type of thing.

Without a second thought the Viking pushed the door open and entered a whole new world. Ass, titties, all of the parts that Kahseh had hoped to see were now in his face - not literally of course. He usually didn't get aroused until he was touched though but for now he was choosing. Women were everywhere, but he couldn't help but spot two women by the wall on his far left whispering to each other while looking at him. The expressions on their faces didn't seem to light up until they noticed he was looking at him. A brow raised in response to his observation. "Hey bigboy!" An excited blonde shouted towards him before scurrying to where he was. "You looking for a good time? I'm sure that's why you came. Follow me, I have the perfect unicorn for you." The women quickly grabbed Kahseh's hand before pulling him with her to the back of the building. There they were met with stairs that led to an entire floor of rooms, each one guarded by one of the unicorn women. "Oh yeah." He smirked.

5No Breaks [V] Empty Re: No Breaks [V] on Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:56 am




Kahseh walked past a few women he was interested in. He never had to go as low as buying women to release tension but when there was an easy option for a fun time would you pass that up? The woman quickly pulled him all the way to the back room and sat him down on the bed. "I have some unicorns ready to play~" she said excitedly. Behind her four women trailed in, each in something different but all in something entirely sexy. His eyes couldn't stay off of their bodies as they walked to him. It was obvious that he was happy. He had a grin spreading from the east coast all the way to the west just like this town. Before he could say anything one of the women sat on top of his lap. She bit her lip and winked seductively before beginning to kiss his neck, easing his mind just a bit with her hypnotic kisses. "You like that?~" she asked in a whisper. "Mhmmm..." He replied, placing his head back. The other three women all giggled before jumping onto the bed, taking his bow and arrow off of him and throwing it to the side first, then detaching his blade from his waist. The girls didn't see his dagger though since it was behind him, but they continued to strip him of his clothing until he was down to his pants and his skintight latex shirt. Kahseh was so caught up in all this overwhelming ass that he hadn't paid too much attention to this situation being dangerous. The other three ladies began to kiss on him too while the one on his lap began to massage him but then something happened. The woman began to hold his arms down, then the one on his lap stood up. He noticed that she as shorter than than rest of the women. Her hair was bright orange and extremely long almost breathing as she stepped back with a smirk. "Wh-what are you doing?" Kah asked calmly.

The orange haired woman shook her head with a chuckle. "I'm getting revenge for the murders of my Dykes you fool!" And that's when it clicked. This was the Thunder Dykes striking again. How could he be so foolish to think that he was out of the clear? He should have had his guard up just like Bunda and his father taught him. Still, he kept a calm expression. "You went through all this trouble just to catch me, boy, you must really like me." *WHAP!* The woman to the left of him holding his left arm down slapped him with what seemed like all of her strength because it was a damn pretty hard slap. "Don't you talk to Captain Myra like that Viking scum!" Kahseh grunted in anger from her words. "First I'm going to cut off your pretty little penis, then I'm going to feed it to you! You murdered half of my entire crew, I cannot allow you to be in my town." Myra started to walk forward, using her finger to cause a bone to emerge in the shape of a blade. Kah had never seen nothing like it. Was it some kind of devil fruit? "Listen, your women were hurting an extremely rare animal. An innocent animal just living it's life." "You're wrong, idiot! Men are always wrong! What do you think a giant dragon-like bird eats? You think its a Herbivore or something? God you can't be this naive... That creature is killing and eating innocent lives all over this island!" Kahseh's eyes widened at her response. He knew Zoya was a meat eater but he never figured that she'd been eating humans... "No...Zoya wouldn't do that." "Aww~ He even named the human-eating beast! How cyyooooot! ~ It doesn't matter now though, after we kill you we'll hunt the bird again. There's a big reward for it around here."

Kah had enough. Quickly he lifted his legs so that they went over his head, kicking the woman above his scalp before finishing on his knees, loosening the women's grip of his hand in the process. Before the women could do anything, he unsheathed his dagger and sliced the neck of the woman to his right before throwing the dagger to the woman's head on the left. Killing two birds with one stone wasn't enough though. The woman that he kicked from behind leapt onto his back and bit his shoulder. "GAH!" "Hold him there!" Myra said as she backed up to create something out of the bone emerging from her arm. It began to look like some sort of giant dagger around her arm. Kah thought fast. As soon as Myra moved forward to stab him, he turned his back to her attack, causing her to penetrate the woman on his own back before it could hit him. Quickly the women fell and Kahseh split. He hurried out the door as Myra shook from shock of what she just did. "Noooo!!" She yelled out. The viking didn't have time to wait for what she would do next. Swiftly he gathered his bow, arrows and sword and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him.He ran downstairs and through all the sexy women, taking one last look at them before leaving.

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Finally he was outside. "Damn." he said to himself as he quickly placed his sword, dagger and bow and arrow where it belonged. He had to move quickly though, he didn't know where the other Dykes were but he would have trouble by himself if their captain was also on his tail. Quickly he turned back to where he came from, not sprinting but jogging. The ship was at the docks so all he had to do was get there and wait it out until - wait a minute. If the captain of the Thunder Dykes know that I'm a viking then they know that I'm also with other vikings...were they...spying on me?! Kahseh panicked as he came to the realization that he had to find his men. "Well." Kahseh looked up, distracted from his train of thought by an elder man with glasses and a missing front tooth. He stood in front of a row of Marines. The badge on his jacket was different though, he wasn't just an ordinary grunt. The young lord clenched his sword as his hand clenched the hilt of his sword. "There's no need for all that, Earl Kahseh."

"How do you know my name?"

"Why wouldn't I? Ohohoho! You're not very good at laying low. You know, when the Marines and the Happo Navy destroyed your village we had hoped to kill the Viking Lord Lineage but it seems that we forgot to murder the innocent little boy."

"Hold your tongue." he grunted.

"Apoligies my lord, oho!" The old man took a step forward. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am captain Gin. I am here to protect this town by all costs and you, my friend are coming with me today."

"I can't... but if I was coming with you today what would the reason be?"

"Don't be ridiculous. You killed some of my men after the sea train exploded. Yes, did you think you were going to get away with that? Ohohoho! A fool you are. You're being charged with murder on multiple accounts and for the destruction of the sea train - of course we don't actually have proof in your involvement since you did save the lives of innocents - you're still coming with me."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not." At that moment Kahseh turned away and began sprinting at full speed.


"So predictable, oho!" The old man exclaimed before using a technique that propelled him forward with a step. In an instant he was behind the Viking. Kah heard the mans foot as he stopped directly behind him, automatically activating his two cloaks of Raider's armor. The old man extended his arm at the very moment, using his finger to penetrate Kahseh. The sheer strength and force of the attack was enough to send him about four meters forward, crashing into a cabbage stand in the middle of the walkway. "That was too close."

"Oh! So that's the the Raider's Armor favored by the Vikings! I can surely see why it would be. However, yours isn't all that powerful if even an attack like my Shotgun Shigan still had such a force behind it, am I right?" Kahseh struggled to pick himself up out of the cabbages as the civilians began to scream and scatter. "My cabbages!" The owner of the stand was now upset with him too? Quickly Kah drew his bow and with his other hand fished into his pocket for Beli. "Here." He said throwing the money at the owner. "Now get out of here before you're hurt." The owner happily shuffled away. "It doesn't matter how many good deeds you do! Ohohoho! You come from a line of pure wickedness we cannot allow you to live. It's in your blood. Apprehend him." Gin said as his men began to move in. In total there were ten. Myra quickly stepped outside of the door of the Unicorn Castle, standing in the middle of both Kahseh and Captain Gin. "Get that son of a bitch! He killed 3 of my best fighters!" Myra turned towards Kah, pointing at him as her face turned to a blistering red color. "Oh and now you're killing innocent women?! Ohohohohohoho! You are one dangerousssss man! Eeeheee!" As Captain Gins men advanced , Kahseh quickdrew a bow, shooting it directly at one of the man coming towards him. He stepped over the cabbages, moving back as he continued to shoot his arrows, killing another 5 men before turning and sprinting away.

"You're just going to let him slaughter your men and get away?!"

"Now, now Myra... relax. I have four men left and if your women are where I told you to place them then he'll be running right into our trap. That's alllll we need, I assure you."

"I have a total of seven fighters left! You are underestimating this Viking. If my women are killed-

"You will still be compensated and your bounty will still drop significantly. Come now, there's a way we can trap him from behind without him seeing us. It's this way."

"No. I'm going after him. What kind of captain would I be if I just let my girls fight off our enemies alone?"

"Myra. I need you until the very end, sweetheart. If you go behind him there's a better chance of him getting out of here.

"Not if I kill him first."

"No, Myra listen-"

"Go! I'll deal with him, trust me." Myra said as she began sprinting off in Kahseh's direction. Gin shook his head and turned away to trap Kahseh using another route.

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Kahseh ran into the crowd as fast as he could. Myra was still on his tail even after about 3 minutes of running so he knew he had to do something about her. She was the captain of the Thunder Dyke pirates, despite her size he knew that her bone using skill wasn't just an ordinary skillset. One on one he probably couldn't beat her so he had to be smart. She had a gun, a sword, and a pouch in front of her holding something. Quickly he turned around to see her. He was so tall that when he wasn't running she could see him clear as day from her distance. The only way he would win was if  he surprised attacked her or some shit so that was his next plan. When the bronze viking spotted her he began sprinting again as she spotted him. The crowd was big enough for him to blend in if he moved correctly, he just needed a place to camp. Kahseh rushed himself and before he knew it there was no longer a crowd, instead he was faced with a row of seven Thunder Dyke Pirates cutting anybody off from moving forward. "Shit." he whispered as him and the dykes made eye contact. This wasn't good. They had already planned this entire trap which meant that they were watching him very very closely these last few days. How could he have been so careless? "There he is!" One of the Dykes shouted. "You're such a tough guy right!? Come take us on." The fearless women drew their swords. With Myra behind him he knew there was a matter of time before she caught up.  "Not today." He said as he darted back into the crowd. "Don't worry ladies, there's nowhere left for him to run. On the other side Captain Gin and his men are waiting there so if even he turns back he's a goner."

The captain and Myra are working together I have to assume. She's a pirate after all and Gin didn't attempt to apprehend her. Both of them are after me too so that's enough proof. But then...why isn't Gin with Myra? Holy's a bigger trap then I thought. Kah had to find somewhere to enter and fast. The viking moved from the middle of the crowd to the left side so that he could walk beside shops and other buildings, hopefully finding one that he could enter and reach the roof without being seen. The gods seemed to work in his favor because it didn't take him long to find exactly what he needed. Beside him was. sign that read "Pencil Shop" Amazing. Nobody would ever go into a pencil shop. Quickly he opened the door but to his surprise there were a bunch of people there. At the front of the shop behind the register read "Back to School Sale" Guess the gods weren't working too hard for him. Still, he had to sneak to the roof. Quietly he moved towards the stairs on the side of the shop, slowly walking up them until he heard"Hey! You can't go up there!" Not the fucking Pencil Shop owner too. He was caught. Quickly he continued to move up the stairs until he got to a metal door that led to the roof. he could hear the steps beneath him and with a voice that spoke. "Hey! Sir, sorry you can't be up here! You've got to come down now." "Sorry sir I can't do that." He said as he pushed the door opened and slammed it behind him. The man banged on the door. "Come on man I have a whole shop full of kids that need pencils, I don't wanna have to get the Marines involved. "It's too late for that my friend." He responded through the door. When the shop owner finally ran down the stairs, Kahseh quickly made his way to the edge of the roof before kneeling.

First he confirmed the position of all 7 Dykes. From where he was at they hadn't seen him but they were going to die. Without another moment wasted he drew an arrow and aimed it at the head of the Dyke that spoke to him first. The arrow ripped through the sky, hitting the woman in her neck. He was aiming for the head, but fuck it. The rest of the dykes looked around as their peer fell to the ground but Kahseh was able to release a total of 6 more arrows before they realized his position. He didn't land not one headshot considering they were 20 meters away from him, but he knew that they were dead for sure. Kahseh quickly moved over to the other side of the roof where he could see Gin and his men standing on the other side of the crowd, just waiting for him to appear. He knelt down and delivered four bows to each of Gin's men but Gin wasn't there. After noticing this, he knew it was time to go. Myra had been reaching the end of the crowd and would see her dead crew mates soon, so K jolted from the roof and back down the stairs where the shop owner had been waiting. "Hey where are you going?! I just called the Marine Captain to arrest you! Wait!" "Dammit, he called Gin." he whispered to himself as he zoomed out of the shop. By now Myra was out of the crowd and had probably already seen her dead mates so Kahseh placed an arrow in his bow and readied it for when he'd approach behind her. When he reached the end of the crowd, there Myra was standing over the bodies with her back to Kahseh. "I didn't want to kill any of you, I hope you forgive me wherever you're going." Myra turned around full of Fury and range as her arms became encased in bone. "You little dick! You couldn't even fight me head on!"

Meanwhile Captain Gin had arrived at the pencil shop moments after Kahseh left. The captain quickly approached the shop owner. "You said there was a man on the roof? A tall brown skinned male with a red cloak, correct?" "Yeah but you just missed him! He went to the right!" Gin left the shop using that instantaneous step thingy again.

Myra began charging towards Kahseh but the young Viking released his arrow aimed at her head, penetrating her brain as soon as it touched her, causing her to fall to the floor. "Well fuck you too." It was hard being nice sometimes. The entire crowd screamed in terror and dispersed as Myra's body fell to the floor. Kah was used to it by now. All these people got from him since he's been here was that he was the villain, little did they know about what happened behind closed curtains. Such a shame that Momoiro wouldn't be one of the worlds that he'd bring into his universe. Truth be told, Myra would have crushed him in close combat but her brain wasn't as sharp as his which is why she'd be the one to die. Kahseh scurried over towards her body before fishing through her gear. She had a sword, and a dagger. None of which he wanted. That pouch in front of her though was rather intriguing. The viking did what he did best and scavenged. He unzipped the pouch and what he found almost made no sense. It was a shell, one with glory red veins it seemed like. On one side of the dial there was an Apex. "The hell?" He said to himself. He shrugged it off and placed the shell in the inside of his cloak, he'd mess with it later or something. "Wow. I'd assume everyone knew what a Dial was." There he was. Captain Gin, Kahn's last enemy....for now. Kahseh turned around and placed his bow and arrows over his shoulder. "Gin...I've killed the leader of the Thunder Dyke Pirates and her loyal servants, just let me go." It was a long shot. He was so desperate for rest at this point that he was actually asking for his freedom as if Gin wen through all this trouble without a purpose. "Oho! You're a silly kiddo aren't ya!? I will say though, very clever overestimating Myra, she's no weakling. However, she is a fool."

"I am tired of being a target. I've been a target my entire life, if you think you can come here and expect me to willingly surrender, you've never been so wrong in your life." Kahseh drew his sword while simultaneously acting both of his cloaks for double the durability. Needless to say it didn't do much now but it helped regardless. "Oh no. At this point I'll take you dead or alive! Ohohohoho! Once I have you me and my men will get a handsome reward. The son of the great Tristan Raider right where I want him! Ohohoho! Of course I have my own plans with you before I hand you in." Kahseh smirked before cracking his neck. He could almost sense that Captain Gin would be a much stronger foe than Myra but if he was going to die today it was gonna be with sweg. "Well, it seems like you'll be the only one getting those rewards. I killed your men." He said blatantly. Captain Gins happiness faded into the darkness of fury. "Well then! Once I'm done with you, I'll give your men a slow death. Fair?" Just then the old man stepped at a much faster speed than before, slamming his palm directly into Kahseh's stomach, causing him to spit. He then used Geppo to propel himself into the air before spinning downward landing a kick onto Kah's hand slamming him directly into the ground. It all happened so fast the young lord couldn't react in time. Quickly he pushed himself up, but over him was the old man. This was unbelievable. He had absolutely no true offensive skills and he wasn't even the best of fighters. What's even worse was that his Raider's Armor was at it's lowest level. Then it hit him, the last time he trained was on Karakuri, this whole time he'd been fighting off weak enemies but his bounty was growing. If he made it out alive he would definitely be training more.

Gin kicked Kahseh in his stomach as soon as he got to his knees, causing him to fly 5 meters into the distance landing on his back. The Captain grinned and slowly made his way over towards his enemy. Gin was too fast...too strong. This was embarrassing. Blood trickled from Kah's nose onto his lip. "Ah fuck. This old fucker isn't even letting me stand." As he wiped his nose he noticed something both creepy and extremely mind blowing... his blood... it was Silver!? He thought to himself as he looked down at his hand with a panicked expression. What the fuck is going on!? He didn't have the luxury of time to think too hard though. Gin was coming. The old man stopped 3 meters away from the viking. "I don't know how you've lasted this long. Oho! Here I thought the son of Tristan Raider would be someone amazing but it turns're a failure." With nothing else left up his sleeve, Kahseh placed his hand inside his coat, clenching the dial he picked up in his hand. "Before I end your life, is there anything you want to say?" Please let this be something I need right now. Kahseh looked down at the ground for a moment, then lifted his head with a smirk. "Suck my dick, bitch." He said confidently as he pulled out the dial before using the button on the side whilst aiming at Gin. Immediately a blast of fire roared out of the shell. "Oh shi-" The fire engulfed Captain Gins entire body and the stream of fire went on for about 5 seconds before stopping. The captain screamed to the top of his lungs in pain as the fire burned every muscle in his body.

When the fire finally stopped, all that remained was a man who's entire body was nothing but blistering flesh and bone. The senior fell to the floor and finally... it was done. Everything aside, The viking touched his nose again just to see if what he saw was real and sure enough his blood was silver. What the hell does this mean? He thought. Not long after, he heard footsteps approaching him from every corner. "My Lord!" One of his men exclaimed. "Are you alright?!" Another said as they helped to pick him up. "Your's bleeding...silver?!" "I don't know what" The viking passed out on the spot. "Come on, let's hurry and get him back to the ship."

~ EXIT ~

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